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Magibon's apparently white. Something she's trying so hard to delete from herself.
Holy Magiboners! Magibon showing some skin. The kind of work of work she can only find herself doing.
The fished ball eyed cam that shoots Magibons YouTube videos.

MRirian a.k.a. Magibon (Powerword Margaret Lilian Adams) is a typical case of internet disease of getting famous for doing absolutely nothing. Basically, it all began in the summer of 06’ when videos of a person of a severely retarded nature surfaced on YouTube, titled “Me doing nothing” it was virtually ignored just like the other useless crap that was posted on YouTube. But soon after, much notice started falling into place when links to said video were spammed all over the internet, particularly in 4chan where threads were posted asking for the imminent rape and final solution to the wapanese equation citing Magibon as the root of the problem that was ruining the internet. Of course this did nothing but fuelled the fire that formed the problem.

But one might ask how looking retard grants someone fame and repeated viewership? Well, the answer lies in the content of the video, which basically had the premise of an underage loli seeking manly attention, of course there were bits of side shows such as the use of cleavage and speaking in moonspeak. The moonspeak of course is the pre-kindergarten level the sort where wapanese basement dwellers after months and perhaps years can manage to do variety.

Stateside and offline, it is found that Margaret Adams (or “Maggie” as claimed by her to be the nicknamed bestowed upon her by her “friends”,) is nothing more than just a plain white hick from rural Pennsylvania whom while being shunned by the local community attempted to escape the life of mediocrity by indulging in Japanese pop culture. Often importing plastic crap and buying up Japanese cosmopolitan fashions mags. This girl really wanted to escape her white trash life. Unlike other wapanese kind, which you can happen to find at your college, Magibon opted the simple life of not getting a college degree and took up full time work at the Sayre branch of CVS Pharmacy.

Oh, and in case you are fantasizing of her blowing your load off, be warned that she has really crooked teeth and it will shread your little penis.

PROTIP: Fuck her in the ass.

Magibon's Biography

Magibon was born in the fall of 1986 with the name Margaret Lilian Adams in sunny West Palm Beach, Florida in the maternity ward of some cheap clinic. During this time, her daddy (Mr. Addams) was a 36 year-old professional camera-man, and her mom (Leah Chadderon née Davis) a 24 year old loose hick who came down from PA hoping to find something in her life. As is the usual case in the stories of wannabes and child prostitutes, Magibon's parents suffered the same fate, the marriage between her parents ended abruptly (the court notes indicate a series of domestic violence complaints and restraining orders filed by both parties.)

Magibon's mother, having secured her divorce and child custody rights, soon ran back to rural Pennsylvania where her blood-sister and father lived. For a time, things were perceived to be good, a thick bond grew between mother and daughter. It is speculated and later confirmed on 2ch that this bond alone is what actually stopped Magibon from simply auctioning herself off to the highest bidder on Ebay. However, as strong as this bond may have been, it was inevitably severed.

Since Magi's mother constantly craved the cock, she could not last long staying single. Therefore, she knew she had to have another man. She quickly found herself another man-a wholesome railway inspector (David Chadderdon). He was a year older than her unlike Mr. Adams who had a 12 year gap, and also he was also a redneck- which made the coupling of this hick and Magi's mom a match made in heaven. According to deleted forum posts by Magibon, Magibon often laments the narcissistic nature of her step-dad and often blames him for her misfortunes. It can be further deduced that he was hard on her, but he never really abused her. Magibon's problems were mental in nature. Besides openly dissing the good name of her stepdad, Magibon also goes about ranting about the lameness of her town, the lack of culture shown by the towns folk, their lack of personal hygiene and their love for mating within their own family.

According to Dave Chadderdon, Magi's awesome step dad, Magi has three siblings. Hannah Adams (born '92), Cali Chadderdon (born '98), Rachel Davis-Kline (married and has a child). Magibon having finished High school laid idle at home, waiting for her ideal suitor, which sadly never came. Thinking herself to be above the townsfolk and her lame family, she wanted something more, she most heartedly wanted to leave town and be gone. Such ideals however led her in to much conflict with her family and the towns folk, as such she would usually sleep in the day and stay up posting shit on forums at night.

Being in a family that composed of dickless twats, Magibon had little opportunity to experience love that is shared among one's kin. However, she did come close to it in the form of her cousin whom she refers to as CJ. Magibon often post about the many adventures she had with CJ their childhood life and secret crush but this meant all burnt up in flames when CJ started hitting on other girls. But cupid's arrow did at last find Magibon and it was in the form of an Azn stud Housetek, whom she met at But make no mistake, Magibon wanted to experience and be something different, having lived through most of her life being reject and ignored by honky studs. Magibon knew that in order for her to redeem herself she had to let herself get fucked by this hawt Azn.

Unsurprisingly, the relationship between Housetek and MRirian ended with a fight. Apparently, it was over Magibon accidentally biting too hard while sucking Housetek's yellow cock and it injured his little pinkie. There were many attempts of reconciliation by Housetek but MRirian refused them even though it was her teeth that caused the bleeding. Eventually, Housetek would go on to post on outie to claim they have reconciled and claim that it was not her who cheated on him but some Brazilian model he dated after MRirian.

Although there were significant attempts by Magibon to suppress her internet history being the dumbfuck that she is, fails at doing it.

Typical Magibon Quotes


Regular Japanese girls don't groom down there either. Not that I care, I'm just stating a fact. Maybe some of you guys would be interested to know that when it starts growing back in, it itches. If Japanese men don't really care, then why should the girls shave?


—MRIRIAN, talking about genitalia in the forums, because every girl wants a teeny azn cock, amirite?

Go here to see more personal quotes by Magibon.

A skank in disguise

Contrary to the beliefs of die-hard Magibon fan boys, particularly those who belong in the mririan_fangroup. Magibon is not really sweet and innocent as that they have been fantasizing. Nor does she only exist only on YouTube. In the days before her YouTube whoring, Magibon existed on the internet just like you, frequenting forums, social networks and being an inherent troll on the interwebs.

In the Forumz

Magibon being wapanese often participated in fan forums of Japanese actresses. In a forum concerning Keiko Kitagawa, Magibon has even managed to fool a mod into banning a Japanese girl she flame-baited.

The incident started when Magi did her usual photo-whoring thread where she posted misleading pictures of her self and engaged the people who commented on it in conversation. The poor Japanese girl, assuming good faith, gave a sincere comment on it. It is not known whether or not Magibon actually became butthurt from it (as there weren't much desired comments at the time), but Magibon started attacking her for failing at Engrish.

This of course was the outcome Magi was hoping for, and the bait worked as the Japanese girl had unknowingly walked into Magibon's open jaws. She then tried to complain to the other board members to little avail, while Magibon went on subtly trolling her.

As their bitch fight dragged on, it soon caught the attention of Karyuudan-a mod of those boards at the time- who immediately (for unknown reasons) sided with Magibon, and the Japanese girl was given a perma-ban. See here: forum.

The Scam

Magibon's Nigerian 419 Scammin' - Magibon asking for money to travel to Japan on the internets.

Feeling that her endless droves of devoted fans owed her something more than simple love and loyalty, Magibon decided to cash in on her growing fame. She began her scam at 2ch where she begged 2ch-ners for funds (through a donation account on PayPal) so she can "go to Japan".

Gullible as most of her fans are, funds started pouring in into Magi's account. As a result, Magibon's camwhoring was slowly starting to pay off.

However, as things progressed, the fans grew weary of donating blindly as she kept demanding more and more money, and a series of reasonable inquiries were made towards Magibon. By then however, Magibon having reasoned that she had sucked them dry, slyly backed away from her horny Japanese fanboys and completely ignored them. Occasionally she does return to 2ch and does some light flirting with them in hopes it'd keep them dangling. Unsurprisingly, that is not true any more, and the Magibon threads have all died out.

In this website, here, Magibon unintentionally makes a comment regarding her Youtube wages. Well, nuff' said.

CopyVio? In MY Tubes?

maginiffscentT, a faggot who got all butthurt over a CopyVio filed by Magibon on YouTube, finally learned the hard way about Magibon's true nature and tried to exact revenge by cuntpasting gay pics all over his YouTube profile. Of course this is not the first time as Forryga (the slave who translated all of Maggie's videos for her fanbase) was given the exact same treatment.

It is not clearly known as to why Magibon did it, but it was probably to secure the maximum amount of potential advertisement monies, or maybe she simply did it to flex her YouTube Partnership muscle. Whatever the reason, we now know that she is no different from the average pay-per-view cam whore. Magi expects to be paid for whoring, and that's no different from a typical prostitute. In fact, she has also gotten her self a whoring spot. However, it is still unclear exactly what goes on there.

The TEEFS Revealed

In April 2008, It appeared that Magi's prayers were finally answered as she was invited to Japan by a joint collaboration of Japanese Weekly Playboy and a Japanese Entertainment Company called Gyao for an epic chance to visit Japan. However, as she would have soon eventually find out, the epic chance turned out to be a massive trolling of her white honkey ass.

Many lulz were had as evident from the GyaO videos, which revealed that Mags had been using clever camera angles and flattering lighting in her YouTube videos to fool people into thinking she was hot. She also revealed to the world one incredibly fucked up pair of chompers, which she kept her hand over as much as possible. Yes, this is the face you've been fapping to.

On top of her rather plain appearance, there were other letdowns for Magi fans. Language-wise, her YouTube Japanese skillz evaporated like a cube of frozen miso blasted by a blowtorch as the show's hostess (former Morning Musume singer Mari Yaguchi) attempted to converse in what Magibon must have thought was rapid-fire "street" Japanese.

Worst of all, that famous Magi "charm" was absent throughout the entire show, no doubt buried beneath a thick, natto-like layer of scared-shitlessness. All in all, it was a disappointing performance that will no doubt send many of her horny fanboys in search of smaller-chinned fap material.

Need moar ass.

Part 2 of the GyaO Video News Links: GyaOJan 28Mar 26Apr 14Apr 08Apr 09

October 17 2008, Magibon returned to Japan. It was another short trip. Unfortunately, This time she got a little attention from the main stream press- though most of it are one-line mentions of her and her fellow cast members. She appeared in a short documentary and had a minor role of voice acting in French the part of a five year old tree-hugging boy. To sum it up, her appearance on the show was merely a calculated play by the producers to bunk up the documentary's sales. As for the results of the competition, the documentary failed.

News Links: [1]

Also November 2008, Magibon returns to Tokyo for a YouTube Live event. She also does some other panky shit, and did a homestay with an unlucky Japanese family in a temple in Katsushika-ku, Tokyo. The family was reportedly paid handsomely by her managing agency.

News Links: Japan Times, the only credible mention she hasArchiveToday-favicon.pngKotaku what game she playsPingmap

Shūkan Pureibōi OH SHI- Lulz

But that was not all, the unsurprising catch to Magibon's visit to Japan was Magi was to pose in a Weekly Playboy photo shoot (basically the Japanese version of Playboy but not quite). Which had a journalist cum horny boy Rikimaru Hotta searching for a mystery YouTube Idol. According to the translations, We finally caught the real Magibon in an obscure corner of the Appalachian Mountains; (what they really meant to say was that they found Magibon and she lived in a town full of hicks in rural PA. See below for DOX.)

It then goes on about how Magibon claims to love Japanese culture, her attempts to reformulate her genetic code by eating shit such as pocky, how she doesn't like studying, and her obssesion for buying accessories online. Interestingly, it also reveals her lack of irl friends.

Lucky for you, it being playboy and all, there are a couple of the much obligated shots of Magibon showing her tits and vagoo.

Contents: MF 1 MF 2 MF 3 MF 4 MF 5

Analysis of Magibon

Analysis of Magibon Videos

Variety... What?
Pedobears!!! en masses

Most Magibon videos are like this one, save for a slight difference in movement or the size of her boobs (which vary interestingly at times). On the whole, they tend to be 50-second clips consisting of the phrase Minasan konnichiwa, Magi desu and the fucked-up bitch camwhoring herself. YouTube Favicon.png Nothing #11

That bitch is so ugly that she was made legal when she was born in hopes that some drunk would fuck her because noone would.

In earlier videos before the ape was known to the internets, videos were more like this one where we actually get to hear sum Engrish. However, due to the vile nature of the voice and the hog-like ugliness of the person uttering it, most of these videos have since been pulled. On a final note, an unknown Magi fan saved this video, which could easily have labeled Magi an emo camwhore: YouTube Favicon.png Emo Whore Magibon

What she usually does in her videos is camwhore from room to room, giving her viewers an inner glimpse of her underage step-sisters' bedrooms. Why this is done remains to be discovered. However, a widely accepted notion is that it is part of the clever ploy of baiting fans.

Magibon's Blog

Magibon's Yahoo blog is compiled using a combo of Google translate and wwwjdic (an online dictionary). Most of the content is conveyed through usage of simple three to four word sentences. For certain complex content, such as the one seen here. Magibon had to actually revert back to Engrish.

Magibon Stalkers And Haters

MRirian / Magibon stalker video was when it was first released appeared to be a website made by a deranged fan dedicated to the coitus rapere of Magibon. Sadly, as it is now known that is not the case, and the website was actually made by a digital media arts student (Joakim Danung) to conduct a social experiment on you. The website features a single flash presentation in perpetual loop. The original presentation included what appeared to be pictures of a badly-drawn Frank (a fictional Japanese stalker) and Magi holding hands, and included the words such as "yaranaika(means "want to do it?" in Japanese), and "Hauu~ Omochikaeri~"(I want to take her home (and rape her) in Moonspeak).

Due to the senile nature of a typical Magiphile, this led many of them to believe that Magi's body would eventually be found floating in a stream somewhere and Frank would get arrested for child rape. Much butthurt was had as many of the Magiphiles started their reign of terror by e-raeping Joakim Danung, but as much as the Magiphiles want to believe, their attempts don't count for shit as the website still exists today.

Links: 1st : 2nd : 3rd : Current : Forum

Note: Forums are dead.


Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Firithfenion.


A typical Magiphile and a known member of the pedophile-centric mririan_fangroup. This douchebag is highly aggressive and in search of Magi Haterz to prey upon. See here if you wish to know more.


As a talentless YouTube celebrity, Magibon has attracted hate from all walks of YouTube, which comes has no suprise:
In fact, based on the number of views, hate videos, subscribers and number of dislikes, it is estimated that at least 999 999 YouTube Users actively hate MRirian. Among a sample of those that posted a video response in Hate.

Typical hate videos

  • In light of the love that Magibon is getting, YouTube has hired a bodyguard for insurance related reasons. It is likely that the bodyguard is a one-off thing meant specifically for the YouTube live event. Nobody is going to pay to give Magibon protection all the time. As most of Magi's 2ch fanboys have forgotten about this retarded piece of shit. It is likely that it would probably be the last time she will ever have a bodyguard.

What she is doing now

  • As of sometime in 2015 Magibon has relocated to Kumamoto City, Japan. It is unclear what she is doing there but she has made the city her home.
  • Unlike Beckii Cruel, Magibon's fate in Japan is less than stellar. In fact, it is safe to say, less than mediocre. Magibon like many other tardy Americunts will shortly be forgotten and swept under the rug. But Magibon has one last card up her sleeve, there is never enough of porn and Japs would pay to see Magibon spread her legs and get fucked repeatedly till her gai-jin ass hole bleeds.
  • We can expect that Magibon to continue making retarded YouTube videos as it is an easy source of income, not to mention that if she stops, she would be kicked off the YouTube Partnership program. BTW her Japanese is still like crap, so do not expect much from this talentless weeaboo.


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