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Chairman LMAO heavily approves of this ED page.
A shot of the Chairman just prior to his inciting of a lollercaust.

Mao Zedong, According to: I'm not really an expert on politics or anything, but I think Mao is some sort of Chinese who rules a country called Kornea and it's like really bad there or something. There are two types of China, North Kornea and South Kornea, and in North Kornea/China there is a dictatorship or something, which is a system of government where one Muslem controls all of the country's potatoes and horse's radish. I guess Mao is some sort of evil prince, so his dad must have been the King of China/North Kornea or something, and then his dad died because Communism doesn't have doctors. So when he was 10 years old he became the King (I think his dad was magic tranvestite or something, cause his name was Kim) and sat on a chair and/or throne, which is why he's called Chairman Mao (although Chairman might be some sort of black person Chinese name). So after becoming the King he was really evil like first Emperor Qin, especially to his people, due to the problems in China. Both leaders died in agony from immortal liquids they cooked up for themselves, ironically to live forever.

Other Stuff That's Not Childhood

Lmao Zedong and his good friend, Henry Kissinger.

At least 100 years later, Lmao's older and wiser brother Mao owned china. He was also a stinking commie. 4 out of 5 historians agree that Mao was a better ruler than Lmao, while the other historian claims to " love t3h cock". Once every-other week, Mao would go off to rape the woman-folk of nearby villages. During this time Lmao would be the Chairman. This happened at least 100 times, the most recent of which was last thursday. When Lmao would be in charge, he'd do zaney things such as shooting children, starting a lollercaust or treating furries with respect. He would expos-facto claim "IDIFTL". And indeed he did do it for the lulz, for Lmao & Mao's China was a land of many lulz and cheap labor.

Lmao liked to piss off America by trolling the internets under the handle Joseph Stalin and threatening nuclear war, flame war, kittenwar, and WWIII. This went on until America's SysOp Richard Nixon traced Lmao's IP back to China and flew there on a plane to pimpslap him and drop the banhammer personally. LOL PWNED.

Personal Life

Lmao Zedong has a fascination with the Furry lifestyle, mainly the yiffing and scriching.

It was also herd he lieks Mudkipz.

Latter years

Before his demise in precisely 1991, Chair-man Mao developed a new hobby: creating artificial famines for the lulz. After his death, the recreational activities in the upper echelons of Chinese power switched to clerical-hunting in the Himalayas and vivisecting Christians for culinary purposes.

Fact of the day

Not many people know that China is one of the few countries named after an object. Others include Wales, Ivory Coast and Chili. In a double whammy, the Chinese, like the Indians, the Italians and the Thai, are also named after a type of takeaway. Isn't life grand?

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