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This page is about an attempted an hero.

THE Tyneside Strangler Mary Bell is living proof of the intellectual advantments and superior intellect of the European genetic disease strain that we popularly call the English because, as her Elementery School counselor would attest, by the time she was eleven she was killing at a tenth grade level.

Mary Bell is known for killing 4-Year-Old Martin Brown by strangling him to death on 25 May 1968 as a Birthday Present for herself because the following day, 26 May, was her birthday and would make her 11-years-old.

Mary is more famously known for the 31 July 1968 murder of 3-Year-Old Brian Howe, also by strangulation, that she committed with her 13-year-old friend Norma Joyce Bell because Mary later returned to carve a large M into the dead boy's stomach and cut off his penis with a pair of scissors. It is for the latter that Mary would be canonized by Feminazis as a major contributer to their philosophy and movement.

I like hurting little things that can't fight back


—Mary Bell

The Making Of A Killer

Norma Joyce Bell. Mary's Accomplice

On 26 May 1957 Mary was born to her street walking, smack shooting mother Betty McCrickett at the tender and slutty age of 17.

Like so many High School dropouts that are turning tricks and dancing on cocks to get by, Mary's mother Betty had no clue as to who Mary's sperm donor was. Playing Wheel O' Paternity, Betty decided to put the blame for this gene crime on Billy Bell, a small time criminal and drug dealer she let cum inside her for a quick fix.

Some family members and neighbors have reported that Betty tried to remedy this mistake she named Mary a number of times. A neighbor said that Betty once tried to make it look like an accident when Betty tried to kill Mary by pushing her out of a window and a family member also reported that Betty had even tried to kill her by feeding her large doses of sleeping pills hidden in sweets. Surprisingly, these accounts didn't surface or were heard by the police until AFTER she was a murderer and publishers started paying for their stories.

Trial And Conviction

On 17 December 1968 Norma Joyce Bell was acquitted of all charges by claiming that a much smaller, 11 year-old-girl was able to bully her, a 13-year-old girl into going along with the murder of Brian Howe through coersion and threats. On this same date, Mary Bell was convicted of manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility.

Despite her court appointed psychiatrists describing her in their most candid professional opinion as a sick fuck and all around piece of shit along with the judge presiding over her case agreeing with the psychiatrists and adding "This crazy, psycho bitch is a threat to all the children of England", Mary Bell was only sentenced to 12 years for the reasons that she has a vagina and the English Judiciary Systems still hold onto the ancient belief that wimmins are not naturally capable of evil like a Man is. Furthermore, being English there is a good chance, like all English women, that any looks she did have would be gone by the time she turned 30. To give Mary Bell a decent chance at getting married and passing her abominable genotype onto a new generation, the courts decided it was only fair to let her out before she turned 30.

In 1980 and in "A Clockwork Orange" style, Mary Bell was declared sane, rehabilitated and proof that the English Legal system works when she was released from prison along with her being granted anonymity and a new name by the courts at the age of 24, because as a woman, they felt that she should begin life anew without the stigma of killing 2 kids and chopping one of their penises off hanging over her head.

Attention Whoring

Mary Bell at 16 wanting you to know that she's a murderess and got her boobies

In 1998 Mary Bell, probably needing money for legal fees, crack and to change her name again because 4 years earlier, in 1994, the English press found her despite the court ordered name change and decided to troll her psychotic ass, sold her story to be published as the book "Cries Unheard: the Story of Mary Bell." Like all Attention Whores none of this was any of her fault and she went straight into blaming everyone around her for her atrocities.

In this book Mary made claims that her mother was pimping her out, and selling her baby ass since she was 4. She also claimed that her mother was a dominatrix and would often use her to punish some of her more "Freaky" clients.

Despite all these abuses Mary accused her Mother of putting her through, she readily jumped onto the Feminazi train, putting Judensternen on men, by putting the majority of the blame on her mystery daddy that her mother probably fucked for ten squid worth of heroin claiming that if this random cunt that blasted his beans up her mother's clown hole had stuck around; her mother, somehow, would have magically never been an abusive whore and it would have given her a normal life.

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