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Memefags are individuals whose entire internet experience revolves around forwarding the same unfunny memes to their supposed e-friends and spamming image macros in unrelated threads and never know when to stop posting. This gives them the impression that they are l33t hackers on steriods periods steroidz and frequently sends self-proclaimed oldfags into a RAAAAAAAGGGGGGGE upon viewing such great levels of fail.

[dys]Functional Definition

Memefag (n): One who habitually abuses memes within and especially outside of memespace for the purpose of making himself look like a clever and amusing individual but fails to achieve the desired effect.

Relevant Terminology

  • Memespace (n): For the purposes of this article, those sites on the Internet where memes are regularly generated, documented, and/or circulated by nature of the site itself; this designation includes ED itself, all chans which are not fail, and earlier lulz factories such as Something Awful.
  • Memedrop (v): The use of a meme out of context; this could mean temporally out of context (i.e. an unfunny combo in the middle of an actual discussion), or memetically out of context - essentially, entirely unrelated to anything being discussed at the time. The key in either case is that said memedropping is considered unfunny by a plurality of other users - some of the best memes can come and go completely at random and still propel the roflcopter to staggering heights.
  • Memespam (v): The repeated and chronic use of a meme or memes out of context as mentioned above; this term assumes said repetition is entirely deliberate in nature. Whereas memedropping can be and usually is an isolated incident, memespamming is an attempt to simulcast one's unfunny across a number of threads or boards or even entire sites. Typically the most reliable determinant of memefaggotry.

Female memefags

Memewhores are usually sixteen year old fangirls and unimaginative attention whores who use memes and quizzes as a way to reaffirm their e-dentity. An individual memewhore will post the results of a quiz, for example, if that quiz result describes her as a "dark angel" who is physically "beautiful" but harboring a "deep and mysterious soul" (or something to that affect). Such a result serves to inform people of the poster's "coolness," since he or she given a (supposedly) insightful answer by an otherwise "impartial" quiz. Few ever dare mention that the posted result was only arrived at after a dozen attempts, or that the memewhore in question answered the questions in such a way as to reach the desired outcome.

The Problem

(PROTIP: It’s not the memes! It's you.)

It should be emphasized at this point that contrary to what some have expressed, memes themselves are not to blame for this phenomenon. In fact, as has been said in numerous articles here, memes are the lifeblood of interbutts culture. That said, would you appreciate someone introducing contaminants into your lifeblood? Actually, you might, you sick fuck. But most people wouldn't. That is why this can be a very sensitive issue to so many online. Through its careless appropriation of others' lulz, memefaggotry ruins what everyone could have enjoyed for the sake of one. Fucking. Poster. And not even a remotely funny fucking poster. Needless to say, this is why we can't have nice things.

Life Cycle of a Meme

Collision of memes is a common result.
  1. Origin: - What makes a great meme? Nobody really knows. Like a case of herpes, some memes are picked up without us ever knowing their origins. Regardless, for all the piles of intellectual stillbirths floating around in memespace, every so often a genuine meme will emerge from its binary chrysalis and flutter its way into the collective consciousness.
  2. Recognition: - The meme is acknowledged. This can either be in the form of an epic, varied and very funny thread or simply repeated over and over again by somebody with Down's Syndrome and a keyboard. Memes with adequate levels of awesome are frequently macroed, which some argue is the most reliable indicator that a meme will progress from this stage.
  3. Proliferation: - Not only is the meme a regular fixture in the segment of memespace in which it originated, by this point it has most likely moved from its original site (often 4chan) into other areas of the internet within and beyond memespace. Extremely popular memes even end up on T-shirts - a mixed blessing, as this not only increases a meme's rate of proliferation but also the probability of falling into the wrong hands.
  4. Saturation: - Classic memes fit in here. The meme is willingly accepted as being part of internet culture, however old it may be. Successful memes are able to remain at this stage for some time, and truly classic ones only leave this stage if they are grievously abused in a very visible manner.
  5. Stagnation: - The point at which a meme has jumped the shark. Even successful memes can become unfunny if they are used excessively or in the wrong context. Borderline memefags contribute to this effect, but more often than not it is a product of either the momentum a meme has gathered in the proliferation stage or the visibility it has garnered in the saturation stage. TV shows like South Park and Family Guy often pick up memes at this point; whether this is a cause or a symptom of a meme's stagnation is debatable.
  6. FFFFRUSTRATION: - This is where obvious memefags come in. Unable to realize some memes just aren't funny or worse, using memes IRL (like saying "lol" when someone tells a joke), they can turn the most popular internet phenomena into shit. This stage is named for the profound psychological impact it has in memespace.
  7. Extinction: - While some memes may simply vanish into the ether, once enough memefags realize there's just no mileage left in them, more often than not it becomes necessary to forcibly restrict their use through judicious use of the banhammer. Essentially, old meme is old and nothing of value was lost.
  8. Resurrection: - If a meme has not been used for long enough it can become fresh and funny again. This practically never happens, but this may be because the duration of time required for something to cease to be old meme could in fact be greater than the age of memespace. See also: Meme Combining.

Symptoms of Memefaggotry

Perpetuating vs. Meme Masturbating

Meme masturbation in action.

A good functional definition of memefaggotry is the practice of appropriating memes in an effort to selfishly exploit memespace's collective lulz for one's own personal glory. As suggested in the definitions of memedrop and memespam, this can be done either by interrupting an ongoing discussion or crapflooding a forum with a meme - any meme - for no reason beyond sheer attention whoring. It is easy to spot a memefag by this self-centered and unfunny use of a meme, contrasted with those of us who simply wish to share the lulz with all. Such altruistic individuals can help prolong the lifespan of a meme through moderation in its use, while memefags will continue to memespam as long as they get any sort of attention out of anyone.

Levels of Memefaggotry

#Meme virgin: These individuals are mere n00bs and simply don't know any better. They are still getting acquainted with the various memes and at their developmental stage, they primarily repeat them just to make themselves laugh. How cute. It is difficult to fault these meme virgins for their relative ignorance, but an occasional kick is recommended for the lulz and to screen for potential lolcows.

#Typical EDiot / /b/tard / Channer: Your typical garden-variety denizen of an intertubes community, going about his or her business trading lulz on the open market. Just another day at the office. Typically, memes are used in context and at appropriate times, and most EDiots or /b/tards or whatever will confine them to locations on the tubes where said memes are most likely to be understood and appreciated.

#Potential Memefag: Memes are memes because they're lulzy, and we all know people who are really serious about the things they enjoy. So it's understandable if some people don't know when to stop once in a while. Just about everyone has been guilty of the occasional unsolicited memedrop at some point or another (this article does so several times), but an increase in the frequency of these incidents may be a sign of a definite tendency toward memefaggotry. Fortunately, many posters are able to recognize their own unfunny before such unsolicited memedropping becomes habitual. But not all...

#Meme-curious: The tipping point for many memefags comes when they are habitually memedropping out of context OTI and also occasionally in meatspace as well. This is usually nothing more than questioning an acquaintance about their affection for Mudkips or mentioning that they are charging their lasers, but this breach of the tubes represents a faux pas not unlike an actor breaking character. To people IRL, it connotes stereotypes of basement dwellers, while to those OTI, it implies that someone is "at risk" for breaking Rules 1 and 2 - and if they can't keep memes in confidence online, what other information can't they be trusted with? Fortunately, these borderline cases typically avoid known forced memes, mitigating the annoyance created at the cost of incrementally diminishing the life expectancy of actually good memes.

#Obvious Memefag: Memefags typically out themselves by clearly and routinely demonstrating that they have appropriated memespace's collective lulz for their own personal use completely irrespective of the context in which their memes of choice originated. Protestfags in particular fall into this category by going rogue and ignoring both the collective groans of memespace and the admonitions of Wise Beard Man, but to their credit they typically avoid unmasking themselves, which prevents them from slipping any further down this list. OTI, obvious memefags are obvious through similar feats of "memejacking" - a typical sign of this is when a particular user claims a particular meme as his or her own (we're looking at you, TARTlets) and spams the fuck out of it in hopes that they might become associated closely enough with said meme to ensure a measure of e-fame for themselves. Like the meme-curious, these problem children still retain some measure of discrimination when it comes to their choice of memes, but they are not above the use of forced memes by any means.

#Flaming Memefag: The point of no return for a memefag is when the all-important Rules 1 and 2 are broken. Not only will this individual spam and force memes just because they think it'll be hilarious, they will simultaneously and intentionally namefag and facefag themselves in an attempt to translate their perceived OTI coolness into meatspace coolness. This, of course, is a choice every poster on every site in memespace can make, but once Anonymous becomes aware of this, it will be some time before they are willing to forgive such an infraction of the rules. An additional shortcoming of these cancerous characters is a general inability to discriminate between quality and unfunny memes; it's just as well, however, because at least they're abusing old memes instead of ruining good ones.

#INSATIABLE MEMEFAG: These walking frunz emitters are easily spotted as they generally live under the shadow of the banhammer. Completely lacking in both restraint and discrimination, they will spam the fuck out of any and every meme of which they are aware. OTI they will at every turn do retarded things like attempt to combo Milhouse, invoke Girugamesh, and CONSTANTLY rape the corpse of the long dead and much pitied (although not missed) Rick Astley. IRL they will blab to their "friends", their family members, and their fucking housepets about Nod Flenders or Woll Smoth completely uncaring that these people have no fucking clue what they are talking about. The worst of TARTlet offenders fall squarely into this category... scratch that, the WORST OF EVERYTHING falls squarely into this category. These individuals represent the most imminent threat to the lulz and must be stopped before every meme ED, 4chan, and everywhere else becomes just as unfunny and unwanted as Pettan, pettan, tsurupettan.

Frequent Flamers

IRL Memefags

File:Wait for it.jpg
Attendez la meme.

Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: IRL meme.

Although most memes are created on the internet and picked up by the old media once everybody has become sick of them, occasionally a meme will originate IRL and quickly worm its way onto the internet.

One notable example is Kanye West with his (in)famous line "Imma Let You Finish" and "Yo X I'm Really Y For You" (often used together). The most famous IRL memefag is, of course, Richard Dawkins who coined the word "meme" - a piece of information which magically takes on a life of its own when people start saying it often enough, which in fact perfectly describes memes on the internet.

The Body Count

Memefaggotry IRL within college dorms.

The following is merely a brief sampling of the vast number of memes which have fallen victim to memefags. Goodnight, sweet prince(s)...

...Ad infinitum nauseum...

The Solution

To Avoid Becoming a Memefag:

How to Deal with Memefags:

BEWARE: Do these too often and you yourself shall become a memefag.

Gallery of Memefaggotry

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