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Richard Roles pedophilin' on Myspace
When will teh madness evarr end!?!!1

Name: Richard Roles

Age: 23

Location: United Kingdom - Surrey

Height: Dwarf

Weight: Skinny/Lanky/Brittle

E-mail: [email protected] | [email protected]

Website: |


Evidence of his eagerness to skype underaged teens (victim aged 16)

Main attributes:

- On teh interwebz 24/7 which lead to the demise of richards relationship with his EX. (See Also:basement_dweller)

- Brown noses every living thing on (Usually with lines such as, "I love you." , "Want me to make you a banner?", and "Let me do a card trick for yoo'z")

- Steals ideas from creative show hosts (i.e. Bradman and eastcoastvegas)

- Skyping under aged teens after midnight (When his pedomagic show ends)

- HE WANNA TO BE EN AH-MERICAN! (Regardless of his EU limeyfuck status)

- Adding as many 15/16 year olds on his myspace as possible

- Faking that his account got hacked to gain more sympathy from his fanbase of children and teens

- Asking every fucking living thing if they want to go greece with him this summer (mainly female broadcasters on JTV)

- Did I mention he very rarely goes out? He practically hybernates within the pocket dimension of (See

- Over uses the word "fail","epic" and "fap" as well as using them in the wrong context

Pedo Magicians Biography

Richard has been performing and entertaining people young over 10 years and usually made a fool of himself thus leading him to teh interwebz. He recently had a relationship with a girl around his age although it didn't quite workout due to Richard being on 24/7 and over 9000 hours of hawking broadcaster channels, as if he were deprived from technology.

Starting back in 1997 in a small town called Ash, Surrey Providing people with small disco setups all at the age of 11- years past as Richard got into magic stage shows and close up encounters with young boys who were 7-16. Working with children in sunday schools and holiday resorts. Spreading around the UK like Aids for a company called "Discos Online" working under contract Richard then opened up his Karaoke And Pedophile sanctuary.

Richard Roles is in ur base stealin' JTV bandwidth

With Juggling And Balloon Modeling (125 Models) To Be Exact Richard also loves working with kids in sunday schools ranging from ages 7-16 The inspiration and enjoyment is guaranteed, for a grotesque night of child porn bananza! (he'd often get his victims to come back to his place after his pedomagic trickeries)

Richard usually plays the most cliche pop culture-like music you could possibly imagine which rapes thy ear virginity. Such tracks include "Cardboard box". Prepare for a CP night and laugh it up with a basement dwelling magician.


The MagicRich Show

Richards Pedophilic Debut:

After months and months of a 24/7 addiction spree within, gathering intel from other peoples shows and broadcasts- Rich decided to set up his own channel which eventually lead to a fan base of 12-17 year old fangirls who are either socially deprived or morbidly obese.

He -STEALS- ideas:

A popular jewish acne covered JTV broadcaster, primarily known as eastcoastvegas would perform comedy segments entitled 'jambi'. The concept usually involved setting up a less known broadcaster and sending viewers to bombard a victims room with troll and spam, often done to e-boost some e-repz into teh broadcasting realmz of epic roflulz! - the broadcaster would in turn join the room after hours of link spamming only to be welcomed by hebrew love.

magicrich decided to steal this concept and rename it 'blackout' where he'd unsheath a couple of glowing dildos and start waving them frantically as the punked broadcaster enters the pedophiles room, often shocked by it all which eventually lead to a nights worth of Skype phone sex. This was arguably debated as a way of getting girls to cyber magicrich through Skype or teh MSN during aftershow hours.

Not only did he steal an idea off eastcoastvegas, but he did the same faggotry shit with Bradman. Another Show host mostly performing comedy and parody segments similar to eastcoast. With Bradmans 'Wagon Wheel', he would usually send off viewers to spam a particular sentence regarding a topic or subject matter that sounded familiar to the broadcaster victim. In turn, this would draw lulzworthy banter.

magicrich pulled off another steal and run tactic, pulling off almost an identical segment however naming it 'Paranoia'- in other words, not only is this pedo magician a philiac, but he also doesn't have teh intellect to come up with his own ideas. British limeyfuck much?

His emo-faggotry Tantrums:

Everynow and then magicrich goes into a state of anti-social paranoia. Forcing him to fake the 'hacked account' epidemic (you know the method where you can flame and troll as much as you want, only to exclaim the next day "O NOEZ IT WASNT ME. I GOT HACKED LULZ.") He often does this once or twice every 2-3 weeks to gain reassurance from his 14-16 year old fangirls. Magicrich is also the type of guy with Michael Jackson tendencies- constantly telling people he's never met before how much he loves them, playing the innocent role of a good samaritan with humble manners, (pedo linguistics) and repeatedly showing the same retarded card tricks on his shows.

magicrich behind the blow:

when magicrich isn't broadcasting- expect him to be on all the time, prowling teh channel servers hoping to find moar loli for his Skype cyber butt fuck take-over. When he's in someone elses channel hes usually multitasking on Skype as well, orgy cybering a dozen underaged girls and making plans to meet them IRL. Insta kill as pedobear must be struggling to find teh underage poontang in Britain.

UPDATE 15/04/2008:

magicrich decided to go to San Fransisco for vacation hoping he'd increase his reputation in teh worldz of reality. Instead, he would remain broadcasting on JTV 24/7, rather then promoting himself, visit tourist attractions or go sight-seeing. And even if he did go out once in a blue moon, he'd bring his little fucktard of a laptop with him and procceed to lifecast. Additionally he fails HUGELY in attracting females of legal age as kiapet mentioned that he didn't know how to speak to girls at the bar or flirt with anything with a poontang, funny that. Although it isn't a surprise- he usually prefers girls under the age of 18 REMEMBERZ?!11?. After drama ensued between him and his butt buddy Kiapet, Rich decided he hated America and stormed back into limeyland Britain where him and his internet girlfriend designergirl decided to fake her death/car crash in hopes of bringing her into stardom status. Pretty ironic considering she fell out with a popular female JTV broadcaster a day prior and was losing e-repz drastically!!

Currently, magicrich has invited the following girls to move to Greece with him for lulzytown butt fucks and pedo orgyfests; krystyl, flapjackie, emileejones, christy, christytime, daniellestarr, xtrish, designergirl, georgiemae, chloejayne, jenahfifi and several other female jtv broadcasters. WHY DONT U GETZ TEH MESSAGE PEDOMAGIC?!11!? WE ARE SO'Z AWARE OF TEH PEDO TRICKERIES. Furthermore i'd love to see him dish out that many plane tickets for all of the above girls when not only does he live in his mothers basement, but he had everyone back in San Fran pay for his flight tickets, accomodation and food. Can we say, "Cheapskate?"

UPDATE 7/02/2009:

Upon request, after a long period of pedo faggotry in cyprus. Magicrich returns with moar pedo spazms and new magic trickeries to con the young teens into thinking his cock is of spiritual magica, thus rendering him a successful pedo amongst his 15-16 year old teen fanbase. BRB PEDO ON TEH LOOSE - (broadcasting every thursday 8PM GMT, 3pm EST)

Testimonials on magicrich' website regarding his pedophilism traits

Teh victimz

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