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The Male Gaze

The Male Gaze is feminist propaganda stating in a characteristically shrill manner that the world is created through the patriarchal lens of the straight male. This basically means that the disgusting male scum shitlord is exclusively catered to in the media with gratuitous ass and titty shots, and that progressives and other degenerates really don't care for it at all, to the point that they are, once again, fully prepared to bitch and moan ceaselessly about yet another nonissue.

The phrase is mostly used by "progressive" gaming "journalists" and also crybaby critics who, as a paid profession, record and splice themselves bitching into video gaming content, footage of which they stole from other YouTube users, and post it back up on YouTube for fun, profit, and feminist asspats.


Coined by some lesbian feminist film critic (believably enough, that's her actual job title) named Laura Mulvey in the 70's, to explain why she would clutch her pearls about movies showing too much skin, entirely due to morality and totally not her own insecurity. The phrase started catching on with other women who were insecure about their bodies; i.e., damn near all of them. By the time video games became popular enough for the fun police to take notice, the phrase started to be used broadly in those circles as a strawman argument to make men feel bad about their original sin, male privilege.

Mulvey repeatedly gets taken to task for fucking up Jacques Lacan and using his concept of gaze (more leik gays, amirite) for wymyn. Feel free to read up on some Lacan to really piss off the SJW’s, because they sure as fuck didn’t. If you want to tune out, now is the time:

Critics called Mulvey out on ignoring Lacan’s concept of “the real”, which is the whole goddamn point of the gaze, not “muh patriarchy.” True Lacanians know that gaze is not dependent on gender, and does not establish a system of power relations just by looking at a motherfucker, nor is having desire the same thing as wanting to dominate. What gaze does is momentarily lift the veil of fantasy which we use to mediate between ourselves and the real, and it belongs to the object.

For example: There is a SJW and a cheesecake in a room. If the SJW is vegan and cannot eat dairy, there is no gaze because the cheesecake is not her object of desire. If the SJW is the regular type, the cheesecake becomes an object of desire, because the SJW eats to keep the pain of virginity away. The cheesecake confronts the SJW with gaze (note: not a fucking verb), and reminds her that she’s never getting laid, which reveals the real, and the SJW goes into aspic-like rage while crying and shoveling in the cheesecake. The SJW will never get laid, so instead, the objects of desire (white mochas, fan fiction, tumblr) prevent her from truly encountering the real.

If the SJW were to be confronted in the room with a penis, the trauma doubles: her fantasy of sexual fulfillment crosses over from fantasy to reality, and the trespass becomes unbearable because it externalizes her subconscious desires — it is a violence which destroys the SJW’s fundamental identity.

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