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Talk about butthurt motivation.

Something about MMOs turns people young and old into complete psychopaths. They get way too far into it, to the point that they spend every waking hour playing, they don't eat, they lose their job, have to move back into their parents' house and apply for welfare just to support their subscription. They believe that they are enjoying playing the games, but in reality they are moody, irritable and discontent with their lives. Does this remind you of anyone? Nonetheless, the MMORPG Freak Out is an epidemic which has spread further than any form of pig AIDS ever will.

Late May 2009, a video was posted to a YouTube account belonging to a 13 year old boy who's thought it would be lulz to capture his brother having a temper tantrum. Said brother was mentally freaking out over the fact that his mother had canceled his World of Warcraft account, which we know is like depriving a pedo of his precious children. But shoving a remote up your ass won't bring back that WoW account, will it?

Some argue that this is an obviously fake video and that the reaction is staged over 9000 times, however fake or not, this video is a prime example of the standard reaction that you would get from a WoWfag had his account suddenly been expired. Nevermind that any MMO-fag worth his experience points would know that one cannot 'cancel' a WoW account, one buys credits that run out. Most Gamestops, EBs, and their like carry WoW recharge cards, though some would also argue that the Mother simply stop paying for the credits, and the WoWfag didn't notice his points running out; Even if he did, the mother could have simply stopped giving the kid any monies, and considering the WoWfag likely has no IRL friends to panhandle from, he couldn't get a Recharge card, and was hoping his mother would give him credits in the nick of time to keep his account from expiring. Certain people have shown that you can actually become a WoW addict, you have been warned.

Recently Wafflepwn changed the description of his channel, saying that Stephen just admitted he was gay. AS EXPECTED!

The Culprit

The original and best of the Silly Steven series.

Now I'm gonna jam my remote up its butthole...


—the late Steve Irwin

Wow. This guy's a magician. He made his clothes and dignity disappear. Oh wait, he never had dignity. Silly WoWfag.


—random observer

This is so goddamn fake, why do people keep posting this? It's not even that funny.


—raging pathetifag

The Aftermath

This is what happened when Wafflepwn showed his brother the above video. Note the denial of gayness.

Stop calling me squirrel boy!!!


—Lulzbait man-child



—Best freakout ever 10

His grandma even seems aware of this. She once asks him if he shoved the house phone up his ass too. She then continues to get the house phone to call his parents and say she's leaving. Stephan then reaches deep within his ass and gets out the other house phone to try and beat her to it. It's sad how he basically just proved her point.

MMPORG Freak out 2

On the 19th March 2011, Wafflepwn uploaded another video which revealed that his brother, having had his World of Warcraft account deleted earlier, was now playing Runescape which is commonly known as a cheaper and crappier version of World of Warcraft. The fact that Stephen says that he is "Literally 3000 freaking tokens away from the Chaotic Crossbow" adds further weight to the argument that he has no life, because you have to be extremely high levelled, and thus wasted a huge chunk of your "life" to be 3000 freaking tokens away from the Chaotic Crossbow, particularly if you consider the thought that he may only have started playing Runescape ever since his mom cancelled his World of Warcraft account

More gay denial

In another video posted in April, Wafflepwn's brother pushes some guy at the mere mention of the word "Gay". It is common knowledge that when people react so violently and paranoid at the mere mention of the word, it is usually because they secretly are gay but are still in the closet.

The Rest Of The Videos

This is the rest of the terribly unfunny videos which augmented the size of the original poster of this series of videos after having his tiny ego massaged to gargantuan proportions by the sheep who frequent youtube.

The Coverup

This video would seem legit to anyone other than trained youtube video critics such as the entire userbase of ED.

When Stephen forced Wafflepwn to remove the 6th video an asshole named waffflepwn (three 'f's opposed to two) took advantage of the situat0ion. He downloaded and uploaded the video afterwards claiming that the real wafflepwn's parents removed the video and grounded him. He converted a hundreds of people away from Wafflepwn by stealing his loot. This made wafflepwn a very angry teenage nerd.

And yes. That was a fucking boner you saw. It's surprising, you'd think it'd be 1/50 that size.

Freak out in LA


Despite getting massacred constantly, he continues to play. Watch this rager (who sounds exactly like Wafflepwn) frustrate himself in Modern Warfare 2.

The Internet Reacts

The Nigra Responses

The Original Video

This video was filmed 3 years before. Notice any similarities??. It is obvious to anyone with half a brain that all of the videos are unoriginal ripoffs of an already old series of boring videos about nerds freaking out.

The Interview

On July 10th, 2009, Kidd Chris Radio Show managed to do an interview with Jake and Stephen's mum. She confirmed that all the videos were scripted, and Stephen was actually behind the whole thing.

More Nerds & Steve



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