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Micah Dawson is actually a man IRL.

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Micah Dawson, Powerword: Jamal Lee (a.k.a. Micah Gabriel Dawson-Vega, Kacchan, Purehayden, Mikayla, Victoria, soshivirgo and at least 100 other equally retarded names) is a 32-year-old weeaboo, 'troll', gaynigger, amateur tranny porn star and self-proclaimed "Born Prodigy" from Raleigh, North Carolina, who owns a shitty internet forum called Akylos (formerly Chaos Reads, Cambion Rising, Infernios, Inferno Rising, Eternity Reads, Infinity Reign and over 9000 other equally retarded names). Micah is known for being an self-obsessed faggot, an enormous lolcow and for being engaged in a long-standing internet bitch fight with a creepy Romanian midget and paedophile named Lucian Hodoboc – We aren't even kidding.

Despite being openly gay and loving the scent of delicious white boy flatulence, Micah is a pathological liar who stubbornly refuses to come out of the closet regarding his crossdressing habits – Instead attempting to write off photos of himself in drag as being photos of his non-existent "twin sister". Micah likes to take pride in being a Microsoft Fanboy by taking every opportunity to tell you about how his shitty Windows phone is better than your iPhone. But worst of all, the nigger uses Bing.


Akylos (surprisingly not the name of some form of disgusting Greek sex act) is the name of Micah's shitty internet message board. Despite supposedly being about literature or some retarded shit like that, Akylos is mainly just a cesspool of shitposting, drama and Micah's angsty rantings about being constantly picked on by cyber bullies. Micah likes to constantly brag about how active his forum is, boasting of his over 9000 posts - literally, meanwhile his site only got to where it is today by merging with countless other smaller forums. Micah's forum staff are all super sensitive crybabies who went as far as to argue for weeks on end with ragreynolds about how his profile picture of Jesus was offensive.

"Mikayla" the Tranny Porn Star

Micah Dawson, being a faggot.
Micah Dawson's "twin sister" is a known prostitute.
it was discovered that in fact do not have an identical sister and I am a transgender crossdressing Prostitute


—Micah Dawson

Yeah, since retiring as a hooker (Wigs were getting too expensive), I have been working a normal retail/customer service job and I swear it is so exhausting.


—Micah, lying

I am a Queen How dare you bully me.


—Micah, King of the Faggots

Micah's real age

Micah has claimed to be younger than he actually is. Most of his online profiles say he was born in 1995, but if you look closely you will find that his claim really doesn't seem to hold up, and that in fact his true birth year is 1989.


Cybering With Children

Micah has been caught numerous times cybering with 15 year olds on Tinychat. It should come as no surprise that the impressionable young people he has tried this on are all people who he has first manipulated into virtually sucking his meaty black cock via his forums. Whether or not Micah cybers whilst in his tranny porn attire remains a mystery, and you can't blame those who have had to witness such atrocities for not being open to sharing such information. Either way, all we know for sure is that this fully grown adult who likes to parade around as a female while renting himself out to the highest bidder seems to have a hard-on for children.

How To Troll


Sex tape

Yes, it is as disgusting as it sounds. Whilst engaged in a retarded internet fight with an admin from ragreynolds' forums, said admin decided that enough was enough and went digging for dirt on Micah. What she found changed her life forever. Fortunately for all of us, Micah was not in his tranny attire during the video.


Micah is 'grateful'

Shortly after this article was first posted, Micah became aware of it via ragreynolds' forums, where his response was to claim that he was "blessed" and "eternally grateful". Meanwhile Micah's toddler sized arch-nemesis had already began to complain about how Micah's article was so much kinder than his own, and how Micah is more of a pedophile than he himself could ever be proven to be. The vampiric lookalike was then quick to talk about how Micah stole several forums from other people by offering to merge his forums with theirs and then run the site together. But once everything was up and running, Micah would get rid of his new co-owner and keep the entire site for himself.

Shortly afterwards, someone by the username of 'Micah Jamal' tried to clear out this article. The nigger of the night has since claimed that this was not him.

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