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Maggie Lindemann = infected with GOTIS
You can help by not giving her any attention.

#FreeKesha supporters bullied this girl for not supporting Ke$ha.

Margaret "Maggie" Elizabeth Lindemann is a singer, songwriter and typical 16-year-old selfie-whore who is most well known for her relationship with an attention whoring, half-azn Viner and paedophile named Twitter-favicon.png Carter Reynolds and for expressing unpopular opinions that don't conform with those of the neo-liberal hivemind.

Maggie's social justice faux pas include stating that Kesha could possibly be lying about being raped and pointing out that it's possible to be racist towards honky-ass crackers. This is what social justice has come to, folks!

Abused by Paedo Reynolds

Carter Reynolds, half-AZN paedophile douchebag.
A picture of Carter Reynolds taken from a different angle.
Jesus Christ how horrifying.

Maggie has accused Carter of being sexually abusive, but there's one small fact that makes Maggie's accusations against Carter far more credible that Ke$ha's accusations against Dr. Luke – Maggie actually has evidence that proves her claims.

In early 2015, a hacker managed to break into Carter Reynolds' private accounts and leaked a video – The video showed 19-year-old Carter Reynolds pressuring a visibly uncomfortable and possibly inebriated 16-year-old Maggie Lindemann into having sex. Not only did the video prove that Carter Reynolds is a disgusting paedophile and rapist – It also proved that he is a child pornographer.

A dramatic reenactment of Carter Reynold's child rape video.

A paedonigger attempts to defend Carter Reynolds.

Entering the Ke$ha Saga

After Ke$ha was denied an injunction, Maggie took to Twitter and voiced her opinions.

stop assuming


—Maggie, giver of good advice

bc she wants out of her contract ??


—Maggie, explaining why Ke$ha might have lied

that she's telling the truth, nobody knows the full story, just because she says something doesn't mean it's true


—Maggie, explaining what people are assuming

sorry but you can't believe everything, some people are twisted and make up things


—Maggie, being an intelligent young woman

Maggie Lindemann proved that common sense wasn't dead yet – A fact that the Social Justice Warriors didn't take kindly to and quickly sought to rectify by relentlessly bullying a 16-year-old girl.

Maggie Lindemann is a ugly, disgusting ignorant cunt


—MATTHEW MONTALVO, calling Maggie a cunt

I hate Maggie fatty lindemann


—needyjai, calling Maggie fat

maggie lindemann is such a cunt wtf


—confusedhalsey, calling Maggie a cunt

kill yourself so we can finally be happy


Fuck Magugly Iiarmen, telling Maggie to kill herself

you're an ugly ass Madison beer wanna be ass bitch and a cunt for saying Kesha is a liar. Kill yourself


—transitharry, telling a 16-year-old to commit suicide

Fuck Maggie Lindemann. She wanted people on her side during her situation but chooses to side against Kesha? Disgusting.


—SonniNichole, failing to understand that Maggie has evidence

so maggie lindemann claimed being sexually assaulted but now says Kesha is lying. that rat has craved, is craving and will crave attention.


—saddadalex, disregarding video evidence

if you still support maggie lindemann, unfollow me right now. you're just as dumb and pathetic as her


imabelieberhey, on how you are dumb and pathetic

Maggie Lindemann was sexually assaulted herself, yet chooses not to support Kesha??? Da fuq??


—K†NG K†LL, attacking an assault survivor who called out Ke$ha's bullshit

rape has permanent affects on the victim and everybody around them... you got told to kill yourself and youre crying


—hslaurent, informing a rape victim that rape has permanent effects

a stupid girl who actually was abused by carter reynolds and said kesha was lying about being abused lmao



Madison Beer Bullies Maggie

Duckfaced cunt and cyberbully Madison Beer.

Even Maggie's supposed "friend" and fellow 16-year-old girl, Madison Beer, took to Twitter to harass Maggie – As did Jeffree Star (Powerword" Jeffree Lynn Steininger), a moderately famous make-up artist and transsexual faggot.

don't state an opinion on social media and not expect hate. but @MaggieLindemann there ya go girly


—Madison Beer, being a cunt

so sick & wrong... and the fact that there are people out there accusing her of lying is just..


—Madison Beer, unable to cope with the fact that everyone lies

not only being raped kills, but being raped then being accused of lying about it kills. remember that


—Madison Beer, believing that rape and words are murder

Jeffree Star: Transtastic Faggot

Jeffree "Literally asking for it" Star
Professional Mettaton cosplayer Jeffree Star.
Jeffree, looking even fruitier than the last photo.
@MaggieLindemann as a woman should be ashamed of yourself. How do you even look in the mirror every morning?


—Jeffree Star, being a typical pink-haired tranny faggot

This CUNT @MaggieLindemann called Kesha a LIAR then deleted her tweets. You're irrelevant. Bye bye now


—Jeffree Star, calling Maggie a cunt

I don't want the respect from a cunt who jokes about sexual assault. You're SCUM


—Jeffree Star, calling Maggie a cunt after she apologized

Reverse Racism

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