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Unless of course you get a proxy or take a walk in the torpark.

The (((Motion Picture Association of America))), masters of the film industry, is a collection of jews and whores who hate America.

The MPAA first gained notoriety at least 100 years ago when they invaded Spain in the interest of establishing a provisional government and repossessing the Spanish people for use as sex slaves in the Kink Mines of Northern Nebraska. The MPAA believes that people who hate jews are the biggest fucktards on this earth who deserve to have their balls put in their malls and forced to swallow them and then be shot in the legs until they die from blood loss.

Later, in 1987, the MPAA revealed itself as the fearsome Somalian pirate group Pucky's Scumfucker Brigade, who sailed the high seas searching for 13-year-old boy booty and making movies with top scurvy sea dog Captain "Cappin" Stabbin.

It wasn't until 2001 that the MPAA conquered the film industry after having established themselves as formidable doers of the nasty. It wasn't long until they started being world renowned for their absolute faggotry. Seriously, these people are gayer than 8 guys blowing 9 guys. They're that hardcore.

The well known, wealthy, and famous nerdcore rap group Futuristic Sex Robotz has written a song about them, all of which is fact

In 2007, then Jack Valenti, king of the MPAA, was kicked in the head by a horse while filming the new Mr. Hands video. The accident was blamed on his parkinson's disease-induced clumsiness and asperger's syndrome. No one cared.

So REALLY, who are the MPAA?

Actual contributions made to society by MPAA members

The MPAA explains its rating system

'What Kinda Peckertrack would Abuse the DMCA!?'
BEHOLD! the Dark Stain of DMCA Abusing Dograpists!
Brett Keane...Frank'sVoice...Inmendham...RIAA...VenomFangX

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