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Pussies Fighting.gif Manlytears is in an internet sissy fight with Boyd Doghouse, KrappleGuy, Encyclopedia Dramatica, Twitch, Linden Lab,, Kiwifarms, and the /cow/ Board on 8chan.
Please dig up lulz on this ongoing drama.
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Beware of their tumblrisms and constant hate of Cisgendered people.

It went from 5'4 meme and satire to outright attack article, personal attacks and defaming attempts.


—Manly crying about this article on /cow/

Given Name(s) Dominic Vanner (real name), Britbong, BritbongReturns, Minivan
Nationality Britfag  MiniflagUK.png
Born December 14, 1987
Classification Pedophile, Unregistered Sex Offender (Rape, one count), Furry, Transsexual/Crossdresser
Residence Isle of Wight, UK
Youtube YouTube Favicon.png BritbongReturns

Dominic Vanner (Better known as Minivan, Manlytears, Britbong, BritbongReturns, or simply Manlet for short, b. December 14, 1987) is a notorious self-important britfag "troll" on /v/ and Second Life, a short stack of shit who takes pleasure in posting pictures of himself on the internet like the sobbing attention whore he is. Manly tends to hover around 4chan's video game board days on end, shamelessly trying to anonymously plug his Youtube channel while pitifully attempting to rile up the many /v/irgins that lurk there. This is due to the fact that he lives on the Isle of Wight, a backward country bumpkin island where the only other pastime available to him is sheep-fucking. Manly's other pastimes include scamming 12 year old boys on steam, stalking and attempting to hook up with teenage girls and transsexuals on Second Life, masturbating while wearing his mother's clothing, telling everyone around that will listen what a masterful troll he is, and attempting to defend himself from the denizens of 8chan's /cow/ board while accusing them of stalking, slandering, and defaming him.

Personal Life/Background

Now there's a face you could never stop punching

Dominic Vanner has had a very difficult life, he was bullied mercilessly as a shortman at school so he cried to himself so hard he decided to sit at his computer for the rest of his short time on this earth. On the web, he comes off as a internet tough guy but when off he's a sobbing pussy who is ignored by people surrounding his personal life. Shortman doesn't have a job because he believes working for payment is for losers. He instead, as mentioned before, scams little kiddies on Steam and makes money from trolling videos. He also takes money from his mum and benefits. It's surprising that he had actually managed to keep his life intact seeing as how much of a failure he is. He has also never had sex but claims it's cool to not have relationships, we all know that deep down, Dominic cannot find a woman stupid enough to hook up with him. Nevermind, he did.


Just a typical day on Manly's Hitbox stream

Manlytears tends to flit around the 4chan board as one of your usual bumboy tripfaggots setting fires and getting mountains of abuse hurled at him. But when manlet isn't choking on numerous dicks, he is claiming to have created the "forever alone" meme on reddit and even going as far as to copyright it. His misguided attempts of gaining some semblance of recognition on the internet fell through however when it was swiftly discovered that he never created the "forever alone" meme and is in fact a whiny lying fagball. Deciding that Manlytears had become such a giant smoldering mass of shameful unwarranted self importance, the denizens of /v/ decided to dox and deface the smug cunt. All went well and manly turned into a blubbering wreck as /v/irgins called his house repeatedly asking if he had any copies of battletoads. Manlet now walks the halls of /v/ as a sad rejected ghost, laughed at all the way, never to gain the internet celebrity he so desperately craved.


Daily reminder that Kopy/Krapple/Mark Ortiz squealed and cried on ED IRC begging them to lock his article while he can vandalize other articles on sockpuppets freely.



Manlytears attempting to start wiki wars on a sockpuppet

Lmao @ Mark Ortiz Literally spending a full year groveling on hands and knees on ED irc to have his own article locked and allow him to make attack articles on people who cuck and bully him into tears.



—Minivan bawwwwing about his ED article on /cow/

You better watch your back if I ever come to california



—Manlettears, being an internet tough guy

I have over 100 people in California alone who would walk up to your door and throw shit at your windows



—Don't fuck with Manlet if you're in California, unless you want your windows washed with santorum.

I think it's hilarious how you dont realize I can ruin your life and chose not to



—ManletTears, Anime villain

You added false claims to this article out of asspain, I didn't remove anything cuckoid



—Manlet does NOT like critcism

Nobody cares, stop vandalizing with your personal vendetta cuck.



—Ironically, Manly cares

I added attack page tag, which you did to mine, stop vandalizing.



—If it's not Manlytears Approved, it's an attack page

[20:07:29] keklordbritbong: Hahaha you cried like a little bitch to your synops butt buddy, but I contacted a higher up.

[20:07:44] keklordbritbong: Now I am going to start posting the pictures I have been sent of you
[20:07:46] keklordbritbong: :)



—Britbong, pretending to be one of the ED cool kids

you're so fucking stupid



—Manlet has a short fuse

You can edit my ED page with all the trash you want but I'll still be better than you.



—Manly doesn't care about this article

mate I am more popular than you realize



—Manly bigging himself up on the talk page

Britbong is not a hobby, same goes for the OP and the other gremlins who work tirelessly to "destroy" someone because they "aren't mad" Keep Calm, get cucked.


—Manlytears proving how NOT MAD he is about this article by crying about it on Kiwifarms

Mt hates his article.png
Sorry to burst your bubble but here at ED, we're equal opportunity offenders.
Britbong sucks zaigers toes.png
Encyclopedia Dramatica is not your personal army.

Lil' vanner also peruses his own Encyclopedia Dramatica page, desperately attempting to blank all he can under various sockpuppets. not to mention weeping and sperging on the talk page. He'll also write himself into the page on /v/ or attempt to force himself into the forever alone ED page, claiming again that he was the creator, all the while not realizing that typing your scrambled lies into the interbutts does not make them truth. More recently, Minivan cried to Zaiger on Twitter (after having one of his subordinates threaten Zaiger with dox didn't work) about his article and how he gives zero fucks about it. Even more recently, Manlytears took to twitter to complain about his article being slanderous. Sound familiar?

Sockpuppetry and Vandalism

Ever since this article was written back in 2011, Manly has made a plethora of sock accounts to try and vandalize the page so that it either praises him or excludes any content that he believes is slandering him. He's also been known to vandalize the Forever Alone and Ralph Pootawn pages by trying to shoehorn his unfounded claims of having created these memes into said articles. The article on Boyd Doghouse (an adversary of his on Second Life) is another favorite vandalism target of Manly's. Due primarily to Boyd having cockblocked Manly out of an internet relationship.

The list of his sockpuppets (as of 10/5/2016) is as follows:

Manly Will Pay Big Bux 4 ED Admins' Dox

your continued stalking and defaming won't get you your ex back, and ED is already being taken care of. The police will take care of you


—Manlytears trying to act tough on /cow/

...or not

Realizing that his leaked rant only got him on the frontpage of ED, Manly backpedaled by groveling to Meepsheep, telling Meep that he in fact did NOT ask for dox on ED's mod squad and that he was being framed. Seems legit.


You can't even keep up with your lies anymore. You have a history of hiding behind alts, and that brit.goon account is yours just like all the accounts used for vandalizing are too


—Anonymous /cow/boy calling Manly out

On Twitter

When itty bitty ManletTears really needs a soapbox, he takes to his Twitter account where he spends a good deal of time yelling at his detractors, promoting his so called "NEET life", and calling people cucks and pedophiles. Due to Manly's tiny penis in meatspace, he often takes the time to thrust his internet toughguy persona onto other, more popular streamers like Esteban Winsmore, whose only "crime" was calling Manly out for being an unoriginal and unfunny hack.

Manly vs esteban.png


Fellow streamer Esteban finally decided he didn't need to listen to Manlet's psychotic vitriol anymore.
Hypocrisy from Manlytears at it's finest.
Like most forever alone /v/irgins, Manly has taken the ever popular Tomoko as his waifu.

Manlytears: Professional Victim

you've hacked my account, threatend to attack me and dozens of logs of you posting my irl information even on your skype right now.


—Manly, after getting a taste of his own medicine

The sad but hilarious irony of Manly's career as a self proclaimed "troll" is that he cannot take it when shit is dished out right back at him. Because how dare you insult Manly and tell him what a meanypants he is! He's just telling it like it is and calling people out on their bullshit! In the event of such an instance, he'll suddenly develop a massive victim complex, take to Twitter and cry out to his army of fanboy white knights about how he's being bullied. He will however, try to hide his case of fractured ass behind the classic facade of "I don't give a shit" (while showcasing for you, just how many fucks he actually gives).

Well at least he's being honest for once.
Because nothing beats pathetically leaching off mommy and daddy, right?
Thanks mommy, I'm no longer upset about those bad people on the internet saying mean things about me!


Cant trust women.png
Because he got cucked. See below
Britbong professional victim.png
Manlet can do no wrong, EVERYONE ELSE are the problem!
Bully bawwww.png
He cares THIS much.

Manly on Second Life

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Manly finally comes clean about his first life. (Being someone's rebound and the ensuing sex scandal aside)

Sometime last Thursday, Manlytears decided that being a tryhard on /v/ wasn't enough and that he needed a special kind of audience to validate his existence. In his attempt to gain e-fame in an already dead game (and so no one would remember him as that annoying manlet from /v/), he started using the name Britbong. To further garner his desired audience of wannabe Second Life trolls and PN rejects, Britbong began purporting himself to be the original creator of Ralph Pootawn, the little green imp who was known for interrupting the lewd activity of Second Life's depraved players. When he's not spouting memes on Twitch (I-Ironically of course!!!), Manly can be found making fun of peoples' dearly departed family members in welcome areas.

I use to be a fan of Britmong. Some of his videos admittedly are funny AF. But lately his behavior off his youtube videos shows a side of him that has made me lose interest in any content he brings out. Like Lindsey Lohan being known more for her legal antics than for her acting - no one cared about her acting anymore.

He complains about people doing EXACTLY what he does continuously. The whole "you can't be successful on twitch without sucking toes" thing is old, yet he is a massive "toe sucker" to other popular (non SL) streamers and hitbox staff. Ok guy.

Then he rants and raves on multiple platforms... youtube, twitter, reddit, etc that people STALK him - yet all he ever talks about are these "STALKERS" constantly. Plus he doesn't realize these "stalkers" are probably none of the people he rants about. In drama there is always people operating behind the scenes, but this is beyond his scope of understanding.

Then the thing I will never understand is this blame game. He claims it's everyone else but him that gets him banned. Sure - he has people who are just waiting to report him for multiple reasons (to piss him off, because its funny, etc..) which I am sure happens with alot of popular streamers anyway due to jealousy and whatnot. But, regardless if people wanted to get him banned, the only reason HE gets banned is based upon his own actions breaking TOS. If he didnt give people the ammunition against him, then he wouldn't be banned. He has no one to blame but himself and takes no accountability for it. Perpetual victim.

I wonder at what point his parents will kick him out since this online streaming thing just seems doomed.


—A disillusioned fan calling Manly out on being a premadona

Manly's Claims to SL Fame

I was in W-hat, it must hurt you knowing I was in the "cool kid" club that you weren't involved in, and I am also a generally better person than you with fans.



—Manly on how he's so pathetic he has to pretend that he was a goon

As previously stated, Manly holds a death grip on the claim that he originally created Ralph Pootawn, the short and green little troll known for barging in on Second Life denizens while they have sex. Despite this claim, Manly has never been able to prove that he in fact owns the Ralph account. This is due in part to the fact that Ralph was actually created by a well known LUElinks user named Potty Time and Manly's claims to the contrary are well known to be bold faced lies to anyone who has basic knowledge of Google. He's also been known to make the claim that he was once a member of Something Awful's now-dead group, W-Hat. However he has no basis for this claim as he cannot name any members of the now defunct goon group, known or otherwise.

His Videos


Typical video by Manly (aka Britbong), laiden with bad voice acting and unfunny jokes about tummy licking and pedophilia.

Manly takes great pride in his youtube channel, which is filled to the brim with nothing but trolling videos that would make only a twelve-year old boy or a grown man with severe autism giggle. In these videos he crudely follows the formulas of more entertaining SL trolls using his canned, unpleasant character voices. He also appears to be incapable of making jokes that aren't relevant to pedophilia, he has gone as far as to sexually harass underage people on second life for the sake of his youtube videos. Manly would like everyone to believe the desire for prepubescent children is just a character, but lately his videos have become so saturated with pedophilia it's hard to believe.

His youtube channel also serves as an outlet for his SL drama. You read that right - the epic SL griefer Britbong has become so invested with Second Life that he has found himself knee-deep in drama. Among this drama is his obsession with harassing SL users he dislikes. This hobby of his has reached a point where he will make characters modeled after those whom he hates, and feature said characters in entire videos meant to spite the inspiration.

E-Love Life+Sex Scandals


Upraksi quietly wishes for death as Manly's mom snaps a picture of them.
Crying about being cucked. U MAD BRO??
Julia was involved romantically with a man named Justin when she met Dominic, and when Justin threw Julia out she flew to England in a tantrum, having sexual intercourse with Dominic in order to punish Justin. It is very plausible that this was Dominic's first sexual encounter with a woman. He was twenty-six years old at the time.

Some details regarding the sexual intercourse: Julia, according to our sources, "said it was horrible". It "made her want to wash herself over and over". Dominic has personally noted that Julia would hide in the bathroom running the tap water, refusing to open the door (this has given her the contempt of both of his parents). Another anecdote recounted by Dominic himself is his rather uncomfortable fellatio experience. When Julia was performing fellatio on Dominic, she would suddenly look up at him and pose a question. "Why are you looking at me?". Dominic was unable to answer.


—A scholar's description of the encounter. Full hilarious text can be found here.

At one point during his Second Life "trolling" escapades, ManletTears met a girl on the internet named Upraksi. Manlet, being the desperate beta that he is, agreed to meet Upraksi in real life after only knowing her for a few months. The end result was Upraksi's family begging her to come home and Manly awkwardly losing his virginity at the pathetic age of 26.

Refusing to believe that any woman could reject such a handsome, charming young troll such as himself, Manly refused to accept rejection and bought a plane ticket to Seattle to visit Upraksi without her consent. When she threatened to call the police, Manly cried about how his life was over because he wasted $300 on a plane ticket he couldn't use to stalk a woman who rejected him. This may not be far from the truth, though. If you're a jobless NEET like Manly, $300 dollars for a plane ride to see someone that hates you could be your undoing.

After finally realizing that his e-lover wanted nothing to do with him, Manly found comfort in the arms of notorious plus-sized queen IHM. The two met via Second Life and quickly hit it off with their mutual love of memes and sense of humor on par with a ten-year-old's. This relationship did not last though, as even irrelevant hambeasts have standards.

I took your girlfriend (And cheated on her - with a Tranny)

Stalker, no stalking

Manlytears has only ever had sex once in his life. With a girl he met on Second Life. His one sexual experience was a very awkward one for his sex partner whom afterwards felt the need to repeatedly wash herself. Losing his virginity to a girl he met on SL caused Manly's USI to skyrocket and he suddenly believed himself to be a glorified Adonis. When his Second Life lover dumped him in favor of an elderly gentleman whom she found to be much more intellectually stimulating, he cried for 5 minutes and then forced himself on a girl who was dating known homosexual chantard KrappleGuy. In real life. Despite his repeated and very vocal bragging about his sexual conquest (even though he never met this girl in real life), Manly's thirst was still not quenched. Unsatisfied with having only Krapple's sloppy seconds with which to typefuck, Manly went behind his internet lover's back and tried to hook up with a transsexual on (surprise, surprise) Second Life. Manly hit it off with his new secret squeeze until he found out that she was friends with his arch-enemy Boyd - the geriatric fellow who had previously cockblocked him out of an internet relationship. Furious at this revelation, Manlytears blew up at his new penis clad lover, going so far as to make lulzy empty threats of violence. The result of the whole ordeal was screenshots and chatlogs of Manly's autistic infidelity being leaked and spread around the internet. In an attempt to cover up his embarrassing predicament, Manly has since resorted to spouting transphobic vitriol and proclaiming his faux hatred for trannies in an attempt at damage control that would make even Chris-chan utter a giggle. The full chatlogs and screencaps can be viewed below.

Parts 1-10
Part 1
Your pictures were HOT!
Part 2
Part 3
Very fapable!
Part 4
Am I allowed to fap to your nudes?
Part 5
Manly asking for more recent nudes while linking his own greasy mug.
Part 6
Tfw no one to go to the movies with ;_;
Part 7
Ladies, contain your orgasms when Manlytears licks your tummy!
Part 8
I'm kind of a big deal on 4chan.
Part 10
Having dirt dropped on you on a daily basis is just an oversight though.

Parts 11-20
Part 11
I used to use snapchat for it's intended purpose, jerking off on cam.
Part 12
Probably gonna fap in a minute
Part 13
Lets meet up even though I barely know you and I'm already in an internet relationship with another girl!
Part 14
Oi I'm gettin' curry!
Part 15
Pls come hang out with me in Second life
Part 16
Manly sells out his secret lover to an autistic furry.
Part 19
Get on Britbong's shitlist, nothing happens.
Part 20
You see, none of this is in any way Britbong's fault because he is infallible.

Parts 21-25
Part 21
nice job, dumbass!
Part 22
Once again it should be stressed that karma is nonexistent and Britbong did not in any way bring this on himself with his behavior.
Part 23
Senpai, I removed you because you didn't notice me!
Part 24
Some manchildren with short fuses just can't take a hint.
Part 25
Stop whining! Says the manbaby who whines.


Just when you thought the faggotry hole could not get any deeper, here's some bonus chatlogs of Britbong's traptastic affair!

[20:50] thegingeminge: ms is a tranny
[20:51] Montezuma (exlyndro): how u kno
[20:51] thegingeminge: saw the pics
[20:51] thegingeminge: just askl
[20:51] thegingeminge: dont say i said it
[20:56] Montezuma (exlyndro): oh
[20:56] Montezuma (exlyndro): thats the tranny
[20:56] Montezuma (exlyndro): jesus christ
[20:56] Montezuma (exlyndro): thats the tranny that gets posted all over 4chan
[20:56] Montezuma (exlyndro): with the blue hair
[20:56] Montezuma (exlyndro): ohhhhhhh shitttt nigga
[20:57] thegingeminge: she was hitting on me lol
[20:58] Montezuma (exlyndro): jesus fucking christ
[20:59] thegingeminge: shes "getting married"
[20:59] thegingeminge: said "i would jump at the chance to fuck you"

[1/15/2016 4:41:46 PM] Britbong: No I don't hate you though
[1/15/2016 4:41:48 PM] Britbong: :P
[1/15/2016 4:42:16 PM] ?Hunny ??: cool : )
[1/15/2016 4:42:25 PM] Britbong: they were hot lol so why would I care
[1/15/2016 4:42:28 PM] ?Hunny ??: I'm still just doing my hair to go to the pub
[1/15/2016 4:42:32 PM] ?Hunny ??: o.o
[1/15/2016 4:42:44 PM] ?Hunny ??: think so?
[1/15/2016 4:42:48 PM] Britbong: of course
[1/15/2016 4:42:53 PM] Britbong: mmm
[1/15/2016 4:43:06 PM] ?Hunny ??: wow
[1/15/2016 4:43:09 PM] Britbong: very fapable
[1/15/2016 4:43:17 PM] ?Hunny ??: I can't tell if you are joking
[1/15/2016 4:43:26 PM] Britbong: why would I be joking
[1/15/2016 4:43:50 PM] ?Hunny ??: ;__;
[1/15/2016 4:44:23 PM] ?Hunny ??: well you put a smile on me
[1/15/2016 4:44:26 PM] ?Hunny ??: thank you
[1/15/2016 4:44:30 PM] Britbong: am i not allowed to find them hot
[1/15/2016 4:44:35 PM] Britbong: lol
[1/15/2016 4:44:43 PM] ?Hunny ??: no nono
[1/15/2016 4:44:48 PM] ?Hunny ??: I like your reaction
[1/15/2016 4:44:59 PM] ?Hunny ??: I'll remember this fondly
[1/15/2016 4:45:13 PM] Britbong: i am allowed to fap to them ?
[1/15/2016 4:45:19 PM] Britbong: :D
[1/15/2016 4:45:27 PM] ?Hunny ??: O.O of course
[1/15/2016 4:45:44 PM] ?Hunny ??: blue haired stuff is ancient tho
[1/15/2016 4:45:56 PM] Britbong: Is your dark hair recent
[1/15/2016 4:45:59 PM] Britbong: i like it
[1/15/2016 4:46:02 PM] ?Hunny ??: yes
[1/15/2016 4:46:08 PM] ?Hunny ??: its blue at the bottom now too
[1/15/2016 4:46:16 PM] Britbong: ooo
[1/15/2016 4:46:19 PM] Britbong: well you're a cutie
[1/15/2016 4:46:28 PM] ?Hunny ??: wow, thank you
[1/15/2016 4:46:30 PM] ?Hunny ??: so are you
[1/15/2016 4:46:33 PM] Britbong: haa really?
[1/15/2016 4:46:40 PM] ?Hunny ??: ingrpingwpingpian
[1/15/2016 4:46:41 PM] ?Hunny ??: of course
[1/15/2016 4:46:55 PM] Britbong: do you have more recent ones?
[1/15/2016 4:46:58 PM] Britbong: :O
[1/15/2016 4:47:00 PM] ?Hunny ??: tbh it wouldn't have even mattered how you looked to me
[1/15/2016 4:47:05 PM] ?Hunny ??: its a bonus
[1/15/2016 4:47:09 PM] ?Hunny ??: tho
[1/15/2016 4:47:36 PM] ?Hunny ??: you know I am your biggest fan lol, I'll just have to try my hardest not to be an autist about it
[1/15/2016 4:47:57 PM] Britbong:
[1/15/2016 4:48:01 PM] Britbong: me last night btw
[1/15/2016 4:48:07 PM] Britbong: i look tired as fuck though
[1/15/2016 4:48:08 PM] Britbong: hahaa
[1/15/2016 4:48:08 PM] ?Hunny ??: DOODE
[1/15/2016 4:48:12 PM] ?Hunny ??: love ur shirt!
[1/15/2016 4:48:17 PM] Britbong: dragon ball Z babbi
[1/15/2016 4:48:34 PM] ?Hunny ??: I was keeping up with super but I guess ill wait for the dubz
[1/15/2016 4:48:38 PM] ?Hunny ??: z is best
[1/15/2016 4:48:38 PM] ?Hunny ??: odc
[1/15/2016 4:48:40 PM] ?Hunny ??: ofc**
[1/15/2016 4:48:45 PM] Britbong: I haven't seen super yet
[1/15/2016 4:48:49 PM] Britbong: seen the movies though
[1/15/2016 4:48:52 PM] Britbong: the freiza one
[1/15/2016 4:48:59 PM] ?Hunny ??: I saw it in theatres :D
[1/15/2016 4:49:17 PM] Britbong: lucky
[1/15/2016 4:49:24 PM] Britbong: i had nobody to go with ;(
[1/15/2016 4:49:33 PM] ?Hunny ??: d'aw
[1/15/2016 4:49:39 PM] ?Hunny ??: I would have went with you
[1/15/2016 4:49:58 PM] ?Hunny ??: btw I'm in England until next january
[1/15/2016 4:50:06 PM] Britbong: noice
[1/15/2016 4:50:17 PM] ?Hunny ??: yeah visiting my heritage
[1/15/2016 4:50:28 PM] ?Hunny ??: m7
[1/15/2016 4:50:34 PM] Britbong: AH
[1/15/2016 4:50:42 PM] Britbong: haha you should visit the isle of wight ;)
[1/15/2016 4:50:53 PM] Britbong: tummy lickings await
[1/15/2016 4:50:55 PM] ?Hunny ??: its a possibility
[1/15/2016 4:50:56 PM] ?Hunny ??: HAHAHA
[1/15/2016 4:50:57 PM] ?Hunny ??: omfg
[1/15/2016 4:51:14 PM] ?Hunny ??: btw I don't talk much on SL
[1/15/2016 4:51:23 PM] ?Hunny ??: mainly because everyone is pretty hostile
[1/15/2016 4:51:32 PM] Britbong: they are yeah
[1/15/2016 4:51:34 PM] Britbong: fuck them
[1/15/2016 4:51:34 PM] ?Hunny ??: and I am not really confrontational
[1/15/2016 4:51:39 PM] Britbong: a lot of them hate me so I dont care
[1/15/2016 4:52:04 PM] ?Hunny ??: well I am here now
[1/15/2016 4:52:07 PM] ?Hunny ??: and I don't
[1/15/2016 4:52:17 PM] Britbong: :)
[1/15/2016 4:52:20 PM] ?Hunny ??: I can handle anyone making fun of me tho
[1/15/2016 4:52:27 PM] ?Hunny ??: but I couldn't take it from you
[1/15/2016 4:52:36 PM] Britbong: I won't make fun of you
[1/15/2016 4:52:57 PM] Britbong: so you went on 4chan right
[1/15/2016 4:53:04 PM] ?Hunny ??: a long time ago
[1/15/2016 4:53:08 PM] Britbong: me too
[1/15/2016 4:53:10 PM] ?Hunny ??: that's how I went viral
[1/15/2016 4:53:17 PM] ?Hunny ??: I got spread around
[1/15/2016 4:53:21 PM] ?Hunny ??: and given a chan name
[1/15/2016 4:53:28 PM] Britbong: i am known there too
[1/15/2016 4:53:34 PM] Britbong: not just as britbong
[1/15/2016 4:53:41 PM] ?Hunny ??: oh yeah
[1/15/2016 4:54:32 PM] Britbong: But yeah you look great don't worry dunno why someone thought that was a negative
[1/15/2016 4:55:01 PM] ?Hunny ??: I figured you could see why
[1/15/2016 4:55:03 PM] Britbong: i'd fuck you to be fair so it seems like a positive
[1/15/2016 4:55:12 PM] Britbong: lmao
[1/15/2016 4:55:21 PM] ?Hunny ??: ;3 <3 oooo
[1/15/2016 4:55:47 PM] Britbong: why else would I say i wanted to fap afterwards haha
[1/15/2016 4:55:58 PM] ?Hunny ??: question
[1/15/2016 4:56:19 PM] ?Hunny ??: so I just joined SL because of you
[1/15/2016 4:56:21 PM] ?Hunny ??: but
[1/15/2016 4:56:30 PM] ?Hunny ??: I knew someone IRL who was obsessed with it
[1/15/2016 4:56:35 PM] Britbong: oh yeah
[1/15/2016 4:56:37 PM] ?Hunny ??: has there been anyone around who went by
[1/15/2016 4:56:39 PM] ?Hunny ??: Pierre
[1/15/2016 4:56:40 PM] ?Hunny ??: or
[1/15/2016 4:56:41 PM] ?Hunny ??: raven
[1/15/2016 4:56:45 PM] Britbong: nope
[1/15/2016 4:56:49 PM] ?Hunny ??: okay
[1/15/2016 4:57:03 PM] ?Hunny ??: he was an interesting person I worked with
[1/15/2016 4:57:06 PM] ?Hunny ??: an a HUGE hacker
[1/15/2016 4:57:11 PM] Britbong: really?
[1/15/2016 4:57:16 PM] ?Hunny ??: yes very scary lol
[1/15/2016 4:57:24 PM] ?Hunny ??: I know a little but he'd crap on me
[1/15/2016 4:58:09 PM] ?Hunny ??: working in IT you meet a lot of strange people
[1/15/2016 4:58:17 PM] ?Hunny ??: and all my stuff got spread around work too
[1/15/2016 4:58:27 PM] Britbong: :(
[1/15/2016 4:58:34 PM] ?Hunny ??: lots of interesting questions after that and asked on dates
[1/15/2016 4:58:36 PM] ?Hunny ??: lol
[1/15/2016 4:59:22 PM] ?Hunny ??: sorry for the overshare just was curious
[1/15/2016 4:59:24 PM] ?Hunny ??: x3
[1/15/2016 4:59:48 PM] Britbong: lmao oh i get you
[1/15/2016 4:59:57 PM] Britbong: i dont mind
[1/15/2016 4:59:58 PM] Britbong: :D
[1/15/2016 5:00:18 PM] ?Hunny ??: :3
[1/15/2016 5:00:36 PM] Britbong: surprised nobody has posted anything of mine
[1/15/2016 5:00:45 PM] Britbong: I use snapchat a lot soo
[1/15/2016 5:00:51 PM] ?Hunny ??: ah
[1/15/2016 5:00:56 PM] ?Hunny ??: btw I won't talk about any of this
[1/15/2016 5:01:15 PM] Britbong: about what
[1/15/2016 5:01:27 PM] ?Hunny ??: idk like anything about this in general
[1/15/2016 5:01:38 PM] Britbong: oki good
[1/15/2016 5:01:40 PM] Britbong: :P
[1/15/2016 5:01:43 PM] ?Hunny ??: : D
[1/15/2016 5:01:48 PM] Britbong: neither will i
[1/15/2016 5:02:54 PM] Britbong: well I used to like fap on snap of course
[1/15/2016 5:03:08 PM] Britbong: ex girlfriends etc
[1/15/2016 5:04:14 PM] ?Hunny ??: oh
[1/15/2016 5:04:18 PM] ?Hunny ??: well nbd IMO
[1/15/2016 5:04:27 PM] Britbong: nbd?
[1/15/2016 5:04:31 PM] ?Hunny ??: no big deal
[1/15/2016 5:04:59 PM] ?Hunny ??: I'm not worried about what people think, I was just worried about you because I gave a shit
[1/15/2016 5:05:11 PM] ?Hunny ??: when over 2 million people have seen your butthole
[1/15/2016 5:05:13 PM] ?Hunny ??: you stop caring
[1/15/2016 5:05:26 PM] Britbong: they are nice pictures
[1/15/2016 5:05:28 PM] Britbong: tbh
[1/15/2016 5:05:43 PM] Britbong: probably going to fap in a minute honestly
[1/15/2016 5:05:53 PM] ?Hunny ??: I am very flattered
[1/15/2016 5:06:04 PM] Britbong: really
[1/15/2016 5:06:21 PM] ?Hunny ??: yes
[1/15/2016 5:06:41 PM] ?Hunny ??: if I wasn't engaged I'd leap at the opportunity to fuck you
[1/15/2016 5:06:51 PM] Britbong: ;_:
[1/15/2016 5:07:25 PM] Britbong: hehe well i wouldn't tell anyone ;)
[1/15/2016 5:07:37 PM] ?Hunny ??: haha
[1/15/2016 5:08:10 PM] Britbong: (wasntme)
[1/15/2016 5:09:14 PM] Britbong: offers still there :P
[1/15/2016 5:09:32 PM] ?Hunny ??: well if things go sour ill keep it in mind always
[1/15/2016 5:09:40 PM] ?Hunny ??: you have been there for me many times
[1/15/2016 5:09:43 PM] ?Hunny ??: without you even knowing
[1/15/2016 5:09:52 PM] ?Hunny ??: on shitty days where people crapped on me
[1/15/2016 5:10:07 PM] ?Hunny ??: I still got to come home and laugh myself silly
[1/15/2016 5:10:14 PM] Britbong: i am glad
[1/15/2016 5:10:34 PM] Britbong: :)
[1/15/2016 5:10:55 PM] Britbong: aw  well it was the perfect oppertunity to meet up (party)
[1/15/2016 5:12:24 PM] Britbong: hope i am not making you late
[1/15/2016 5:12:44 PM] ?Hunny ??: not at all
[1/15/2016 5:12:49 PM] ?Hunny ??: im doing my make up as we talk
[1/15/2016 5:13:05 PM] ?Hunny ??: gotta be at the pub around 530-545
[1/15/2016 5:13:12 PM] ?Hunny ??: ill be fashionably late as always
[1/15/2016 5:14:05 PM] Britbong: I am ordering a curry in an hour or so
[1/15/2016 5:15:51 PM] ?Hunny ??: curry is so big here
[1/15/2016 5:15:57 PM] ?Hunny ??: I've never been a fan
[1/15/2016 5:16:09 PM] ?Hunny ??: the only thing I find upsetting is how awful subway is here
[1/15/2016 5:16:42 PM] Britbong: it's pretty shitty lmao
[1/15/2016 5:17:09 PM] ?Hunny ??: yeah dude
[1/15/2016 5:17:13 PM] ?Hunny ??: its so good in canada
[1/15/2016 5:17:20 PM] ?Hunny ??: American one is shit too
[1/15/2016 5:17:31 PM] ?Hunny ??: I lived there for a year too
[1/15/2016 10:59:46 PM] ?Hunny ??: holy fuck i'm drunk rn lol
[1/16/2016 1:19:12 AM] ?Hunny ??: whats the name of that zone?
[1/16/2016 4:44:16 AM] Britbong: oii
[1/16/2016 4:45:03 AM] ?Hunny ??: ?
[1/16/2016 4:45:32 AM] Britbong: sup
[1/16/2016 4:48:04 AM] ?Hunny ??: ntm hangin in a friends sim
[1/16/2016 4:57:01 AM] ?Hunny ??: ur welcome to join
[1/16/2016 4:57:05 AM] ?Hunny ??: going to bed soon tho
[5:01:45 AM] ?Hunny ??: :( ?
[5:33:47 AM] Britbong: lol you're in my new video
[5:33:48 AM] Britbong: :)
[5:34:01 AM] Britbong: pretty stupid to try shit with me living in your country
[5:34:03 AM] Britbong: haha
[5:35:22 AM] ?Hunny ??: try shit?
[5:35:27 AM] ?Hunny ??: I thought you knew
[5:35:34 AM] Britbong: WHAT
[5:35:36 AM] Britbong: ?
[5:35:45 AM] ?Hunny ??: I thought you knew I was
[5:35:51 AM] ?Hunny ??: that's why I was surprised
[5:35:53 AM] Britbong: passing my logs out?
[5:35:57 AM] Britbong: piece of shit lol
[5:35:58 AM] ?Hunny ??: nooo
[5:36:06 AM] Britbong: good luck
[5:36:09 AM] ?Hunny ??: its kuz monte sent me this
[5:36:23 AM] ?Hunny ??: [20:50] thegingeminge: ms is a tranny
[20:51] Montezuma (exlyndro): how u kno
[20:51] thegingeminge: saw the pics
[20:51] thegingeminge: just askl
[20:51] thegingeminge: dont say i said it
[20:56] Montezuma (exlyndro): oh
[20:56] Montezuma (exlyndro): thats the tranny
[20:56] Montezuma (exlyndro): jesus christ
[20:56] Montezuma (exlyndro): thats the tranny that gets posted all over 4chan
[20:56] Montezuma (exlyndro): with the blue hair
[20:56] Montezuma (exlyndro): ohhhhhhh shitttt nigga
[20:57] thegingeminge: she was hitting on me lol
[20:58] Montezuma (exlyndro): jesus fucking christ
[20:59] thegingeminge: shes "getting married"
[20:59] thegingeminge: said "i would jump at the chance to fuck you"
[5:36:25 AM] ?Hunny ??: and I was like
[5:36:35 AM] ?Hunny ??: noooo I said if I wasent marrid
[5:36:36 AM] Britbong: ok?
[5:36:36 AM] ?Hunny ??: married
[5:36:44 AM] ?Hunny ??: that's only reason why
[5:36:49 AM] Britbong: so you directly posted my logs
[5:36:57 AM] Britbong: to boyd
[5:37:00 AM] Britbong: actually
[5:37:02 AM] ?Hunny ??: well I didn't mean to do it offensively ?
[5:37:21 AM] ?Hunny ??: just because you said I wanted to fuck
[5:37:31 AM] ?Hunny ??: but I wanted to show it was out of context
[5:37:39 AM] ?Hunny ??: sorry for the mis understanding
[5:37:45 AM] ?Hunny ??: its a bit of a shit fest
[5:37:52 AM] ?Hunny ??: I thought you knew I was trans lol
[5:38:03 AM] ?Hunny ??: it comes up as the first thing if u google my name
[5:38:11 AM] Britbong: he asked me you retard
[5:38:19 AM] Britbong: i said you were
[5:38:20 AM] Britbong: fuck off
[5:38:26 AM] ?Hunny ??: asked you what
[5:38:35 AM] Britbong: HE
[5:38:37 AM] Britbong: ASKED ME YOU IDIOT
[5:38:40 AM] Britbong: ]i said yes
[5:38:44 AM] ?Hunny ??: I'm not very smart
[5:38:45 AM] Britbong: dumb fuck
[5:38:51 AM] Britbong: and you posted my skype logs
[5:38:55 AM] Britbong: to be used against me
[5:38:58 AM] ?Hunny ??: no I didnt
[5:39:10 AM] ?Hunny ??: i did because you said I wanted to fuck
[5:39:17 AM] ?Hunny ??: but I said if i wasent engaged
[5:39:23 AM] ?Hunny ??: that's all hun
[5:39:35 AM] ?Hunny ??: why would I hurt someone i like
[5:39:47 AM] Britbong: your on my shit list
[5:39:48 AM] Britbong: nice
[5:40:02 AM] ?Hunny ??: well I'm sorry if I hurt you
[5:40:09 AM] ?Hunny ??: but calling me tranny and dumb is hurtful
[5:40:14 AM] Britbong: you are?
[5:40:19 AM] Britbong: he asked if you were
[5:40:23 AM] Britbong: i said yes you are
[5:41:01 AM] ?Hunny ??: [20:50] thegingeminge: ms is a tranny[5:36 AM] ?Hunny ??: 

<<< [20:57] thegingeminge: she was hitting on me lol
[5:41:13 AM] Britbong: and?
[5:41:20 AM] ?Hunny ??: ?
[5:41:28 AM] Britbong: whats that a log of
[5:41:35 AM] ?Hunny ??: If I wanted to be offensive I'd post it all
[5:41:38 AM] ?Hunny ??: but I wont
[5:41:42 AM] ?Hunny ??: because drama is dumb
[5:42:12 AM] Britbong: you caused it
[5:42:30 AM] ?Hunny ??: if you didn't want it to happen, you could have just not talked about it <_<
[5:43:28 AM] Britbong: when did I post your skype logs?
[5:46:39 AM] ?Hunny ??: well you said some things way out of context
[5:46:49 AM] ?Hunny ??: you know I liked you
[5:57:02 AM] ?Hunny ??: its also upsetting you removed me right away, well I'll still be here if you wanna talk
[5:57:08 AM] ?Hunny ??: unless you wanna just remove me again
[6:00:40 AM] ?Hunny ??: i also just defended you and said someone must have baited you
[6:00:48 AM] ?Hunny ??: and not sent you the lower half
[6:01:03 AM] ?Hunny ??: of my body
[6:01:57 AM] Britbong: ?
[6:02:07 AM] ?Hunny ??: when you introduced urself to me
[6:02:10 AM] ?Hunny ??: or w.e
[6:02:16 AM] ?Hunny ??: u said someone sent u my pics
[6:02:24 AM] ?Hunny ??: so i automatically assumed you knew whats up
[6:02:42 AM] ?Hunny ??: so people were talking at violet and i said someone must have set u up
[6:02:54 AM] ?Hunny ??: and its an honest mistake i look female
[6:03:32 AM] ?Hunny ??: even boyd defended you
[6:03:34 AM] ?Hunny ??: and you hate him
[6:03:50 AM] ?Hunny ??: drama is just really stupid
[6:03:57 AM] ?Hunny ??: especially in this autism fest of a game
[6:05:30 AM] ?Hunny ??: i only came here because your videos were funny
[6:05:35 AM] ?Hunny ??: if its that much trouble ill leave
[6:05:53 AM] Britbong: well you caused it retard
[6:05:55 AM] Britbong: thanks
[6:06:02 AM] ?Hunny ??: ugh
[6:06:08 AM] ?Hunny ??: ._>
[6:06:11 AM] ?Hunny ??: ._.
[6:06:26 AM] ?Hunny ??: well what do you want me to do
[6:06:46 AM] Britbong:
[6:07:15 AM] Britbong: nice job dumbass
[6:07:25 AM] Britbong: lol you gave boyd ammo on me
[6:07:27 AM] Britbong: and yourself
[6:07:32 AM] ?Hunny ??: how is this my fault
[6:08:13 AM] ?Hunny ??: i was defending my marriage lol
[6:08:16 AM] ?Hunny ??: that's literally it
[6:08:21 AM] ?Hunny ??: drama is retarded
[6:10:02 AM] ?Hunny ??: if I want to be malicious id post it all, but i liked you so i wont ever
[6:10:15 AM] ?Hunny ??: call me retarded and dumb all you want.
[6:10:33 AM] ?Hunny ??: I know I'm not very bright
[6:10:51 AM] Britbong: defend your marriage
[6:10:57 AM] Britbong: by posting my logs for no real reason
[6:11:04 AM] Britbong: to a guy nobody gives a shit about
[6:11:10 AM] Britbong: i dont even like montezuma
[6:11:21 AM] ?Hunny ??: he came up to me and said i tried to fuck
[6:11:33 AM] ?Hunny ??: which i wouldn't outwardly do ever
[6:12:00 AM] ?Hunny ??: and you also removed me on skype
[6:12:01 AM] ?Hunny ??: and in game
[6:12:13 AM] ?Hunny ??: and get messaged a log from someone
[6:12:13 AM] Britbong: i was on a new account retard
[6:12:23 AM] ?Hunny ??: Skype had a (?)
[6:12:26 AM] ?Hunny ??: i know you removed me
[6:12:31 AM] Britbong: and I removed you for not speaking to me
[6:12:35 AM] ?Hunny ??: ????
[6:12:36 AM] ?Hunny ??: WHAT
[6:12:40 AM] Britbong: i saw you 4 times ingame you dont even say hello
[6:12:44 AM] Britbong: so yeah no shit
[6:12:45 AM] ?Hunny ??: you never respind to anyting i [email protected]@
[6:12:47 AM] ?Hunny ??: DUDE
[6:12:52 AM] ?Hunny ??: i disconnect all the time
[6:12:59 AM] ?Hunny ??: and my Skype doesn't load
[6:13:03 AM] ?Hunny ??: LOOK
[6:13:24 AM] ?Hunny ??: [1/16/2016 4:44:16 AM] Britbong: oii
[1/16/2016 4:45:03 AM] ?Hunny ??: ?
[1/16/2016 4:45:32 AM] Britbong: sup
[1/16/2016 4:48:04 AM] ?Hunny ??: ntm hangin in a friends sim
[1/16/2016 4:57:01 AM] ?Hunny ??: ur welcome to join
[1/16/2016 4:57:05 AM] ?Hunny ??: going to bed soon tho
[5:01:45 AM] ?Hunny ??: :( ?
[5:33:47 AM] Britbong: lol you're in my new video
[6:13:47 AM] Britbong: Ingame
[6:13:50 AM] Britbong: ?
[6:13:51 AM] ?Hunny ??: when??
[6:13:57 AM] ?Hunny ??: I've been on here for 3 days
[6:14:03 AM] ?Hunny ??: i can barely figure out the interface
[6:14:14 AM] ?Hunny ??: you are the only person i gave half a poo about on here
[6:14:18 AM] ?Hunny ??: ofc id respond
[6:14:44 AM] ?Hunny ??: sometimes I don't see the chat in SL
[6:17:01 AM] ?Hunny ??: why do you think i take my clothes off to make money
[6:17:11 AM] Britbong: why do you think i take my clothes off to make money
[6:17:13 AM] Britbong: huh?
[6:17:38 AM] ?Hunny ??: trying to reinforce im not bright
[6:17:54 AM] ?Hunny ??: and my nudes are already everywhere lol
[6:18:41 AM] ?Hunny ??: do you really hate me
[6:19:47 AM] ?Hunny ??: you could at least talk to me after calling me a retard and a dumbass and saying i don't talk to you
[6:24:22 AM] Britbong: in a call
[6:24:30 AM] ?Hunny ??: mk
[6:26:13 AM] ?Hunny ??: well I'ma go to sleep soon
[6:26:34 AM] ?Hunny ??: I never avoided talking to you, and i still wont
[6:39:17 AM] Britbong: stop whining
[6:40:28 AM] ?Hunny ??: :(
[6:40:42 AM] ?Hunny ??: I'll leave you alone then
[6:40:50 AM] ?Hunny ??: I'm sorry, hate me all you want


[19:26] thegingeminge: You are pretty vile
[19:26] MsAlchemy: whys that
[19:27] thegingeminge: whys that?
[19:27] thegingeminge: really
[19:27] thegingeminge: best if you didn't come back to the game
[19:27] thegingeminge: working with boyd and all
[19:27] MsAlchemy: what?
[19:27] MsAlchemy: I dont care about this drama stuff dude
[19:27] MsAlchemy: i barely talk to boyd
[19:27] thegingeminge: you posted shit about me and expect no response
[19:27] thegingeminge: lmao
[19:28] thegingeminge: if you think 4chan faggots are bad
[19:28] thegingeminge: just wait and see what happens
[19:28] MsAlchemy: bad/.
[19:28] MsAlchemy: mk
[19:29] thegingeminge: why are you working with my stalker?
[19:29] thegingeminge: whos been making fun of my mother in hospital for the past 4 days
[19:30] MsAlchemy: ive been playing a dice game in my friends room
[19:30] MsAlchemy: all day
[19:30] thegingeminge: you're lucky I don't know where you are
[19:30] MsAlchemy: i literally just got here
[19:30] thegingeminge:
[19:30] thegingeminge: oh?
[19:31] MsAlchemy: wow somethign with 1 note on it
[19:31] MsAlchemy: boy howdy that sure is viral
[19:31] MsAlchemy: monte sent him that
[19:31] MsAlchemy: not me
[19:31] MsAlchemy: we talked about this yesterday
[19:31] thegingeminge: you talk to people who hate me
[19:32] MsAlchemy: i had no idea who he was ive been here for 4 days now
[19:32] MsAlchemy: you could have at least pulled me to the side at one point
[19:33] MsAlchemy: drama is dumb, i just want silly fun of weirdos taking a sim too seriously and getting thrown around
[19:33] MsAlchemy: like those horses
[19:33] thegingeminge: oh yeah?
[19:34] thegingeminge: you caused it you piece of shit
[19:34] MsAlchemy: if your just gonna call me names why do you wanna talk to me
[19:34] thegingeminge: i am going to destroy you for this
[19:34] MsAlchemy: destroy what exactly
[19:34] MsAlchemy: 2 million people have seen my butthole
[19:34] MsAlchemy: maybe more
[19:34] MsAlchemy: I have literally no family
[19:35] thegingeminge: if only you knew who I know
[19:35] MsAlchemy: thats fine
[19:35] thegingeminge: this account will probably be terminated in the next week
[19:35] MsAlchemy: im sure you know some rad people
[19:35] MsAlchemy: oh nooo
[19:35] MsAlchemy: not my second life account
[19:36] thegingeminge: when you start wondering why all your accounts online start getting random logins you'll know why
[19:36] MsAlchemy: god i didnt thiink you took any of this that seriously
[19:36] MsAlchemy: from your vids
[19:36] thegingeminge: you trying to ruin my life
[19:36] thegingeminge: i take seriously
[19:36] MsAlchemy: oh yeah dude
[19:36] thegingeminge: you scummy piece of shit
[19:36] MsAlchemy: well if i wanted to be a jerk ill post it all
[19:37] MsAlchemy: but im not a jerk
[19:37] MsAlchemy: do you want me to just get off SL forever
[19:37] MsAlchemy: say it and i will
[19:37] MsAlchemy: i only came here from ur vids

[19:39] thegingeminge: lol your helping the person who harrasses my family
[19:39] thegingeminge: you fucking idiot
[19:39] MsAlchemy: wtf are u talking about
[19:39] MsAlchemy: idk who any of these people are
[19:39] MsAlchemy: i know LUI
[19:39] MsAlchemy: thats it
[19:40] thegingeminge: are you retarded
[19:40] thegingeminge: YOU
[19:40] thegingeminge: ARE
[19:40] MsAlchemy: -_-
[19:40] thegingeminge: HELPING
[19:40] thegingeminge: MY
[19:40] thegingeminge: STALKER
[19:40] thegingeminge: RETARD
[19:40] MsAlchemy: how did i do it
[19:40] MsAlchemy: monte did
[19:40] thegingeminge: talking to a boyd dick sucker
[19:41] MsAlchemy: i just met boyd yesterday
[19:41] MsAlchemy: talking about me in violet
[19:41] thegingeminge: you made yourself talked about
[19:41] thegingeminge: you complete idiot
[19:43] MsAlchemy: you take this too seriously
[19:43] MsAlchemy: who cares about this sprug fest drama
[19:43] thegingeminge: "you take people stalking your family seriously"
[19:43] thegingeminge: shut the fuck up retard
[19:44] thegingeminge: are you serious?
[19:44] thegingeminge: no shit I take stalking seriously
[19:44] MsAlchemy: then just stop coming on here
[19:44] thegingeminge: I've already made 10 idiots never come back
[19:44] MsAlchemy: thats fine
[19:44] thegingeminge: I have my ways lol
[19:44] MsAlchemy: i said you can literally ask me and i wont
[19:44] thegingeminge: to get rid of scum
[19:44] MsAlchemy: i said that last night even
[19:45] MsAlchemy: if you really wanted me to leave youd ask me to
[19:45] thegingeminge: leave
[19:45] MsAlchemy: fine I will
[19:47] MsAlchemy: it has nothing to do with any of the threats tho, I have literally nothing in my life that someone can take
[19:47] MsAlchemy: I'm doing it kuz i liked you, I dont like this version of you tho
[19:47] thegingeminge: take your own life
[19:47] thegingeminge: and stop ruining mine thanks
[19:47] MsAlchemy: classy
[19:48] thegingeminge: this is why I dont bring along retards to my trolls
[19:48] thegingeminge: thanks for reminding me not to invite idiots along next time

[19:50] MsAlchemy: Okay well i just archived all this just in case someone says this went down another way.

[19:51] thegingeminge: do I care
[19:51] MsAlchemy: telling me to kill myself really
[19:52] MsAlchemy: when  have i ever said a single mean thing about you
[19:52] thegingeminge: you passed my log
[19:52] thegingeminge: thats worse
[19:52] MsAlchemy: you told someone i hit on you
[19:53] MsAlchemy: and im engaged
[19:53] thegingeminge: you did
[19:53] thegingeminge: retard
[19:53] MsAlchemy: no i didnt lol
[19:53] MsAlchemy: i said i was flattered and if i wasent engaged i might
[19:53] MsAlchemy: thats about it
[19:53] MsAlchemy: idk you
[19:53] MsAlchemy: this is just a game
[19:53] thegingeminge: nobody gives a shit
[19:53] MsAlchemy: apparently you do

[19:54] thegingeminge: I just think you're a scumbag
[19:54] thegingeminge: :)
[19:54] MsAlchemy: that's fine
[19:55] MsAlchemy: that's out of my control at this point
[19:55] MsAlchemy: Dont msg me about drama anymore, if you dont bring things up it blows over
[19:56] thegingeminge: you brought it up
[19:56] MsAlchemy: really
[19:56] MsAlchemy: i jumped on your twitter
[19:56] thegingeminge: nobody posted your fucking log you retard
[19:56] MsAlchemy: and posted a bunch of that
[19:56] MsAlchemy: before you even talked to me
[19:56] MsAlchemy: hmm
[19:56] MsAlchemy: sounds legit
[19:56] thegingeminge: what?
[19:56] MsAlchemy: ur twitter posts u took down
[19:58] MsAlchemy: you realize your acting like the same people you make fun of in your videos
[19:58] MsAlchemy: people who take this autism simulator so seriously
[19:58] thegingeminge: your the autistic sperg who trusts anyone and everyone
[19:58] thegingeminge: passes all my shit out
[19:58] thegingeminge: fuck off
[19:59] MsAlchemy: I'm friendly and I came here for silly fun
[19:59] MsAlchemy: not drama
[19:59] thegingeminge: "silly fun" passes my logs out
[19:59] MsAlchemy: u asked for my skype
[19:59] MsAlchemy: u hit on me
[19:59] MsAlchemy: how is that my fault
[19:59] thegingeminge: you hit on me lol
[19:59] thegingeminge: actually your best buddy monezuma said it too in fact
[20:00] MsAlchemy: [1/15/2016 4:41:46 PM] Britbong: No I don't hate you though
[1/15/2016 4:41:48 PM] Britbong: :P
[1/15/2016 4:42:16 PM] ?Hunny ??: cool : )
[1/15/2016 4:42:25 PM] Britbong: they were hot lol so why would I care
[1/15/2016 4:42:28 PM] ?Hunny ??: I'm still just doing my hair to go to the pub
[1/15/2016 4:42:32 PM] ?Hunny ??: o.o
[1/15/2016 4:42:44 PM] ?Hunny ??: think so?
[1/15/2016 4:42:48 PM] Britbong: of course
[1/15/2016 4:42:53 PM] Britbong: mmm
[1/15/2016 4:43:06 PM] ?Hunny ??: wow
[1/15/2016 4:43:09 PM] Britbong: very fapable
[20:00] MsAlchemy: do you think im stupid enough not to archive all this first
[20:01] MsAlchemy: ^^^^
[20:01] MsAlchemy: leave me alone
[20:02] MsAlchemy: or ill give the log away
[20:02] thegingeminge: lol you're a fucking weirdo
[20:02] MsAlchemy: you think i havent been manipulated before
[20:02] thegingeminge:
[20:02] thegingeminge: referencing this
[20:02] thegingeminge: lol
[20:02] MsAlchemy: you messaged me first that someone sent you my nudes
[20:03] thegingeminge: yeah and?
[20:03] MsAlchemy: so you knew
[20:03] thegingeminge: ?
[20:03] MsAlchemy: just go away dude
[20:03] thegingeminge: your the one starting shit with me
[20:03] MsAlchemy: and none of my archive will see the light of day
[20:03] thegingeminge: passing my logs
[20:04] thegingeminge: epic fan bro
[20:04] thegingeminge: managed to act like a chode in less than 3 days
[20:04] MsAlchemy: LEAVE ME ALONE
[20:04] thegingeminge: you should apologize for posting my shit
[20:04] MsAlchemy: i already did to you yesterday
[20:05] MsAlchemy: want me to link that too
[20:05] thegingeminge: you were making excuses
[20:05] MsAlchemy: i legitimately said sorry to you
[20:05] thegingeminge: your gay drama made me waste 2 hoursa
[20:05] thegingeminge: i was editing
[20:05] MsAlchemy: my gay drama
[20:05] MsAlchemy: uh huh
[20:05] MsAlchemy: totally
[20:06] thegingeminge: when did I pass your logs?
[20:06] MsAlchemy: [20:50] thegingeminge: ms is a tranny
[20:51] Montezuma (exlyndro): how u kno
[20:51] thegingeminge: saw the pics
[20:51] thegingeminge: just askl
[20:51] thegingeminge: dont say i said it
[20:56] Montezuma (exlyndro): oh
[20:56] Montezuma (exlyndro): thats the tranny
[20:56] Montezuma (exlyndro): jesus christ
[20:56] Montezuma (exlyndro): thats the tranny that gets posted all over 4chan
[20:56] Montezuma (exlyndro): with the blue hair
[20:56] Montezuma (exlyndro): ohhhhhhh shitttt nigga
[20:57] thegingeminge: she was hitting on me lol
[20:58] Montezuma (exlyndro): jesus fucking christ
[20:59] thegingeminge: shes "getting married"
[20:59] thegingeminge: said "i would jump at the chance to fuck you"
[20:06] MsAlchemy: that was sent to me
[20:06] MsAlchemy: yesterday
[20:07] thegingeminge: so
[20:07] thegingeminge: ?
[20:07] thegingeminge: I didn't post any log
[20:07] thegingeminge: could have just denied it
[20:07] MsAlchemy: -_-
[20:07] MsAlchemy: calling me a tranny alone id unfriend someone for
[20:08] MsAlchemy: let alone saying things completely out of context
[20:09] MsAlchemy: i've already screenshotted everything and hosted all of it too just incase my comp fucks up
[20:09] MsAlchemy: leave me alone
[20:10] thegingeminge: you are trans?
[20:10] thegingeminge: "i'd remove someone for"
[20:10] MsAlchemy: its a gross comment
[20:10] MsAlchemy: and i dont associate with people who are negative
[20:10] MsAlchemy: sure theres random people walking around chatting to me
[20:11] MsAlchemy: but im never going to add them
[20:11] MsAlchemy: or like them
[20:11] thegingeminge: The ones on Sl don't care
[20:11] thegingeminge: I used to be friends with one on here
[20:11] thegingeminge: i don't even get that at all
[20:11] MsAlchemy: yeah dude every person is the same
[20:11] MsAlchemy: ur right
[20:11] MsAlchemy: my mistake
[20:11] thegingeminge: le trigger warning
[20:11] MsAlchemy: -_-
[20:11] MsAlchemy: its very hard to offend me
[20:12] thegingeminge: i am sorry for being pissed off but
[20:12] MsAlchemy: it doesnt mean id be their friend tho
[20:12] thegingeminge: i am pretty disgusted you passed my logs
[20:12] thegingeminge: directly to someone who stalks my fucking family of all people
[20:12] thegingeminge: you try to trivialize it
[20:12] MsAlchemy: well you called me a tranny to someone and said i hit on you WHILE IM ENGAGED
[20:12] MsAlchemy: i said sorry yesterday
[20:12] MsAlchemy: drama is dumb
[20:12] thegingeminge: it's not even the CONTENT of what you shared idiot, you shared a log which means you would do it again
[20:13] MsAlchemy: someone who calls me a fucking tranny and says I tried fucking them
[20:13] MsAlchemy: thats low dude, especially after you removed me on both mediums
[20:13] thegingeminge: you did say you would fuck me though lmao
[20:14] thegingeminge: if you weren't married
[20:14] MsAlchemy: ^
[20:14] thegingeminge: "i'd jump at the chance" in fact
[20:14] MsAlchemy: thats WAY different out of context
[20:14] MsAlchemy: which is exactly what was said
[20:14] MsAlchemy: "if you weren't married"
[20:14] MsAlchemy: you never included that
[20:15] MsAlchemy: you called me a tranny and tried making me look like some thirsty slut
[20:16] MsAlchemy: i logged in and walked up talking to you yesterday all happy
[20:16] MsAlchemy: to find that i was removed on skype and SL
[20:16] MsAlchemy: and then i get a msg form a random person
[20:16] MsAlchemy: (monte)
[20:16] MsAlchemy: what am I supposed to think
[20:16] thegingeminge: i didn't even say it maliciously
[20:16] MsAlchemy: you do this to yourself, i liked you
[20:16] thegingeminge: i would have just denied it if he asked again
[20:17] thegingeminge: but instead you logshared
[20:17] thegingeminge: to be malicious
[20:17] MsAlchemy: to show that it was out of context
[20:17] MsAlchemy: nigga if i was trying to be malicious you know damn well a lot of what else was said is a lot worse
[20:17] MsAlchemy: I'm nice and I am patient
[20:18] thegingeminge: you didn't even message me first
[20:18] thegingeminge: seems like you were trolling
[20:18] MsAlchemy: I TRIED
[20:18] MsAlchemy: ON SL AND SKYPE
[20:18] thegingeminge: wow it really matters what an ugly dork like montezuma says
[20:18] MsAlchemy: this is before he even msged me
[20:18] thegingeminge: everyone makes fun of the little wormie
[20:18] MsAlchemy: IDK THESE PEOPLE
[20:18] thegingeminge: alright well I apologize
[20:18] MsAlchemy: that day we met was my first night on
[20:19] thegingeminge: if you know the stress i am under you wouldn't be doing this shit right now
[20:19] MsAlchemy: i still can barely use the interface
[20:19] MsAlchemy: all i get is told how stupid i am
[20:19] thegingeminge: stop making it "sl shit" when you're contributing to my stalkers gay blog
[20:19] MsAlchemy: and how you hate me
[20:19] MsAlchemy: im not posting any of this crap
[20:19] MsAlchemy: u think i care about drama
[20:19] MsAlchemy: i dont
[20:19] thegingeminge: should have denied it was true then
[20:20] MsAlchemy: well Ill keep that in mind
[20:20] MsAlchemy: and i apologized to you yesterday without any excuses
[20:21] MsAlchemy: id rather take a blame in any situation to protect a friendship
[20:21] MsAlchemy: why do you think i immidiotly went to violet and said you didnt know anything about me
[20:21] MsAlchemy: hate me all you want and avoid me after this, thats fine
[20:21] MsAlchemy: but you cant just blame me
[20:22] MsAlchemy: and I appreciate this  "
[20:18] thegingeminge: alright well I apologize"
[20:22] MsAlchemy: a lot
[20:23] MsAlchemy: okay?
[20:24] thegingeminge: well i am sorry

[20:25] MsAlchemy: then do yourself a favor and trust me, and maybe try talking to me next time or who ever else your "DANK meme" adventures lead to next
[20:25] MsAlchemy: and i mean that in a joking tone
[20:25] MsAlchemy: not sarcastic
[20:26] MsAlchemy: tell me now who stalks people then
[20:26] MsAlchemy: so i can avoid them in the future
[20:26] MsAlchemy: or drama fiends
[20:27] thegingeminge: you cant avoid a creep who makes a new account daily
[20:27] MsAlchemy: whos that
[20:28] MsAlchemy: holy fuck my room is freezing

[20:30] thegingeminge:
[20:30] MsAlchemy: ok
[20:30] MsAlchemy: i met him at the beach today
[20:31] MsAlchemy: so im removing him now
[20:31] MsAlchemy: okay?
[20:31] thegingeminge: you added him lol..
[20:31] MsAlchemy: "jonnyquester" ?
[20:31] MsAlchemy: right ?
[20:31] thegingeminge: yes
[20:31] MsAlchemy: IDK HE WAS BEING NICE TO ME
[20:32] thegingeminge: god you're going to make me mad.
[20:32] MsAlchemy: please dont blame me right away
[20:32] thegingeminge: GEE I WONDER WHY
[20:32] MsAlchemy: >:(
[20:32] thegingeminge: hes being NICE to someone who leaked shit on me
[20:32] thegingeminge: yeah man I really wonder why
[20:32] MsAlchemy: okay well i see that now
[20:32] MsAlchemy: and thats snakey homie
[20:32] MsAlchemy: i aint about that life
[20:32] MsAlchemy: odne
[20:32] MsAlchemy: done**
[20:33] thegingeminge: do you not understand my mother has been in surgery 2 days ago I am looking after her
[20:33] thegingeminge: i have to deal with this bullshit
[20:33] thegingeminge: and a stalker
[20:33] thegingeminge: trying to ruin my life
[20:33] MsAlchemy: how am i supposed to know
[20:33] MsAlchemy: you dont talk to me
[20:34] thegingeminge: why do you think I ain't streaming
[20:34] MsAlchemy: IDK
[20:34] MsAlchemy: i dont follow ur stuff
[20:34] MsAlchemy: i only ever saw ur stuff on youtube
[20:34] MsAlchemy: you will never catch me even talking about this or your name for now on
[20:35] MsAlchemy: beef squashed? I'm not asking for a re-add
[20:35] MsAlchemy: I'm sorry to hear about your mom
[20:35] MsAlchemy: I wish I had parents
[20:36] MsAlchemy: it must be nice

An organized and annotated version of these chats can be found here.

Twitch Mod Drama in Second Life

Use scrollbar to see the full image

Britbong lying, and Shekelberg calling him out. Britbong realized how badly he fucked up and deleted his original tweet.
A paranoid Manlytears seen here trying to impersonate his former e-pal Shekelberg on Second Life.

Manlytears is extremely socially inept, as such friends are hard to come by for him. One day by chance an individual by the name of Shekelberg joined him in his retarded Hitbox griefing adventures. Shekelberg assumed the role of a sassy Jewish man with a passion for incest, and was much loved by Britbong's fanbase. For some time Shekelberg and Britbong were friends, but Britbong very quickly began to feel threatened by his popular new friend. Shekelberg seemed to steal the spotlight wherever they went, people that loved and hated Britbong adored Shekelberg. Britbong would occasionally receive asks on his page about Shekelberg, which he quickly assumed were written by Shekel himself, because Britbong seems unable to comprehend the idea of people enjoying Shekelberg on his own stream.

Fuming with jealousy, Britbong openly cut all contact with Shekelberg. At one point, Britbong also created an alternate account pretending to be Shekelberg to try and fish personal information about his enemies from other Second Life users, log here (Backup 1, Backup 2). .

To top off all the pettiness, Britbong also went as far as to write a summary about how Shekelberg "wronged" him and why he deserved a Twitch de-modding. Britbong never provided a single piece of evidence to back up his claims, and Shekelberg responded with a counter-arguement paired with screenshots of steam conversations between the two. This confirmed that Britbong lied about almost everything that led to their falling out. To this day, Britbong continues to push away all of his friends and confidants away with his childish behavior. He is very sensitive to the idea that newer and younger Second Life trolls are more successful than him, on and offline.

War of the Trolls

Sound advice.

It's no question that Britbong is a sociopath who loves to verbally abuse people on the internet to bolster his ego. Thusly, Britbong has a comical handicap for getting along with other trolls on the internet. Because of this, he has made enemies with other youtube trolls of the Second Life genre. Fellow youtubers such as CharlieWinsmore, Snipars, DanielfromSL, and the Scandinavian Prince have all received textual abuse from Britbong over twitter and even second life itself. Rather than befriending these other trolls and putting any conflicts to rest, he chooses to aggravate the situation by doxxing and berating the other person. Typically, if you do something britbong doesn't approve of, or say anything that resembles criticism of his work to your fans, his completely reasonable response is to openly call you by your real name, and reveal the names and facebooks of your family members as a means to drag internet drama into your personal life.

Britjew swindles Boyd Doghouse

Britbong has also recently written an entire ED article about an older second life troll whom he accuses of harassing him. In reality, when Upraksi told Britbong to fuck off, Boyd gave Britbong pity money, presumably to make up for the plane ticket mentioned earlier in the article. However, unbeknownst to Britbong was that his e-girlfriend had been in a sexual relationship with Boyd the whole time. To this day, Britbong is still bitter over the whole ordeal. He continues to harass a generous old man simply for being better than him. The article on Boyd has since been rewritten which resulted in Britbong repeatedly attempting to vandalize the new edit on various sock accounts, trying very hard to revert it to his own so people will believe his skewed version of the truth and not leave his autistic personality cult.


You told me you were gonna have to borrow the money, you were really worried about it... blahblahblah I felt really bad for you.


—Boyd explaining why he reimbursed Britbong for the unused plane ticket after his plans to visit Upraksi fizzled out (@ 1:21 minutes in)

Boyd asking Britbong for his money back after finding out Britbong not only bragged about taking
the money from Boyd but was also threatening to post Upraksi's pictures on 4chan for dumping him.

Have a seat, Britbong

Even in Second Life, ManletTears settles for a waifu pillow (one with an underage girl depicted on it no less) as opposed to an actual female. At least Yoko won't cuck him.
Much like the Pedofinder General (another self proclaimed hunter of kiddie fiddlers from Britfagland), Manly also dabbles in the world of cp. For research of course.

Manly is well known for constantly talking about pedophilia on twitter and on Second Life. This is especially prevalent in his antics on Second Life and in his videos as he will accuse people of being pedophiles at every opportunity. Manly's pedophile hatred however is merely a front for his own secret love of small children, both real and animated, making Manly pedobear incarnate. Whether he's sleeping with a virtual waifu pillow that depicts a 14 year old girl or he's using Tomoko as his profile picture, Manly's lust for jailbait always manages to seep through, despite his supposed hatred of pedophiles and their behavior. More recently (in October 2015 to be exact), Manlet's child love finally hit a breaking point when he started linking cp on his own stream under the name of Constibal Wanker. But that's not all. In the same fell swoop, the short manchild also attempted to hook up with a 17 year old girl that he met in Second Life. When his sexual advances were rejected, Manly further showed his true colors when he attempted to obtain the personal information of the underage girl who spurned him. The whole doxing ordeal can be viewed in the video below.


It's legal here, you can suck my penis!


—Manly attempting to justify his sexual appetite for teenage girls

Anyone with any information on Manly's current whereabouts are encouraged to contact Interpol and Chris Hansen.

Hey thar reddit bros, I'm totally not a pedophile ok??


Pedobong Strikes Back (Also, CP)

That girl should get her nudes posted again for hurting my feelings!!!

In the current year of 2017, Manlet tears still carried a grudge against the underage girl who rejected him in Second Life. So much so that when a thread about him was made on Kiwifarms, Manly's first response was to blame this girl for creating the kiwi thread. In all his manlet rage, Manlytears proceeded to obtain nudes of the girl from when she was still underage and then spam said nude pictures on the 8chan /cow/ thread where his faggotry was being discussed. His cp posts were of course immediately deleted. Predictably, this infuriated Manly who tried to encourage people in the /cow/ thread to repost the nudes he had posted. When that didn't work, Manly reposted the nudes again, only to get permanently banned from 8chan for both requesting and posting child porn.

I'm pessimistic about him topping the whole "publicly telling everyone that 8chan is for pedophiles while anonymously posting there 2000 times and getting banned for posting child pornography" thing.


—/cow/ admin JEWS on Manly's hypocrisy

Second Life Wiki Vandalism Tour 2016

NoVidyaForTheV is one of a handful of people who've gone round several wiki's, websites trying to spread outright lies and are incredibly biased. They couldn't be "unbiased" if they tried, they get away with it on ED but really this shouldn't be the case anywhere else.


—Manlytears attempting to save face on Wikia by once again painting himself as the perpetual victim

This image speaks for itself.

Not satisfied with his notability here on ED, Manly decided he needed to branch out. So he found his way to the rotting carcass that is the Second Life wiki (hosted by Wikia so you know it's shit) where he proceeded to write up a self masturbatory fluff piece on himself (under the apt username of AutisticTroll) so he could advertise his unfunny videos and big himself up as a well known internet celebrity. It did not take long however for Manly's old friends from /v/ to discover his new wank spot. After careful attention from trigger happy /v/irgins, Manly's ad-like cumstain was re-written to better reflect the real Manlytears as opposed to the goofy but harmless facade he likes to put on in order to placate to the autistics who pay attention to his Youtube channel. This proper edit of course did not sit well with Manly who soon began to repeatedly vandalize his article (under the newly created account name of Britbongu) by both trying to revert it and attempting to blank it and redirect it to such random titles as Heavy Memer.

Britbongreturns shut it down.png


Britbongreturns wikia vandalism1.png
Please revert my article so that my fans don't find out I'm actually a fraud!


Britbongreturns wikia vandalsim2.png
For someone who accuses others of having no life, Manlytears has plenty of time on his hands
to make sure that his lies remain the status quo. Even on completely dead wikis.

Furfaggotry and Plushfaggotry

Manlytears yiffing his stuffed animals.

In the midst of Manly's doomed edit war, seasoned /v/irgins unearthed some dirty cum stained secrets about him. As it turns out, Manlytears is not only a closeted furfag who enjoys a good yiff with his stuffed alpacas, but he's also a crossdresser whose been known to wear his mother's clothing. As if this wasn't the icing on the cake, it was also found out that a formally well known furry drama whore who identifies himself as a Purple Wolf Punk is both a fan and supporter of Manly and his lesser known activism in the name of the furry fandom.

Britbongreturns furry activism.png
Approved by Rigsby himself!
Britbongreturns mom dress.jpg
This further explains his outward hatred of transsexuals.

Sysops Bite Back

Use scrollbar to see the full image

Britbongreturns wikia rage.png
Manlytears attempting to personal army one of the Wikia admins into helping him and then getting upset and exposing his own samefagging when his plan backfires.

Wikia's overlords were finally forced to take notice that an otherwise dead wiki was in the midst of an edit war between /v/ and a known child molester who had been ousted from /v/ when Manly began harassing one of the wiki admins by calling them a retard for not having aided him sooner. Rightfully so, they swooped in and deleted the article, banning Manly's AutisticTroll account in the process. Infuriated, Manly proceeded to have a chimpout on the admin's talkpage. In his blind rage, Manly failed to realize that he ousted himself as a samefag. Unwittingly admitting that both AutisticTroll and Britbongu were his accounts. Nothing of value was lost as an archive of Manly's Second Life wiki article can be viewed here.

You banned me for defending myself when my profile and wiki was vandalized by a 8chan troll and then you ban me for defending myself when an autisitc sperg comes crying to you


—Someone short and silly crying like a typical tartlet

Second Life Troll Wiki

No shit, captain obvious.

Unwarranted self importance still intact after being humiliated on the Second Life wiki, Manlytears decided that he needed to make a wiki of his own where he could jerk himself off and repeatedly tell himself that he's a famous internet troll whom should always be treated with the utmost respect and admiration. Thus the Second Life Troll Wiki was born. It's obvious that this wiki is a Manlytears creation as he even uses the same username of AutisticTroll on it. Manly's new wiki is little more than a failed abortion that attempts to take all the worst aspects of the Second Life wiki and Encyclopedia Dramatica and put them in the blender that is Wikia. The end result being a site where everything goes as it's midget dictator proclaims. And much like sites that preceded it such as AnonTalk, the Second Life Troll Wiki is also owned and operated by a child porn loving basement dweller.

The idea of this wiki is to reference and mark a history of known SL trolls within and on the SL community that have passed on through generations since SL started. Since some wikis life SL Wikia, and other sites don't provide such content and has inactive administration teams which has led to the vandalism of the pages made by the public it is only appropriate that we bring that content onto a wiki where people with sufficient citing and information on these well known and famous person(s) can link and reference them in a whole wiki page.

As-long as the content is within the Wikia TOS and by the book anyone is able to add on within this community and change what needs too be changed and context and create pages the provide real evidence that person has existed and is known enough


—SL Troll Wiki's mission statement, no bias here right? (Nice grammar by the way, Manly)

So far this failure of a wiki has one article on it that just explains what a Second Life Troll is. As if this is a concept that any manchildren who watch Manly's content are incapable of grasping. The only fate that awaits this waste of disk space is the inevitable vandalism from /v/ and many, many others who don't take too kindly to the existence of Manlytears.

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  • Juliabrownfanclub - Steam group Manly made (using his Boyd sock account) about Upraksi (a girl he met on Second Life that he internet dated and subsequently lost his virginity to at age 26)
  • BritbongReturns - Fan group Manly made for his dead Youtube channel
  • Club BritbongReturns - Official BritbongReturns group

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*chan Threads


  • /gremlin/ - Board made by Manly in response to /cow/ (ripe for trolling)
  • /britbongreturns/ - True and Honest Britbong Discussion Board
  • First thread - More information on trolling Manly's stream can be found here
  • Primary thread Even more trolling information can be found here /snow/

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Second Life Wiki

  • AutisticTroll - Manly's wiki account (used to force himself onto the wiki)
  • Britbongu - Vandalism account Manly made after his shill article got rewritten


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