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Marjan Siklic of Zagreb, Croatia

Marjan Siklic (Croatian: Marjan Šiklić) is a deluded blogger and epic lolcow from Zagreb, Croatia who created Governments Get Girlfriends to introduce the internets to the “new, radical idea that governments have to help certain people obtain a girlfriend.” Marjan’s first act of radicalization happened in April 2008 when he had been previously arrested for detailing his plan of a murder-suicide of some girl who broke up with him back on the forums. He was reported to Interpol, arrested by the police, charged with death threats, and thrown in prison for a month. Since then, he believes that society has been brainwashed by “The Atheist Cult” (TAC) which consists of liberals, leftists, atheists, and feminists (by his terminology, murderers and psychopaths). For example, he is sickened by the fact that rape is considered worse than involuntary celibacy (incel).

When an incel kills himself because he couldn't stand the pain thanks to you you have deprived him of his entitlement


Now Marjan Siklic wants to rise a great virgin army and aims to be a martyr to his cause and believes that a killing spree is justified as society has killed and continues to kill countless pathetic incels. He considers himself a future mass murderer and hopes to follow in the footsteps of his beloved George Sodini. He believes the greatest lie of our modern era is that involuntary celibacy is caused due to personal problems of fucked up men. He thinks it’s crazy for other people to not take responsibility to find him a girlfriend. Apparently, adult male virgins who are too pathetic to man up and get laid don’t deserve to die alone.

Apart from all this, Marjan Siklic is, suffice to say, a sick fuck. Not only is he a manchild crying about society and how his mother won’t fuck him and other such nonsense. He seems to write nonstop about it and most of his posts are tl;dr.

Don’t believe the lies about involuntary celibacy being a normal state or that it is caused by depression. I am convinced that if everybody was made involuntary celibate for 5 years this world would be a very dangerous place. Involuntary celibacy is dangerous and needs to be resolved.



The Quotes of Marjan Siklic of Zagreb, Croatia
Incestuous Stalker and Blackmailer Violent Crybaby Anti-TAC
[-+] [-+] [-+] [-+] [-+]
I wanted to have sex with my mother because I was very frustrated, I attacked my parents because they haven't helped me at all for 10 years, and the crazy shit I say is very rational to everybody who understands love-shyness/incel.


— Raping your mother would be rational response, yes

I snapped and attacked them so they got scared and called the police but decided not to press charges as they saw they were wrong.

I asked my mother to have sex with me during that horrible year of 2011 out of pure desperation twice and once in 2012, again out of sheer frustration and desperation. I never tried to rape her or claimed she owes to me, I just asked for that as an act of mercy.


Which she should have done. The fact that she didn't shows just how much she cares about me and my frustration. In any normal country she'd be killed for that alone. How can somebody say she wouldn't be killed in any civilized society?


— A mother should be murdered if she doesn’t fuck her son

If you knew about incel you’d know that the therapist who didn’t want to sleep with me or my mother are murderers.


— Rejecting an incel is akin to murder or manslaughter, don’t you know?

For almost 10 years they're refusing to help me find a girlfriend, thus causing unimaginable pain and damage to me. There are numerous ways in which they could help me, like introducing me to daughters of their co-workers or asking my relatives for help but they did not do so because they're murderous idiots who live in the 70s/80s and think it's easy to find a girlfriend if you want one.

They're simply murdering their child using the following mechanism 1. I am left without a gf/sex 2. Which makes me unable to fulfill my basic needs 3. Which makes me depressed and hopeless 4. Which destroys my will to live 5. Which makes me suicidal

1. They're refusing to co-sign my appeals to government and various institutions for over 5 years because they fail to see it's the only way, thus weaking their impact.

2. When, in righteous indignation, I finally attacked those beasts and managed to beat the shit out of them I was the one that was reported to the police, and not these murderous animals. Only good they ever did was that they later refused to testify against me.


I didn't attack her for not having sex with me, I've attacked her during a fight my parents started over my future and lack of interest for anything productive due to damage done by incel, which they didn't understand. I wasn't sent to prison, they dropped the charges. I was in prison a couple of times, mostly after being arrested for protesting in front of government buildings and courts naked with a drum, demanding help for myself and recognition of the incel problem.


— Pics or it didn’t happen

If they see I'm in a horrible condition and suicidal due to incel they could do as much. It really isn't that hard. Instead they have allowed me to suffer for 10 years. That is at least manslaughter, if we are to believe they are complete idiots who really don't understand incel after all that time.


It was after I posted her picture that she finally wanted top have sex again without changing her mind. You make it seem like I tried to make her have sex with me because I liked her, she changed her mind I went on persuading her. This is complete nonsense, a product of your rotten non-existent feminist brain

So, yeah, I had every legal and moral right to try and persuade her, you misandric whore


— It’s not blackmail; it’s persuasion.

I'm not threatening her, merely warning her. Of course I had to take screencaps of all her profiles and download her YT videos. I have no intention of publishing any of these but I have to be ready in case she attacks.

What kind of a maniac do you have to me to blame me when this woman says she's bent on doxing me?

And, of course, she deserves to be called all these names for her criminal intentions and atrocious arguments, worst I have ever seen in life. I've seen people make strawmen and that's very annoying but she makes up one insane fabrication after another. I've never ever seen somebody so utterly insane in a sense that they're a Terminator guided by nothing more than extreme misandry and Political Correctness.


— Internet tough guy.

She blocked me and told me she’s not coming. I then lost it. I called her, insulted her and then posted her pictures and real on a blog. After that I got her call and she told me she will come and have sex if I remove that content.

The relationship failed after a month and a half because, according to him, she was "very unstable, vain and cruel."


— Yeah, I’m sure it was her.

Actually, I did not blackmail a woman for sex. What happened was that she promised sex to a sensitive, sexually inexperienced guy once just to change her mind because I said it will be weird doing it with condoms (of course I was going to use them, I was extatic about the opportunity to have sex). After three full hours of me trying to talk into doing it with me and explaining she’s making a fuss over nothing she agreed to do it again, just to change her mind when I asked her to say “brb” before taking 15 minute leaves. After that I called her on the phone, cried over the phone because of the humiliation, begged her not to treat me like that, begged her to allow me to have sex with her just once while she laughed. Than I got really mad, insulted her and she hung up. After that, in a state of dissaray and extreme rage I posted one fucking picture of her face, without her name, not expecting her to contact me ever again. But she called and offered sex to take it down and I caved in like a little desperate pussy I am, agreeing that she will come for one hour only and that there will be no kissing or oral.


— But how’d she know about the blog if you didn’t tell her about it?

Of course, you got this all wrong. I said that in cases of 3 out of 4 girls I have slept with (I'm talking about the entire situation, not just sexual encounters) police might have gotten involved.

This doesn't mean that I raped somebody, committed any crime or even that all 3 of these girls thought about calling the police. All I said is that there was a possibility of police being called at some point.

And that is normal for an incel.


But that’s beside the point now. This is what incel feels like. Despair. I didn’t blackmail her, but don’t bother trying to say I’m bullshitting – I would gladly blackmail her if only I thought she’d have that sex with me that way ! I didn’t contact her at all but just put the picture and she stunned me by calling


— Even if he didn’t blackmail, he would have.

That bitch deserved it. Oh, and look, and she wanted to be with me after that? Noncel monsters, especially women, would say I should have walked away – when was I to have sex again if I did? You have no empathy, nothing, zero, your empathy is toward a demented psychotic spoiled cruel bitch who played with me like a toy. I am incel, which means I have to take every chance I get, no matter how spineless I must become. If I didn’t fuck her when would I fuck another girl?


For example, blackmailing a woman into sex is not rape in my country. Nor should it be rape anywhere else. Btw, did I really blackmail her at all? I also bought her stuff.


But how else would I get sex? It’s extremely hard to come by for me, which you are obviously simply unable to understand. Also, I didn’t say I’d blackmail any woman, I said I’d blackmail that fucking cunt who admitted she wanted to torture me for fun. But, yeah, I’d blackmail a lot of women for sex if I could get away with it.


— You could try raping your mother again?

Well, it seems I’m not much of a stalker, as I was so upset over this that I only feel asleep at 4am and woke up too late to find her coming back from work.

However, she told me the name of the store she’s working at so I’ll go there tomorrow.

I am not gonna accept being alone either. I’ll just do stupid GGG stuff until I get tired, satisfied, arrested or whatever.


I’m not a threat to the general public at this point. I haven’t been incel since 2012, had sex with 3 girls by this point (and that in a less in an year), am seeing somebody now (though she is not my girlfriend and I have decided to stop seeing her soon) All these facts show I’m not as dangerous as I was when I was a complete incel.

I will become dangerous again if I slip into incel again. The thing is, with my ways of finding women being a complete online lottery, there is a possibility I might go back to incel soon. It’s just a stupid lottery, it’s not as if I approach outside or anything


— Remember, he says he’s not a threat.

It's about applying pressure, telling them you exist. Once a incel movement is started these letters will have great value because people read them and remember. Fuck, even if my life was to go so badly that I commit a mass murder these letters and my manifesto would make some intelligent people think. It would spark a debate, just like Sodini killing did.

And I don't even have to tell you how worthy these letters will be once we really form a movement globally.


George Sodini-wannabe.

To deny me the right to join this program would be much, much more dangerous than allow me in. It would almost guarantee a massacre one day.


— Is that a threat?

I was extremely wrong to just beat up my parents, because I should have killed them. That was very wrong to the world because those beasts shouldn't live in it. I hope I'll be able to fix that wrong one day.


If I decide to commit a massacre it will be after years of planning, so a bad date will not really be a reason.


But I will have no qualms about being violent if my life becomes destroyed, for I will have nothing to lose. Right now I have a lot to lose by becoming violent. And right now I have no violent fantasies, since I'm not incel for an extended period, actually not incel at all since 2012!


— Don’t worry, you’re still incel in spirit.

Lack of romantic love can make you become extremely frustrated, lack motivation, get physically and mentally ill, suffer immensely, kill yourself or even others. Why do you think all those men in China are shooting up kindergartens more than in any other country in the world combined? Because there are 30 million Chinese men than women due to "one child policy" and some men mathematically have to be incel, which makes them so frustrated that they do such heinous things.


— Oh, that explains it. I just though he was crazy. Thanks for fixing that, bro.

You don't have to put quotes on words like murderers, torturers and executioners for my parents and the government. This is what they really are. I hope I will make it out of incel on myself and I can't do that if I punish them so they might get away undeservedly, as the various international courts have ignored my plights for their trials to be organized. But if I don't beat incel by a certain age and see I probably won't I might snap and a bloody revenge is a possibility. Of course, I'd rather have incel beaten and live and normal and happy life than become a child murderer like my parents are or mass murderer like my governments and judges are.


As for other violence, I used to fantasize about shooting random people and leaving a manifesto describing my incel and blaming my parents and the government for not wanting to help me. But I told myself that I will not do it now but when I turn something like 27 or 30 and nothing changes.


— A beacon of altruism to us all.

I would be willing to hurt/kill people if I never find a girlfriend because they have caused me and incels immense pain


Well, I think violence because of incel can manifest itself in a couple of ways. Remember when I told you that I mourned that very aggressive girl for 2 years? She became an absolute Goddess to me, a mythical creature. She took 95 percent of my thoughts. I fantasized about murdering her because I just couldn’t stand thinking about her anymore, it was as if I felt (this is very symbolical and abstract but try to understand) that by killing her I will remove her from the 100 feet altar her huge statue was on. Yeah, I know it sounds crazy but you have to understand that I had nothing before her and then she came with her offers of sex and true love, just for me to screw up, which she never forgave, despite all my pleadings. Also, remember that I had nothing two years after her so it’s hardly a surprise I turned her into a deity. I never hated her, just didn’t see her in human terms any more but as a God. This never happened to me with any girl later, it was just due to youth and inexperience. But I never really planned to kill her, it was just something I fantasized about.


Cool story bro.

Yes, I do think that even a shooting spree is a healthier reaction to incel than making peace with it.


— Your incel leader has spoken.

Consequences of being unable to find a romantic partner or gain any sexual experiences vary from plain grumpiness to suicide and even worse – murder suicides. I’ve seen three suicides happen due to involuntary celibacy. A famous example of a murder suicide due to involuntary celibacy is George Sodini




All caps rage.

Women he killed were victims of society’s negligence about incel. Unless you believe in fairy tales on good and evil so was George Sodini.


They were both incel at some points of their lives and suffered because of it. fschmidt was close to kidnapping a girl, Eivind Berge close to mass murder. I find their reactions normal for somebody suffering from years of incel.

Sodini was incel but he only killed women, I’ve seen incels fantasize about killing random people due to frustration and been there myself


— Yes, perfectly normal reactions.

Every one of these (eta: TAC) beliefs is a dangerous delusion which costs lives of people inflicted with incel. Their attitudes are dangerous and create suicides and murder suicides


A budding abuser? I have not yet begun to describe what women did to me in my life on this blog. It devastated somebody as helpless as me completely and turned me into a sick outcast with no future. It doesn’t matter whose fault is it. I am like that and they caused me pain. I know I shouldn’t be dating at all because I am not a monster like 99 percent of humans are but girls in my life never cared about my fraility, they just destroyed me and went on like nothing happened.

I will eventually start kicking back, out of sheer helplessness. It’s the fate of the weak.


Do it faggot .

I was fucked from day one. I was bullied as a child, hung out with dorky people all of whom were male, was extremely love-shy as a teenager, which made me miss some crucial chances (namely, it made me to frightened to meet a girl I talked to online or via sms irl until I was 18, which is a disaster that has fucked me up for life), prone to depression, withdrawn and smarter than almost all other kids.


It’s easy to say that I have to move on, but after 15 rejections in just 2013 I’m extremely angry, depressed and discouraged.


— Wow, dude! That’s horrible.

don't you think this constant insistence that therapy is the only thing that can save me while I get 15 rejections just this year, finally causing me to collapse and become sick is just.... offensive, really.

You are aware that incel isn't my choice? That I lived through horrible events because of it? That I wish I were dead because of it? That I will never be normal because of it?

Did you know i was in jail because of incel? Did you know that my first girlfriend left me directly because i was sad that i couldn't fuck her due to shyness? That in cases of 3 of 4 women I've fucked since i lost my v-card in may 2012 police could have been involved at some point due to what I did?

Are you aware that morons like my parents or my government nearly avoided a disaster once and just to let me fight the battle I can't win all over again? A battle I was almost sure to lose? And I finally did?

I mean, what is there to say to you? How can I convince you that it's not normal.

I mean, dammit, not even you are normal with that boyfriend thing.

It's over.

I no longer crave a relationship. I crave death.

If somebody told me that I would be with a perfect girl from now on till my death but had to life through 10 years of incel first I'd rather choose death. So, I have already suffered a faith worse than death.

I crave death.


I think we know the solution to your problems

One thing you have to know about me is that my incel used to make me extremely depression and unmotivated at times. When people who not only don’t understand incel but don’t want to help you for 10 years come shouting at you, calling you a loser, lazy, telling you that your incel is all your fault and that you could find a girl anytime you wanted to, if you wanted to, all while trying to grab you by the head in order to “show you there’s nothing in it” you tend to get pretty mad. Anyway, they didn’t want to press charges against me, realizing they were assholes.


After I got out of jail I first asked her to fuck me. She said I should not say this ever again or she'll put me back in jail but that she'll arrange that I see a psycharist and a social worker and that they will help me. However, both of them refused to wing me, have sex with me, introduce me to any girls or help me in any way.

A few months later, after my sentencing, I fell on my knees crying and begged to judge to fuck me, asking her to give me years of jail if she'll just fuck me. I was dragged out by the court officers and spent 3 more days in jail for contempt of court. But I was a virgin back then so I couldn't help it. I have tried to get to report the judge for this horrible crime of refusing to sleep with me, which was a barbarous act that endangered my life, to the police but they laughed at me.


— The authorities laughed at you? Funny that.

The way incel has left me fucked physically (like being unable to feel a grip in woman's vagina due to 15 years of masturbation) or mentally (much worse, like seeing women as lottery winning tickets, being insecure and nervous, depression, any many other stuff like being very attracted to high school girls because they represent what I missed on) is something no therapy will ever fix.


— Tell me more about your lack of penile sensation.

If you could understand what a phobia love-shyness is, how debilitating it was for me, making me unable to reciprocate rare female advances, let alone do something to approach women, if you could understand how painful it was to go through all my teenage years alone, how painful it was to miss a chance with that girl you're talking about, if you could understand plenty of other things you'll never be able to you'd see that that my parents deserve at least a life time in jail.


Forever alone.

Look, girls have not just rejected me in life. They have done horrible, humiliating things to me. I just talked about what happened this week or that girl who admitted she just wanted to torture me. The sad thing is, some have even done worse. Yet, they're all still alive.


I have vast experience with therapy. So, let us list the problems:

seeing women as lottery winning tickets- how can shrinks help with that? You stop seeing women as lottery winning tickets once you start getting them more. For, while you are not getting women and you want them very much, you are right for seeing them as lottery winning tickets. A ravished, hungry mean sees a bowl of soup as some fantastic meal. It's all about the perspective.

being insecure and nervous- I mainly thought about being insecure and nervous AROUND WOMEN. This is a consequence of things like getting your sexual experiences so late in the day, many rejections and personality traits too. I also don't see how therapy can help here.

depression- yes, this is something where therapy could help. My depression is a consequence of my various things not all of them are connected to incel. Of course, being unable to have relationship/sex for 10 years while your hormons are raging didn't help at all, but it could be argued that I might be somewhat depressed even I were never incel (hell, many depression forums have married/engaged/people in ltr's).

But unless the recovery from incel is complete (for this you need both sex and a relationship) the meds might numb you a little but the problem will still be there. And, no, no sane person thinks incel is not that big of a problem. No sane person will be fine with being incel.

being very attracted to high school girls because they represent what I missed on- this would not even be seen as a psychological problem in my country. The age of consent here is way below 18. Also, I still don't see how it could be helped. The therapist will convince me that I actually haven't missed anything in hs? Good luck with that. I'm not stupid.



And this is why I hate incel. If it weren’t incel I would be in such pain right now. I wouldn’t be considering making a little prayer even when I’m a staunch atheist. There wouldn’t be tears of anger, frustration and hopelessness running down my face. And I wouldn’t be trying to find somebody that way. I hate you, incel, I hate you with all my heart.


Cry some more.



All caps rage

Due to exhaustion, disappointment and extreme heat I came home a broken man and took a bunch of sleeping pills just not to think about it (as it later turned out, the pills were out-of-date, but I didn’t notice before I took almost all of them).

When I did wake up I felt even worse. My chest was tight and it hurt like hell. I was already very weak. Spent my birthday, a beautiful spring day, alone in bed with my pain, weak and ill. I finally could no longer stand the pain so I took a lot of pain meds, even talking stuff against menstrual pain my friend left there. I became very ill, shaking, nauseated, sweating, puking. Luckily, I called somebody who got really worried and that person called the hospital and they picked me up. They did a bunch of tests on me, saying I probably initially had a massive anxiety attack and OD’ed on the meds later. They even did a LP, due to which I can barely walk, sit up or lie on my back now now. They sent me home on Monday and I even felt well enough to go somewhere today but had to go back home early as I felt sick. Didn’t have nausea but felt extremely weak and a bit dizzy. I don’t think I’ll be going anywhere anymore this week.


I came home after meeting her, cried like a baby, took enough sleeping pills that it could have killed me, slept for 16 hours, and now I’m just numb.

Can’t anything ever be right with me?

I am not a good person to write about incel. I am simply too fucked up. Not because of my beliefs, I know that the could help incels. It’s because I am really still incel myself and events like these make me unable to function, let alone present any kind of online presence. I am completely lost in pain.


The problem is, I am extremely discouraged to go on with my crappy life after this. I don’t have the energy. All I have is a horrible feeling that crises such as these will increase in severity and length as I get older.

For example, no way in hell I’m able to keep a job if I know that anything traumatic with women will fuck me up for weeks, months. I won’t even bother applying. I’ll finish college this year and that’s it.

Who will finance me, for how long and why- I don’t know.


“Humanity” never did anything for me instead of mock me, tell me I shouldn’t be feeling any pain and point me to ridiculous false solutions like therapy.


— Yeah, we fail.

I’d wake up very early, be on the internet, cry, and that was my day. I was simply devastated.


— Sounds like a plan

My parents did all these things wonderfully when I was a child. Later, however, they didn’t recognize and acknowledge my incel, causing immense suffering, suicide attempts and ideation, homicidal ideation, stays in jail because of righteous rage and protest to recognize my condition, all the while even insulting me because of incel and the consequences it caused, like calling me lazy because I couldn’t study due to incel induced depression and frustration. All that is horrible abuse, violence and harrasment.

Government failed to ackowledge and recognize my condition too, even when warned in the courthouses and through letters. That is also a punishable crime of horrible neglect


— Any more people you can blame?.

It’s simply a postmodernist denial of human nature and establishment of the totalitarian feminist police state. I am more and more convinced that feminism resembles a psychiatric disorder related to psychopathy.


I believe that among the same number of very long incel men and raped women incel men will suffer more – not that much more but they will suffer more. I am also convinced that more incel men than raped women will commit suicide. I cannot prove that, but neither is he able to prove his which he holds on with religious fervour. But I am pretty much convinced that 10 men suffering 10 years of incel vs 10 brutally raped women will suffer more. Only a liberal fool could claim othewise.


— Don't be a liberal fool, yo!

The more feminist a culture is, the faster this evolutionary process is occurring since feminism promotes all aspects that contribute to evolutionary decay including promiscuity, alimony and child support laws, and birth control. This is why one sees that women in feminist societies find moral men to be boring and intelligent and responsible men to be nerds. Women in feminist societies find immoral, stupid, irresponsible men to be the most sexually exciting. And in a sense they are correct because in such a society this is the type of man who is the most evolutionarily successful.


The problem is that incel men are killing themselves and having health problems due to their incel which actually cost a lot more than my proposed program would. The fact of history is that certain social groups through time have managed to gain recognition and demand institutional rights. Incel is nowhere near what you call a movement now but incels will organize and demand rights like any other endangered group.


the person who is most in danger is me, thanks to the neglect of government, parents and judges. I’ve already explained a million times why I had every moral right to kill them, let alone beat them. Of course I can be trusted to make rational decisions – I do them every day, just like any other person in this society. You are an abuser, which you’ve shown now. Every accusation of abuse that was made against commentators here or elsewhere was debunked. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. Then you make an argumentum ad populum, merged with a HUGE lie – not a single person but you and dar said I show signs of an abuser. Since your argument is a lie I can’t see how this shows that the that the problem is me, my logic, and my behavior.


It’s their sick attack on human nature and sexuality that makes their ideology dangerous.


— Because wanting to fuck your mom is perfectly normal.

I mostly get along well with people. But I don’t allow psychopaths to do as they please. And she is a psychopath, not me.

I would never do that to anybody.

The problem is that we’re living in a psychopathic world where such behavior is allowed and moral, decent men who want others to uphold their promises and deals are seen as psychopaths.


You understand wrong. Rape and incel are different kind of traumas. Rape is usually a single trauma leaving a lasting devastating effect or while incel is a trauma that is caused by the long periods of suffering through it. It can't be said with certainty which trauma is worse as there is no way to measure it scientifically. It's easy to conclude that long periods of constant rape are worse than long periods of constant incel, but in most cases rape is a thing that happens once or couple of times in a short period. So, which is worse? It depends on the person. What I do know is that while many women manage to recover after their rape and be able to have sex with men again, which means their trauma lessens with time the trauma of incel gets worse with time. Also, one guy gave an interesting comparison which gave me some perspective - he said that very small number of women would kill themselves after being raped. A huge number of men would kill themselves if they even knew they'll have to be incel for 20 years. I think that's true. My opinion is that, while it is still up to the person, incel seems to be a slightly worse fate to a majority of people who would experience one of these traumas. After all, just like the consequences of rape don't stop when a person is no longer raped conseqences of incel are still very painful even in a happy relationship. It takes years of reprogramming to stop feeling like an incel and some damage can never be undone. Of course, liberals will tear you apart for even comparing the two but liberals are mentally ill.


— You heard the man, rape isn’t that bad in comparison.

Therapists, especially those in the Anglosphere, will see many of the problems that develop from incel as some other pathology and lock you up. You feel your incel will make you violent? You need to be locked up. There they will drug you and talk to you in a condescending tone about problems you don’t have. You will eventually be set free, if you get set free at all, without any of your problems being solved. In fact, time spent in a mental hospital will mean time you couldn’t use to pursue ways of beating your incel.


— Yeah, how dare they do their jobs and protect society.

Basically, liberalism has no answer to incel but therapy and vague misandric ideas about not being a creep that never produce any result with women as once you have to think about how not to be a creep you’re pretty much fucked. Incels are expected to be silent drones, else they are ridiculed and declared dangerous, which some of them are, but due to inaction of society.


Resistance is futile

Fuck you, liberals and clueless women. Your sick, unhuman delusions will be defeated.


— Lol k.

Not a creeper at all.

Marjan Siklic is self-described as "a guy, 24 years old, born and living in Croatia, 6feet2, around 175 pounds, dark-brown hair and eyes" and upcoming history major. He’s extremely attracted to high school girls because they represent what he lost in his teenage years. Currently on medication for mental problems, is slightly overweight, and has back problems, as well as penile insensitivity due to years of chronic wanking.

Marjan has been bullied throughough primary school and has had a severe phobia of all girls from childhood. For example, in 2004 when a girl called him for sex he threw his cell phone under the bed and started shaking in fear uncontrollably. But, of course, being the mistake that his is, he eventually managed to fuck up his first and only real relationship

All that came crashing down in July 2007, no more than a month after I’ve finished high school. A cataclysmic event shook me up in a way that nobody will ever understand. I sometimes think I’ve died right then and continued living in hell as everything after it is one long nightmare, interrupted by occasional bursts of hope. This event changed everything. I got a girlfriend, at least for one magical week. And then disaster occured.

While recovering I continued to blow chances.

There was almost no way for me to blow my chance with my first real girlfriend. I gave a ton of shit and she took it all before we started dating. No other girl would take so much bullshit and ended up in a relationship with anybody. But our bond was too strong. Or so I thought until one horrific day in July 2010 when she abruptly ended it all after 8 months.


As such, he sent her a torrent of messages dripping in “shock, self-pity, and vituperation” To make things better, he got to see her in school every day. Wait, that would make it worse? Oh well, serves him right for being such a pussy.

Time went on and as incel is a lifelong condition, it’s only natural that self-diagnosed Marjan has been laid a dozen or so times since then. Makes sense. He had some sort of relationship during 2012 but it failed due to her being too complicated and difficult, “Instead she treated me like a piece of shit, blamed me for everything and disrespected me in any way she could. If I hit the bitch she’d be much nicer to me.” Better luck next time.

As his anger towards how his life was becoming more like Chris Chan’s every day, in a desperate attempt of having sex, he stalked a woman who didn’t like him because he was too whiny, weak and clingy but he blackmailed her into giving him her pussy. He claims it wasn’t blackmail for she had promised him sex but then changed her mind. He would have let it go but, you see, he’s unable to. Being love-shy and incel isn’t a choice and he must take advantage of every opportunity, you know.

As of May 2013, he fucking some ugly fat stupid chick in a vain attempt of having a sex life. Stays with her because he cannot be alone again. Of course every time he thinks about sex he’s only compensating for his absolutely hilariously pathetic missed opportunities. He could have had experience and could have been fucking girls he wanted but was too much of a failure. Should probably castrate himself right now.

Women and Mental Health

Shrinks are my enemies, though I understand why they don’t believe me. That’s why I’ve even been institutionalized. They just don’t acknowledge the Terminator. They will eventually have to. Their only sensible solution is to either find me a girlfriend or lock me up forever and keep me in highest security department to prevent me from killing somebody because I know I will never get out anyway.


The face a mother could love - no, wait.

As a result of not getting quality pussy and having been treated horribly, Marjan Siklic believes almost all women are “worthless cruel people who go after brutal and immoral men.” Of course, they should choose him instead, amirite? Anyone who disagrees otherwise is a feminazi mangina for being so heartless to such nice sleazy men. This is coming from a guy who blackmailed a woman for sex because she changed her mind about him, so, yeah.

But no, this isn’t creepy. He’s not creepy because he simply refuses to live with his incel. He’s rather do blackmail and fuck a brain dead body, that’s all. It is society that is unable to understand human nature and male sexuality. Although he admits to having immense mental issues, he says therapists don’t understand him for they are part of the problem that leads to incel.

I asked one therapist, who was about 35 and very good looking, to have sex with me after months of therapy and at a time when I was a virgin with no prospects of that changing in sight. I don’t know what would have happened if she accepted it but I don’t regret asking it. So she got uncomfortable: so what? It’s her job, and if she can’t deal with it, it’s her problem, not mine. Maybe she should find a different job, where everybody treats her just the way she wants every second of every day


Despite the medications and the therapy, because lack of sex is so undermining to one’s well-being (comparable to being “bankrupt, impoverished or homeless”) he is going nowhere fast.

Yet more tl;dr posts of Marjan Siklic of Zagreb, Croatia
A Demand for Urgent Action Life History The “The Atheist Cult” Movement
[-+] [-+] [-+]


Since the behavior of the author of this appeal from 5 to 7 August 2008. was motivated by the impossibility of finding another girl;

Since the on October 1, 2008 judge -xxx-, who the author of this appeal found attractive enough to sleep with him, declined to do so and even threatened punishment for repetition of such request, promised that the problem of not being able to find girls will be solved by a social worker and a psychiatrist, when in reality both officals were not only people without any moral and intellectual integrity and unable to give such help but were completely ignorant of her promises, saying dangerous and extreme sentences that the author must find a girl himself;

Since attempts of further written communications with the judge, ie attempts to warn the judge that her promises went unheeded received no reply and the attempt to see the judge in person was refused by the guards on court premises, from which I was escorted off ;

Since every verbal and written warning by author of the judge’s promises and the problems caused by the inability to find partners been met with disbelief, ridicule and derision;

Because psychiatric treatment of the author has not given any results, and it is pure quackery because positive results can not achieve in the circumstances of permanent deprivation any intimate contact;

Because the author’s attempts to find a partner on his own initiative often result in particularly traumatic failures;

As the result of continued deprivation author’s mental decay continues, the results of which dark moods, low success at work and other areas and a huge amount of frustration;

And since it is a fact that described omissions endanger the author’s life;

he is forced to turn to this letter and ask that his requirements should be met as soon as possible.

Firstly, I call that court personnel work on finding an effecient program for finding girls to the autor of this text within 14 days of the receival of this a program which would not involve coercion of females, but have modalities for their meeting and attracting by the author of the text;

Secondly I invite the that the court appointed social worker -xxx- and and psychiatrist -xxx- inform Judge -xxx- of ignorance and consequential failure to fulfill her promise of October 1, 2008. and that the responsibility for this failure be reviewed and decided by a public prosecutor;

Thirdly, I call on all responsible authorities to warn my parents that they should, in case of their refusal of further assistance and insistence on impossible solutions, such as that the author finds the girl himself or that he should, contrary to allbiological and evolutionary needs of a common human being, give up the desire for a girl (?!) be subject to criminal prosecution for murder;

I am determined to terminate suffering, uncertainty and frustration, that has with some very short interruptions, tortured for me for 10 years, and that increased exponentially in the last 4-5 years to the point that it now threatens my life, and that psychiatric treatment is not able to remove.

Silence on these requirements is a moral and legal act of murder of the author of the Proclamation. It will represented a threat to the author’s life since he is suffering from a difficult problem that spans over a decade, and will in that case be forced to take take extraordinary measures such as hunger strikes and renewed protests in front of the offical buildings.

Signature of the appellant

Signature of Recipient:

In -xxx-, 10 February 2013.



I still do struggle. No past tense needed here. Just because I have a fuck buddy I despise (yeah, haven't broken it off yet) doesn't mean I attract women.

I was fucked from day one. I was bullied as a child, hung out with dorky people all of whom were male, was extremely love-shy as a teenager, which made me miss some crucial chances (namely, it made me to frightened to meet a girl I talked to online or via sms irl until I was 18, which is a disaster that has fucked me up for life), prone to depression, withdrawn and smarter than almost all other kids.

All of it a recipe for disaster.

When I was 19 I met a girl who was absolutely swept away by me. Due to inexperience and bad luck I made a horrible, tragic mistake which probably cost me my last ticket to normal life.

For, though I did meet another girl who liked me little less than 2 years later, I was unable to have sex with her. Too anxious to initiate. Here we return to that missed chance I mentioned- if I hadn't missed that chance I would have sex because that first girl would surely initiate it. Instead I ended up in a relationship where, though there was great understanding and this this girl is the closest thing I've ever had to a soul mate, I became more and more unhappy because we kept putting sex off.

I know, I should have done it with a prostitute before and we could have still been together... who knows. But it's pointless to think about that now.

In the end, she left me in horrible circumstances. I think those July 2010 events are really the final thing that made me lose my mind in a way. I was never healthy or normal again. She brought light back into my life after the first trauma, just to turn the switch off forever.

I was basically becoming more and more devastated until I lost my virginity in 2012.

But right now I'm more devastated than ever. Though I have had sex with 4 women now when I was a virgin no more than an year ago two of these women I had sex with once or twice. One of them just messed me up and even more due to her unstable personality and the fourth one is my fuck buddy.

I realized I should have lost my virginity long ago, and that I will be having problems, probably for a lifetime, due to the way my life has turned out.

For example... Physical consequences like the lack of penile sensation.

Mental consequences like the fact that I'm seeing women who would like me as priceless goods (it's a comparison, manginas and feminists, I don't think they're goods), which they are in a way because I can't find one to like me. Like the fact that I'm notably bitter and weird to most women even if I don't tell them anything I talk about here, or the fact that I'm extremely attracted to high schools girls because they kinda represent what I lost in my teenage years (they're legal here).

All of this will probably never go away. I mean, it might, but only after years of a very happy relationship (which is quite unlikely) or great successes with many beautiful women (if anything, that's about 100 times less likely than the possibility that I will find one girl I will be happy with, so unlikely that I am certainly more likely to win the lottery, while I theoretically have more chances of finding the right girl than winning the lottery).

I was kinda happy with my life this year. I suffered a breakdown late last year but found the energy to try again. I started going out, went on a lot of dates, found a friend with benefits, started visiting some debates I really liked etc. I didn't even care about the fact that everybody but my friend with benefits rejected me, or that even she didn't like me enough to want to be my girlfriend.

I can honestly say that the period from January to early April of this year was the time I was happiest in maybe 10 years (and I was still in elementary school 10 years ago, before all this hell started).

But constant rejections, now amounting to over 15 just this year, at one time no less than 4 in one week, in often very brutal and unfair ways, like that girl who kept saying she likes me for 5 days after the date just to reject me completely no less than 24 hours before our second meeting, started getting to me.

This last date, where a girl didn't even reject me but simply told me about her life and the mass of things she has to do or her plans to go abroad was the straw that broke the camel's back.

Due to exhaustion, disappointment and extreme heat I came home a broken man and took a bunch of sleeping pills just not to think about it (as it later turned out, the pills were out-of-date, but I didn't notice before I took almost all of them):

When I did wake up I felt even worse. My chest was tight and it hurt like hell. I was already very weak. Spent my birthday, a beautiful spring day, alone in bed with my pain, weak and ill.

I finally could no longer stand the pain so I took a lot of pain meds, even talking stuff against menstrual pain my friend left there.

I became very ill, shaking, nauseated, sweating, puking. Luckily, I called somebody who got really worried and that person called the hospital and they picked me up.

They did a bunch of tests on me, saying I probably initially had a massive anxiety attack and OD'ed on the meds later. They even did a LP, due to which I can barely walk, sit up or lie on my back now now.

They sent me home on Monday and I even felt well enough to go somewhere today but had to go back home early as I felt sick. Didn't have nausea but felt extremely weak and a bit dizzy.

I don't think I'll be going anywhere anymore this week.

The point is, I wanted to die. I want to die now. My life has been nothing but a huge failure in almost every aspect and I suffered a lot during it. I mean, the last girl I've attracted was my first gf, the one I never had sex with. That was in the spring of 2009. And even she was never really in love.

I know my fwb will be here for me when and if I ever get well again but that's only because she's a simpleton. Any other person would drop me ages ago.

All of this anguish is why I closed the blog for public until further notice. I can't debate with people now, especially when I had a Tumblr SJW invasion to deal with while I was extremely ill. That made me feel so powerless and frustrated, 25 comments in less than 24 hours and I couldn't reply to any because my condition was getting worse by the hour. I also didn't want to just ban everybody, though some comments made me ban people immediately after the never published first comment. I just can't deal with that crap now.

The problem is, I am extremely discouraged to go on with my crappy life after this. I don't have the energy. All I have is a horrible feeling that crises such as these will increase in severity and length as I get older.

Also, I won't go to a therapist or take any anti-depressant/anti-psychotic medication anymore. Fuck that shit. I mean, I may go see another therapist in June but I don't want anymore pills.

For example, no way in hell I'm able to keep a job if I know that anything traumatic with women will fuck me up for weeks, months. I won't even bother applying. I'll finish college this year and that's it.

Who will finance me, for how long and why- I don't know.

Back to that first girl I had a chance with, that girl from the mythical July 1, 2007 meeting- I remember my tears about her in September 2007. It's now obvious, more so than ever before, how right I was to cry about that missed opportunity. I knew just what I had missed. I was 19 but knew what I had done to myself by missing a chance with her. Subsequent events have proven that missing a chance with her was the greatest mistake of my life. Unlike my fear caused by love-shyness when I was a teenager, this is something that I could have avoided but didn't.

I remember myself on Sept 1, 2007, crying desperately and in fear, knowing exactly what kind of a mistake I have done and that it will cost me immeasurably.

Tl;dr- I am really exhausted, physically ill and want to die.



PSA: The “The Atheist Cult” Movement

TRIGGER WARNING: the following brief description of the movement includes references to murder, psychopathy, and misandry. Please be safe; the movement mentioned below will (or should) infuriate and depress anyone who believes in not letting people die in agony.

That being said, I cannot in good conscience allow this movement to exist without voicing my disgust and repulsion towards absolute sociopaths who runs it. I had hoped that they are elaborates troll, because while still appalling and massively disturbing, it would all be a truly repugnant and inappropriate “joke.” After some further reading, I have come to the conclusion that these “people” are being sincere.

The Atheist Cult are a movement run by an anonymous and less anonymous sorry excuses for people who believe that their involuntary celibate state entitles involuntary celibates to be lonely, frustrated, hurt, depressed and suicidal. I’ll say that again to drive the point home: these horrifying assholes think that because some cannot form normal emotional attachments with others, specifically women, their government MUST use not tax dollars to help them but should let them suffer and die. And of course, this is because they’re “fat”, “ugly” and “dumb”. They have attempted to shame incels on forums and blogs and have actually demanded that incels should be locked up because of their condition. When incels refused, they turned to doxxing and harassment – this coming from their sincere belief that incels, by refusing to shut up and live with enormous pain, are deserving of violence.

I don’t know what to say, WordPress. I don’t know how to express how violated and disgusted and depressed this has left me. I don’t want to push this feeling on anyone else, and I don’t tend to use this platform to discuss my deeply personal thoughts, but this can’t be ignored. I can’t sit back and refuse to discuss this. This cult represents everything that is so inherently WRONG in our society – that people feels so entitled to ignore other people and let them die that they shame and bully people in extreme pain. They are below animals.

This can’t be permitted to continue. If someone wants to write a better response to this, please do so. But PLEASE, raise awareness of this despicable cult and its sociopathic members. Please, remaining sane men and women of the world, please help me in bringing attention to this repugnant movement and its terrifying supporters. Please help all of us by passing this message along. Please take a stand.

I believe that many brainwashed liberals will say that all of these people could have been helped with therapy. Nothing is further from the truth. What they don’t see is that their reactions were normal within the given situation. Medicating them enough to turn them into zombies unconcerned with their incel problem would just be another way to kill them. And there was nothing that the therapist could have made to make them unnatural, no matter how convenientit would be for society to have its problem and the relating duties removed.


Run-ins with the Law

Marjan has at least three admitted arrests, one for beating up his parents, one for protesting naked on the court house steps in the name of incel, and one for threatening to kill a woman who rejected him and then kill himself. When he asked on the loveshy forum whether or not he should post the threat, he was encouraged by a user Rammspieler and subsequently reported to interpol by a more rational member.

every arrest leads me closer to the path of glory and gives me a chance to repeat my requests.


Raped two women.png
Marjan laughs about how a poster confused two separate instances of rape


[email protected]
I worry about it a lot. I might suffer a lot if some lunatic succeeds. You think all kinds of trolls haven’t found out about that blog by now? They have. And I am scared. My enemies are insane. They want to punish a person who wants to help people in severe agony by not violating anybody’s rights just because these ideas don’t fit their insane agendas and dogmas


Marjan Siklic
Sveučilišta u Zagrebu
IV Gimnazija Zagreb
from the Love Shy documentary
What girl could resist those flowing locks?

Being such a controversial individual, it would make sense to hide one’s identity. Marjan Siklic has stated that he cares about the reputation of his real name. However, in the same breath, he has claimed that he has talked about his ideas and blogs in real life and no one cared.

Says that people doxing him due to vigilantism, censorship, and wanting him to be arrested or institutionalized. But again, in the same breath, he states that he might eventually dox himself and that there’s nothing the authorities could do anyways. And besides, he believes his blog is so important that it cannot be shut down even if he’s defamed. The irony of it all is that he has a blog about him already! Apparently he's been spouting the same old bullshit for years and since his previous doxing he’s been using pseudonyms and will undoubted try to cover his identity.

Just face it – you will never find my real info. I’m way too smart for you. I don’t care what you say or do, I will not be intimidated.


Has talked about suicide in what is just another attention whoring scheme. Ironically, unlike before, now that he’s lost his virginity he’s lost one of the major motivations of staying alive. Although he claims there’s no reason to be alive he still hasn’t mustered up the courage to do it. Then again, we are talking about a guy who couldn’t talk let alone date girls for decades. It’s to be expected. Give him time and maybe he'll fix his problems.

The Future

A hero to incels everywhere
What I’m saying is that if I do procreate it won’t be the greatest tragedy ever nor will me dying childless be the best for society. What I do know is that if this blog starts a revolution I will achieve a lot more more for humanity than just procreating


Let us take a moment to pause and remember all those incels who are tragically dying as their murderers are just watching it happen. The need is dire, people! The evil governments are killing incels! And all the incel is left to do is vent out their frustrations on innocent people. Why won’t you do anything!

Article is dedicated to all those brave incels who took their lives into their own hands. Never forget.

Bitching in IRC

[6:26am] <ph3d> DevilsChaplain008 - send me $1000 and I will remove it
[6:27am] Oblique joined the chat room.
[6:28am] <Schnookums> ph3d is a wiki admin, you will also need to confirm all your personal information with him
[6:28am] <Schnookums> sorry i forgot to mention that on the wiki
[6:30am] <Schnookums> DevilsChaplain008 -
[6:30am] <Schnookums> on that article, what personal information of yours is on that article so we can remove it
[6:31am] <DevilsChaplain008> ph3d, what do you want to know? I have a blog on this guy impersonating me here Also, that article claims I am a history major because that's what this guy is. I am not a history major My personal information is the name and pictures.
[6:31am] <Schnookums> so to confirm, what is your real life name and address?
[6:31am] <Schnookums> we need to be able to make sure its not on the article ever again
[6:31am] <Schnookums> also do you have a phone number, in case some faggot tries to add that?
[6:32am] Muad-Dib joined the chat room.
[6:35am] <Schnookums> DevilsChaplain008 - I can't view your linked in sorry
[6:41am] <DevilsChaplain008> My real name is Marijan Š Šiklić but he uses a similar, misspelled name which can easily be confused for my name, along with my photos. I don't think he has my address or phone number and I'm not comfortable sharing it here. Wait, I'll show you my linkedin profile Also, fb
[6:50am] <DevilsChaplain008> So can I have my info removed? I am not that person !
[6:50am] <Schnookums> im reviewing everything
[6:51am] <Schnookums> noticed on your blog you are talking to a lawyer and we dont want to get sued
[6:51am] <Schnookums> what is your address so i can confirm?
[6:53am] <DevilsChaplain008> I won't sue ed. I like ed very much, but I have no idea why are people so convinced I am that guy because it's obvious I am not. I am currently back in Croatia
[6:54am] <Schnookums> alright, your facebook said you were in the us
[6:54am] <Schnookums> do you have family there?
[6:55am] <DevilsChaplain008> I was born in Croatia and finished high school there. I work in US but am currently in Croatia.
[6:55am] <Schnookums> that makes sense, so just on vacation?
[6:55am] <Schnookums> where do you work?
[6:58am] <Schnookums> the other thing im concerned about is do you have any family on facebook?
[6:58am] <Schnookums> cause this is very illegal that article
[6:59am] <Schnookums> you're handsome can't believe you are single :/
[7:02am] Oblique left the chat room. (client exited: ChatZilla 0.9.90 [Firefox 21.0/20130511120803])
[7:03am] <Schnookums> DevilsChaplain008 - you there? if you are not going to respond and take this serious i got other stuff to do
[7:05am] <DevilsChaplain008> Sorry, was busy.I work for Pharmaco-Kinesis Corporation in LA
[7:06am] <Schnookums> alright. Is any of your family on Facebook?
[7:06am] <DevilsChaplain008> yeah, my brother is... why?
[7:07am] <Schnookums> the person who wrote that article looks like hes a stalker and needs to be banned
[7:07am] <Schnookums> so again im trying to get as much information as i can so i keep it off the website
[7:07am] <Schnookums> may i have your brother's facebook account?
[7:08am] <DevilsChaplain008> Yeah, it seems so. My brother is
[7:08am] <Schnookums> and your date of birth?
[7:09am] <Schnookums> You've been helpful and I appreciate it.
[7:09am] <DevilsChaplain008> my dob is apr 18, 1988... why?
[7:09am] <Schnookums> Because you're a retard. Thanks for the information. 


As stated in the IRC log, someone, definitely in it for the lulz, decided to make an imposter blog to further bog down his reputation. Sicklic, butthurt as usual, decided to sue the blog that is impersonating him, but failed, quoting his blog post,

Croatian situation with the blog

I contacted a Croatian lawyer just a couple of days after I got here. He first mentioned me some option going through London which I would have to pay 40,000 euro (!!!) for and which I didn't really understand but seemed really shady. How would they do that? Of course, I can't come up with that kind of cash, at least not yet.

Next thing he said we could do is report the guy to the police, thus making a report which the prosector might present to the court which might send Google a notice. But my lawyer said it's not a sure thing as these crimes, while being in Penal code, are prosecuted privately by an individual's lawyer so they might not do anything.

About a week later my lawyer called me and told me that an officer from a police station where he handed the report wants to talk to me. The guy explained that there's nothing they can do but send this to a prosecutor who might convince the court to write to Google but that it is not very likely as these crimes are prosecuted by private individuals and I don't even know the guy's name, just that he's from the US.

Here's to hoping they will finally do something after all !



—DevilsChaplain008, [1]

New Reddit account

In June 2016, Siklic was seen creating more pedo-drama on reddit. [2] ...


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