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Fappable version.
Moot addressing the masses of 4chan.

moot (AKA m00t, m00tle, mootykins, m♥♥t, Doug, mοοt !Εр8рui8Vw2 ­## Αdmіn and (the) faggot, "real" name Christopher Poole (aka Chris Poole) or Robert Goin or Rick Benson), is a completely respectable Mexican treacherous jew who, after turning into a swan and raping the maiden Internets, conceived 4chan and invented memes. It offers free porn of multitudinous varieties, but, like a pay-per-view phoenix, dies every new moon and must be resurrected by shedding the blood of a donator.

Moot then takes this money and flees to Cancun, Mexico; also known as Mootxico. He has prepared for this by graduating from grade school with a degree in Mexican studies. All the while spreading a deadly concoction of diabetes, cancer, AIDS, and epic fail which combined to form swine flu.

In addition, his life goal is to be the little girl.

Lately his popularity has changed due to him becoming an awkward fucktard who thinks he is an Internets celebrity, making 4chan his own personal army and make anonymous look like dangerous HACKERS ON STEROIDS.

Moot, the supreme overlord of the Internet that he is, is responsible for /b/-day in which the pedophiles of 4chan were exiled from the land of milk and honey known as /b/, and cast out into the cesspool known as Unfortunately the wrath of Moot was indiscriminate, as his banhammer of massive girth fell too hard on too broad a landscape, so as a result unsuspecting /b/tards who were not to blame for any illegal content posted on 4chan were also banished from /b/ resulting in a massive rebellion against Lord Moot. More information can be found on the /b/-day page.

Moot approves

However, in December 07, moot's castle of hentai, AIDS, and cat macros was taken from him, forcing him to live as just another gay person on the internet for a few days.

Lately however, Moot is back from Mootxico after his soup-binge and homo erotic adventures. But, does he have any IRL friends? NO?! OMFG ARE YOU SURPRISED! Did you learn anything from the above? Moot likes to take credit for starting Anonymous, but it was actually Shii who started it on his own imageboard and then convinced moot to implement it on 4chan's /b/. [1]

Moot's tripcode is #faggot, if for some reason you didn't know. Eatthisfag.PNG Eatthisfag2.PNG Also a permaban if you try to use it, so don't do it.

Did you know that even though moot almost never answers his emails, he saves every email that he gets forever?

As of late he has been fagging up /r9k/ with his sticky threads; the most recent claiming to have a girlfriend, however this is a lie, because as we all know: moot is a faggot (not that there's anything wrong with that).

Although moot is usually a complete bastard that hates 4chan users more than they hate themselves, he has been pretending to give a shit about his website by adding a "see look, i really do listen to your suggestions!!!!!!" sticky to /b/. In an attempt to prevent a complete exodus of 4chaners to reddit, moot has intergrated the amazing Web 1.0 [Top] and [Bottom] buttons, allowing people without Home and End keys to have the full 4chan experience.


Will it come true?
Killed by his own weapon

So I know moot, we went to high school together and my little brother just about worships the guy and spends way too much time on 4chan. I was never into anime, because I am not a gigantic faggot, and i never really looked at 4chan except for /ck/, but anyway last night i called moot because my brother wanted to know wtf was up and moot said we should come over to his parents house (he has a swanky apartment near the servers in downtown Dallas, but its not very big. Great building, though). So i got my little brother and a couple six packs of lone star and some kirins and went over. There was maybe a dozen people over and when we came in, moot who was drinking soup, told us 4chan was over and he wanted it to out like it started, without much fanfare. He said that he'd banked enough money from it (almost three million after taxes he said) and after the latest terrorist scare of 4chan origin this week he was afraid that he'd lose it to government fines or lawyers somehow and that he enough money for the rest of his life now anyway. Then he went on about how since 4chan got so big he didn't have any time to have fun, but he didn't want to sell it and see his creation turned into corporate crap, so he just pulled the plug (he was a huge nirvana fan in high school, so at least he didn't suck on a twelve gauge) before it got completely out of control. Then he talked to my brother about anime for like an hour. Apparently, he was trying to get brought up to speed after missing out for a couple years. He said he is considering moving to Japan and writing or producing anime designed for western audiences and the 4chan servers will be auctioned at the beginning of next year and maybe the domain as well. My little brother was trying to show off or some shit and pounded one too many and puked on the kitchen floor so i threw him in the car and went home. Anyway, I thought you would want to know about this, so here it is. TL;DR


—Some dood with a little bro

At least it didn't involve a sticky ending, with all the associated long winded sexual details.
(Alternatively, if that doesn't bother you then carry on reading, or may we suggest reading Xiao Rishu?)

IRL name

moot on a roof. (in Cambridge)

Anonymous, with their desire to hunt down moot for his cock, found out that he was raised in Springfield, Illinois. At first, it was assumed that moot's name was Richard Goin, based off a Google search, since Google always tells the truth. However, further investigation into the camwhoring of his friends brought about the theory that moot's first name is actually Robert, and that his friends are in fact closeted furries.

Further research has revealed that Richard Robert Goins is not in fact moot's real name, but it is his porn name. In porn, moot for unknown reasons always wears his baseball cap. It is his signature style no other adult film star has had before. moot currently resides in Cambridge, Massachusetts (see image on top right) and according to his TOW page, moot's real IRL name is Jerome Bettis.

Anonymous hunting down moot. Last name: Goins
often edited, equally often reverted and mysteriously still unlocked
moot as Rob. Look at that fag making eggs.


One goes through extra moot impersonation effort with making the moot mask!
The only true Moot.
moot actually delivers for once in his faggy life (Nice YTMND shirt, nerd). (is fake moot though)

Since 4chan began until early 2009, 4chan had no rule against moot impersonation and on /b/ it clearly was allowed by the rules. Eventually moot noticed this, although he'd always ban for it. The other moderators never have and never will ban for it--all bans for this are from moot and they're only for moot impersonation, never W.T. Snacks impersonation.

moot is a pretty laid back guy, but when someone impersonates him, he becomes insanely furious. Why? Nobody knows. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and yet moot gets just as enraged over moot impersonation as Chris-chan‎ and The Real Chris Chan‎ get over Chris-chan impersonation.

Originally, moot impersonation was as easy as this:

How to be moot.gif

But over time moot has been working to stop it. Techniques still exist but whenever they're posted on ED, moot quickly blocks them due to the flood of newfags not knowing when to and when not to use them.

hipster moot is serious buisness.

The mystery of his sexual preference

That's right, the guy who owns 4chan is a fag.
This is a real quote.

Question is: is moot homosexual or bisexual?

The answer remains a mystery because moot has never replied to this. Nonetheless, moot occasionally tries to solicit dates on 4chan with hilarious consequences when people guess his sexual preference wrong.

/page. And as you can see, moot always has his hat on when doing porn.
People get gay for his pronunciations.
moot lays down the law to an unsuspecting camwhore.
moot lays the fuckdown.

Moot is well known as a homosexual:

  • He often will kiss other men.
  • He says he wants to be the little girl.
  • He crossdresses, usually sexually in crotchless outfits.
  • Even when he doesn't crossdress, he wears lots of pink and he wears women's makeup that at the very least makes his checks extra rosy.
  • He repeatedly bans female camwhores saying he doesn't care and when a male hits on moot, moot replies back eagerly and then stickies the post.
  • He says he wants to be the little girl.
  • He is seen in photos hanging around with hot girls and not showing any sign of attraction to them.
  • He is too well groomed for a straight man.
  • He says he wants to be the little girl.
  • And then of course there's his tripcode...

moot, though, is the only man in existence who can pull off being both cool and a #faggot at the same time.


This is how Allyson got to be a mod too.

Though this could be a boner he got looking at men, and he posed a female to grab it to mislead the public. Moot explained that it was actually a Styrofoam cucumber in his Reddit Q&A.

Summer '08

My father...was Moot...

In 2008 moot was seen a lot more on 4chan, sticking every thread he posts in on /b/ and /r9k/ and leaving it there for days for all to be blessed by his presence. He has also been spotted updating the news page and asking people to read it and occasionally showing up in the weekly Midnight Snacks threads on /r9k/ and banning anyone who says anything about his past with Snacks. Moot recently trolled 4chan, especially /b/, by giving an interview in the Wall Street Journal about 4chan where he released his real name, and later stating on 4chan that "Christopher Poole" was just an act of trolling.

Many /b/tards with half a brain were able to see this for what it was, a lame-assed attempt to cover his tracks, as moot would not lie to the Wall Street Journal. For moot, as a wannabe camwhore, would not want to piss off a reporter and jeopardize future interviews. The result is that he will be promptly SWATted just like Kirtaner was. This is expected to result in a surge of newfags on the site, much to the dismay of many /b/tards.

Time Magazine article
Wall Street Journal article
moot's testimony in the Sarah Palin email hacking case.

m00t "raves" with some newfags

Damnit Tom, give him the glowstick!


What the fuck is wrong with you?



Epic raid

On November 9th, 2008, moot posted a number of threads pretty much showing how much of a camwhore he is, so /b/tards took initiative and began posting numerous threads similar to moot's, only to receive the banhammer, but was pretty funny while it lasted. For some reason people kept thinking these trolls were moot and were subsequently trolled themselves. Below is an example of this:

Fake moot. Notice the name and tripcode.

moot 2009

Poole's Closed
Time moot lulz2.jpg
The jobhunt's hit a snag.
Road ahead.png
Moot is back for 2009, bitches! Let the b&ing begin!1!!!!1!!1one!!1 fucking trolled idiot, you get banned in the post body, NOT the subject line

On February 17th, 2009, moot found himself gracing the front page of the style/culture section of the The Washington Post. Drawing on his appearance at ROFL Thing this year, the article is basically the same as the Time Magazine article published last year, apart from the revelation that despite the growing publicity the internet's "master of memes" has received in the last year and a half and the lucrative ad revenues he's been pulling in due to 4chan's ever-growing popularity, he's been unable to secure a job IRL, still living with his mom, and 20k in debt. TL;DR: moot is in for tough times, where did it all go?.

On the bright side for mootle, Time Magazine has decided to suck his muddy cock even more, and included him on the voting list of Time`s 100 Most Influential People. Wait, what?

As of April 27th Moot IS Time Magazine's World's Most Influential person. A Time Magazine editor had this to say, "I know it was rigged but he just would not stop offering to suck my cock. So, I finally let him and JESUS CHRIST, shit was so cash. Why do you think he won by such a wide margin?" I wonder if he got the stains out?

TIME results moot.jpg

2012 Election Nominee

Troll the vote is an up coming campaign started on 4chan. As of 2012 moot will be 25, which is the age where he is a legal candidate for the house of Representatives. HAHAHA DISREGARD THAT, I SUCK COCKS

Fixing 4chan

By 2012 moot had been getting nostalgic over the fact that 4chan would be turning 9 years old. Now that moot makes money from his faggot site, he has more time to fuck off on the interbutts. So moot tried to get in touch with everyone with on how to make people happier. He popped up on every board answering questions. With the surge of questions, moot has made /q/, a board for questions, where moot and mods lurk answering questions, and where users post suggestions on how to fix 4chan. However, /q/ has backfired horrendously, as it turns out moot and mods barely ever (if at all) answer questions that don't immediately interest them, and the board has since turned into a clusterfuck of complaining about how little moderation there is. Compound that with moot dodging every question related to 4chan moderation and getting into petty arguments with twelve-year-olds on /q/ (frequently telling them that if they don't like 4chan they should make their own chan) and we all realize what a horrendous waste of time /q/ actually is; sources speculate that moot may only be keeping /q/ open due to the regular salad-tossing he receives from grateful white knights on the board. By 2013 /q/ was shut down because "that only worked about a day"

Ascii copypasta


/b/tard Fap material

Moot-tan Gallery-The only true Moot! About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]
Moot IRL Gallery About missing Pics
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Moot never takes off his hat for porn About missing Pics
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Time Magazine stuff About missing Pics
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Please Read


Sauce of That fucking cat

That fucking cat.jpg

By invisibro, a 4chan moderator who lives in Brooklyn and is moot's personal friend (Like all the rest of moot's 21 moderators).

Moot at Anime Weekend Atlanta 2013

Moot recently hosted a panel for 4chan's 10th anniversary. He mentioned having an ex-girlfriend who didn't even bother to show up.

Moot sells out 4chan

Yfw you're not moot.png

Moot retires

Cucklin' is hard work!
Zyklon Ben is still raging mad about Moot banning him.

In January 2015, Moot got tired of being called a cuck by his former userbase who left him when he sold out during GamerGate and would only come back from 8chan to shitpost on /pol/ and laugh at him for being cheated on by some Gawker employee named Mallory Greitzer who was only sleeping with him to get a promotion. To combat this he made all his mods sign a contract agreeing to do it for free, and then announced that he had "decided it is time to move on".

But Moot couldn't simply leave silently, he wanted to exit like an real hero, posting a global news announcement and holding a livestream on jewtube where he answered questions posted on the temporal board /qa/. The entire video was a cringeworthy whine-fest.

Later he admitted that he wouldn't be quitting 4chan for good, and would come back after taking a break, but that turned out to be a lie because mootles has sold 4chan to the creator of 2chan as of September of 2015. Fucking kike.

Exposed on Ashley Madison

If you thought that Ashley Madison was only for guys looking to bang strange used pussy, you are incorrect, as Mr. Poole used the service to have strange guys over to fuck his ugly girlfriend, while he sat in corner using his tears as lubrication to jerk off his rotting dick to his girlfriend spreading her herpes to lonely guys.



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