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These can be seen around MandoPony's hometown of Vancouver. No arrest has been made yet.

Andrew (Andy) Stein, better known by his stage name MandoPony, is a shitty amateur musician who makes fan music for My Little Pony and lives in his mother's basement. Also known as MandoPedo, BlandoPony, Mama's Boy Mando, and "The Man Who Fucked Michelle Creber", he has done absolutely nothing useful with his life and is only known in the brony community he now makes FNAF music as well. Also, he's a huge drama queen and regularly brown-noses all of the people who work on the show.

While MandoPony has made more than his share of god-awful brony music, his most notable claim to fame so far has been overreacting horribly to internet rumours that he's a pedophile (which happen to be true).

Andy Stein, Ass-Kisser Extraordinaire

Andy Stein- the brony fandom's favourite homosexual.

Andy Stein begun his musical career making original songs about the hit TV show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It's a cartoon for little girls that, for some screwed up reason, has garnered a huge fandom of socially inept young men. Under the pseudonym "MandoPony", he made many songs on his YouTube channel, eventually deciding that he wanted to go pro. Unfortunately, talent scouts in the music industry tend not to give a shit about guys who look like child molesters and sing songs about magical ponies from little girls' cartoons.

This presented a hurdle for his career. But, as every aspiring entertainer knows, if you want to get ahead in showbiz but are too mediocre to do it, you can compensate for your lack of talent by sucking the occasional dick, literally or otherwise. MandoPony's solution to this problem was to make a bunch of these videos and to heap piles of praise upon the My Little Pony staff when they showed up at brony conventions, while whoring himself out as well, of course. He also got as many guest roles as he could on brony radio shows, which was quite easy because very few people were willing to take the ego hit that would entail. Not Mando, though! As a last ditch maneuver to promote himself, he managed to summon up the courage to go down on MLP creator Lauren Faust's unwashed, trouty twat (thanks, feminism!), a joy she hadn't experienced since 1993. This helped get him in her good graces as well as those of many of the show's writers and animators. Over time, he has gotten increasingly bigger roles in writing music for My Little Pony and other shows on The Hub Discovery Family. He considers this a mark of success, apparently not realizing that writing songs for little girls' cartoons is almost as close to the bottom of the barrel as you can get.

Sadly, MandoPony's professional reputation would soon be forever tarnished by a series of internet scandals revolving around a certain, unsavoury rumour about him.

The Saga of MandoPedo

Prelude of Tight

The saga unfolds!

At some point in mid-October of 2012, a bored anon down in 4chan's /mlp/ board decided to start a thread claiming MandoPony was a child molester. The basis for this was that he frequently hangs out with Michelle Creber, one of My Little Pony's underage voice actresses and an aspiring musician herself. One may be inclined to consider this suspicious, but only if one spends a lot of time on 4chan, or (at the risk of sounding redundant) happens to be an actual child molester.

/mlp/, being the civilized, morally upright environment that it is, doesn't give two shits about pedophilia, and many of its members are keen to imagine pounding the shit out of Michelle Creber's tight 16-year-old pussy. Consequently, the thread got 3 ho-hum replies and promptly 404'ed, but not before being archived. Due to MandoPony's near-total lack of online popularity up to this point, the archived thread became the first result you got when Googling his name combined with "4chan." As fortune would have it, one fine Sunday afternoon about a month later, MandoPony received a tweet from a mischievous anon inviting him to Google his name and 4chan, "just to see what would happen." He did so, only to discover a rather appalling bunch of internet comments claiming he was shacking up with his preteen protégé.

This proved particularly distressing to him because he actually was. You see, MandoPony spent most of his life being homeschooled by his over-protective mother, and never developed the social skills or experience needed to not be a total loser. Even by the age of 23, he had never left home and never had the privilege of seeing a pussy for realsies other than when his mom got drunk after her frequent one-night-stands and passed out on the couch. Dear Michelle was the first girl he ever really got to know, and her young age and inexperience made him feel better about his own immaturity and abysmally small pencil dick. It all began when he saw this video, and from that point onward, he could deny his lust for her no longer:

After winning her over Humbert-Style with promises of cash and candy, they had frequent trysts down in Michelle's mansion while her parents were away on business. They tried to be discreet, of course, but our friend was never exactly much of a gentleman, to say the least. So, after seeing the thread about his...proclivities, MandoPony began to fear that Anonymous had sussed him out.

Implausible Deniability

Realising that he had to take control of the situation, MandoPony took to Twitter and voiced his disgust about people on the internet saying he was a pedophile. This had the ironic effect of making /mlp/'s denizens realise that they had actually been right, and that MandoPony would wind up being a great source of lulz. With the aid of the GNAA, /mlp/ began a mighty trolling crusade against him, dubbing him "MandoPedo", spamming his Twitter and Deviantart with lewd comments and making suggestive pictures of him and his pre-pubescent paramour.

As it happens, MandoPony's mom is also on Twitter under the name "MandoMommy" (shoot me), and took to defending her son's honour on the internet, claiming that she would sue 4chan for libel. Unfortunately, if she had bothered to read up on libel laws, she would have realized that libel is only libel if it isn't true. In order for MandoPony's libel suit to succeed, he'd have to prove that he isn't a pedophile, and his picture alone would probably have that case thrown out. Plus, as many have figured out before, you can't sue 4chan, no matter how much backtracing you do.

It's Time To Go Deeper

Blessings on the happy couple.

To further conceal his true desires, MandoPony began spending time with Sabrina "Sibsy" Alberghetti, an animator who works on My Little Pony and also has an evening job as an escort. He paid her to pose with him for pictures and at brony conventions to create the illusion that he has a girlfriend, and is thus not a pedophile or a loser. While Lady Sibsy is used to dealing with her share of awkward clientele, MandoPony's social retardation proved too uncomfortable even for her, as evidenced by the fact that she has the thousand-yard stare in all of their pictures together.

As you might imagine, this wasn't enough to turn the tide of trolls. They continued to harangue him for months, and sure enough, MandoPony continued to create giant piles of drama whenever someone brought up the MandoPedo scandal. This made him an enormously popular target for newfags. Even if you had no more wit than a brick, the most boringly cliché of troll quips would set him off. This caused /mlp/'s younger demographic to constantly create unfunny threads about him in which no new content was being produced, no new ideas were being put forth, and people continued to say the same tired old things and post the same tired old pictures. It wasn't long before most people on /mlp/ got sick of the whole ordeal and stopped replying to the threads. Eventually, /mlp/ got some more competent mods, who now delete all MandoPedo threads because they stopped being funny in 2012.

The Calm After the Storm

An Applebloom a day, and the doctor gets his pay.

In recent months, the MandoPedo trolls have let up significantly, allowing MandoPony to focus more on his entertainment career. His recent exploits include making a song for Littlest Pet Shop (a.k.a. My Little Pony v2), and guest starring on Michelle Creber's YouTube show, "Speedy and Stretch", which is inspired by their sex life. Yet, the trolls still lurk in the wings, waiting for the perfect moment to jump out of the woodwork and assault poor Mando with a barrage of stupid internet comments and badly drawn pictures of his OC Pony fucking Applebloom.

In November 2014, MandoPony proved to the world that he wasn't such a one trick pony, and that he was now making songs for other autistic fandoms, and it brought him a level of popularity bigger than that he was avoiding in late 2012 - early 2013, and most importantly, put him firmly back into the spotlight and brought him more of his beloved Jew gold. In that same month of November 2014, Sibsy announced via some shitty DA comic that she made, that she then shared on Twitter, that her and MandoPony are engaged. One can only hope that they never reproduce. It's also worth mentioning that Sibsy is 34 years old, and MandoPony is only 26. Maybe Mando believed that he could alleviate his pedophilic tendencies by hooking up with older women to level out the mean age of his fuckbuddies?


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