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Meaningless noise is noise containing random non-informational semanticity components. In other words, it doesn't mean shit. Many posts on the internet are meaningless noise. These should be instantly challenged with "What the fuck are you talking about?" Be warned that the author will defend himself with even more noise, as though additional meaninglessness will bring purpose and depth to his idiotic blathering.

When engaged in a flame war, it's fine to tell someone his fifty-page diatribe on economics is meaningless noise though it's better to just say it's bullshit. Make sure to make this reply quickly, so it's clear you didn't read any of it. Musicians also appreciate hearing their latest work of art is meaningless noise.

Meaningless noise is sometimes a trolling tactic used to baffle a boring forum. Non sequiturs, scraps of shit band lyrics, or a few dozen posts started so you can reply to yourself with random babbling are all excellent ways of gaining the attention of regular community members.

Encounters With Meaningless Noise

  • Vir Journal
    • "The curse is a long neglected literary device, but one I believe should be revived and added to the pundit's arsenal. The floods of invective, tirade, rant and snark have grown stale and are losing their emotional power. They've become old and comfortable, viewed as reassurance to the supporter and meaningless noise to the opponent." --virge
  • Gumtree Forums
    • "What the fuck? You are one random dickhead." --Jim Bob
  • A Blog in the Life of Chystian
    • "Lalalala. Gosh, I'm so bored with my life." --Chystian
  • Pentax SLR Forum
    • "I came, I asked a pointless question, I left." --nt

Examples of Meaningless Noise

Ear Rape Gallery

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