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MeganSpeaks = infected with GOTIS
You can help by not giving her any attention.

"Hey guise! No, I don't plan on killing anybody soon, why...?"
Her hypocrite quotes based on getting owned by 4chan.
The comment says it all.
That pretty much explains Megan's bitching in a nutshell.
Did You Know: ...that Chrissie Barmore is a identity thief just like her mom Betty Marie Barmore? She stole the name Megan Heart from YouTube Favicon.png meganheartsmakeup.

MeganLeeHeart (SkitsNVlogs, BlondieVlogs, ViralChick, chrissiefordictator1, MeganHeartMusic, MeganLeeGames, MeganSpeaksMore, TimeWithMegan, JamWithMegan, FunWithMegan, WiseAssSpeaks) aka MeganSpeaks, real name Chrissie L. Barmore / Chrissie Martin, born in October 31, 1991, who lives with her husband, the internet's most hated cyberbully LifeInATent, is a megalomaniacal southern hypocritical sociopathic 25 year old reply girl from YouTube. She brags that she is the original and the very first reply girl although there is no evidence and proof for that claim. In fact, any attention whore can call themselves the original and first. Megan spams useless 40 second reply videos of her exposed mole tits 20-30 times a day on EVERY FUCKING NEW VIDEO POSTED FROM EVERY FAMOUS CHANNELS INCLUDING INTERNATIONAL CHANNELS. Epic Meal Time, Yo Mama, College Humor, Your Favorite Martian, the international news, Machinima, any Minecraft channel, every popular channel you can think her saggy milkbags swing into the direction of to rub it in on everybody's faces with thumbnails of an arrow pointing at her disgusting mole-pimpled saggy titties under the Related Videos column. All of her videos contain misleading spam thumbnails which breaks the YouTube policy and the YouTube staff refuse to take action except being hypnotized by Megan's Medusa tits. Do not be fooled by her sexy innocent look as she is already exposed to be a hardcore liar and cyberbully just like LifeInATent. Fortunately for us, she's recently become pretty vocal about it when she should've just stayed making sandwiches in the kitchen for a lifetime.

Did You Know: ...that LifeInATent is behind the MeganSpeaks scam all this entire time so he can steal YouTube's jewgold and doesn't get instantly banned from YouTube again for his endless death threats and talking shit about innocent people dying from disasters?

The Titsaga Begins

LifeInATent is the prime mentor and husband of Megan on the art of YouTube whoring and behind the scams of Megan's MeganSpeaks channel although she also has other teachers.

It takes years of dedication to become a disingenuous, mentally-unstable attention whore-of-a YouTube Partner of her caliber. And if that wasn't bad enough, she has taken the process to the next level: Like all the attention whores whored out Youtube celebrities out there, she spends all her time actively attacking her other mushroom tittied attention whoring competition, like LauraTickled and TheReplyGirl instead of doing anything about her own shitty videos, all done under the excuse they were breaking Youtube's ToS. Exactly the same way she does.

The best part is that she sicks her depraved internet husband to harass her supposed competition off of YouTube with frivolous death threats because she can't stand anyone else breaking the rules aside from herself. Ironically, she then turns around and complains about getting bullied and harassed. What else do you expect to see in a titstorm of differing bust sizes like this one?

From Unflaggable To Flaggable

Did You Know: ...that her YouTube pimps are protecting her reputation by removing this article from the top Google search results of MeganSpeaks?

If you believed for a second that Megan literally whored herself out to become unflaggable on Youtube, then you are absolutely right. After sleeping with YouTube staffs she finally managed to receive her long-awaited green card in her inbox stating that her YouTube account was supposedly being attacked (like every other established YouTube celebrity), investigations were going to be started, and all that hogwash which simply translates to her desired immunity from any and all formal kinds of retaliation. As an added bonus, she can now abuse the misleading tags, titles, thumbnails, and other "advertising tactics" to her heart's content, with no need to worry about others calling her out for it. And as long as more people keep watching those saggy kadonkas hang around, what's to stop YouTube from getting all that partner money and literally milking their cash cow's udders for more?

Until a miracle happens.

YouTube seems to have finally realized that their unflaggable system was being abused by little worthless scumbags like Megan and LIAT, so they removed that feature for ALL PARTNERS. Thanks to HappyCabbie and other famous channels it turns out the real reason why Megan's MeganSpeaks channel was unflaggable is because she actually managed to somehow scare Machinima, frivolously threatening them with her husband LifeInATent, the imaginary brother KMartinTV, and her supposed power to sue them for everything they own and to be in the Shows category on YouTube's front page. Hilariously, Machinima and YouTube got the long awaited memo and kindly responded by buttraping her back and kicking her partnership out of the whorehouse for her hypocritical abuse.

MeganSpeaks Finally Loses Her Youtube Partnership

Hurrr. Have some saggy tits for breakfast.
People are saying I lost Partnership, I am only moving Networks after March. My old Network didn't want the bad publicity from the drama on my channels so they cancelled my contract. A much smaller network though untraceable to anyone will pick me up and sign me in. I did not lose a thing. I am still Partnered.


—Megan's announcement via Facebook

Thanks to the heroic efforts of people like Happycabbie and OneyNG, Megan's MeganSpeaks channel has now lost her partnership with not only YouTube but her prime shield Machinima as well on March 30, 2012. Even YouTube's staff finally caved in to the YouTubers who were sick and tried of seeing her ugly titanium-plated balloons. On the bright side, her Youtube celebrity life shall supply top-grade experience for her future career, as well as many others to follow. She's made enough money anyway for her "husband" LifeInATent to pursue the exact same career as hers after a much needed castrating. Currently LifeInATent is in furious rage mode, threatening people to remove this and remove that or else he'll hack personal info to expose and keep on death threatening. Megan ended her MeganSpeaks channel with a farewell message nobody cared about.

MeganSpeaksMore: MeganSpeaks' Revenge

A month later YouTube failed to stop the reply girls from spamming their unattractive tits for attention as they decided to stay with a pathetic reason. MeganSpeaks suddenly returns to double cross her words and spam an endless amount of reply videos as MeganSpeaksMore. People ask what the fuck is she thinking and thought she's done for good, but she refuse to open her mouth to anyone except for good replies from her hypnotized fans.

MeganSpeaks No Longer With Machinima

While HappyCabbie and other famous YouTube users fight against the reply girls prostituting YouTube for cash, HappyCabbie finally made contact with Machinima after being hypnotized from Megan and her disgusting mole-titted boobs. He explain about her MeganSpeaks channel cheating her way to get partnership with Machinima. Luckily, Megan is no longer Machinima partnered, thus begins Megan and LIAT's obsession with delivering death to HappyCabbie. Since they don't have the balls to lay a finger on HappyCabbie's fat blobish body due to his fat will devour them, all they do is send death threats and hack threats behind their computer.

MeganSpeaksMore Account Closed

I am through with Replies. It’s time to live a normal life. I’ll of course make videos but no replies. I am done. Anyone who replies has no life, all I did was sit at a computer and make reply videos and work on my other 4 channels.


—We know she'll lie and comes back to whore more.

It's the second time Megan quit whoring herself on YouTube with her reply videos. This time her MeganSpeaksMore channel finally closed due to massive amount of butthurt over this video thanks to YouTube Favicon.png psychicpebbles, YouTube Favicon.png OneyNG, and YouTube Favicon.png Spazkidin3D.

EPILOGUE: Unfortunately her MeganSpeaks channel remains open with videos set to private for nobody to see. She claims in provoking that she made $80K from YouTube for being a reply girl. Although she illegally did made that much jew gold for spamming, her reputation as a accomplice will never be removed from the internet.


After the reply girls are slowly dying and fading away, Megan is using a new Megan channel known as TimeWithMegan. Her 'normal' YouTube channel that's not another reply girl channel and instead focus mostly on her blogs full of false info, lies, and a ton of bullshit she spreads from her vile mouth. Don't be fooled by her pretending to be miss innocent. Her true purpose for her channel is to bully, death threat, and mock other users with any sock accounts LifeInATent is using.

Origins Of The Hatred & Crimes And Current Plot

One reason she wishes death upon her competitors (and other people bullied by her) lies in how she's deluded herself into thinking prettier YouTube whores deserve it because they look better. They don't. Because they're all fucking worthless whores who eventually end up sucking nigger cock in an alley when they eventually fall down low enough in the food chain. Ironically, she recently came out to deny that man milk isn`t nutritious enough, giving us perfect reason to believe she's already exploring that route, with her career plans coming to fruition very soon.

You might be wondering "Hey TheReplyGirl and LauraTickled also incessantly leech views off current viral videos with tits and shit video reviews. How are they not as bad as MeganSpeaks?". Actually no, there's no way you're wondering that. They all fucking abuse the system anyway using nothing but their unattractive tits, misleading video previews of their titles, and multiple, lonely basement dwellers they pass off as 'boyfriends' to deal with the required PR for their fanbases. For more info on what ALL of these saggy bitches do, read the YouTube View Fraud article - while it may not work for YOU anymore, the view count faucet is open and broken for these street whores to abuse, just like the rest of the 'celebrities' they milk there.

Samples Of Her Work

The following are links to her endless whoring out for the sake of breaking YouTube's rules via misleading titles, thumbnails, tags, and descriptions.

If she ever opens her mouth (outside the kitchen), immediately call her out her with this shit and flag her videos for spam to shut her up for good. May cause her hubby in crime LifeInATent to rage like the lolcow he is.

Now let's get back to YouTube's vault full of jew gold. Straight from KMartinTV's mouth via skype, Megan admit she is going to use the money she sucked dry on plastic surgery to get bigger breasts and inflated lips to whore herself out more efficiently. Megan is in denial about it however, and whenever she starts to stalk, she goes total apeshit at anyone currently talking about KMartinTV, LifeInATent, or herself. The best part however is how she consistently fails to make any coherent retorts in the process:

* "LOSER!"
* "Get a fucking life loser!"
* "Stop typing!"
* "The character life in a tent doesnt exist and we werent connected!"
* "I don't have a father!"
* "You fail loser! You=fail=loser=nolife FAIIIIIIIIIL!"
* "Youtube loves my business!"
* "Keep on trolling umad good loser!" 
* "Stop telling me to tits or gtfo!"
* "Noone gives a f*ck about you!"
* "Move on with your life, cause you sure as hell fail in it!"
* "You're an idiot who keeps harassing me!"
* "How about you ignore my videos and move on!" 
* "I'm not going anywhere and you'll never make me!"
* "What I do thats none of your business!"
* "You don't own me nor will you censor me!"
* "Never add me as a friend. Ever!"
* "Stop talking you have absolutely no life!"
* "I have no clue what you are talking about!"
* "Quit talking like an idiot!"
* "Its embarrassing seeing someone with less brain cells talking to me it almost kills my IQ!"
* "Thats not a group, you're nothing but a bully if thats the case! Burn in a campfire then!"
* "Stop fucking telling me what to do!"

When she reaches up to critical butthurt, Megan pretends to be miss innocent and pretends to cry out false feelings deep inside her blacken corrupted heart. Still it's the best part to read her fake crying and pleading since people aren't that stupid to believe her except for her braindead fans:

* "Brian deserves to be angry at you!"
* "Cyber bullying is wrong!
* "Move on with your life!"
* "Harassing me is very wrong and I didn't do anything to you!"
* "Be the bigger man and move on with your life!"
* "I didn't do anything!"
* "Don't you ignore me!"
* "Why are you being mean to me?!"
* "None of this is all true!"
* "You're mistaken! The arrow is pointing at me, not my boobs!"

She And LIAT Are Behind The Botting

All this stolen jew money just to shield her faggotry.
The legal team has sent you a cease and desist notice from my offices. REMOVE this article now as it is defamation of character and libel.


Kevin Martin threaten to call a ROFLsuit against the truth.

It turns out that Megan and LIAT are behind the botting the entire fucking time thanks to The Daily Dot. An anonymous informant has shown The Daily Dot some serious evidence to prove that they're botting to frame not only YouTube Favicon.png DireBoris but YouTube Favicon.png Yogscast and YouTube Favicon.png HappyCabbie as well. Found in chat logs LifeInATent discussing to pay a stolen amount of $920.50 to frame them with 540K views to bot for talking shit against Megan. LIAT is raging to the max at The Daily Dot on Twitter after the post, demanding to remove the article or else he'll get his 'manager' to sue them. Very common words from a bunch of young white trash accomplice shitheads. They can denied the truth all they want but the truth will always rape in whatever holes they can find.

VICE's Reply Girls Video Deleted

Megan & LIAT keeps using bots to flag Vice's video about the Reply Girls because there are evidence of their crimes. Sadly it has been removed. But hopefully they'll get YouTube to restore it due to their illegal bots.

Targeting People & Websites

In their spare time Megan & LIAT target and try to take down anybody from any website, any webpage, and any article talking about their history. 99% of the time they failed to do so.

The Blog of Lies

A cyber bully has been cyber bullied? Nope. That's just another stench of Megan's lies.
A cyber bully keen on ruining someone life further for simply admiring her.

After her spare time with LIAT lying and cyberbully people that knows all about them, she goes to websites like her Twitter page and her Facebook page to update her blogs and make up lies for her puppets to follow her and her mole tits.

From Cyber Bully To Cyber Bullied

On August 3rd, 2013, Megan is fed up from articles about her and hubby LIAT's partnership in crime. Currently she's pulling a Jolene JRyda and Jessi Slaughter to lie to the internet that she has been cyber bullied and stalked by someone far away in Australia for years. Her horny tit-followers actually believe in everything she lies about. While Megan plead her dramatic lies she and LIAT plan on telling the Ukrainian Governments to take everything down about them.

Declaring Victory And Getting Even

Two weeks later, Megan blatantly proclaimed victory on her so-called Australian "stalker" and said "spreading awareness like this will save lives and help people a lot" (although, the only thing he's found guilty of is contributing to ED). Conscientious people then began speculating that her "stalker" got some serious spanking and is forever grounded from using the Internet by his good father, thus making him officially MIA. However, demonizing and vilifying him to get him a swift discipline from his father is just not enough. She went over to her Facebook and posted mugshots and personal information of that guy, hoping that her caring followers would stir up more strife in his family for "cautious measures". Perhaps to her, spreading awareness means getting even with her detractors who she called stalkers, especially if she managed to obtain their personal information through LIAT filing false DMCAing against them.

The Histories Of Megan

In 2011, War was beginning

Related to KMartinTV's video on his internet war against Encyclopedia Dramatica, MeganSpeaks snapped and has had enough. All because of the fact that her father Ricky Lee Barmore has been posted on the internets. She keeps telling her slaved fans that Encyclopedia Dramatica is a fake, the article is fake, the snapshot comments are photoshopped and the picture of her dad is not real. She has tried to send her fans to take down ED.......and has successfully failed to take it down. MeganSpeaks calls on her boyfriend LifeInATent to help take down ED as users ExposeYouAll and KeepItUpFaggot to blank their pages and replace them with positive reviews about her being smart and sexy and being bullied by haters and trolls. While leaving a huge shitstorm several ED members had to lube a banhammer up LifeInATent's ass, cleaning up the shit and skid marks he left. Both LifeInATent and MeganSpeaks are not pleased and became furious as fuck. Who knows when they'll attack the article again? Her war against Encyclopedia Dramatica was just the beginning.

In 2012, She Discovers 4chan

Make sure you all like and comment on my videos. And as always fuck you!


—MeganSpeaks being a hypocrite after getting owned by 4chan.

While she's not true to her words by double crossing her words and make a comeback, she thought it would be a good idea to go to 4chan and ask questions to her "fans". Until she learn the facts that /b/ is not her personal fans. With the amount of pwnage and tits or gtfo she's receiving, she snapped at 4chan and left with a massive amount of butthurt and the cold hard facts. She think she won against /b/ from 4chan but she actually embarrassed herself and lost, leaving more facts to be posted on the internet.

  • Black dots denote MeganSpeaks posting.

MeganSpeaks' Visit To 4chan's /B/ About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


In 2013 She's Engaged To LifeInATent

Megan & LIAT Wedding Announcement About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Megan and LIAT announced they're getting married on April 19th, 2013. LifeInATent dumped his other wife Dominica Laspinas Niala Martin after draining everything she and her family owns to keep in LIAT and Megan's own greedy pockets. The wedding is going to be small and private like all white trash weddings are. These two money-leeching criminal couple will be bound in unholy matri-money.

That is until the private announcement is no longer private. He called the wedding off and make up lies to his fans that he's moving to Brazil to fulfill his dreams when we all know both LIAT and Megan are liars and they'll get married anyway. It was originally going to move to October 21st, 2013. The next day he deleted his wedding announcement comments and replace it with a question about the weather in Brazil.

It's safe to say their marriage is a bit rocky.

At November 26th, 2013, an anonymous female YouTube user admitted she was having internet sex with her husband LifeInATent when she was too busy in the other room hypnotizing people with her lies and tits and terrible acne on one of her Megan channels. She was told by LIAT that he was dying of all kinds of cancer and had a month to live. He also told her he's rich for his scams, frauds, and whoring, but truth be admitted Megan & LIAT are living with Betty Marie Barmore, Megan's mommy. More revealing dirty secrets from LIAT to the anonymous female, his wife Megan is blowing up to a supersize and sends her photos of Megan's fat cottage cheese thighs while talking shit behind her wife's back. You can safely say LIAT's marriage with Megan is a bit rocky that's about to go downhill.

In 2014, Megan Evolves Into A Snorlax

sent me pics of her thighs telling me how fat they were and talked massive shit about her.


—The anonymous female who LIAT had cyber sex with behind Megan's back.

While LIAT is cheating on her with random female users to have cyber sex with, Megan slowly blows up to a fat beach whale like her mom Betty Marie Barmore while sitting on her fart scented chair all day eating junk food and playing video games online.

In 2015, Megan's Still Being Megan

What is Megan doing after all these years of hiding? Still being the same Megan by sending death threats, currently in her Twitter account. Deletes her tweets just in case someone screenshots them. Turns out her husband LifeInATent is doing the death threats for her because she's fat and lazy to do it herself.

2015 is a good year for LifeInATent's brother WeatherManKevin. He gets to go to a place where nobody wants to go. And that is a trip to jail! For soliciting a prostitute and resisting arrest from the cops, he earned such a wonderful achievement in his criminal record.

In 2016, Megan....Actually Where is Megan?

There hasn't been any updates from Megan herself except her Twitter which is controlled by her husband LIAT as always. All her YouTube videos are hidden, she hasn't uploaded any new videos yet, she's letting LIAT death threat behind her accounts, she's eating, she's getting fatter, she's eating again, she's watching TV on her recliner, and she's eating more. Let her stay that way.

2016 is a better year than 2015. Besides WeatherManKevin arrested for resisting arrest and soliciting a prostitute, LifeInATent himself lost a lawsuit of $20 MILLION DOLLARS for fraud and damages. And if he doesn't pay up, he's going to stretch his asshole for prison with a new name LifeInACell!

Meet The Barmore Family In Crime

The family mugshot photo of Megan and parents.

What you're about to read is a true story of Megan and her criminal family. You know what they say, "It runs in the family".

Ricky Lee Barmore, Megan's Father

Ricky Lee Barmore, father of Megan.
Ricky Lee Barmore, pedophile, methhead and terrorist.
Yes, it is MeganSpeaks' father. Her boyfriend or whoever boyfriend she's sucking got pissed at another attention whore LauraTickled because she allowed it to be posted on her facebook.


—An Anonymous user from 4chan

Ricky Lee Barmore, age 48, is not only the white trash father of reply girl MeganSpeaks (Chrissie Barmore) but a white trash pedophile. Married to Betty Marie Barmore. He's arrested in Whitfield County, Georgia, for raping little children and is charged for PSI (3CTS CHILD MOLESTATION, 3CCTS SEXUAL BATT). Whenever MeganSpeaks and LifeInATent see this both will rage about it and begin to insult, death threat, and to call the law. What doesn't make sense is she hates pedophiles like Chris-Chan, Michael Jackson and Pedobear but doesn't hate her dad for having buttsex with little 8 year old kids.

Digging down deeper secrets it turns out her daddy seems to be a recidivist offender when it comes to the law. He has an open warrant for possession of 26 grams of Meth for resale in Hamilton County, Tennessee. Even more LAWL he has also been arrested for terrorism.

Ricky Lee Barmore, age 46, of 3660 Chattanooga Road Tunnel Hill, GA was arrested July 18, 2011 for a Bench Warrant for three counts of Terroristic Threats and Acts and a Bond Surrender for Terroristic Threats and Acts. No bond has been set. Barmore remains incarcerated at CCDC.


—Catoosa County Arrest Report July 15-21

Betty Marie Barmore, Megan's Mother

Betty Marie Barmore, mother of Megan.

Betty Marie Barmore, age 50, is the responsible one for birthing Megan (Chrissie Barmore) into this peaceful world. Married to Ricky Lee Barmore. According to her crimes, Betty Marie Barmore is also arrested in Whitfield County, Georgia, for 1ST DEGREE FORGERY and FINANCIAL IDENTITY FRAUD. With Megan's mother revealed as a criminal like her father, crime really does run in the family. And that would be the very good reason why she identity theft YouTube Favicon.png meganheartsmakeup's name and goes by her fake name Megan Lee Heart instead of her true name Chrissie L. Barmore.

Stephanie Lynn Barmore, Megan's Older Sister

Stephanie Lynn Barmore, sister of Megan.

Stephanie Lynn Barmore, age 28, from Dallas, Georgia, is the big sister of Megan (Chrissie Barmore). On September 10, 2011, Stephanie is arrested in Cobb, Georgia, for THEFT BY SHOPLIFTING and OTHER CRIMES SHE DID. Megan does the same thing her sister did. Stealing.


  • MeganSpeaks is NOT THE ORIGINAL REPLY GIRL, thereplygirl is the first and original reply girl. Megan joined 3 weeks after YouTube Favicon.png thereplygirl started whoring YouTube.
  • She's been on YouTube with her first account BlondieVLogs for a long time having over the past several accounts now either inactive, closed, or suspended, with a history of harassment, death threats, misleading titles, misleading thumbnails, misleading tags, etc..
  • MeganSpeaks was on Australian news and FOX LA News talking about her and the other reply girls with their non-stop attention whoring on YouTube. She schlicked herself off her chair for 3 days straight just for being on TV for 30 seconds not worth a damn.
  • Whenever Megan saw a new video uploaded from Epic Meal Time she changes her video title to the same video title Epic Meal Time named it first on her MeganLeeHeart channel. She won't explain why she does it but it's crystal clear that her tits wants to be in their suggestion feature while she's stealing EMT's views and bacon money.
  • Both Megan and LIAT are serious hackers, using leet hacking methods and posting pictures of people's homes and related dox to give them a choice to stay out of their business or they'll expose their personal info everywhere.
  • According to her doxed medical records, the reason why she's cyber-bullying other people and telling other reply girls to GTFO is because she suffers from Antisocial Personality Disorder, along with LifeInATent's/KMartinTV's Multiple Personality Disorder. Explains a lot why they currently need to end up in a mental asylum.
  • She's always good at breaking promises.
  • Her farts will always smell like penis.
  • She likes to listen to Avril Lavigne.
  • Youtube's staff (more specifically Machinima) are now maliciously false DMCAing innocent YouTubers for using thumbnails featuring MeganSpeaks' face, which is apparently a copyright violation in their book. Yet for some strange reason, she can feature blatantly misleading thumbnails of other people's faces on her videos.
  • If any YouTube user becomes a viable money-source for YouTube, MeganSpeaks will release the Kraken to actively SEEK AND DESTROY any possible competition posing a threat, making MeganSpeaks the only one.
  • In her cock-seductive yet seemingly-innocent plea for help from her whiteknights (mostly the prime white knight YouTube Favicon.png TheTruthsJustice AKA LifeInATent), she claimed this: "TheReplyGirl is continuing to whore off Yogscast's videos, despite being told to cut it out, and I promised to never leech-off anymore viral videos ever." Of course, any truth-loving Netizen wouldn't believe that for a second, but her fans and regular-customers would still buy into it without using their mind.
  • On March 17th 2012, MeganSpeaks and LifeInATent gave their money they stole and hack DireBoris' dox to a viewbot user to frame and ban his YouTube account so they can make up a story that he's behind it.
  • LIAT death threats to sue anyone and anybody who is annoying her with the truth about her bullying and scams.
  • At her MeganLeeHeart Twitter she used her poisonous lies, lust and little-miss-innocent attitude to hypnotize Shane Dawson and befriend her by following her on Twitter.
  • When contacted directly about MeganSpeaks' backstabbing return to scam more as MeganSpeaksMore, she refused to comment.
  • She really REALLY HATES being told to tits or gtfo.
  • When discussing a problem with reply girls on forums, MeganSpeaks stalks as MeganLeeHeart and goes insane.
  • Whenever someone makes an anti-reply girl video on YouTube she becomes a psychopath about it and flags it to get the person banned and the video deleted.
  • If you look closely at her cleavage, you'll see that MeganSpeaks has nasty moles and pimples!
  • She has connections with gangsters to hack and kill anyone and their family just by talking about her and her mental insanity.
  • On June 17, 2012, MeganSpeaks used some of the stolen YouTube money she whored to get a new computer. 12 core, 32GB RAM, GeForce 570 Video, runs like a porn star on Viagra, perfect for her future scams.
  • Currently, she and LifeInATent are demanding Know Your Meme to remove every image, video, and article about Megan while using made up names like Lee Johnson.
  • Sometimes she crawls back to her MeganSpeak account to hide from Anonymous and bitch at people.
  • She thinks her opinions are facts and she also thinks she's more important than anything and anybody.
  • MeganSpeaks only cares about LIAT, money, attention whoring, money, herself, money, stealing, money, making up lies, money, prostituting, money, bullying other people, money, money, and more money.
  • On December 14th, 2012, Megan and LIAT praised the gunman that killed over 20 children in Newtown, Connecticut, while they laugh at the children's dead bodies.
  • On December 17th, 2012, Megan and LIAT decided to remove the sad audio music that they use to enhance their Connecticut Shooting video out so people wouldn't go around thinking they are doing the video simply for attention and entertainment.
  • On January 2nd, 2013, Megan and LIAT coalesce with Nick Bravo in false DMCAing their mutual enemy, YouTube Favicon.png allmymirrors, due to being butthurt over him having documented some of their old videos from their terminated channels to expose them of their scams and other serious misconducts.
  • In trying so hard to remove her tracks from her crimes online, Megan lies to everyone that every evidence and snapshot of her is a photoshop.
  • Both Megan's parents are criminals and arrested.
  • She has a sister name Stephanie Lynn Barmore and she also did crime too. Arrested for stealing.
  • Trolling her will get her so upset she sends LifeInATent to rage and talk shit with meaningless words.
  • On August 3, 2013 evening, Megan has had enough of her article, call up her personal army, and doc drop on Lazarus.


  • MeganSpeaks Speaks (Derp)
ED wont do shit and you're done for anyways. Brian's getting or already has your info, address, everything and I hate to be you this year. You're not gonna be around much longer.


—TimeWithMegan's broken comebacks on a mirror video about LIAT sent to a ED sysop.

Wow holy shit. NOW we know you are apart of the ED article. Listen if I find out you are doing that article you're in big trouble, you understand me? You are DONE


—Empty threats from TimeWithMegan.

ED is a fucking joke. Anyone who watches that trash is a moron.


—TimeWithMegan, not realizing that you read ED and don't 'watch' it.

I can tell you're a dumb moron too. Seek a life away from that garbage and learn life for once.


—TimeWithMegan being insecure and criticizing other people.

Piss off, loser. None of that shit is true anyways. Get bent and get hit by a train, idiot.


—TimeWithMegan's mental mind finds every image, snapshot, screenshot, and details about her not true.

Shut your stupid mouth asshat. You're my bitch now. Brian would knock you into the next wall. You didn't do shit to him. In fact I took care of the one who kept attacking his channels and now Brian will come back when he wants. Dumbass you can't even take his other channels down where he gets EASILY 10 Million views a month LOLOLOL!!!!!!! LOSER


— More childish and retarded retorts from TimeWithMegan considering from the fact that her boyfriend came back under a sock account to bitch at people.

A real job? How about dont ever tell me what the F*CK to do. You hear me?


—TimeWithMegan offended that being an important attention whore online is not a real job.

Everyone in that area of ED is nothing but a faggot. I already know who that loser is. Its Abortionish and then one of them doesn't know how to spell for jack shit. Don't listen to ED though its a site meant for lies and deception. It says so on the disclaimer.


TimeWithMegan becoming paranoia and butthurt to the point that she try to deny the justice of ED. She also guess wrong about who is the real person behind it for lulz.

Did I tell you to respond to me? No I don't think I did. PISS OFF


—TimeWithMegan can't handle the replies and doesn't know what to say next.

I wasn't talking to you, retard. Learn to pay attention to a conversation before you engage in any chats. You think I give a damn what people or you think? I made my $100,000 and cashed out hardcore on this site and i'll do it again if I want to. So kick rocks like to sap you are


TimeWithMegan opening her butthurt whore mouth and in doing so announce she is insensitive and doing it only for the money. Thumb up for Epic Confession.

You're talking to the wrong account LOL. I can back up that JapanBlewUp2 is indeed not Brian and the troll is laughing at you right now as we speak. However I remember that Vet you talked about and he got what he deserved. Glad he's gone.


TimeWithMegan lying, even someone with half a brain can see through her bullshit.

GTFO. You're a waste of time and certainly an idiot. Do you have a job? Do you work and make an impact to the world in a positive way? If not, then GTFO


TimeWithMegan lame comeback on after being butthurt.

What an idiot you must be. Waste time uploading videos about other people. Dislike for you and a good ole classic slap in your face.


TimeWithMegan being the Boss of Youtube.

We are already working on that. Your threats and your harassment will stop or you will find out what happens when you harass someone like that...also take your ass of the ED article. If I find out you are behind it it's going to be hell for you. I promise you that one.


TimeWithMegan threating YouTube Favicon.png Indy1489 for reading ED about her agian out of butthurt.

KLO, flag this piece of shit and i'll be doing the same. Actually i'm going the extra mile and emailing YouTube now


TimeWithMegan asking her fanboy KLODEYKNOW (or KLOBOYSWAG), to flag down YouTube Favicon.png videomaker74's video for bringing up LifeInATent past.

Everytime someone comments and this video is refreshed the counter goes up. Don't think for a second just cause this has 95 views that 95 people saw it. Your video isn't worth a damn


TimeWithMegan desperately trying in vain to getYouTube Favicon.png videomaker74 to remove his video by telling him his video is worthless.

You're the loser with no life who posts on that fuckin site too. Dipshit leave him alone.


— More butthurt comments from the TimeWithMegan.

Keep talking and I will report your comments. That's my final word to you! Why dont you learn to shut up! flagging comments as spam today


— More empty threats from TimeWithMegan out of butthurt.

People who hold onto the past are nothing but idiot losers. Either remove the video or it gets flagged. Why are you harassing people huh? Leave him the fuck alone. Remove the video now or it gets flagged for bullying.


TimeWithMegan threatening YouTube Favicon.png videomaker74 to remove the video of LifeInATent or else get flag down.

Dont worry, the tags and his words to you that are classified as bullying will be flagged down. I'm working on that as we speak. This asshole has no future and no life, and his parents are probably dead and he's a broke ass loser. Don't pay attention to this reject. Trust me, this video and channel should be banned upon continuance. Block the loser like I did and do your own thing while this insanely retarded cluster f*ck rots in hell soon


TimeWithMegan using facts of her BF to intimidate YouTube Favicon.png videomaker74 into removing his video and asking her fans to block him.

  • LifeInATent's White Knighting
You're that Lazarus faggot on ED and it proves that you have no life. Quit fucking around with that stupid fucking site and actually get a fucking LIFE. Are you that fucking stupid?


—LIAT to Lazarus with the same repeated insults like a broken record.

She didn't find a way to get paid. She copied MeganSpeaks AKA TimeWithMegan. How the fuck is that finding a way? A cheap way yes, btu nonetheless Alejandra is nothing but a cock sucking bitch with no originality. Go to the channel MeganSpeaks you'll see it has the most views and most successful proven shes the original.


—LIAT as YouTube Favicon.png Shortshizims still bitching about the first reply girl TheReplyGirl on YouTube Favicon.png Vice's channel with the same bullshit. That same bullshit like his twin brother Kevin gets away with stealing from The Weather Channel.

This video is a crock of shit, enough said. The only thing I see is this bitch copying MeganSpeaks who un-doubtably created this so called Reply Girl Meme. Stupid Vice can't get their facts straight. The MeganLeeHeart channel is PROOF that Megan started her shit in May and other losers copied Megan's shit starting in July 2011. Vice is a piece of shit, and NEVER will be taken serious. Fucking scumbag fake ass media.


—LifeInATent as YouTube Favicon.png MrInternetable white knighting Megan at YouTube Favicon.png vice on their reply girls documentry.

I want that new shit off about that Betty girl right now. I know you are either doing it or you know who's doing it. I swear if that isn't off I will hold people as accessories and call the FBI right now on it. TAKE THAT FUCKING SHIT OFF NOW YOU INCONSIDERATE FUCKING ASSHOLES!! Do you guys want to breathe for the last fucking time? You're this CLOSE


—Same butthurt and useless threats from LifeInATent as MrInternetable.

She got $100,000 out of it and college with a career you fucking nigger. So Megan did something right CUNT!


—LIAT as ViralnessParodys, saying that being a money glutton hypocrite whore is the right thing to do.



— ParodyViral3 becoming so mad his butt is practically glowing. Internet tough guy number one.

Shows how much you know. She's been spamming still and getting views even on her music channel. What the fuck are you gonna do about it huh? Mind your fucking business, faggot.


—ParodyViral3 (LIAT's sock) answers and white knighting after finding out Megan's been chastised for spamming on her new channel.

you used to be a fan of his you said it yourself also you spelled brian wrong. Retarded much? That was a quick reply. Get a fucking job and stop moping around YouTube


— ParodyViral2 made this lame comeback after getting own repeatedly.

Get fucked you stupid faggot. Again with not knowing who I am. Fucking idiot. At least call him by his real fucking name which is BRIAN you fucking sound like a fanboy mother fucking retard. Dumb fuck.


— LIAT as his sock account ParodyViral2 trying to get smart with people while referring to himself.

How about stay the fuck off her article and family before im the first to fuck up yours. Dipshit. And thats not even a joke you stupid mother fucker.


—LIAT as his sock account ParodyViral with boring death threats that would never happen.

I want your identity you little pussy ass bitch and your home address. Lets see how much shit you talk in person faggot


—ParodyViral asking to be raped.

When I ever find you, you will get killed. Count on it. Someone like you who fucking talks that way will be fucking dead. You think you can just bully people? You are DEAD. Now tell me where the fuck you live NOW


—Very common private messages from ParodyViral when that whore Megan gets butthurt.

Quit calling me names I am not a douchebag.


—Translation on what ParodyViral is saying: BAWWWWWW!

I just told you to stop replying to her you stupid dickless mother fucker. You got a brain? Fucking use it before I expose it with a bullet to the head.


—Hopefully the bullet goes to ParodyViral's head.

say what you want faggot, enjoy your ED article very soon. Got enough photos of your famiyl and hot sister to last me a while so keep at it and we'll see how funny you think bullying is.


—More bullcrap to scare people from ParodyViral.

the lady told you to SHUT THE FUCK UP so shut the fuck up and leave her the fuck alone you mother fucking faggot before you end up DEAD.


—ParodyViral white knights his bitch and whore TimeWithMegan.

Who the fuck do you think you are huh? You either quit fucking bullying people on this site or you will find out what happens. Leave people THE FUCK ALONE. What part of that shit do you NOT understand, huh asshole?


—Common white knight messages from LIATReborn.

People are spamming this fucking link on Megan's videos. How about delete the fucking video and stop going on accounts harassing her you fucking asshole bitch ass cock sucker.


— LifeInATent AKA ThisNameIsNewFFS is butthurt over the fact that great justice is being served on his girlfriend.

Obviously you don't understand a damn thing of the situation. You're blocked but I will send you an article for the sake of this stupid immature argument. How old are you dude? 12? Act your age for once and stop the charade. You get one more message from me and after that, you aren't worth another damn word until you act your age pal. You know shit about respect, i'll say that much.


LIATReborn being a hypocrite and giving advices while acting like a 3 year old.

LMFAO! Megan got $100,000 off haters like you so kiss ass. And your parents are dead? Thats fantastic to hear. I'm now satisfied knowing how much more of a loser you are. I'm glad they are dead to be honest. I am extremely happy to hear you are broke. Looks like Megan nailed it right on. You're a waste of time now, extremely boring, and a loser. Broke as a joke, I'm laughing it up. Thanks for making my evening more interesting. Piss off and enjoy your broke, parentless, pathetic life ;) later.


LIATReborn trying to bring YouTube Favicon.png videomaker74 to his level after being butthurt.

  • Her Supposed 'Fans'
Fuck the haters! Pray for @MeganLeeHeart . Souless assholes on twitter are attacking her. I love you Megan! #Megan4YTPresident


—Jon ‏(@Sagesparten007) from Twitter, a young brainless fanboy.

Encyclopedia dramatica is full of cowards and criminals alongside all else evil.


Rootbrian_ from Twitter is against the justice of lulz

What the fuck is your issue with megan now you cunt? dont be a fucking tool she can do what the fuck she wants.


—A mindless long haired fanatic from YouTube name krischo55/krissilent55.

This pleases me. I hated how they were bullied off the site in the first place. Also of note: using the channel name of the video you are reviewing in your tags appears to help ranking.


—Aimee Davison (aimeedavison1) from Facebook, fingering herself to her whoring.

why dont you shut the fuck up and leave the poor woman alone bitch shes not half as bad as other people who try and take her swag dumb fuck


—A fried chicken eating watermelon raping troll name thatoldnigga

You guys have no idea how smart she is, atleast what she has done..Her videos are on top of the related videos sometimes.. that's the best spot u can get to get more views. Mostly because u guys see boobs in the thumbnail, but it works and she's making a lot of money for every click she gets!


Rdela93 derping about her greatness

Yea that's the point of the tags and such. She's not cheating, she's smart.


—Johnny7PS, a dumbass stating her whoring

Stop being a dick. She is just being smart


—BryanEshbaugh white knighting the hypocrite attention whore

You are the best game player <3. Upload more videos on each channel, but more on the games chanel :D


—drmihai4 on Twitter

u haters disgust me. ur all just pissed that she has opinions and isnt afraid to share them. thats admirable not condemnable. so if u dont like it, dont post, dont subscribe, and dont put her down just cuz u disagree with her. aint your place to do so. megan your videos are hilarious and insightful. u do a fantastic job. i say thumbs up.


—Clinton Smith the fanboy from Facebook, white knighting the criminal whore

  • The Opposition
Not really. Everyone just hates you. You're not famous, you were forgotten long ago.


—True words from psychicpebbles on Megan's bullshit.

Shut up, Meg.


—Peter Griffin

Damn, you've got problems.


—Damn straight DeathIsFunKids.

The truth is TREASON in the Emperor of LIES


— True words from MontagesnMore on LifeInATent's bullshit.

Rep does have some hypocrisy fair enough but does that really counter threatening to slit someone's throat or kill their family or rape their mom and sister? You know LIAT is just saying all that to make himself look less bad right? He pretty much wants other people to ignore the bad things he's said and done he's done it before and he'll keep doing it.


— L.H.three6 making some logic breakthrough agianst LifeInATent's evil plans.

"Get a rope and use it to off yourself from this planet cause you're worthless"

Oh, that's ironic, since Brian said, "What if that person got trolled so hard, they killed themselves? It's your fault." Stupid fuck, you're doing this for attention.


—JuveStabia5 giving the notorious TimeWithMegan the Epic Pwnage that she deserved.

You're fucking talking? Only reason people click on your videos because of your tits. You're fucking worthless.


—JuveStabia5 nailing down TimeWithMegan.

Who is all, Brian? Your army of sock accounts, your multiple personalities, or your family which you so recklessly put in harm's way? I am not the one you should fear, your problems far exceed YouTube now.



"Promotion", yes. If by promotion you mean thousands of people insulting your tits, disliking your videos, and flagging them as misleading thumbnails, then yes, I'm giving you a lot of that. A few extra dollars in your thieving pocket is a price I must pay in the overall large picture that is you not making reply videos and clusterfucking the Youtube sidebar and insulting everyones intelligence and integrity. HAVE A NICE DAY



You all do realize that all of Megan's channels are sockpuppets controlled by that douchebag LifeInATent, right?


—A nail-on-the-coffin smart question by THECRAZEBLING

How's it feel that you're nothing more than a virtual prostitute?


—RavenCyarm questions.



—Tom Syndicate to LIAT's Sirliat Twitter

lies? [this video is filled with evidence!] -_-,and you are still pathetic enough to say its all lies! maan you are hopeless -___-


—TheSifitisifi pointing out a good reason

Do you want to answer me? Or are you afraid? You've switched between 3 accounts oddly. Tell me, who is that disgusting blonde with your voice? That pathetic bully?


—mechaspark1 will soon know she is a scared little bitch

Well Megan, it appears you have been "walked all over." Looks like you will actually have to get a real job, and before you come back and say "I'm getting a new network" I can assure you, no. You aren't. Every network now knows what you're up to, your run is up. It looks like you will have to get a real job! Can you send me your resume when you start applying? I'm sure that would be worth some laughs. Oh, just a heads up, employers wont care what your bra size is, so I would advise you not to include that. But in that case, your resume would be empty wouldn't it? Looks like you are in a pickle! I wish you good luck in your quest to obtain the ever prestigious McDonald's employee of the month award. It's a cruel world out there and you are going to have to change your definition of hard work from "I have to buffer all of these videos, I think I'll go watch TV"

Remember, we don't hate you because you exploited Youtube's website infrastructure and reply system in order to make a profit (well, others probably hate you for it, but I have to admit it was clever), we hate you because you handled yourself so poorly.


— Floaux nailing down MeganSpeaks

Must suck being dox'd eh? Tits or GTFO youtube. Go to bangbros or something, only reason people will watch you now.



swallow your pride.. even if it kills, there's no use of slitting your wrist over spilled milk



YOU'RE A MAN? LOL Extremely mad now, aren't you Ms. Barmore. Protip; Show cleavage in thumbnail, get views. Oh lemme guess baby doll, you use YouToob bot like your small dicked boyfriend lifeinatent? I assumed as much. Sucks that so much pretty is gone to waste with a brain like that. Oh by the way, you suck at BF3



I've got 3 words to describe you: Dumb Attention Whore, Quit spamming YouTube and get a job, you are a disgrace to every girl/woman on the internet. You took the fun out of watching videos from the suggestion bar and finding out where YouTube would take you, because the only place it'll take me now is right between your stupid pushed-up tits which are glued to a skeleton's body, and as a woman I'm really not waiting for that to happen.



You only wanted money. You bullied others and ignored YouTube rule. Sad. Any reason? ;)


—darkcorridor555 asks while she think of a different response and threat


And I thought she's done with MeganSpeaks. Proof that you can never trust a lying hypocrite.
Brand new butthurt video about Anonymous, the truth, and haters.
In response to further hate, she uploaded her butthurt reaction on Feb 25th 2012.
Good, good, let the butthurt flow through.

Videos About Her

Yeah thats not gonna happen. Thanks for the free promotions dude! And the more attention I receive the stronger I become ;)


—A few days later she got butthurt and closed her MeganSpeaksMore account.

Don't listen to this video, its all lies and designed to make you believe in all their lies..


—MeganSpeaks speaking the truth

Skip all the boring to 18:00 and it starts


Do it faggot

Shut up, Meg.


Peter Griffin from Family Guy.



Video Thumbnails, Snapshots, and Photographic Evidence About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


Other Reply Girls Links

  • YouTube Favicon.png LauraTickled - For some fucked up reason in her mind, Megan is actually jealous of this crack whore sucking the exact same nigger cocks she does. So Megan & LIAT cyber-bully her as one of their main targets. Ah well, tit logic. Who the fuck can make any sense out of it anyway?
  • YouTube Favicon.png TheReplyGirl - Same as LauraTickled above except this Latino girl is the very first original reply girl and started the entire reply girls whorageddon. She has been her victim since July 2011. 3 weeks later she became a main target by LIAT & Megan to cyber-bully and steal her claim that MeganSpeaks is the first original reply girl when Megan has no proof or evidence of that claim.
    • YouTube Favicon.png TheReplyGirlForever - TheReplyGirl's other reply girl channel to whore YouTube and piss people off.
  • YouTube Favicon.png icklenellierose - A reply girl. Cyber-bullied by LIAT & Megan. <--- Not actually a reply girl. Whoops.
  • YouTube Favicon.png NellyRocks - Another reply girl. Cyber-bullied by LIAT & Megan.
  • YouTube Favicon.png JessicaKardashian1 - Yet another reply girl. Cyber-bullied by LIAT & Megan.
  • YouTube Favicon.png HeyLovellie - And another reply girl. Cyber-bullied by LIAT & Megan. Channel not available but videos are posted.


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