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Me Gusta will be posted by the same
unfunny newfag until you like it.
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Me Gusta is one more attempt to create something funny out of RAGE meme. It consists of round-shaped, retarded looking face that is supposed to be used in respond to something disgusting or simply weird with “Me gusta” ("I like it" in Spanish). However, like it happened with many other Forced Memes before and will happen with other after it, it is now used in every little manner you can think of, with 9gaggers ejaculating every fucking time the meme appears before their faces.


First attempts to force this cancer into your lungs were made in a Reddit thread somewhere around year 2011 by a guy who calls himself Insert. Or so he claimed back then. However, the face was quickly posted to 4chan and became a phenomenom when 4chan users exploded about the originality of it. Not many signs of the disease were detected. In fact, at first the meme was received slightly better than Forever Alone since it was difficult to create stupid, unfunny and poorly drawn comics out of it.

It was back then. But the cancer has spread. The first comic was posted on Reddit a couple of days later. It was also a moment when the war about roots of "Me Gusta" started: some argue that meme developed on 4chan rather than Reddit, but others are saying that it is a proud child of Reddit and 4chan just want to steal their piece of cake. Good to know that people want to have some purpose in their miserable lives.

Nonetheless, meme is still being forced on the darkest sides of the moon called The Internet. Also, no surprise here, "Me Gusta"-using retards generated tons of sub-memes, like "No Me Gusta" or "Not Sure If Gusta" and combined them with other forced crap in a fail attempt to become always remembered part of history. No need to mention: they have failed badly.


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