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This faggot waits for the child to make the first move in a sexual situation.
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Just fuck all of you. I'm out. You're wasting your precious time. IT WASN'T INTERNATIONAL!!! I WAS PROTECTING MYSELF!!! WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?!?! I swear to you motherfuckers the next time you talk to me in any social media, I'll dox all of you. I wanna be alone and I deserved being blamed. I'm leaving. Never talk to me, again. I have life than you Miraheze scums.


—Mar in his idiotic tard rage when exposed.

Mar IRL.png
Born 16th September 2000
Nationality Americunt
Residence Naples, Florida
Ethnicity Azn
Gender Male
Sexuality Pedophile
Aliases Mar8122, Mar9122
Wamingo123 (Encyclopedia Dramatica)
WomblingAmber124 (FSW and FSP Discord)
SnakeFisher1989 (Alt Account)
Occupation College, learning computer shit and HTML
Graduated Unemployed Basement Dweller
Russian-style Spy on Discord Servers
Secret Member of Lolicon Defense Task Force
The Worst Admin on Recepshit Wikis
Pedophilic Trash Gamer Youtuber

Molester9122 Mar9122, formerly known as WomblingAmber124, KillerPyro and SnakeFisher1989 is a next-level attention-whore fag and the co-founder of The Outcast Network. He used to be the side bitch of the Autism-based network known as Qualitipedia, but he gladly left because they are a bunch of snowflake SWJ niggers that no one with common sense would live there. Mar9112 went from his nerdy stage into a loser who faps into lolicon for a living, like Qualitipedia's schizophrenic founder Grust. Mar's creation, The Outcast Network, was a troll group that was directed at Reception Wikis to make them spreg out their anger-ity. One of the retards to rip off ED to bitch on them, called Fun Shitposting Wiki.

Where can you find him?

If you were one of admins or the bureaucrats of The Outcast Network, you can meet this pedophile on Pisscord and Miraheze and he will likely to eventually groom you.

Personal and boring life

Mar9122 was born on 16th September 2000, to an Azn mom and an Cambodian father who both perhaps disowned him for seeing his lolicon DVDs from his closet, which is a place for him to come out as "pedophilia", and it will be based on his entire life forever.


Former Allies

  • Mickey Mouse (user): a retarded sperg that became a foe to Mar, only because of his weird behavior.
  • ChessPiece21: a user with common sense unlike everyone involved.
  • Inkster: a sick fuck with a blueberry fetish and was accused of being groomed by Mar. He’s banned on the Reception Wikis, but that’s a different story.
  • TheToonTrain: an unfunny YTPfag and Bibleman fanboy who caused 3 flame wars on one video because Receptards are too much of a dum-witted snowflakes niggers to take a single joke.


  • OldDirtyFoamer - his arch-nemesis boss
  • Vicious187 - because Seanbuscus2600 attacked him
  • StarWarsBootlegToys - owner of Bad YouTubers Wiki
  • PKMNLivesNew - RationalWiki SJWfag who fucked Reception Wikis
  • Jordan Baumann/JJTA1211 - a retard who started believing that hitler did nothing wrong. He created shits like Atrocious FANDOM Wikis and Users Wiki and Incredible Wikis and Users Wiki, all of which he made possible.

Carrer (TL;DR)

During his college student days, he made a Facebook account in 2014, Because of how boring fuck is Failbook, he moves out to be none other than a DeviantArt artist, a writer, a Lego builder, and a gamer, until his hobbies eventually got into boredom, so he decided to became a JewTuber on September 16, 2015, but his content was clickbait-fueled bullshit and relied on vulgar videos. He keep doing this infinitely until he realized that his channel fucking died because of how much of an AIDS and fail he was. He then goes to FANDOM and create an account to enter Mass Effect Fan Film wiki founded by his favorite Jewtuber Revolution72. At the start, he is being a whiney editor mentioning shits that aren't even related. He keeps going to multiple wikis and never stfu ever since.

Mar8122 has relocated three times in the last year. He began on Awful YouTubers Wiki, before discovering Crappy Games Wiki, which he is one of the Basement-dwelling normies that have been editing full-time since March 2018.

Mar8122 started his job on his project when he worked with his friend Chaofun to make Atrocious YouTubers Wiki, and because of Mar8122's hatred of Bull Session's video about ReBoot The Guardian Code: Trailer, later he started to manage his wikis in a very small way, mainly for Halo, Ben 10, and Call of Duty videos and channels. Chaofun, who founded this wiki apologized to EezyCheesy that he didn't know there's another wiki called Atrocious YouTubers Wiki. Mar8122, who wanted to become an admin here was later realized thanks to FANDOM staff members. Later, some users were allowed to criticize YouTube's changes like disabling comments for videos with kids on it and entirely different channels like DaddyOFive. During the time when was working on Atrocious YouTubers Wiki, he wanted to come back to YouTube as a different channel.

In September 2018, with help from TaakoManTheGameMaster, he moved to Miraheze, in order to get fresh air and less censorship by SJW turd at FANDOM. at the same time, he started to import most pages from its rival, Bad YouTubers Wiki, which StarWarsBootlegToys apologized. ZaldyMacalalad later made a blog about his closure.

On July 25, 2018‎, Astral-New-X created the Amazing Youtubers Wiki on Fandom. his mission was to add users that were deemed good by his community. In December 2018, Mar8122 created the Amazing Youtubers Wiki... on Miraheze. The reason for this was because he doesn't fucking know whatever this wiki was removed or not (obviously not and it's still active to this day). On 18 June 2020‎, for whatever fucking reason, Pacsonic9000 decided to separate this wiki from The Outcast Network because they're tired of drama and ended up joining with CircleyDoesExtracter, leader of SRW (Scratch Reception Wikis) (thanks for editing this section).

In January-February 2019, Mar8122 collaborated with J-3047 to make Atrocious FANDOM Wikis and Users Wiki and Incredible Wikis and Users Wiki. Atrocious FANDOM Wikis and Users Wiki was one of a most controversial ones, mostly because it was a bad idea from start: if someone who criticizes the reception wiki, even if it was skeptical, was featured on his wiki, it would causing mass drama at the time. because of this, on 3 March 2019‎, J-3047 plugged off the Atrocious FANDOM Wikis and Users Wiki, and Mar8122 was not happy with that. At the time, Mar8122 still managed Youtubers Reception Wikis, except way more active.

Horrid Reception Wikis Wiki Era (as Mar8122 --> Mar9122)

On March 6, 2019, a shithole reception wikis reboot called Horrid Reception Wikis Wiki was born. Initially, they had low-quality pages, because Mar9122 itself can't make a better page. So, they decided to hire OldDirtyFoamer, but he banned it for mismanagement. Oops. At the time when he got banned from Horrid Reception Wikis Wiki, he still worked on many wikis. but because he starting to become a lolcow, Masson Thief decides to separate Atrocious YouTubers Wiki from the main Reception Wikis, and thus The Outcast Network was born.

On May 7, 2019, Mar9122 is back with injected secret serum. This time, he was very evil and powerful at the same time, able to kill OldDirtyFoamer from existence in his wiki's life.

Also, at the same time, Mar8122 was permanently renamed as Mar9122 (his alternate account) and created his own wiki called Mar9122 Wiki, to review things based on Mar8122's shit views. It was closed after he got lolcowed.

Mar9122 vs. ToonTrain

Boring drama that no one cares about. (TL;DR).

First Flame War

On November 12, 2018, a Christian YTP YouTuber called TheToonTrain was banned from Atrocious YouTubers Wiki and deleted Jenny the Robot page for NSFW reasons, because he was blamed Mar8122 for deleting his page and banned him, he decided to create a response video to Mar9122 called "I Strangle Mar91222" (goddamnit!).

When Mar watched the video, he was immediately enraged that he first thought he would report the video. Then, he tries to comment on him, but Toony blocked him because he never wanted to go-fuck-yourself mode from real life. So, they decided to use his "third" channel called Mar9122 the Revenge (now known as MAR the Vengeance), to put out the fire by making a video about it and made a page on Atrocious YouTubers Wiki. according to Mar8122, it was considered to be "bullying and harassment" which means it was "Baizuo videos" at all. later, Mar has managed to gang up thanks to this page. because of this, Toony immediately deleted the video and apologize to him. it only took one day and it was the first flame war that he experienced.

Second Flame War

On January 3, 2019, Toony was started to express his hatred of Sausage Party and Muslims on Awful Movies Wiki and Terrible TV Shows Wiki until he was blocked by Unnamedgoon. because of this, he went to Atrocious YouTubers Wiki to complain about his ban, but the admin itself said it was just "violated our rules". soon, he decided to make numerous sock accounts to talk to Unnamedgoon about religion, but it was everything was failed and gets blocked. so, they decided to complain even more about admins. soon, one of the admin tried to block TheToonTrain until Toony decided to stop and Portrock1566 removed his complaints.

Because he still blamed Mar9122 for any wrongdoings, he had one decision: reuploaded one video called "I Strangle Mar91222". later on, Mar started block Toony's sock accounts and started to declare war (as MAR the Vengeance), flaming each other in both videos' comment sections. Mar also asked his friends, such as Slob Six Zero and other Atrocious YouTubers Wiki members, for his assistance. meanwhile, Mar8122 started Hate Videos vs Hate Videos Challenge, an internet challenge to make hate videos about Toony itself.

Before then, Ayden Mowry (Angrybirdsfan) uploaded a hate video with a dead meme, Tide Pods. so, Mar uploaded his first "hate" video on Toony. On January 4, Toony deleted Mar's friends' comments on the reuploaded hate video of Mar, then blocked them, and made another hate video with Mar being run over by a train. Soon enough, Toony is now trying to convince his subscribers to defend and attack Mar. then, Toony made another hate video crushing Mar's precious hate video (Which was a scene from The Brave Little Toaster) and more. because of this, Mar decided to make better hate videos tomorrow on his new channel.

On January 5th, Portrock1566 made a rant video on Toon. The next day, Mar quickly uploaded three more hate videos of Toony. Soon, Pinky Malinky uploaded a deleted video on him, which wasn't a nutshell video, it was a review video of Avengers: Infinity War, but with a bonus featuring Toony and his reuploaded hate video of Mar. Later, Portrock1566 uploaded a video portraying how he destroyed Toony with his rant. Soon afterward, a few of Toony's subscribers started to attack Mar's channel by doxxing him, but Mar blocked them. However, he hasn't uploaded another hate video of Mar, because he is still busy in real life.

On January 6, Ayden Mowry made another hate video with some kind of singing app for iOS and Android devices called Ditty. Mar made one hate video, which took him eight hours, and he announced that it will be the last time making a hate video of Toony and will shift on logical rant videos, instead.

On January 7, Mar uploaded a pretty long rant video to compromise Toony. Later, Pinky Malinky wanted Toony to stop by ignoring him and stop making hate videos, but he had no response from Toony.

After long delays, on January 11, Toony decided to surrender to Portrock1566 and have a truce. When Mar came back to YouTube, he uploaded a video and said that the flame war between him and Toony is officially over for now. Afterward, Toony is now permanently off from this wiki and will not be given a second chance since the first flame war (which he lied to).

Third Flame War

After Second Flame War, Toony still keeps the hate videos of Mar and continues to harass Mar in the Community tab. Later, Toony decided to break the truce and uploaded the same hate video, twice, but with a different title, according to DoritoFan80. It's possible that he was still mad at Mar9122, again, because Mar (as Mar8122) uploaded a nutshell video that includes Toony in it. He then said in his Community tab that Mar and his friends did not won the flame war and wanted a rematch, and also calling them, SJWs. Mar and other gangs, however, decided to ignore him to not trying to cause a third flame war.

Toony continues to upload the exact same hate videos of Mar that he already had if it's like he ran out of ideas. It turns out he just wants to get attention. He did make another hate video that was not a reupload of the older versions, but after that, the two reupload hate videos and the one that wasn't a reupload got deleted. Later, Girla PurpleHeart Sucks UTTP suggests Toony that he should make a killing video on Mar, but Toony declined his suggestion.

On January 24, Toony went so far as to make a list about Mar and calling him ugly (as well as calling him a terrorist later on) in the Community tab. Four days later, this offended Mar that he had no choice but to declare on him, again, along with the Atrocious YouTubers Wiki gangs and one new member, MagnumFederal2. Before this, Ayden Mowry (Angrybirdsfan) made three videos of Toony.

On January 28, Mar8122 is planned to ditch the hate video ideas because he was tired of Toony shit and decided to use a hashtag called “#toonyleaveusalone”, flagging Toony’s videos and comments, and using DMCA to terminate Toony’s channel for good starting on February 10. However, Pinky Malinky told Mar that flagging doesn’t work. So, Mar changed the schedule that he’ll start using DMCA on February 3 to end the war, faster. Because of this, it affected Mar’s project, “Five Ways To Destroy PKMNLivesNew - Episode 5 - Revolution of FANDOM Wikia (Finale)”, that he had to put on the hold. While Mar was making a page about the third flame war, his friends were making hate videos of Toony without him (Mar8122), which is not what Mar has intended for.

Portrock1566 went made one hate video of Toony depicting as an alt-right. later, Pinky Malinky made two hate videos of Toony. Ayden Mowry made a Ditty video of Toony, which was inspired by Tomservo3's Ditty Video. Toony later planned not to make more hate videos of Mar to avoid being DMCA and instead complain in his Community tab. Despite having a thousand subscribers, they barely help him other than Girla PurpleHeart Sucks UTTP. He also made a video of Ayden Mowry flagging his video set to some unfitting music.

On January 29, Mar uploaded a video to promote #toonyleaveusalone. He also tried to call out Slob Six Zero, but he never came. Pinky Malinky later made three more rant/hate videos of Toony. While the Atrocious YouTubers Wiki gangs continue to upload more hate videos and Toony still complaining in his Community tab, C4dburys, an old friend of Mar9122, joined the bandwagon saying to Toony in a sarcastic manner. Girla PurpleHeart Sucks UTTP later defended Toony by planning to make killing videos soon.

On January 30, After Mar uploaded a "Gets Laid" video, he went to uncover Toony's old videos and found out Toony's identity. Portrock1566 uploaded another video of Toony proving that he's an alt-right, again.

On January 31, before Mar uploaded his last hate video of Toony and Portrock1566 uploading a nutshell video for this flame war, Toony claimed that there's shouldn't be a flame war just because he hates Mar. But most of the Atrocious YouTubers Wiki gangs didn't believe his hypocrisy.

On February 1, Mar made a "Last Warning" video to Toony that he'll DMCA his channel, while the rest of the Atrocious YouTubers Wiki gangs were too fatigued to continue to war. Toony, however, was feeling too worried that his channel is going downhill because of this flame war. So, he announced to his subscribers to save his videos before it's too late.

On February 2, C4dburys wasn't happy for Mar having a flame war with Toony. He made a response video saying that Toony is too young to be logical, unlike Mar, and wanted him to stop the flame war. However, he isn't sided with Toony nor Mar. To make matters worse, C4dburys_the_w0lf blocked Mar (including all of his other accounts) for believing that Mar didn't change. Regardless of the situation, Mar didn't get upset of him and rather be okay with that, because, you guessed, fuck you C4dburys!

Meanwhile, Toony started to become even more enraged and butthurt of Mar. First, he made another announcement by telling his subscribers to save his videos. Not only has he's started to falsely report Mar's videos, but also claiming that he's going to make a copyright complaint against Mar as well. Later, Angrybirdsfan2005 said "I hope you don't make an alt account" to Toony, and Toony confirmed he will make a new account, seeding another flame war for Mar9122.

On February 3th, in the early morning, Toony announced that he deleted the hate videos of Mar. When Mar checked his Community tab, he felt a bit wasted that he lost his old friend, C4dburys. So, he gave up (like the rest of the Atrocious YouTubers Wiki gangs), made one last video for Toony, and removing some spam comments from Toony. Mar also made an announcement in this wiki that the flame war has finally ended and gave a decisive victory to Toony. But regardless, Mar still keeps his hate videos of Toony for the article's sake. DoritoFan80 itself deletes his own comments from Toony's channel due to his tiredness.

Since Toony removed the hate videos, Mar decided to do the same, but he put all of the hate videos unlisted (not all of them, but only the first and last rant/hate videos as public) and put it all in the playlist.

In the evening, Toony uploaded a video of him having a victory over Mar and claims that it's not a hate video.

The war lasted 7 days and it ended with a failure to the Atrocious YouTubers Wiki gangs and Mar9122. According to Mar9122 on Horrid Reception Wikis Wiki, it could be considered a Vietnam War for The Outcast Network's history.

After the war, Toony was impressed by Mar's editing for making an image move, smoothly. Mar replied to his comment, but Toony didn't respond back. Regardless, when Mar tried to submit his truce to Toony as a sock account, Toony blocked Mar from being an enemy. He still celebrates his victory and taunting at the Atrocious YouTubers Wiki gangs, especially to Potrock1566. However, the Atrocious YouTubers Wiki gangs moved on due to their tiredness against Toony. Afterward, they learned their lesson that flame wars and drama are too much for them. For now, they'll be more censoring drama on The Outcast Network itself.

On February 12th, 2019, Girla PurpleHeart Sucks UTTP got hacked by MainstreamPopMusicSucks250 again.

Last Chance in Horrid Reception Wikis Wiki

On claustrophic late March 2019, TheToonTrain creates an article himself on Horrid Reception Wikis Wiki. because he made a page of himself, he's already aware that there's a page of himself. so, they decided to improve it by vandalizing itself for goddamn fuck sake. after that, he complained in Mar's community tab that the Atrocious YouTubers Wiki calls him a bigot and an SJW. later, he got banned.

Mar9122 vs. Jordan Baumann/JJTA1211

One day, in early May 2019, Mar makes an article about Jordan Baumann on Horrid Reception Wikis Wiki. when he finds about that page, he told Mar9122 on VidLii in a comment claiming he discovered his page and claimed the caption was the worst thing he ever saw. Then, he commented on Mar's profile that negative feedback is one of his weaknesses. Soon, he doxxed himself on his own website, and went on to make multiple attempts to delete the page as an unlogged user because that page was "controversial". Then, he went as far as to make a new sock and attack users and even vandalize his own page. Fortunately, it was failed.

Reception Flame Wars Wiki

After he renamed himself into Mar9122 permanently and declared that Horrid Reception Wikis Wiki was a mess, he decided to create another shithole with OldDirtyFoamer called Reception Flame Wars Wiki. Unlike Horrid Reception Wikis Wiki, it had less drama, but the drama still goes on with Vicious187.

Se and Mar9122 vs. Vicious187

Due to he Vicious187 banned innocent people and never learned his response, he contacted Se in other to win the drama, but Vicious187 snapped it before it's happening, so he decided to block Mar9122 and wants him to return to Atrocious Youtubers Wiki. Worse still, he decided to raid Rotten Websites Wiki with a batshit response to Vicious187.


Meanwhile, Mar9122 was having a problem again because his lolcowness itself grew into an entire Encylopedia Dramatica page, but because he already watched the entirety of Steven Universe and will come back to Stephen Universe Wiki to answers about what Blue Diamond's morality if they never got globally banned, his promises before getting banned on The Outcast Network (his own creation) because he is now a "main antagonist" (Nicholas05 deleted this, lol).

At the same time, he closed his Youtube channel, deleted Mar9122 Wiki and his Discord account, and decided to crying and rolling in bed 24/7.

Fun Shitposting Wiki

Before Christmas, Mar decided to kill his current owner (at the time) OldDirtyFoamer, and so he decided to make an account on Kiwi Farms called GasMask0217. He was really planning to make his goddamn page about OldDirtyFoamer on Fun Shitposting Wiki. Because of this, he decided to make his account on Fun Shitposting Wiki called WobblingAmber271, and he really made a page about OldDirtyFoamer. Eiji was so mad that Eiji and PaperClip himself decided to enter Fun Shitposting Wiki to catch him, and this is why pep banned reception fags from entering here, very late later.


in not-so-late Mid-2020, after he failed to rise in the Discord server, he has risen again as KillerPyro, this time he knows about a strategy how to successfully killed entire Discord people and how to hypnotize and propagandize to love lolis. For a long time, nobody knew he was actually Mar9122, except a few Fun Shitposting Wiki users knew about that, such as Inkster.

During December 2020, coincidentally on Pearl Harbor's 79th anniversary and death of Chuck Yeager (real people, not Strike Witches one), on December 7, 2020, it was revealed that GroomerPedo KillerPyro posted lolicon in his server, and Portrock revealed that GroomerPedo was actually Mar. we're still currently in the process of exposing him. two days later, he threw a whiny bitch-fit and threatened to leave the internet when he discovered this very page on this wiki, and a bunch of spies infiltrated both his discord servers. however, he didn't leave, so this is far from over. He did delete his YouTube account though.

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Their Methods

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