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Typical IRL forums meetup. Note the neckbeard, fat fuck, and nigger. There are no girls on the forum, at all.

Of all the websites on the internet, one certainly stands out: MLP Forums, a collection of autistic, obese, lonely, closet furries. Typical members are usually 30-year-old basement dwelling neckbeards who fap to Sonic and furry porn and continuously whine about da hatuhz ruining their wonder time of friendship on the internet while trying to be tough and pose with their sword collection.

History of Autism

MLPforums servers and Headquarters, no wonder why the website runs like shit.

MLPforums started when a lonely basement dwelling, Mario loving brony named Feld0 (powerword: Peter Deltchev) decided to get out of his basement and start a forum dedicated to finding as many lonely asspies as himself, after a few months of development, the site opened up on October 3rd, 2011, and since then has grown to collect over 10,000+ members, 95% of them are male, 5% are attention whoring trannies demanding you to check your privilege! The remaining twenty five percent includes Makusu. Fuck him.

For a while all seemed normal, until the great butthurt of April 2012 when Feld0 had enough of the faggotry in the forum chat room and shut it down, causing a mass migration from the site and causing his fellow asspie brony comrades to evacuate the site and find a different place to discuss their dreams to fuck Rainbow Dash. Despite the huge mass migration of asspie faggots, the forum continued to grow, attracting all sorts of bronies, from lowlife Tarlet "artists" to overdramatic weeaboos and 12 year olds demanding attention.

Eventually Feld0 got tired of the lack of money and forced people who donated to the site to make a monthly donation to "keep the site running, when in reality, he's most likely using it to fund his clop addiction. Around 2013, Feld0 decided to start "Poniverse" as a big huge network mess for bronies, which did nothing to improve the site, rather just making it even worse than before and taking vital features away from the site that have yet to return, despite his promises to bring them back soon.


MLP Forums is well known for it's drama. Typical members will usually cry about haters, being dumped for being a fat, ugly, autistic fuck, bitching about other kids shows for being too childish, and continually complaining about EVERYTHING! Got dirt all over your shoes. MAKE A STATUS UPDATE BAWWING ABOUT THEM BEING RUINED!!!!!!!!!!! Accidentally cummed all over a Twilight Sparkle sex doll? Make a status update about yourself losing your innocence and then blame it on feminism. Hate faggots and niggers? Make a status update claiming to be a proud conservative or libertarian brony!

Flame wars are always starting on shit nobody cares about. Literally, all you have to do is find something that is of no importance and start an argument on it. It could be anything, from religion, to other cartoons, anime, anything you can think of. Then everybody will start flaming and insulting to the point where the mods have to stop jerking off to gay porn and actually have to do their job.

On April 19th 2016, Feld0 decided he wanted more gay porn so he approached fellow sophisticated gentleman Silver Eagle who at the time was running the equally retarded Ponyville Live! Silver decided to let Feld0 host his site so long as he maintained da adminz and got a cut of the CP. Feld0 said "sure bro" and then proceeded to steal Ponyville Live from under Silver's dick nose. Silver got outraged and decided to scream to Horse News that Poniverse was unprofessional which created much lulz for all. Poniverse gave a bullshit PR response trying to save their asses, but it was too late, we knew already that both of them were faggots.

The Rules of the Forums

Like any other forum on the interwebz, MLPforums has rules, despite frequently enforcing these rules, they're constantly broken by the asspies that populate the site. They demand that you love and tolerate everybody, yet is perfectly fine with abusive admins harassing the members while you get banned for simply speaking out against the abuse. They want you to keep foul language to a minimum, scratch that, nobody ever follows that rule, even the admins, beause they have every right to call you a faggot for no reason at all, yet you insult them mildly, you get a warning. They claim that Rule 34 is strictly taboo, while ignoring that fact that 99% of bronies are into clop and Rule 34 and are closeted furries confused about their sexuality. They'll ban you for being critical of the admin leadership, yet 2 admins had R34 avatars at one point. Finally, they say the rules apply globally to all members and all countries, except the mods of course.

Types of Members

Typical user of the forums.
The classic MLP Forums OC representing the fedora-loving faggot.
Better known as Sugar Plum, was an attention-whoring weeaboo cuntcicle and one of the many who have already been banned.

The Attention Whore: The attention whore is the typical MLPforums user. They spend all day posting bullshit status updates about being put in the friendzone and their rants about why they hate some overrated cartoon for being childish, yet watch My Little Pony. They constantly donate thousands of dollars to the site and continually post pictures of themselves for everybody to see. Typical attention whores are in between the ages of 18-35 and are usually fat, balding, neckbeard, virgins crying from their mommy's basement. Identifiable by their shitty OC avatars.

The Weeaboo: The 2nd most common member on this site. Can be identified by their Pokemon or K-On avatar. Are noted to be just as bad as the attention whore members. The claim to like anime better, yet go and bitch about why Fluttershy is the best pony and a better waifu than Miku Hatsune. Along with attention whores, they spend good money just to shove their donator privileges down everybody's throat to prove that they're better than you.

The Political (or religious) horsefucker: Since they're found almost everywhere in the fandom, they're easy to find on MLP Forums. They usually make status updates about how liburelz r rooening Murica and taking muh gunz away while making rants about being married to fluttershy moments after calling faggots the scum of the earth. Almost all of them are on the right-wing or are leftards with rainbow avatars, are devout members of the Church of Ron Paul and Ayn Rand, or are members of the tea party. They're easy to troll and spot by their shitty OC avatar, Bernie Sanders 2016 avatar, or Ron Paul 2016 avatars.

The little kids: While not as common, they're just as annoying as they would be IRL. They just found the website after being let out from Special Ed and decided to join. Identifiable by they're constant moaning and bitching about mommy telling them to go to bed at 6:00, and begging to be added on Xbox Live to play Call of Duty. They're easy to troll and to spot by their Fluttershy or Rainbow Dash avatar.

The sane individual: A true rarity, they're as rare as the sane folks in the whole brony fandom. Unfortunately, their voice is echoed out by the amounts of crybaby neckbeards and usually get banned for speaking out against the incredibly abusive admins. Most have retreated to other parts of the internet, or went back to being a NORP after realizing how autistic they are and that My Little Pony is a shitty show made to sell toys.

How to Troll MLP Forums

So you want to rustle the jimmies of those autistic, lowlife horsefuckers? Well don't worry, these easy steps should help!

1. Create an account

2. Give yourself a generic username

3. Make your 5 shitty posts in order to have full website privileges.

4. After the first 3 steps, make a bunch of status updates and attempt to bait most the website with them.

5. Question the mods powers, they hate it when you question their authority.

6. Break rules constantly and ignore any warnings given out.

7. Attempt to add member's to your steam and/or skype, perfect for gathering info for later on.

8. Make a new account and use the tor browser to hide your trail and IP.

9. Blame Makusu for everything. Everything. He is the cause of all evil in the horrible, horrible world.

10. Call Feld0 or any of the mod team a useless piece of shit or a faggot. They get really offended by it.

11. Find Daring and tell him how awful PC games are. Half-life 3 confirmed.

12. Ask why the fuck (Insert banned user here) was banned.

13. Make a status update, and make sure to click "Post" as many times as humanly possible.

14. Insult Homu's hair. Half of the community will tear you to pieces.

15. Call Luna overrated. Friggin moonbutt.

16. Call Champ a furry. Instant gratification guaranteed.

17. Mods are asleep. Post ponies. R34.

18. Say Fluttershy is worst pony, then insult her fanboys.

19. Say Rainbow Dash is the worst pony, actually the majority thinks she's horrible, say any of the main characters are terrible or even all of them.

20. On the Post your unpopular opinions thread, say bronies are huge fucking faggot virgins who never get laid and will die alone in their mom's basement.

21. Pretend to be a girl, almost all the members will add you as a friend or talk to you if you claim to be a girl, mostly because 90% of the site is made up of basement dwelling asspie virgins who will never get laid in their life and are probably stuck in the friendzone.

22. Call them closet furries.

23. Ask why there is no chat room.

24. Say you like X better than MLP.

25. In the suicide thread, tell them to become an hero.

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