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It is all what is says.
What the average fucktard draws in MS Paint. As you can see, this is clearly a true stroke of artistic genius.
An artist's interpretation of the pope.
Did I mention that you could even make shit like this with MS Paint?
The average paint user: Dumb as fuck.
Drawn by Alicia. Wait, a fucking girl drew this?
Better, but it's still fucking shit.

MS Paint is a shitty virtual drawing program developed by Microsoft, which is complete shit and not even worth using at all in general. The main purpose of MS Paint is to draw pictures and create "artistic masterpieces"; however, since the program is so shitty, it doesn't have very good tools to begin with, so making a picture would take over 9000 hours. Nobody even uses it, except for tartlets and FA faggots to make shitty avatars for their accounts with the pre-set brush and shape tools that really can't draw shit. The software has also been popular among dA cunts who love to draw their gay-ass Anime shit and plaster it all over the fucking site, only to show how shitty they are at drawing in general. Most experienced users just use Adobe® Photoshop®, because it has better tools and you can actually do something wit it, unlike MS Paint where you're only limited to the shitty paint brush, and shape tools.

The image format of MS Paint also sucks. The fucking thing, before the release of Windows 7, couldn't save in .png, or .gif image formats and the only format it could use was the bitmap (.bmp) file extension. After Windows 7 was released, they Microfags made it so that it can save in .gif and .png; however, it isn't actually a .png. It's actually a bitmap file that has been modified to look like a .png. They did this because they know that anyone stupid enough to use this shitty freeware in the first place couldn't tell the difference anyway, and would be indoctrinated to think that MS Paint is actually a good program to use, when in reality it belongs down the shitter where it was first incarnated. The code of the program is also complete shit; in fact, it was programmed by a bunch of underdeveloped monkeys with keyboards, and has even been compared to a retard taking a shit. This thing is buggy as hell, and somewhat unstable on most computers.

But since you're reading this, you already know that MS Paint is complete shit and should've gotten the axe a long time ago. Try the far-more superior, and download this plugin.


The pictures and so called "artwork" most people create look like a fucktard just took a shit all over your computer screen, except in 16 colors. Some people even create these "sprites", which are supposed to be similar to any shit you'd see in a pre-3D video game. Most of them are complete shit, and you'll also find many of these on deviantART if you look closely. Many emos have also been using MS Paint to make their "emo art", which is just a bunch of shit with blood and gore and emo messages about killing yourself plastered all across it. These "pieces of artwork" are known as "dolls", or some shit that emos call them. Many sick fucks create porn pictures and actually fap to them.


OMOMGZ P R A W N About missing Pics
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Emo Art

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How to master MS Paint

Since MS Paint is so fucking difficult to use, with its shitty paint tools and terrble coding, the average person will open it up, fuck around with it scribbling the screen black for 10 minutes, and never touch it again because it's such crap. However, there is a small percentage of people who have the mental capacity and natural ability to actually make something of quality. You won't see this anywhere else, as these people are the 0.00001% of the MS Paint users.

The MS Paint master at work.

You won't see another video like this again.

This as well.

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