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Lyndsay Kirkham (born ca. 1978) is a Canadian 44-year old narcissistic social justice warrior, Internet lolcow, radical feminist and self-described "writer, social media maverick and educator" from Toronto, who rose to e-fame in 2016 after she faked a disparaging Reddit thread about herself in order to complain loudly on the Internets about being a victim of male sexism.

She has claimed to be "an active member of the Toronto feminist community" and one of "Toronto's top mom bloggers." Despite that, she has been fired from several paid jobs in feminist-related organizations in the Toronto area for being batshit insane, and is apparently known as an eccentric in her local community. She is known to be generally unreliable and prone to make things up. She is also a self-described supporter of misandry, the hatred of males. She has recently claimed to be have moved to the United Kingdom.

Prior to the 2016 events, she had been known among Twitter users as a Twitter lolcow who constantly bitched about how she raised her son according to her idiosyncratic beliefs about "feminist parenting," and statements like "people who ask for proof about the rape culture aren't human." In 2014 she raised some eyebrows when she in all likelihood fabricated an alleged, and rather unrealistic, "Highly Sexist Conversation" among IBM executives, to which she claimed to have been the sole witness. She also runs several blogs, where she among other things fantasizes about being raped.

She claims to be a "professor," but is actually a part-time, non tenure-track adjunct instructor at a third-tier community college (the British and Commonwealth equivalent would be associate lecturer at best, five full steps below professor), and she doesn't hold a PhD or even a decent MA, and has no academic publications. Quite unsurprisingly, given her somewhat creative CV, she teaches "creative writing."


Her narcissism is apparent from her ubiquitous, Katherine Marionesque bragging about herself, as well as from her grossly unrealistic exaggerations of her talents and qualifications:

The incredible Lyndsay Kirkham has used her talents in a number of ways [...] Being a vegan long before I became pregnant, and generally being a compassionate person definitely impacted my decision to approach parenting from a natural perspective.


Should I mention that I know how to code, write latex and made my first computer program at age 12?


Her alleged "coding" capabilities, which she never tires of bragging about, seem to boil down to her being able to set up a Wordpress website.

She Said / She Said

In the wake of her newfound fame, the following background information about her emerged:


Lyndsay Kirkham is a resident of Toronto who has been fired from her jobs for cause repeatedly. As someone who remotely knows her and some of her former employers, I am taking this step to warn potential employers against this person.

As she was fired from her most recent job at a feminist publishing company in 2014, she embarked on a vendetta against her own employer, sending out hundreds of e-mails to its customers and contacts containing grossly inappropriate language and allegations against her employer. She also deleted countless files from her employer’s computers, severely sabotaging her own employer and deliberately causing them significant loss.

Her employer had terminated their contract with her for cause. She had demonstrated herself to be grossly incompetent and incapable of carrying out even rudimentary tasks, while at the time behaving in an obnoxious manner, not only against colleagues, but also against the company’s customers and contacts.

As it happens, she has had her employment ended for similar reasons many times. I must therefore warn against this person.


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