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He who controls the autism...

Meme Magic (or meme magick) is a phenomenon that happens when autistic neckbeards from the internets pool their mana to meme a macro image into reality.

Until this day a number of impressive happenings have been caused using this method.


The term "meme magic" was first used on 4chan in Summer 2014 by some horsefuckers. Later in Fall 2014 it was mentioned a few times too when Ebola-chan expressed her love to niggers.


However, in the end it was the cripplechanners who made the term popular because they are obviously betterchan. During the Germanwings crash in Spring 2015 /bane/posters had the feeling that they most use meme magic to replicate in the real world the opening scene of the Dark Knight Rises and crash this plane with no survivors.

Only a few weeks later new boards that were fully devoted to meme magic (like /bmw/ and /magick/) popped up. Posters started to see their meme magick behind any major happening. Notable examples of those include:

  • Ibbi Pipi AKA Ebin Pepe
  • You have been visited by X-chan, you will recieve Y and Z, but only if you post "Good luck X-chan"
  • Can't stump the Trump

KEK, The Egyptian Frog God of Chaos

Pepe - Kek.jpg

In January 2016 meme archeologists over at cripplechan were surprised to find out that their iconic smug frog is in fact an ancient Edgyptian god who in fact predicted all this autistic nonsense.

BREXIT Referendum

On the 10th of July 2016, days after the "Brexit" referendum on the UK leaving the EU, one of the campain leaders Nigel Farage did a radio show, where a visitor of 4chan's /pol/ called in to ask him about Kek and Meme Magic.

2016 US Election: War of the Wizards

The basement-dwellers of /pol/ started to use their devotion to KEK in order to pull their biggest stunt to date, something what will be known later as The Great Meme War: use repeating digits to meme Donald Trump into becoming the 45th President of the United States. Apart from being all of this preposterous and ridiculous, /pol/acks started to suffer a massive case of pareidolia, and they see magical frogs everywhere in everyplace to the point to believe that Pepe becoming a meme wasn't accidental and instead they awakened an ancient Egyptian entity that represent chaos.

As if wasn't impossible for Hillary Clinton to label all sympathizers of Trump as mere racist lunatics, and many of them just a bunch of kissless virgins, who with lots of time on their hands, believe that pictures of a frog shitting on a bald man have some magic powers, she was proven later that she messed with the wrong people. Wikileaks leaked many of her emails, and apparently many of her supporters were as batshit as the white supremacist no-lifes.

In one of the ArchiveToday-favicon.pngemails, a close aide of Clinton says in the final paragraph of one of them that she will be sacrificing a chicken for Moloch (A cow-looking Canaanite god associated with child sacrifice). This discovering fueled even more the paranoid conspiracies of /pol/ and this along with the Spirit Cooking, was the proof that /pol/ needed to assert that they were indeed fighting an evil and secret covenant of occultists who pull the strings behind the scenes of all human societies. And apparently the only entity with capabilities to stop an evil ancient god who demands child sacrifice is another ancient god.

In the end, the frog posters won, demonstrating that posting Poo Poo Pee Pee and securing GETs in cantonese cartoon imageboards were more effective methods than bribing the media, accusing people of racism and misogyny or killing animals in the name of a pre-judaic deity.


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