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A lollercoaster can signify a humorous animated image of an ASCII rollercoaster, a place to set your drink, or a build-up of events that leads to a lulz-worthy internet holocaust of epic proportions. Much like in the process of riding a rollercoaster, the events build up when someone posts a link on /b/ or elsewhere. People catch on as the lulz reach the top of the lollercoaster. Suddenly, things seem boring, when, all of a sudden, MASSIVE LULZ HIT YOU IN THE FACE LIKE A FUCKING SLEDGEHAMMER. This usually means that one of six things happened:

Not all lollercoasters are the same, however. Some have an awesome, lulzy climax, much like the Chris Forcand incident. Others have disastrous results which can incite a backlash of faggotry and AIDS, much like The Great Habbo Raid of July 2007 (this may be referred to as a lollercoaster crash). Mini lollercoasters can be found much more often than lulzy ones. These lollercoasters are found on Stickam, MySpays, or elsewhere.


Pronounced Lawl • ǝr • cö • stǝr, the word lollercoaster originates from Latin. Ironically enough, the word itself existed before both lol and rollercoaster, as even then the ancient people recognized lulz. These days, it's generally believed that lollercoaster is a combination of the words rollercoaster and lol, similar to roflcopter and lollerskates. However, this is believed by fucktards from LiveJournal who don't know anything.

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