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Macanese Kim Jong Un (Left) Hong Kong Bill Clinton (Back) Chinese Hitler (Right)

Macau or Shitty Hong Kong is a "Special Administrative Region" of China.

But because of a fat guy like Kimmy Boi running Macau. Macau's head is so deep into China's ass that you might even call it a city of China but forget about it.

They try to be as good as Hong Kong but when you are almost as small as the Vatican.

There's really nothing much to do there. I guess explore the slums and get mugged or go to the casinos to end up being poor etc... Macau was just a boring little dick off the coast of China after they went full Dutch and merged two islands into one making a knock-off Las Vegas and ending up being a circle-jerk of Chinese Powerful Bois wasting and laundering their money away.

The only reason why people move there is to get $6000 Macanese Marks every year because the city makes so much money. But at the end of the day. If a great depression happens, Macau is fucking dead.


Macau is small. That's really all I can say. There's nothing to do there seriously why are you on this page.

Over like 70% of their land is reclaimed off the sea and they have to go as far as to merge two islands to build a strip just for rich cunts to waste money there.


Casinos are for chinese big bois to money launder.

List of Casinos

Here are a list of casinos if you uncivilized fuck wants to go to these shitty hotels.

The Venetian

If you want go in a building and sit on a boat built on land that was water then head into the Macanese Venetian. From the smell of the fresh venetian air-conditioner breeze. You can also gamble on the top floors and look at the fountains outside. Small shitty rooms tho.

Hotel Lisboa

One of the older and shittier hotels that looks like a generic Chinese building with golden glass like that's attractive... It's only for gambling so if you are poor go up to the uncivilized land.


Newer hotel. Wave pool. Stuff... Some kid died in the pool but that's besides the point.

Lung Cancer


Daddy Chui

eternal leader.

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