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Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
so you can't say anything bad! :-(

Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.
Seriously. How daft can you be to mistake an unidentifiable drag queen with an afro for a 'taxicab-yellow centaur'?

Roaming the internets under the self-assumed title of 'the bitch you love to hate,' Lougaraswifthart, having also been known as Sorandra and Luxari, has left a lasting impression on all those she's encountered in her retarded wanderings. A recently-divorced 22-year-old furry, Lougara's fursona is a so-called 'jackal thestral hybrid', but appears to be a taxicab-yellow centaur with a generic furry on one end and a skeletal pegasus' vagina on the other. Lougara is more than the sum of her parts, however; she is a dramafag wannabe-troll, a self-proclaimed 'xenophile,' and a veritable emotionally-diseased clone of Zeriara -- if Zeriara had hit rock bottom from the very start.

Her favorite pastime is to lower everybody that she feels is a fucktard, and such... not that she isn't one herself, YA KNOW.

Has obviously the IQ of nothing more than a tween who loves to suck serious cocks, only far worse than that. We may never know why she acts like some attention whore who kisses her buds' asses daily. She absolutely has NO LIFE WHATSOEVER on the premise, nor does she know the right way to use DESU, and such. Wow. SOMEBODY CALL THE ATTENTION WHORE CONTROL CENTER PLZ, OR BETTER YET, THE WAAAAMBULANCE! WE MUST HAVE HER GTFO THE INTERNET!

Brace yourself, for now we look into a foggy quagmire of failure and faggotry... the e-biography of Lougaraswifthart.

Lougara The Furfag

Proud to be a fucktard.
Just to let ya know.

Always one to ridicule the generic nature of her fellow furfag's faggoty fursonas, it only stands to reason that Lougara would have a unique one of her own, superior in every way.

It is, in her own words, a 'jackal thestral hybrid.' A finer mangled mash of animal bits one would be hard-pressed to find; the thing appears to be a yellow centaur with a jackal on one end and a tribal horse's ass at the back. A pair of skeletal wings 'fused to her body through spirits' protrude from her back and her anthro jackal's face is slathered with garish whore makeup and seems to be home to a massive shit-colored wig. It is also apparently hermaphroditic. Her hermaphrodism is symbolic of her raging slutty tendencies, pretty much fucking whoever looks at her. Guard your loins, this is your only warning, as she has admitted to having the herpes!

It is safe to say Lougara has emotional problems. She is subscribed to various communities dealing in her delusions, including Lj-favicon.png hermfurr, Lj-favicon.png xenofetish, Lj-favicon.png gotscoliosis (although this is a physical problem, if anyone cared to do any research,) and Lj-favicon.png iluvsesshomaru. She is also the proud owner of Lj-favicon.png mental_furs, "a haven for furs with mental issues (or blessings) to come and chat." Outside of the public eye which she feels must adore her so for being such a hee-larious, ass-kicking cunt, Lougara freely breaks down and reveals the extent of her mental illnesses -- "ADD ADHD, bipolar, and borderline disorganized schizophrenic." She has since handed the community off to go bawww elsewhere on the internet. She also claims to have 'empathy,' which in this context is furry-raped to mean 'psychic powers with telekinesis and feelings!' Such bullshit that is (you seriously need a verb to carry over here) right there.

She recently created a new fursona by means of a palette swap. This new fursona, Soranda, is "maternal and loving" with androgyny replacing herm as the symbol of whore. Unfortunately it still looks like someone threw feces and dog and lack of creativity into a poor sausage grinder. Fortunately for those who look, this one lacks the penis. She claims it be her "totem spirit guide" thus finally descending to the depths of otherkin FTW. This didn't fly over too well and now she wants to be known as Luxari, a dragon/hell hound with its face half decayed from herpes or something.

That is a lie Enough is Enough!!! She's the terrorist around here, Being friends with stupidass adults phishing with Suzidragonlady every once in a while, Sure this isn't Isn't LULZ enough but, Aren't you forgetting thats she's writing illegal things in another person's property. Who am I? Well good question, is Bitch FUCK OFF THE INTERNETZ!!! Yeah, you listen to me faggot If I See your uglyass face again, I will Call someone I know. No He ain't no FBI or anything. I hope this is a lesson to you with whom your fucking with!!! I'm not no loser YOU ARE! YOU HAVE NO LIFE AND YOU MAKE PEOPLE FEEL UNSAFE HERE. Your not making AE any safer anyways I don't give a cunt, oh shit you only can get cunt because yo hubby Hates you. and your furfag breeds they well its up to you. Wanna go to jail 4 dis fine, act like a retard and 70 years in prison Your going to be in okay!? Dumbass, ruining people's privacy 4 no reason!!! Faggots.

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