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Kawaii desu ne? ^_______^

M0m0ko, otherwise known as Ashley Mitchell, is your typical Weeaboo black person! She loves to watch animu, listens to J-pop, and practices Moonspeak almost everyday!

She also claims to have an obsession with guro, dates a 40-something year old Basement dweller in exchange for cosplay wigs, and frequently tweets about the taste of fake sperm. Isn't she kawaii desu?


Photoshop once again transforms a Squidward nose nigra into a masterpiece.

Fatty Hate

From the above text, you've probably already realized there's a lot wrong with our friend Ashley. However, the most notable of assburgers would be her obvious dislike of fat ppl. Now some of you may be wondering what's wrong with fatty hate. Fat people take up too much space, eat up all our food, and are generally a nuisance to society.

Except Ashley is a fatass herself. Being overweight and constantly bawww about her extreme dieting, one wonders why our adorable killer whale seems to hate the very thing she is. From liquid fasts to puking up Wendy's burgers, dear Ashley seems to have random bouts of vomiting

Also why is it a crime that I hate watching obese people eat food?

Am I not entitled to an opinion jesus christ


—M0m0ko, Twitter

I've lost 6 lbs since I've been here :) cmon 10 lbs more


—M0m0ko, Twitter

Quest to Fuck the World

Despite being huge a Xbawks fangirl, M0m0ko frequented 4chan and willingly shared n00dz with the rest of /b/. This kind of whoring eventually led to the break up with boyfriend Derek and the pictures were baleeted. A collection of her roast beef vag can be found on Megaupload.

M0m0ko has dated quite a few lonely virgins though, even a obese Japanese man named Tony. Another douchebag went by the name LT. He was homeless and had a history of recreational drug use, so M0m0ko decided it would be a great idea to have epic buttsecks with him. That is until he stole and sold her shit.

Sexy Misty Cosplayer Shows All

im sorri r u a man


Shortly after M0m0ko realized that LT was a faggot, she began whoring around again and wound up pregnant. Garret, the baby's daddy, wanted nothing to do with her, so she quickly had an abortion and all was well.

Her vagina was free to whore again.

Bukkake is Keith and M0m0ko's favorite pastime.

Sometime around October of 2010, M0m0ko began dating Keith-sama, another lonely middle aged virgin who spends his afternoons faping to slutty animu chicks. He is known as Austin Otaku on the internet and runs a fairly shit animu blog. Apparently Keith makes a lot of money being a basement dweller, as he has plenty of cash to throw at his bitch for dildos and age-play costumes. One wonders whether or not M0m0ko is simply a heartless cunt and who only puts up with the guy because he buys her shit. After all, she does hate fat people.

But she absolutely loves dogs.

Aubrey, who has had an on and off fucking with M0m0ko, confirms.

M0m0ko on Youtube

Ashley also enjoys dancing to animu openings and shitty techno. Once done filming her atrocities, she posts the videos to Youtube hoping to receive compliments on her Retarded dancing.

Shake it like a polio patient!
What is this i don't even

SOOO CUUUUUTE!!! x3 <3<3


Hundreds of Faggots subscribe to M0m0ko's videos, and if you don't like them, ur jsut jealous!!!!!1111one

Quest to Fuck the World: THE SEQUEL

On December 15th, 2010, M0m0ko decided that even all the cocks in Arizona weren't enough to satisfy her. Her plan? Dominate all of America and Japan by becoming an pr0n star. Having some camwhore experience in the past, she gathered her weeaboo shit and flew to Miami.

After signing up with SubmitYourBitch, CollegeRules, Gonzo Modeling, M0m0ko was set to go. She fucked everything, all the while tweeting about her AWSUM adventures in the pr0n business!

Like the time one guy on set was so coked out he couldn't jizz!

Or that one time a cast member stole money out of her purse. Cue BAWWing from all her devoted fanboys.

Oh, and how about that one time she nearly got AIDS!

Unfortunately for the rest of the world, her doctor simply made a mistake.

Keep it classy, M0m0ko!

Gyaruhatememe and CollegeRules Release

In a fit of butthurt, M0m0ko fabricated this letter on her Tumblr account to prove that every azn girl wants to be her.

The bomb was dropped on M0m0ko's pornstar fairytale after the creation of Lj-favicon.png gyaruhatememe, a Livejournal based community dedicated to Japanophiles bashing other Japanophiles on the interwebs over how SEXAY they dress.

Thread 1 Thread 2 Thread 3

This is just the tip of the iceberg. The whole post is littered with M0m0ko hate, and rightfully so.

The community mainly gets on M0m0ko's case for several reasons:

  1. Bashing fat people, despite the fact she's fat skank herself.
  2. Being a crackwhore and being completely unprofessional on set.
  3. Being a weeaboo on how half Japanese she is on one of her older Livejournal accounts.
  5. Fucking her boyfriend for money and for her otaku needs.
  6. AIDS
  7. Being an overall stupid cunt.

All of the above are valid reasons for hating, but M0m0ko just couldn't see why so many see her as a worthless cheap whore. She began to bawww to her Tumblr and Twitter devotees about the community. Lulz were had, and she even took it upon herself to comment on threads every time her name was mentioned.

M0m0ko's only real talent.

In the midst of all the drama, M0m0ko's Collegerules film was finally released. Fanboys wept with joy at the thought of her sagging grandma tits in high quality! Boy, they were in for a wet dream.


Not Booty Shaking enough!


The teef to gum ratio is hawt.

Derek on Livejournal

Not long after the world was violated by M0m0ko's rotting beef curtains, her boyfriend Derek decided to speak out about his ex on Lj-favicon.png gyaruhatememe.

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CollegeRules Video on MEGAUPLOAD

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