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WOW, 3D!
Look at that rich texture, you know this is going to be some good shit.
OH SHI- I can't believe you've done this!

MFX Video is a collection of fetish porn videos, that have done their rounds around the sick fuck community over 9000 times and back. Originating from and for a long time only know in the hardcore porn community, the videos became in internet sensation when they were used as shock videos to visually bitch slap newfags of the internets. Featuring Brazilian models that are (throw) up for anything, the videos main fetish can be anything, as long as it follows the golden rule "What goes down must come up." To contrast, Funnelgirl does not follow this rule.

Video Content

Like something out of Panzer Dragoon or a WoW sequence, the opening credits features a first person camera view, flying around a cheesy 3D landscape of either a mountain or field, or a massive view of a planet from space that will remind you of a Eiffel 65 music video. Once the intro faggotry is finished with, the video will often open on a few girls having a nice chat, when suddenly they start having a shitfit and have an argument in moon talk. This is shortly followed with a (supposed) punishment for one or more of the girls, by pandering to one of the following sick fuck fetishes:

Videos used for "shock" content

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