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The word "meme" has itself become a meme. We have come full circle with the utter retardation of the internet. There is no God. Might as well kill yourself now.
Richard Dawkins' famous book.
The first intarwebz meme to reach the moronic masses.
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A meme is a term coined by Richard Dawkins in his book The Selfish Gene. Originally used to describe packets of cultural information, it was adopted by the internet to describe viral lulz or Frunz. Its original meaning is no longer used except by sociology majors. In short, memes are a way for even friendless losers to have unfunny inside jokes.

The word meme is commonly used by people who aren't retarded because it is in fact shorter to write the word "meme" than to write out "internet phenomena" or "something that will wind up on G4 tomorrow for all of the nerds to fap all over". It is well known that the only people that care about internet memes are sad fucks with no life. In the real world, the meme is known by its true name, "idea." HAHAHA DISREGARD THAT, I SUCK COCKS. It's used by pretty much everyone now

Sometimes bloggers refer to memes as a word game or short quiz taken and posted as comment bait. The more comments a user receives about their results the higher the chances are of that thing spreading.

You can bet your life that every meme you know hasn't been funny since about 20 seconds after its inception, which was approximately one billion years ago for all memes. This means you is dead crap and not cool because you weren't on the forum where "fail" was invented in 76 BC. Int4netzzFTWlykyea.

Throughout at least 100% of its history, homosapiens lived in small bands as nomadic hunter-gatherers. As language became more complex, the ability to remember and transmit information resulted in a new sort of replicator: the meme.


TOW, On the dawn of civilization

It's not possible to understand it, and when you do understand it, then it's even worse.


Tom Green, On memes

In the dawn of the new age of the aftermath of the second war of faggatorys,this will spark more lulz.


Michael Jackson, On lulz


A useful diagram illustrating how new memes are created.

A meme cannot be created by any one person. Every noob tries this over 9000 times. A meme, like the Herpes or AIDS, is a gift to be shared, something to be cherished, but not some lame token of glory for some basement dwelling no life fag. A meme is created by the reaction to, not the invention of, a subject (typically an image). In fact, the best memes are created by accident and are the result of a particularly lulzworthy image being seen by the right people at the right time.

However, IF YOU MUST try to create a meme, try sharing something unique on /b/ instead of gay ass advice dog knockoffs.


The meme is the final stage in the life of a butterfly.
The memes, Jack.

Memes are like bacteria or fungi. Some are benign, some are symbiotic helpers, some are the plague. This general outline describes the life stages of a meme.

  1. Memeception / Larval: A meme is born in a niche sub-community, sometimes starting as an in-joke, and gestates there until it matures. Some memes get an assist by being based on IRL events and go directly to stage 3. Forced memes go directly to stage 6.
  2. Maturation: The meme integrates across the community local to where it was born, settling into a stable reproductive form.
  3. Cross Pollination: The meme begins spreading, reaching many different corners of the internet, where it is either rejected as toxic, or accepted and allowed to breed within those cultures.
  4. Mimicry: The frothy byproducts of meme reproduction surface IRL and are mistaken for original content by normies that have no connection to the communities. This may lead directly to stage 6.
  5. Mutation: Memes that successfully replicate and adapt live on. Fluke offshoots are culled. The meme survives in the wild, with a natural cycle of activity and dormancy. Over time it can bear little to no resemblance to the original, but generally retains its prominent feature/s. A meme may survive here indefinitely.
  6. Artificial Selection: It makes its way to old media, becoming dumbed down for a mass audience and put on Snorg Tees and Facebook bumper stickers. Those that gave birth to the meme are filled with regret. Cancer sets in.
  7. Extinction: The meme can no longer reproduce or mutate due to its new environment removing those requirements. Its ability to survive is eradicated through litigation. The meme becomes calcified, leaving only fossils behind.

Successful Replicators

A short list of forms that survive in multiple environments.

Forced Meme

A forced meme is one that is not created by a community, but is instead created by a single person or company in its "final form". They are mostly slogans, catchphrases, and hashtags, made by advertising campaigns trying to astroturf something. They do not succeed in becoming real internet phenomena unless it's through mockery of the original. They can occur naturally, rarely, but those have very short lifespans.


Getting mathematical

Perhaps one the most interesting aspects of the topic of memes is the pronunciation of the word itself. Since the word meme is used primarily OTI in modern day, it's usually not spoken aloud. Thus, a great deal of confusion has formed amongst the retarded masses of the Internets. Very few people seem to know how it's properly pronounced, and idiots still argue (and probably always will) over how exactly one says the word meme. Some possibilities:

  • Meem (with a long e sound)
  • Mee Mee (two long e sounds)
  • Mām (long a sound, like the word maim)
  • May May (two long a sounds)
  • Mem (with a short e sound)
  • Meh Meh (two short e sounds)
  • Mehmā (the faux-posh like to think it’s pronounced Memé)
  • And any additional combination of the above sounds

Naturally, only one of these can be correct. Of course, anybody with a handful of brain cells can come to the conclusion that all but one of them sound fucking retarded. If you still can't figure out how it's pronounced, its the first one. Now that you know you should probably get back to being a loser and fapping at pictures of your 13 year old cousin, or what ever else it is you should be doing.

TL;DR: Anyone kewl enough to try and say this shit IRL is fucking retarded. This includes Justin Bieber, nobros, your dad, anyone currently reading this and faggots in general.



The explanation why memes are bad and why you should feel bad laughing at them
Monsoon educates you about memes

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