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"I don't want to be defined by my sexual orientation!!1!1!"
No, no we can't.
It's no suprise that she's a Harry Potter freak too.
even google is in on the lulz

Your typical fangirl; fat, ugly, hyper-sensitive and bitchy. She has alienated many of her friends through her reckless and selfish behavior, but that isn't a problem as there is a small army of felching fantards willing to step up and fill the empty gaps.

She has the bad habit of tracing, sight tracing or as she calls it, being "inspired" by other pictures. In the rare event she admits to this, she always focuses on her own genius and ability, and never on the original piece she ass-raped. Asking her to link her references is like pulling teeth out of a live alligator. She had a y!gallery but has since abandoned it because they didn't give her ass-pats and praise.

She is like a bad combination of Snapesnogger and someone with Ass-burger syndrome (which, strangely enough, her girlfriend Liz claims to have). The fact that she is in her early twenties and STILL traces does not bode well.

According to most psychiatrists, she is also a lesbian fat dyke pedophile. The lesbian fat dyke part is claimed as debatable as she also claims to enjoy little boy dick.

Even though it is questionable as to whether or not she really is a lesbian, she likes to tell random people randomly that she loves to eat pussy. Especially during the menstrual cycle. Even if something unrelated to lesbianism is asked, she will find a way to work it in somehow.

Also Known As

larger picture is sans the Internet Disease
  • Eric Warehein, Co-Star of Tim and Eric's Awesome Show, Great Job! (see picture)
  • Innernetz4porn
  • Kamatari-Fan
  • Kouri Shien
  • Michelle Chaos
  • Misha Chaos
  • On A Day of Snow
  • Snow-Chan
  • Sweet Chaos
  • Yo Mama


Here is an excerpt from her web site where she proclaims how "Kama-like" she is, and how she feels connected to him. On the same site she also declares how she wants to be his bitch.

"I like Kamatari because he's JUST LIKE ME!!! ^_^v When Pete first told me he was a guy, I was like "NANI??" and my bro went "ehhh...." in a frightened sort of voice. The first time I saw Kamatari-filled RK eppies, I was just sort of like "yeah...there's a side character...Whoop-dee-do." It took a second viewing of the season for me to like him. Something clicked during the second go-round. Maybe it was cuz I had warmed up to the idea of shonen ai (thanks to Erin and her Fake manga which she forced upon me...) or maybe it was because I had recently seen an eppisode of Maury featuring a cross-dresser or maybe it was even because I paid more attention to Kamatari this time. But whatever the reason, I was hooked. I should explain why I said he's just like me. Besides the aforementioned characteristics, I also have hair similar to his (it flips out on the bottom and is sort of purplish), my voice is not exactly feminine (but it ain't a guy voice...somewhere in between...when I start to lose my voice, I sound A LOT like Kama-chan!) and every time I talk I'm really loud. I hate to see other people interested in the guy I like (especially when I was on my big Dr Mike trip...ooo...If any other girl so much as looked at him, I was seething. Too bad he didn't like me...But I digress ^^). I also love Kamatari's sense of style. Save for the giant rope thing, his outfit is too cute. I used to want all my clothes in that turquoise color (according to my Okasan...) and his kimono just looks so comfy. I can picture him dressing the way I do if he lived now. I like to be comfortable. I love the way he's so loyal. I have one friend I would do anything for. I only want her happiness, even if it means I have to be miserable. When I let her down (and I did BIG TIME), I felt like crawling under a rock and dying. Of course, I didn't actually try to kill myself, but...You get the idea. I think I like him a lot because he's cheerful and upbeat, but he must secretly harbor a lot of pain. Think about it. He knows he's not the most important part of Shishio's world, he's not loved more than stupid Yumi and he's not a better fighter than Sojiro. That must be so depressing. He must feel so rejected, as do I. Rejection is something people hide away. They pretend it isn't there. Kamatari must be this way. I just want to hug him!! *smiles and runs off to glomp the cross-dresser*"


—Mind of a 10 year old girl, body of a 40 year old man whom doesn't have long to live.

Tummy Gallery

No, she is not pregnant. She just wishes she was. More than likely she was bouncing up and down on a Dildo Ball a bit too hard one day, and...well, you get the picture.

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Notable Quotes

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Notable Quotes - PEDO SPECIAL

Of course only anime freaks know who the fucking hell "Kurumi" is . . .

Stolen art work

According to Misha she doesn't steal art, she "borrows" poses... but someone should really tell her that using a pose is different than using someone elses line-art. This gallery is a small percentage of her stolen art. If she uploads anything, always assume it is a rip off.

It's a guarantee that there are originals of ALL her pictures out there. Despite this fact becoming common knowledge to DeviantART and Anonymous alike, she still has yet to be banned from DA for her continued faggotry. Hopefully, someday she'll rip off the art of a more famous artist like Snapesnogger and will have millions of teeny boppers rip into her. On second thought, she'd probably like it...

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Yes, women can be pedos too. Of course because all dykes are really men who haven't shaved properly, this comes as no surprise.

Like many yaoi-obsessive fangirls, she has branched into the world of shotacon and lolicon. She has declaired quite a few times how hot she finds these genres of anime and art. Aside from the gross out factor that comes from imagining her flicking her bean to poorly drawn pictures of little boys taking it in the ass, we also have the panic factor.

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Pedophilia Erotica

  • Title: Perfect
  • Warnings: Hints at rape and the usual gay
  • Notes: This was HEAVILY inspired by the Alanis Morissette song of the same name and based on the past Pocky-chan and I have created for Jirougorou (Rajura).

Can’t I stop, Father?” The small boy whined, arms aching from the repetitive motion of swinging a blade too heavy, “I can get it right sometimes…” “‘Sometimes’ is not acceptable!” His father roared, hand lashing out and connecting with his son’s flushed cheek, “You must do it again, until it is perfect. I will tell you when you can stop.

Sighing softly –it earned him another thump on the head- he took up the sword again and assumed the stance. For Father, ‘sometimes’ was never quite enough.

Pausing mid-swing to brush the sweaty curls of hair from his face, he took a deep breath. He knew that if his form was flawless, he could win Father’s love. If he remembered to always win. If he smiled; if he always remembered to smile and be confident.

Be a good boy,” Mama had told him, “Try a little harder. You've got to measure up so you can have a good sensei.

And try harder.” Father growled, “Make me prouder.'”

His parents only accepted the best.

He was willing to give it.

How long before you screw up for real?” Sensei asked, “How many times do I have to tell you to hurry up? You’re too slow; no good. Do it again!

He was trying. He was giving it his all, but he just couldn’t do it the way he needed to. The other students had no troubles; he watched them practicing, laughing, enjoying the praise of their sensei.

And he cried himself to sleep at night for being a failure.

“It hurts! It hurts; please stop!” He sobbed, begging, failing again, as Sensei drove into him with powerful thrusts, one hand tangled in his sweaty hair to hold him still. The tears pooled in his upper lip, mixing with snot and blood from where his teeth had broken the delicate skin of his lip trying not to scream at that first searing pain.

“With everything I do for you,” Sensei whispered in his ear, “The least you can do is keep quiet.” Sword calloused fingers stroked his face and he whimpered softly, trying to jerk out of the caress. The hand in his hair tightened, “Be a good boy,” tugged his head up, lips pressing over his in a rough, greedy kiss.

He was trembling by the time Sensei stopped, breath catching in his throat as he tried to bear the pain.

"No one else had ever complained of it hurting." Father’s words echoed in his head. "You've got to try a little harder. That simply wasn't good enough to make us proud…"

He regarded his student through bright, clear blue eyes, only a hint of past pains remaining as a shadow. He had already decided, upon the display of promise he’d seen in the waiflike boy, that he would live through him; make him what he never was. If he was the best, then maybe…Maybe he would be as well. Compared to the rest of the world…He would be great.

Try again.” The brush strokes, unacceptable. How could he expect to be taken seriously when that kanji was not perfect, when his sword strokes were hesitant, when he could not even count?

I am trying my hardest; I cannot do it right…” That young face looked up at him, pleading, “Please…Let me stop for today.

Again!” He demanded, “I'm doing this for your own damn good; do it again.” He would make up for what he could not do…

Dark eyes glistened, shimmering with tears the boy refused to let loose. The brush shook in his hand, the stroke coming out wobbly. The ink seeped out, leeching through the paper, when tears began slipping down his cheeks.

What's the problem?” He frowned, “...Why are you crying?

I messed up!” The paper was wadded into a ball, “I am trying to do it perfect, and I cannot!” Small hands balled into fists; he hiccupped once, miserable.

It was a startling moment of memory and horror; he was just like his father. Like his sensei. Be a good boy. The words jumbled in his mind. Push a little farther now. Faded memories of his own tiny form, swinging the sword like a man, trying his best. Do it again; that wasn't fast enough to make me happy! The way he felt; trying endlessly to please Sensei, who could not be happy with his best efforts.

He would not allow himself to be the same way.

In one swift movement, he gathered the boy in his arms, hugging him close and burying his face in that fluff of sticking up hair. He didn’t realize he was crying until his face began to feel damp, but he didn’t care. He would love this boy; treat him right.

He would love him just the way he was, perfect or not."

She's a Day-Care Teacher???

She works with children at a daycare center, some as young as three years old. One day, this piece of /b/ trash hopes to be a teacher, and further exposed to the soft, nubile flesh of children.

Since a small outcry, and the fear of people finding out IRL, she has kept her child-addiction on the down low. She plays out these fantasies in RP sessions with other like-minded baby-rapists or draws shota, uploads it to DeviantART, thinks better of it and then removes it (but only after receiving at least five comments of praise).


This isn't the first time she did something inapropriate around kids. However, due to recent butthurt over this page, her mesmerizing stories of lesbian orgies at Girl Scout camp are now friends-locked. And nothing of value was lost.

So since she was a sick fuck in the work place already, it stands to reason she will do it again.

Protect the children! Call 518-457-3210 and let them know that Michelle is a pedophile. Cite her OL life, if needed.

How to Troll

omg h8
  • Point out that she is a hyper-sensitive, shallow attention whore
  • Tell her...
  • the truth about anime - that it sucks donkey balls bigger than she does!
  • she's fat. She does claim to take pride in her weight, but point out she is a porker and watch the fireworks
  • that she mis-spelled Katamari
  • being a pedo is wrong
  • she's still a pedo, even though her crushes are fictional
  • Insult Mpreg or shota
  • Make sure you let her know that we are aware of her true identity as Eric Wareheim.
  • Ask her if she is...
  • really a lesbian, then why is she all hot for yaoi?
  • a lesbian, then why is she all hot for little boy dick?
  • Wait until she says something self-glorifying, then point out a mistake or flaw in her "art"
  • Try to help her stop being a thieving cunt
  • Offer her positive critique
  • Point out that all of her "good" art is either traced or a rip-off of existing art-work
  • Direct her to this article

Account Raid

Make sure you let her know she spelled Katamari wrong.

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The Hype

Now this is a story all about how my
DA page got flipped turned upside down
And I'd like to take a minute just sit right there
I'll tell you how I become the tracer of a community called DA

In some sewer born and raised
inside the children is where I spent most of my days
Chillin' out, maxin', relaxin', all cool
And all spellin' some katimari all wrong
When a couple of an heros they were up to no good
Started makin' trouble in my user page
I got in one little flamewar and my mom got scared
And said, "You're movin' down to the basement with your yaoi and shota you faggot."

I whistled for a little boy and when he came near
The boy was fresh and he had lice and a pokemon card
If anything I could say that this boy was rare
But I thought, "yah, fuck it. Yo boy take off your clothes!"

I pulled up his shirt he was about 7 or 8
but a cop yelled to the boy "yo holmes get outta there!"later
Looked at my watch I was finally gone
To sit on my fatass as the pedophile of dev-Art.

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Her recent girlfriend, another otaku.

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