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"m00tykins GamerGate Sellout" or "The Death of 4chan" was the final nail in the coffin of m00t's integrity being driven in with the force of two freight trains colliding when, in the wake of GamerGate, he sold out 4chan to social justice warriors for some pussy and the hopes that he can use their connections to make money with yet another, predestined-to-fail, startup.

The truth of matter was quickly leaked by his own fired mods, as well as the fact that he and his new mods are now personally trying to dox and intimidate anyone connected to GamerGate (possibly at the request of Gawker Media), to which they all respond by loling at him, posting screencaps of his idle threats and continuing anyway.

The validity of the leaked logs can not be confirmed, but no one doubts that they are true since m00t has been a sellout for years now.



Deleting threads

GamerGate was what happened when one whore feminist's sordid past became public knowledge as well as her willingness to fuck anyone who would help advance her gaming career. All of this has been thoroughly discussed in the "Zoe Quinn" and "GamerGate" articles, as well as all related articles. What matters now is its connection to m00t and 4chan.

A short time after the controversy began, all the GamerGate threads started getting deleted. Then they came back, but soon after started getting removed again. Attempts to contact m00t failed, the feedback page was deleted to prevent further discussion and ALL OF FUCKING GERMANY WAS BANNED.

At first it was believed to be the work of a single rogue mod, but finally, m00t returned from the xoxo convention, where he was busy pretending like he can't get online on his phone like it's the fucking 90's, and made a bunch of excuses about why the threads are banned, hoping to avoid a shitstorm and the discovery that he has totally sold out.

However, thanks to the work of some Internet detectives and leaks from one mod who wasn't a faggot, this was all revealed to not to be true.

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Leaked Skype Chats and Other Leaks

Several anonymous posts by supposed ex mods that can not (at the moment) be confirmed began to show up on the forum. In them it is detailed how m00t has sold out and removed any mod that disagreed with him, only to have them replaced by feminist cronies.

Other evidence came to light like m00t hanging out with Anita Sarkeesian and dating a jewish SJW, named Mallory Blair Greitzer who cuckled him. Finally, someone leaked what he claimed to be his private discussions with his new mods.

[9/18/14 12:06 AM] moot: Why the fuck didn't you react sooner
[9/18/14 12:06 AM] moot: I guess it was my fault, but you could have done this without me
[9/18/14 12:06 AM] [REDACTED 1]: sorry m8, i was not sure what to do
[9/18/14 12:07 AM] [REDACTED 1]: but like
[9/18/14 12:07 AM] [REDACTED 1]: they would, like the angry fucks they are, rage because "MUH FREESPEECH" kek
[9/18/14 12:07 AM] [REDACTED 2]: Moot, I hate to break it to ya, but it's not working
[9/18/14 12:08 AM] [REDACTED 3]: I fucking wish it worked but there are so many fucking people, it's too hard to stop them
[9/18/14 12:08 AM] moot: It's pissing me the fuck off too, believe me
[9/18/14 12:08 AM] moot: Where the hell are the other moderators? They don't display as online
[9/18/14 12:08 AM] [REDACTED 1]: mods are kill
[9/18/14 12:08 AM] [REDACTED 4]: It's late, moot, so excuse me if my posting is a bit sloppy
[9/18/14 12:08 AM] moot: This meeting is one of the most important we've ever had, EVERYONE NEEDS TO BE HERE
[9/18/14 12:08 AM] [REDACTED 2]: We've had like 800 discussions since Gamerhate started
[9/18/14 12:08 AM] [REDACTED 5]: ----'s gonna be late. he told me his computer BSOD'd
[9/18/14 12:09 AM] moot: It's fine. I called in 20 people, he's pretty much nothing more than an ally
[9/18/14 12:09 AM] [REDACTED 2]: Gamergate...
[9/18/14 12:09 AM] moot: I told you in the email it's about Gamergate
[9/18/14 12:09 AM] [REDACTED 7]: is this all this is?
[9/18/14 12:09 AM] [REDACTED 7]: are we seriously getting up in arms about a bunch of stupid fucking nerds making posts about some game dev
[9/18/14 12:09 AM] [REDACTED 8]: Ayyyyye lmao
[9/18/14 12:09 AM] [REDACTED 3]: aye m8
[9/18/14 12:09 AM] [REDACTED 6]: I'm glad we're addressing the issue in a hostile way, they don't respect us otherwise
[9/18/14 12:09 AM] [REDACTED 4]: Who gives a fuck about respect? This is about ending all harassment and bad reputation going to 4chan
[9/18/14 12:09 AM] moot: It used to be about that
[9/18/14 12:09 AM] moot: Now, we're fighting an army of stupid fucking nerds instead of just a bunch
[9/18/14 12:09 AM] [REDACTED 7]: i've been kind of out of it since that bomb threat
[9/18/14 12:09 AM] [REDACTED 9]: hi
[9/18/14 12:09 AM] moot: I feel for you. It's hard to ignore Gamergate to me, when I'M GETTING FUCKING DEATH THREATS
[9/18/14 12:10 AM] [REDACTED 1]: why would anyone want to threaten mootsan my lord and savior
[9/18/14 12:10 AM] [REDACTED 6]: I got a death threat too, but the person sending it lived on the other side of the world, like wtf lol
[9/18/14 12:10 AM] moot: Fuck this waiting, I'm shaking, I need to tell my unfiltered thoughts NOW
[9/18/14 12:10 AM] [REDACTED 3]: You sound distressed
[9/18/14 12:10 AM] [REDACTED 10]: I ARRIVED IN TIME OMG
[9/18/14 12:10 AM] [REDACTED 2]: It's been 5 minutes, Christ
[9/18/14 12:10 AM] [REDACTED 4]: Dammit I fucking hate those nerds
[9/18/14 12:10 AM] moot: I'm gonna gather up everything that's happened, and info dump you all
[9/18/14 12:10 AM] moot: Everyone else, just stay idle until I give the "head's up"
[9/18/14 12:10 AM] moot: I'll be back!
[9/18/14 12:10 AM] [REDACTED 10]: I just got here and already moot's gone ;_;
[9/18/14 12:10 AM] [REDACTED 9]: he'll be back
[9/18/14 12:10 AM] [REDACTED 3]: Perfect time for me to take a shower if Moot's preparing a speech or whatevs
[9/18/14 12:11 AM] [REDACTED 5]: I think we can leave until Moot gets bafk
[9/18/14 12:12 AM] [REDACTED 2]: It's such a travesty when out fellow brothers gets depressed
[9/18/14 12:12 AM] [REDACTED 6]: Well damn
break in chat, for the next 30 minutes there are only 4 posts, pointless to leave in
[9/18/14 12:41 AM] moot: My speech is done. Horrifying revelations have been revealed.
[9/18/14 12:42 AM] [REDACTED 11]: OH SHIT
[9/18/14 12:42 AM] [REDACTED 1]: MUH GAWD
[9/18/14 12:42 AM] [REDACTED 2]: I'm ready!!!
[9/18/14 12:42 AM] moot: This cannot get out. They will be fucking pissed beyond belief if it gets out
[9/18/14 12:42 AM] [REDACTED 4]: Moot, what happened to the other mods. There are only 12 of us online...
[9/18/14 12:42 AM] moot: Timezone issues I assume. I'm not going to fault them, but I told them about this last night
[9/18/14 12:42 AM] moot: They could've just said "I can't come" instead of leaving me hanging. Oh well.
[9/18/14 12:42 AM] [REDACTED 5]: We're listening, man
[9/18/14 12:42 AM] [REDACTED 3]: I haven't been this anxious since the Chris-Chan debatacle ffs
[9/18/14 12:42 AM] moot: Chris-Chan was some weird autistic kid. This is nowhere close to that.
[9/18/14 12:42 AM] [REDACTED 7]: it's weird how just a month ago we were all like "huh well isn't this interesting"
[9/18/14 12:42 AM] [REDACTED 1]: hurry up with the speech moot
[9/18/14 12:42 AM] [REDACTED 2]: I'm anxious too m8
[9/18/14 12:42 AM] moot: Hold the fuck on, damn
[9/18/14 12:42 AM] [REDACTED 7]: but now it's become so enticing, a disgusting perverted issue that is a war between rational people who just want to support women, and lanky disgusting fucks who can't stand the idea of a woman having sex
[9/18/14 12:42 AM] [REDACTED 1]: you know what they say
[9/18/14 12:42 AM] [REDACTED 6]: I arrived just in time wtf
[9/18/14 12:43 AM] [REDACTED 1]: dumbfucks gonna dumbfuck
[9/18/14 12:43 AM] moot: Read this thoroughly before responding, don't post while I'm posting:
[9/18/14 12:43 AM] [REDACTED 2]: It's habbnin'
[9/18/14 12:43 AM] moot: Cracked sent me an email a few days ago
[9/18/14 12:43 AM] moot: The same day Zoe issued her article, to be exact
[9/18/14 12:43 AM] moot: They told me they are strong supporters of the Social Justice Movement, and are through sitting behind while the harassment goes on
[9/18/14 12:44 AM] moot: They said if I didn't stop Gamergate on 4chan, they would write an article that "exposes" 4chan for the "true cesspit" it is. They're also going to basically get feminists to hack in and take down my site.
[9/18/14 12:44 AM] moot: And coincidentally, I got a letter that threatened to lynch me in the streets, from a group of hackers who strongly support feminism.
[9/18/14 12:44 AM] moot: A day before this, I went to see Anita speak at XOXO, and she was absolutely lovely. Behind the scenes, I got to have a word with her. We hit it off perfect, and we're now friends through online communication.
[9/18/14 12:44 AM] moot: I told her my situation, and her advice was to get my mods to delete everything Gamergate on site.
[9/18/14 12:44 AM] moot: I was reluctant, but after that day, I did what she said. You all remember the day I told you to delete Gamergate shit, we were convinced it would work.
[9/18/14 12:44 AM] moot: But it didn't fucking work.
[9/18/14 12:45 AM] moot: That hacker group is real btw.
[9/18/14 12:45 AM] moot: They've been sending more letters to my house, and emails to my personal address.
[9/18/14 12:45 AM] moot: Funny thing is, I still support them more than I do Gamergate.
[9/18/14 12:45 AM] moot: So, that's why I'm so worried. I got Cracked making threats and a group threatening to take down my site.
[9/18/14 12:45 AM] moot: The two are very powerful, and can get done what they say they want to get done.
...mostly just reiterating and people reacting for the next few minutes, nothing noteworthy.
here's where the real dirt begins:
[9/18/14 12:59 AM] [REDACTED 2]: The Internet Aristocrat's real name is ------ - ------- and it turns out he has a real job at ------------. Maybe, we could call him at work and get him fired because of his shameless support of harassment?
[9/18/14 12:59 AM] [REDACTED 3]: Holy hell, how did you find that?
[9/18/14 1:00 AM] [REDACTED 2]: A friend who used to know him. The Aristocrat's a disgusting human being, he deserves it.
[9/18/14 1:00 AM] [REDACTED 10]: We have dox on a lot of Gamergate supporters.
[9/18/14 1:00 AM] [REDACTED 10]: Nero and MundaneMatt among others.
[9/18/14 1:00 AM] moot: While I don't advocate doxing, maybe this could play into our advantage.
[9/18/14 1:00 AM] [REDACTED 5]: Couldn't we just scare the supporters off?
[9/18/14 1:00 AM] moot: Scaring them off could take work.
[9/18/14 1:00 AM] [REDACTED 6]: Tell them we got dox because they posted in /v/
[9/18/14 1:00 AM] [REDACTED 8]: What the hell, you're not legitimately considering this are you?
[9/18/14 1:00 AM] [REDACTED 8]: They could find out it was us.
[9/18/14 1:00 AM] [REDACTED 1]: we can use firewalls, lol
[9/18/14 1:00 AM] moot: I'm reluctant, but not unwilling to try that.
[9/18/14 1:01 AM] [REDACTED 8]: Fine, but what about the people using proxies?
[9/18/14 1:01 AM] [REDACTED 5]: There are more people without proxies than people with proxies.
[9/18/14 1:01 AM] moot: ^ We can get rid of most of them.
[9/18/14 1:01 AM] [REDACTED 5]: I'll work on the idea. Maybe, get in one normie supporter so it looks legit.
[9/18/14 1:01 AM] moot: Nice. Sometimes hostility is the answer. Not all the time, but sometimes.
it all gets kind of un-noteworthy after that, but the last thing i mentioned...
[9/18/14 1:31 AM] [REDACTED 5]: What about that new site you mentioned earlier?
[9/18/14 1:31 AM] moot: I got Tumblr's support on the project. I'm still brainstorming though...
[9/18/14 1:31 AM] [REDACTED 1]: any ideas?
[9/18/14 1:32 AM] [REDACTED 8]: Tumblr? You're not going SJW on me are you?
[9/18/14 1:32 AM] moot: Fuck off. Speak with me in IM. I've got a word to have with you.
[9/18/14 1:32 AM] [REDACTED 7]: you can support social justice without being from tumblr, dipshit
[9/18/14 1:32 AM] moot: In response to ------, I have no current ideas.
[9/18/14 1:32 AM] [REDACTED 1]: what about 4chan?
[9/18/14 1:32 AM] [REDACTED 3]: #BurnDown4chan
[9/18/14 1:32 AM] [REDACTED 5]: 4chan's ride never ends. It just gets more disgusting and disturbing as you go along
[9/18/14 1:32 AM] moot: I'll have to rebuild it from the ground up, or I'll sell it to someone else.
[9/18/14 1:32 AM] [REDACTED 7]: Why would you be worried about hackers taking it down if you yourself want to take it down?
[9/18/14 1:32 AM] moot: I said sell it, not shut it down.
[9/18/14 1:33 AM] [REDACTED 7]: Either way, can you make sure to permanently ban everyone who's posted in Gamergate threads?
[9/18/14 1:33 AM] [REDACTED 4]: Yeah, if you want to rebuild 4chan, the first step is banning EVERY. SINGLE. GAMERGATE. SUPPORTER.
[9/18/14 1:33 AM] moot: It'll take a lot of work, but I'll probably do that.
[9/18/14 1:33 AM] moot: Don't know yet.

Not only this, but several people claiming to formerly be mods posted more accusations that were quickly capped and reposted everywhere.

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More leaks

Use scrollbar to see the full image

More leaks


These logs can not be confirmed, as there are no screencaps, but the events that preceded and followed seem to match m00t's "plan".

Theories About Why He Did It

The logs, as well as other evidence uncovered, provide various explanations as to m00t's new-found love of sperm. One of these, or some combination of several, is probably the reason.

They are detailed below.

Preceding Events Piling Up

Another connection: Zoe immediately started sleeping with this 4chan mod so he will help her take down GG threads. This is just one step shy of prostitution.

Some believe that a number of drama bombs that came in the months before GamerGate may have pushed m00t over the edge.

4th of july tumblr raid

First was the 4th of july tumblr raid that was conducted when someone made a troll blog about shutting down 4chan and everyone pretended not to know it was a troll blog to give them an excuse to raid tumblr.

The raid lasted a few days and utterly destroyed the entire community who all bitched and whined about being triggered.

In the midst of all this, someone claimed that the raid led to some girl's suicide and that girl, as was recently claimed by a supposed mod, was related to one of the founders of Gawker. This is highly doubtful since it didn't even make the news that anyone died, but the mod leaks claim that m00t was super mad about it, in part because he is trying to get a new start-up off the ground with tumblr's collaboration.


After the tumblr raid some mods who were not m00t's ass-kissers were unhappy with his new demand to ban anything that is anti-tumblr. Those who dared complain were fired on the spot, while the rest agreed amongst each other that, next time this happens, they will ignore his instructions and just let it be.

When "DashCon" ended up being a massive, humiliating failure, m00t again said that threads about it are banned (even though none of them were raids and there was no reason for it). While some of the mods continued to do his bidding, the rest just ignored the threads.

m00t would later fire them too so that he could make room for more suckups.

The Fappening

Lastly came "The Fappining", when a shit-ton of celebrity nudes were leaked. Soon after, all threads were banned and a new DMCA content removal system was added. Was there actually a lawyer involved that forced m00t to do this? or did he do it of his own desire to kiss the asses of angry feminists? we may never know.

Blackmail/Bribe/Girlfriend From Gawker

The girl who attempted suicide was Kassie Washington, niece of Nick Denton and publisher of Gawker Media


—Former 4chan mod

There are various links to Gawker in this case and the speculation as to their influence is varied. It is most likely a combination of all these factors.



First is blackmail, a thing that Gawker is not new to. Some believe that the "girl" who "killed herself" during the tumblr raids was related to one of the founders of Gawker. This, however is, again, questionable.

Regardless of this, in the leaked Skype logs, m00t says that he has been threatened to be doxed, hacked and murdered by a feminist group. This, again, seems doubtful since everyone already has his dox, no one has been able to hack 4chan yet, so there is no reason to think that a bunch of girls will be the ones who will be able to do it, and he gets death threats all the time anyway and knows it's a bunch of bullshit.

If the logs are true then m00t is either making it up, pretending to take the threats seriously for sympathy and as an excuse to do what he wants to do anyway, or has become a giant pussy.

Additional threats from Cracked.com

The leaks also say that Cracked.com promised to run a smear article about him and about 4chan. And, although running smear campaigns has become nothing new to cracked in the past few years, smearing 4chan is like smearing shit on some more shit.

This is either a lie, proof the logs are fake, or proof that m00t is now actually making failed attempts to change his image.


Bribing is another thing Gawker has done in the past, like when they tried to bribe reddit to let them moderate groups they dislike and get rid of content they disapprove of (considering reddit's recent faggotry it is possible some people actually accepted the offer).

Here there is evidence that exists outside the leaked logs. Various members of Gawker and other related groups have been seen interacting with m00t on twitter, hanging out with him at parties and calling him their close personal friend. Proof has also surfaced that they donated money to his new project and it is not hard to believe they may be threatening him that they will pull support if he doesn't help them kill GamerGate.

Connections Gallery About missing Pics
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Mallory and her mistress finally doing the right thing

Being an ugly, balding nerd who is in deep debt over failed startups and a giant site that costs a small fortune to operate but makes hardly any revenue, meeting girls is hard. Thankfully for m00t, while working on his previous online failure, he met butter-faced, feminist jew who works at Gawker named Mallory Blair Greitzer.

Yes, much like Zoe Quinn herself, his new girlfriend is no stranger to fucking her way to the "top" and was quick to jump on the dick of m00t while her partner Bianca rides Jacob Bijani's dick, then first designer and creative director of tumblr. This has a double advantage for her because, not only could she gain internet fame by whoring herself out to a known website admin, she could also leverage sex with him for favor for Gawker's sake and thereby get ahead at work as well.

Girlfriend Gallery About missing Pics
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She is a Belieber

Your hero m00t is fucking a Belieber

m00t and Co. Try to Actively Dox, Hack and DDoS GamerGate Supporters (and how it backfired)

One thing that lends the logs credibility is that, in them, m00t devises a plan to end GamerGate by doxing and threatening people who support it and then telling them he did it by getting their IP's off of 4chan. This seems like proof the logs are legit because that is exactly what happened.

A day or two after the leak a number of people on the GamerGate side were doxed. What m00t failed to take into account (being delusional from years of being an internet tough guy) is that no one cares.

Instead of quietly turning off their accounts and going AWOL, people just took screencaps of the PMs and Emails they got and posted them publicly, going: "Now who's the harasser?". Not only did this fail to achieve anything, it only lended credibility to the GamerGate side, who flaunted their e-threats like badges of honor and drew more attention to the tag.

The most hilarious part was that they also doxed Adam Baldwin and Milo Yiannopoulos, as if some internet nerds can somehow intimidate people with millions of dollars. They also tried to send Milo a syringe full of what appears to be cocaine.


As if he would just immediately inject whatever is sent to him anonymously through the mail. Instead, he just took a picture of it and posted it online before calling the police. He was also tipped off as to the identity of the sender, so all fingers are crossed in hopes he told the party van and they will soon give m00t a visit.

Another failed attempt was to hack TFYC and DDoS the The Escapist thread about GamerGate. This was only successful for half a day before drawing more people and attention to it.

"Raid" Gallery About missing Pics
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m00t Tries to Take Down ED

Gay moot is gay 2.jpg

Taking the route of the interent's biggest faggot, m00t and his homo mods tried to take down ED. The site was down for a couple of days, mostly due to our own admins being lazy and incompetent. This would have been impressive, were it not for the fact ED is down about twice a month.

Curiously, the site went down just a day before this very article was scheduled to be featured on the front page. In case this was an attempt to keep this from happening, all the AOTNs were moved up a few days to skip the ones during which we down and this lovely picture of m00ts dick was added on the site just so that people can get another look at it.

Identity Confirmed: The Retards Try to Dox Someone From the DoD

In a hilarious turn of events, m00t and his faggot squad doxed some random person, but what they didn't know what that he worked for The Department of Defense.

The guy has top secret clearance and when his boss saw it the faggots who tried to dox him got a visit from the FBI and were interrogated. The dude contacted "The Ralph Retort" and informed him, implicitly exposing in his email that all the speculation was true and it were, in fact, SJW's from 4chan doing it. From that you can assume pretty much without a doubt that all the stories are true.


The Exodus to Hotwheels Chan


Realizing what a giant homo m00t has become, many intentionally got themselves banned from 4chan and moved to 8chan, quickly making it the second largest board online.

Unlike 4chan in recent years, on 8chan lulz have not yet been banned. Raids, dox, gore and all that good stuff 4chan used to be loved for is totally allowed. Anyone can make his own board so the moderators aren't the admin's cronies like they are on 4chan and the site has many features m00t's faggot ass has been too lazy to add for years.

The plan is pretty much to leave 4chan and let m00t deal with trying to pay server fees once the money from ad revenue dries up.


Alex Lifschitz: The second connection


Another person involved in this is "Alex Lifschits". Son of a multimillionaire and probably a 4chan mod, he is currently having the sloppy seconds thirds ????? of the gaming industry by fucking Zoe Quinn.

Yes, days after Zitface Quinn had announced that Nathan Grayson was now her "boyfriend", but less than a month later, it seems that Alex is actually her "boyfriend". This unsurprisingly coincided with threads on 4chan being taken down. So did Zoe intentionally start sleeping with this guy so that he could help her get rid of 4chan threads in exchange for sex? Yes. This is without a doubt what happened. Along with her career in nude "modeling", this takes Zoe one step closer to literal prostitution.

So who is Alex? Besides what is already mentioned, he is the guy seen drinking with Zoe at a bar when this whole thing began, and he is also a part of a group called "Critical Distance" which, like DiGRA and "SilverString Media" (to which they are closely connected), is all about shoveling SJW faggotry into video games by inviting game journalists to their conventions and then having Alex preach to them his insane propaganda.

The Escapist told them to fuck off an not write for their site anymore after GG started.

Gamergate batch29.png
(The Video in a Nutshell)

Final Death Spiral

Alexa ranking, one year later

Several months into GG everyone was making fun of m00t for being a cuck, he threatened to shut down /pol/ if they don't stop which was ridiculous because most of /pol/ already went to 8chan after gamergate already knowning that they were the next to be wiped off (after gamergate). Then on 2015-01-17 an enraged janitor leaked an interesting document and chat log to 8chan's Hotwheels. In this document it was described that from now on moot was demanding his mods and janitors to give him copies of their ID an sign legal documents and photographs and to sign a contract about their volunteer work on 4chan where they assure him they do it for free and will follow the new rules. A few hours after the leak moot uploaded the new guideline on the official 4chan blog to make it appear like it was not leaked.

At this time it was already known that moot was a sellout bitch sucking SJW dicks but now he confirmed it for a second time and all of 8chan was laughing. After the dust settled over the weekend of the 17th and 18th January, moot made another interesting statement on January 22nd, surprisingly proclaiming his retirement from his position as 4chan admin and indirectly admitting his ultimate defeat to Hotwheels. Now 8chan's Hotwheels was the undisputed emperor of the chan-o-sphere. All of 8chan celebrated the defeat of the cuck and they even had mercy for the little cuck and gave a farewell party to him on 8chan where emperor Hotwheels rememered the good old times in his childhood when m00t was not a SJW lapdog.

After m00t stepped down from 4chan he partially blamed responsibility on GamerGate in an AMA stream he did shortly after saying it had made him "too emotional". At some point at least as early as Dec 2014, moot has referred to 4chan as cuckchan and cuckchan.org. At the moment the mods continue to be replaced with SJWs, the ones who don't want to give m00t their ID keep leaking the mod's chatlogs and people who declare 4chan dead every 3 months actually mean it this time like... super serious. It is assumed now that 4chan will turn into the new tumblr and 8chan will live on as the new 4chan.

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More leaks

Have some more leaks.


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Other People and Sites That Got Involved:

People: Videogame "Journalists"Videogame ReviewersAdam BaldwinCameron BakerAnne RiceWilliam ShatnerJoss WhedonHideki KamiyaBoogie2988JonTronEgoraptorChris ChanAhuviya Harel/ADF-Fuensalidam00tA Man in BlackNick DentonEllen PaoDerek SmartDarksydePhilMrRepzionSuey Park‎Richard DawkinsRichard StallmanNerdcubedJoshua IdehenVordrakFilthy FrankJim SterlingValisHDShoe0nHeadTotalBiscuitTheamazingatheistThunderf00tJulian AssangeWeevIcze4rGeorge R.R MartinStephen ColbertRoosh VNorthBySouthBaranofIronholdsGabe and TychoMaddoxFaggot Who Started OWSSceptre‎TheRalphRetortChris KluweTauriq MoosaParkourDude91The Wannabe DickridersJewWarioTodd in the ShadowsLordKatAngry JoeMaxofs2dCowkittyAsalieriJerry PeetCraig BrittainSir WulfingtonAlex WuoriAndrew HussieTransFrequencyDylann Storm RoofSargon of Akkad.

Sites: RedditVoatRationalWikiSJWiki76chanTwitterWikipediaTGWTGBoingBoingVICEGOGTheMarySueStormFrontScrewAttackThe EscapistBuzzfeedSalonPatreonJezebelSomething AwfulTV Trope4chanEncyclopedia Dramatica ForumsEncyclopedia Dramatica.

Others: FacadeCards Against HumanityGNAABill Waggoner CrewMSNBC/CNN/BBC etcThe GuardianElectronic ArtsIntelAdobeGoogleShirtgateMillion Dollar ExtremeHatredPostal 2BaphometAnonymousGamersEverybody else on the internet and their dog.

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