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A book detailing the various exploits of MOD.

Masters of Deception (MOD) was a group of hackers from New York. MOD claimed to have hacked into a few unknown telephone RBOC's, x.25 networks, but never quite made it on the Internet. It has been proven by AT&T that MOD's allegations were false, and surely if they had been alive when the Internet was created, they would not have had the skills to hack anything on it anyways.


MOD began as hackers occasionally met accidentally on RBOC phone switches and DEC Servers as they could not figure out how to login to the hardcore bulletin boards. They stayed underground for at least 100 years and were basically the typical stereotype of hackers, much like f8labs.

Acid Phreak founded Masters of Deception with Scorpion and Hac. Due to a legal dispute with Legion of Doom, MOD was forced to change from their former 'L' to the new 'M'. This dispute settled out of court where Lex Luther stole the blue box of Acid Phreak and refused to give it back. The only hacking technique MOD could muster was to call LOD members and pay them for their accounts.


Phiber Optik aka Mark Abene
Corrupt aka John Lee

Masters of Deception included the founders of MOD:

Plus at least 100 more.

Full Disclosure

The Masters Of Deception were different to other hacking groups as they founded the full disclosure mailing list. Fourteen months after the lists creation, Terminus stole the list with a mailman 0day. Recently the list was bought by Israeli millionaire Gadi Evron.

Great Hacker War

As they were a part the Great Hacker War all of its members were indicted in 2002 in federal court and were deported or sentenced to prison where they surely received forced goatseation.

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