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Man The Harpoons, much like Facepalm, is a versatile meme that can come into play in a variety of situations but is primarily utilized when a great big whale is sighted on the horizon. To put it simpler, use it when you see a fatass. Also see the secondary meaning of this meme.

This meme is one that should be played quickly, because it can be neutralized by the "in before" (harpoons/TITS OR GTFO/gb2) post.

Derivatives of this meme include replacing the word harpoon with something that would bring down complete ruin on the victim/poster. For example macros with lulz like: The Finnisher - For When The Harpoons Just Won't Cut It.

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Secondary meaning

A successfully harpooned whale.

A "harpoon" can also refer to a call for an onslaught of comments or other communication; in this case a call to Man The Harpoons might mean a call for /b/lackup to make more comments on a news story or votes in an internet poll. The image evoked is of a whale pierced by multiple harpoons and suffering, or—in the case of especially effective harpoons—one of those newfangled Norwegian explosive harpoons which knock out the whale with a single shot (ostensibly for humane kills, but mostly because exploding harpoons are cooler than just plain old harpoons).

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