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MamaMax is the typical "horror" YouTuber with a horrid fanbase and an edgy editing style, however, he started off his channel reviewing loli hentai, which is ironic as his later videos consist of LARPing as a vigilante who will track down and kill pedophiles. He is known to generally make an asshat of himself online, while consistently bitching at YouTube for taking down his shitty videos where he threatens violence while dressed up as a Hotline Miami character and using a gay voice changer to hide the fact he never hit puberty.

One would imagine if you were going to threaten people with violence, you wouldn't show your face online, but when have JewTubers ever not attention whored to feed their egos? The dedication MamaMax has to pumping out videos about how much he hates pedophiles makes one wonder if there aren't some skeletons in his own closet.

In The Beginning

As mentioned previously, when MamaMax wasn't larping as an online vigilante, he reviewed hentai prior to starting his channel in 2016. Originally he uploaded the videos to channels of his friends, which can still be found online. Notably, he reviewed loli and incest porn, such as Kiss X Sis. Along with his hentai reviews, he also published a series of videos titled "Life Sucks" in which he would give his emo audience advice on how to get through life. Later on, he nuked his old "Life Sucks" videos in order to reinforce his edgy vigilante persona, even though these videos can still be found reuploaded by other people.

The First Taste Of Fame

Later on, MamaMax would start by making horror videos in his odd style, these were generally "telling a story" that never went anywhere, and just serve to get the attention span of impressionable 13-year-old retards with an internet connection. In those videos, he made tons of dubious claims, like claiming that he was being watched by a japanese cult, or that he found a game on the deep web. Additionally, he would often show his ugly teeth into the camera, so be thankful that you cannot smell through your screen. In short, the kinds of videos he made were not too different from what the average YouTuber would do in order to get a quick buck from their audiences.

My Beautiful Dark Edgelord Fantasy

However, what makes MamaMax stand out from all the other JewTubers, is that his fanbase will often do what he says, something that he would use to his advantage in 2020, in which he would "uncover" a pedophile ring on some app that nobody is using. This of course caused a lot of outrage, which he would use in order to get internet clout. In these videos, he would begin to feed his own ego, by referring to his fanbase as "his children" and making them hype up retarded hashtags so he can get attention from other influencers. Along with that, this is the point in which he would start his edgy vigilante LARP, dressing up as Jacket from Hotline Miami, and making skits in which he violently kills people that anyone with half a brain dislikes. Notably, he would already accuse Susan Wojcicki of creating a harbor for pedophilia, which is a pretty grave accusation from someone that used to watch loli porn with his friends.

The KidsChat video, in which he talks about some pedo ring while making himself look cool and badass. if you have the worlds shortest attention span, just watch the first 25 seconds of the video.
  1. AnswerUsPedoTube, the precursor to the current retardation.


He would continue making shitty videos in which he claims that he has people MURDERING bad guys for him. The massive ego boosts would continue to stack up, until he ended up getting a strike in a video where he "uncovers" another pedo ring on some Second Life knock-off. He ended up getting the strike for showing the buttocks of a black male character, but in his mighty delusion, he thinks it's because Susan Wojcicki loved to go on plane rides with her two best friends, Jeffrey Epstein and Peter Scully. Therefore, the only idea to stop pedophilia and animal abuse from happening, is to start some shitty hashtag on Twitter and try to get on as many creators as possible to kiss his ass, otherwise they are to be considered pedophiles as well.

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External Links

  • YouTube Favicon.png MamaMax – His YouTube account.
  • Patreon-favicon.png MamaMax – His Patreon account for the paypigs.
  • Instagram-new-favicon.png mamamax.jpg – His Instagram where he posts his mug all over.
  • Twitter-favicon.png mamamaxyt – Of course he has a Twitter account, too.
  • Instagram-new-favicon.png fawn.paulina – The Instagram of his schizo GF.
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