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The art there is very autobiographical.
The Pope is their only regular reader.

Lolokaust generally refers to something so lulz that the death of six million people results from excessive laughter. This spelling though, refers to a shit MS Paint site that happens to be the illegitimate, bastard child of the late Electric Retard. When Eric shut down Electric Retard because of general faggotry and self obsessed attn whores, the entire evicted community of three Azn’s led by Jewdozer (aka Alex), paid to set up the Lolokaust with their pocket monies taken from old men with happy faces.


Reading their stories can be a painful experience.

The pride of their Microsoft Frontpage jerk off is the ‘Guide Page’ where images of violence towards women abound, all drawn in paint. Scientists have been unable to understand why someone would use a piece of shit like MS Paint to rape the eyes of thar interwebs when different shades of dog excrement could be used for better results. The rest of the site is a collection of stories in a similar theme and interviews with people nobody gives a fuck about. The content of the site is made by a small handful of regular contributors via their forums who are all virgins, hate women and still live with their folks at 78.

The following “OH MY GOD SHOCK!” Can be found on this dump:

  • 69 guides to sexual perversions drawn by old virgin men in MS Paint including necrophilia and cannibalism.
  • Some interviews, probably made up.
  • Some children’s bedtime stories.
  • A lol……record label. loololloololloloool, I’m sure a mega hit awaits those who sign up.
  • Forums, currently offering a “we’ll pay you money to spam our site” option.
  • T-shirts made in a sweat shop sold in exchange for $$$$$$$$


Islam’s most wanted stick their neck out for the lulz.

The members of the Lolokaust will attempt to raid your site and take its MS Painters back to their base as prisoners for assrape, which means everyone is safe because nobody uses this sack of fail to make things anymore. The site art is open to anyone as long as you buy their shirts and give them lots of head. Hitler worship is also something they spread like the legs of your mom. On the release of a new guide, depending on the subject, the Lolokaust will organize small raids. The online Islamic communities got butthurt over their guide to Islam. Trolling Muslim sites with blasphemy to Allah, is like setting up a pork sandwich shop in a mosque. If loss of life resulted from such a raid they could eventually become an hero.


The Lolokaust takes trolling very serious.
Their site admin often lose keys.

Quite often their minions of members who currently stand at three, will raid sites of worth and the reaction is generally lulz on both sides. We advise caution because just using the word ‘lolokaust’ on some forums is an instaban trigger. On one forum, Lolokaust owner Alex, broke down after the members had trolled him for 12 years saying

...Thanks to the 5 people who read this shit, I really appreciate it.

I confess

I have murdered my own soul and then raped it on a pile of my own feces.

My posts are bitter reminders of what happens to a person who spends his entire life belly crawling in the sewers of the internets.

I no longer feel emotions or have any idea what beauty or love is. My only purpose in life is to amble along the black highway of despair with my erection held aloft in one hand, my lost dignity in the other. It took the dinosaurs millions of years to go extinct, with my debauched posting I hope to speed along humanities demise much faster.

Do I still need my nose when breathing out of my mouth works so much better?

When I cover myself in excrement, am I not making a statement about my self worth? Do I not show some intelligence by deliberately acting in a manner so infantile and perverted? Or am I a hulking monstrosity clothed in a dress made from foreskins?

Or do I just seek a cookie from a mother figure I never had in childhood?

Help me please.



—Alex Thanking his fans for the warm support

Future Plans

Hitler was said to have used MSpaint to draw his European invasion plans.

As traffic increases and the money rolls in from merchandise, they are apparently planning to make a bid on Google via ebay so that all search strings take you directly to their frontpage. Hopefully before that happens, the law enforcement agencies will catch up with them and put them in a place where buttsecks can make all their dreams come true.

#OP Lolokaust

Lolokaust's official statement on the failed attack.

On October 27-28th of 2012 several 12 year old sandniggers banded together in a pathetic attempt to DDOS Lolokaust over Lolokaust's Guide to Islam. The group dubbed themselves Anonymous Indonesia despite organizing the "operation" via Facebook. The attack failed miserably and only succeeded in the Lolokaust community getting some good laughs over the drama.

Despite the absolute failure of the "operation", Lolokaust went offline temporarily on November 3rd after all the drama scared their host into abandoning Lolokaust. Naturally the sandniggers were quick to claim credit saying that their DDoS had succeeded despite the fact that the attack had already happened and no one was still trying to raid the website making it impossible for the downtime to be related to the attack.

Lolokaust returned November 11th fully functional and with a new, less easily scared host. In addition Lolokaust announced that they were starting their own internet video series, "The Lolokaust Show," with the first episode made about Islam in an apparent attempt to create even moar butthurt. Lolokaust has also stated that a new guide to Islam, featuring the false prophet Muhammad, is on its way to an internet near you.

Boston Marathon 2013: Terror on the Streets

Last Thursday, Lolokaust released their first ever computer game, Boston Marathon 2013: Terror on the Streets. The game featured shitty gameplay where the goal was to press on button to "jump their runners" over pressure cooker bombs or get exploded. Naturally, noone cared. That is until several news sources, including Fox News, BBC, ABC, and featured reports on the game, reporting it as evil and insensitive while subtlety suggesting that freedom of speech should be outlawed. Not only did they show gameplay of the game but informed all viewers of where it had come from. Almost instantly Lolokaust became internet famous with thousands of people downloading and playing it from the websites new games section.

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