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In conclusion, I think the job one does at the English Metapedia relates to how much of it shows up in Encyclopedia Dramatica. Anything added to that site is a bad sign and we should strive to keep Encyclopedia Dramatica from documenting anything else.


A Wyatt Man, [1]

More like the alternative batshit insane Encyclopedia, right?

Metapedia is what Encyclopedia Dramatica is often mistaken for — a Nazi wiki. As of 10 May 2009, was voted number one in's 5 Terrifying Bastardizations of the Wikipedia Model (though Metapedia put it on the current events section of their site, claiming that they were voted number one alternative wiki.) In what can only be described as a tragedy, Encyclopedia Dramatica was only voted number three, but that's fine, seeing how batshit crazy the other two were. In case you were wondering, number two was some shitty website about paganism whose domain expired in 2008, and later replaced by some webshop. on Metapedia

Yessss goyim. Vandalize metapedia. The internet belongs to the Jews. Remember the 600 thousand million bazillion jews that died in the holohoa-I mean holocaust.

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Cracked Metapedia.PNG
ED was beaten by a site that gives instructions on how to sacrifice a goat. Go figure.

The Difference Between Encyclopedia Dramatica and Metapedia

They're not joking.



As suspected, white people are excellent at everything except fucking.

The primal fear of all white supremacists is that despite the fact that they are the most beautiful, intelligent, brave and powerful race, they're somehow going extinct[2]. These people have clearly never seen an episode of Maury or Jerry Springer.

This morally, mentally, physically superior race is beset on all fronts by its own morally superior conviction that all races should be equal. While they slowly but surely run themselves out of their comfy majority bracket, they are expected to elect not only the first black president, but also the first black woman president. They invented everything that is good in the world: the Internet, ED, doggystyle, pizza, and hydrogen bombs. The fact of the matter is that they love them some black, brown and yellow ass. They continue to breed interracially then wonder where all their whiteyness has gone. Also, their birth rates are not too good. That means that white women are good for only two good things: sandwiches and giving head. Since they can't pop out babies, they might as well suck them out of men.


With all these bike-stealing niggers, you would think the article would be longer.

According to this gem of a site, the word nigger is not officially in use by modern niggers... oops, better not say that again or the NAACP will look down upon our shenanigans. The truth is that a nigger is only called a nigger when that specific nigger is involved in niggrish behavior. This behavior is coined as "Typical Nigger Behavior". Such behavior includes, but is not limited to, things that we're already familiar with such as putting too much salt on a watermelon, getting mad at Popeye's Chicken for not giving them free chikinz, yelling at Oprah for not getting their Grilled Chinkinz (this also applies to fat goombas), and impregnating young 14 year olds and not paying child support. It may also be noted that TNB is a term only widely used within certain racist communities on the web like and that the general population is totally unaware of the very existence of such a term or corresponding behavior.

In addition, "Negroes are found to possess penises an average 130% the length and 155% the girth of the average European, as well as showing a stunning value of 160% the "veininess." These differences are believed to be derived from the decreased intelligence and increased animal sex drive of the Negroid, with larger penises allowing for more efficient and brutal rape of children." In other words, niggers are AWW-RIGHTTT!!!

From an objective perspective, niggers are very helpful to our way of life. They steal our bikes when they are getting old and this forces us to buy new ones. They steal our cars and we file for a claim to get free monies. They break into our homes and kill our dogs, making it easier to go on that trip to Thailand and score uncut dope and shemale hookers. They bring laughter to our faces, smiles to our hearts, and greasy food to our local McDonald's menus. If there was no high demand for them, they would not be in business.


They would stab them to death using those sharp noses.

Undoubtedly the most accurate section on the site but still riddled with mistakes. Like all white supremacists, they are extremely proud of something that they claimed never happened and would like to see in action again. Evidently, the writers honestly believe that Jews used to cannibalize Christian children despite the fact that Christfags are not Kosher due to the Eucharist. Well, as long as they're unbaptized, it's cool.

Even though they believe white people and their sub-species are the only ones intelligent enough to know how to deal with money, Metapedia has a strange fear that Jews consider themselves the master race, which is far more terrifying than a a nigger being president.

Oddly, there is no mention anywhere on Metapedia of the fact that Jews did 9/11.


Yet again, Nazi sympathizers are being persecuted by an oppressive political regime.

Unlike Metapedia, ED has plenty of information regarding Nazis. These "gods among men" were once thought to be the ultimate salvation of mankind. They branded their party with the Curry nigger symbol of peace and prosperity, and proceeded to defeat the French in a blitzkrieg ground war. However, everyone knows that the French saw that coming and freely handed their muskets over to the invading troops while naked on the beach listening to Daft Punk. Oh, they also lost WW2 for everyone, outsourced their smartest nerds to develop atomic bombs for the Yankees, and their Supreme Ayatollah Hitlerasad an heroed when he heard The Internationale in the distance while on the toilet in the Führerbunker. Metapedia features literally two sentences of text dedicated to the subject of Nazism, the first of which states that Nazi "is a politically correct term".

What Makes the Site Funny

It's funny because it's true.

Plus their Sysops are more downy than Trap-kun. They get highly butthurt over their edits being corrected, as seen in the example below:

Argentum 1976 Is A WikiFag.PNG

At least even this fagwiki acknowledges that Jews did WTC; however, this does not excuse them from pissing in the wind.

The Secret Behind the Site

A prime example of the Aryan race, reflecting their great physical beauty and noble character.

Some may wonder how a wiki that tells its editors how to avoid being arrested for holocaust denial could possibly avoid persecution. The reason for this is clear: the site is run by gay, black, Jewish feminists who have an agenda to give white people a bad name.

Those who do not believe this must ask Metapedia's editors to provide a photograph to prove us wrong.


In a nutshell.

As with all fundies, extremists and complete and utter nutjobs, the lovely people of Metapedia are so self-righteous and fucked up that they are often difficult to make fun of. However, this should not deter anyone from trying.

The Site Itself

If you are White:

  • Tell them you voted for Obama.
  • Offer to trade CP or weeb shit.

If you are Black:

Other Techniques:

Using the Site to Troll

In only the five minutes or less it takes to troll these dumb rednecks, one comes to the conclusion that the Metapedia sysops are a bunch of fucktard n00bz. Pages that have been vandalized on the site have not been reverted, telling us that 13 year old boys run this fagwiki. Unless it is the truth that Chris-chan is the President of US and A — if so, God help us all.

Oh hai guise. If one gets B& this shows up on your user page. Really fucking funny.

PROTIP: The best sites that should be directed to Metapedia are:

And remember, vandalism is always welcome.

Founder and Associates

Kimmo Johan Alm's brother Jonni Mikael Alm has been visiting Anders's forum and posting using his real name since as far back as 2007.

Metapedia was founded by Anders Lagerström. He was in the Svenska Motståndsrörelsen (Swedish Resistance Movement), a white supremacist nazi group. In 2004, he and others broke away from this group because it wasn't violent enough. So they formed Nordiska förbundet (The Nordic Association). Anders has been convicted of violent offenses, including assaulting a police officer using tear gas in 1999 and then illegal weapons in 2000. In 2006, he founded Metapedia, going by Aurvandil. In 2008, he with a group broke into the home of someone who left his neo-nazi group, robbed him, and beat him up, which Anders served prison time for in 2009.[3] Anders frequently sees the inside of a courtroom.[4] While in prison, he ignores Metapedia.

Anders also runs a website for his group Nordiska förbundet at . There he impersonates the semi-celebrity, "Daniel Friberg" [5] [6] by using his photo and his name "Daniel F".

Kimmo Alm's brother Jonni Alm (a member of Svenska Motståndsrörelsen) also hung out on since around 2007 and was friends with Anders, posting using his real name. August 2012, an account named Vir appeared on Metapedia, uploaded two files, and was then blocked. Later on September 28, 2012, at the insistence of Anders, Nat85 made Vir a sysop. Vir then believed he was The Sysop and acted like he ruled over everyone. In under a month, Hu1 removed his administrator rights and blocked him for a week.[7] Vir then changed his name to Upplysning and hung out on the Swedish Metapedia. There Upplysning added links to a very little known website,, and links to things buried deep down inside the website.[8]

The Month of Long Knives

Kimmo wins.

In November 2014, four Metapedia sysops were founded guilty of one thing or another, desysopped, and banned. The first to go was Basileus. Basileus ignored Veronica Clark's requests not to have photos on her on Metapedia, and Big Boss Aurvandil blocked him for three months for it.

Next to go was Hu1. In June 2014, Upplysning started posting complaints about Hu1 on [9], [10]. For several months, Hu1 was fortunate enough not to notice these threads, but in November 2014, Hu1 made the unwise choice of engaging in these threads and drawing attention to himself. "Daniel F." / Anders Lagerström noticed the thread, desysopped Hu1, and not only did Aurvandil invite Upplysning to the wiki, he made him a sysop as well.

Upplysning started his English Metapedia editing career by creating the "Ethnic heterogeneity" article. Galileo, not realizing that the new user was Aurvandil's new second-in-command, entered an argument with Upplysning and was thoroughly pwned.

On the 22nd, "Krom" (Oliver D. Smith) posted a complaint about Basileus' attack articles, and by the 27th, Upplysning transformed Basileus three-month ban into a permaban.

On the 29th, Upplysning and "A Wyatt Man" entered into an argument over who's the bigger copyright e-lawyer, and A Wyatt Man lost. A Wyatt Man then fled to, whined ([11], [12]), and ultimately accomplished nothing.

Finally, on November 30th, Upplysning permabanned everyone. NatAll75 made a half-hearted attempt to challenge the bans, but ultimately walked away from the argument.

On December 10th, A Wyatt Man accused Upplysning of being KimmoA, and "Daniel F." responded by locking the thread and blocking A Wyatt Man from the forum. Later that day, Hu1 lost his temper and accused Dan_B of being Upplysning and a troll. This led to "Daniel F." banning him as well.

On December 19th, Julius_A, upset over the deletion of his beloved anime articles and the banning of his mates, quit Metapedia, and on the next day, Upplysning removed his admin powers.

In late December, Hu1 (now Fiala1) went to and created Rightpedia and was joined by the other banned Metapedia users, including Mikemikev, A Wyatt Man, and Galileo (now Mussert).

And what does The New and Improved Metapedia look like? Six million articles deleted and a content removal greater than when DeHippo changed Encyclopedia Dramatica into Oh Internet! Speaking of ED, they even deleted their article on ED and unlike DeHippo, they make sure to purge the The Internet Archive of all deleted pages [13]. Everything they removed went like this: Now for example, in Rotherham England, a pedo-ring of Pakistanis raped 1400 little girls, the police refused to investigate, and anyone who complained was called a racist and jailed. Metapedia deleted and replaced it with a line of text summarizing the city, copied from Wikipedia without giving credit. In these nazis' twisted views, reporting this diminishes the credibility of their encyclopedia because anti-racists and non-whites care about this. Metapedia kept all of its Holocaust denial and stuff praising nazis while omitting their misdeeds. It's now a fully accredited encyclopedia, having taken care of all of's criticism and is completely respectable.


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