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Typical response to around 98% of posts made on Facebook.

Along with Feh, Heh, Teh, Pfft, and Blech, this word adds instant juvenile flavor to your internets conversation. These are all noises made by orifices that would in proper company be considered rude but are tolerated on blogs and highly respected by LJ Users. It's used to concisely express the tone in which the writer is transcribing, when attitudes might otherwise be unknown due to constraints with word usages in the bland field of text-based communication.

Meanings and Connotations

A meh is always fine.


Meh is a statement of apathy. To imagine it being said, picture a 400-pound, balding, depressed man staring slack-jawed at a television, which is the only light in the room as he's taped tinfoil over his basement suite windows. Then imagine a show coming on that he doesn't enjoy, but alas, he is too fat and maggot-like to reach for the remote control on the coffee table two feet away. After a few minutes he realizes what is happening. His response is to produce one mushy syllable from his Dorito-encrusted mouth, and there you have it:



Meh is not to be confused with "meeh" which is a variant of the word 'me' typically used by fat preps. If you see hear anyone saying 'meeh' (since you can't technically see anyone saying a specific word. Unless, of course, you can read lips), you are morally required to stab them multiple times in every non-lethal section of the body with a broken broomstick making sure to twist it around on each final stab as if churning butter and then leave them to die from blood loss.


'Feh' is a term that indicates dismissal or disagreement. The pronunciation is similar in tone to "Naaaaah". 'Bleh' and 'Blech' add a bit more disgust to the tone as opposed to the cheerier notes of disagreement. Retards also use "Mlah" for the same purpose. The furfag version of "feh" is "marf".


'Teh' is the dyslexic way to spell 'The'. Regrettably, most of the time you see the 'Teh' form, it is being used by the same fat weeaboos who use the words above, trying to be funny on the internet.


/b/ does it again...


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