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Lolita Complex, lolicon for short, is derived from Vladimir Nabokov's novel Lolita describing the complex relationship of a paedophile with his adopted underage child. The Japanese bought Nabokov's novel in droves, and especially with their invention of anime they replaced Russia as the world capital of media concerning controversial adult-on-child romance. Today it describes someone who appreciates artistic depictions of feminine hentai child erotica (hey, if it's not real children then it can't be CP!), whereas the subject matter itself is referred to as loli (both terms are interchangeable so it doesn't really matter). How anyone can get off to little girls that look like little boys is a mystery, what we do know is, there's enough lolicon on our beloved Internet to fill a goddamn supercomputer. Recently the Otaku FaceBook group was grilled a bit on the subject and the loli image posters of the group explained that they were born with the sexuality of wanting to fuck animated Japanese children and that they couldn't help it as a result of this elusive "PedoGene". Most lolicons fans defense themselves by saying that they like lolis because they're cute rather than being sexually attracted to it.


Old people love lolicon.
We've been trying to figure out who the Girl Scouts are advertising this camp to, the girls or the pedophiles.
  • There are more lolicon fans than there are WoW players
  • If there are tits it usually isn't loli.
  • The male equivalent (faggots who want little anime boy butt) are known as shotacon, but you already know that, you sick fuck.
  • If there is penis it still might be loli (see: Dickgirl), but it's most likely shota.
  • The Japanese like their women like they like their whiskey, twelve-years-old and mixed up with coke.
  • It is only acceptable to be sexually attracted to loli if you yourself are a shota, but that is very unlikely since real shota aren't interested in sex.
  • The first Lolicon is in fact not from Russia, but the founder of Islam, Muhammad, who married a 6-year loli named Aisha and raped her when she was nine. Read the Hadith and it's exactly like arab Lolita.


There's no escaping your fate, you sick fuck.

For the most part, lolicon is completely legal in countries such as the United States. The ostensible basis for this is that since Lolis are not Real and are intrinsically ink and paper, then it cannot be considered a form of IRL Child Abuse, therefore it cannot be condemned for the same reasons IRL Child Porn is condemned (e.g. the issues on Human Trafficking), thereby precluding it from censorship. After all, if the First Amendment protects your right to speak out against war or to burn religious sacraments such as the Bible or Quran, then obviously it also preserves your right to enjoy the occasional Sharon Stone beaver shot. On the other hand, some say that the only reason Supreme Court ruled this way was so that Antonin Scalia could fap at his leisure. While we all know that it's legal until you get caught; that said, here's a few incidents in countries around the world:

  • Crikey! During August 2007, an Aussie got caught trying to import lolicon DVDs and was then forced to pay a fine over 9000 dollars (seriously). The Customs Manager Richard Janeczko really wanted them for himself (fap, fap, fap) and used this lame excuse, "it was important to understand that even cartoons or drawings such as those depicted in anime were prohibited if they contained offensive sexual content." They also banned consenting-adult pornography with flat-chested women based on a tenuous anti-logic brainfart: "if they appear even a little young, it's obviously obscene".
  • George W Bush banhammered lolicon, shotacon, and toddlercon in the United States during 2003, but in 2004, The Supreme Court unbanhammered it because censoring art is unconstitutional (yeah, apparently 12-inch dicks tearing through a five-year-old hymen is art now). In a surprise twist Dwight Whorley was actually convicted under the Act a year later (though it was unbanhammered again in the Christopher Handley case when parts of the PROTECT act were ruled unconstitutional); however, not all loli fans are fully aware of either of these rulings, making them susceptible to trolls.
  • Under Africa laws it is an offense punishable by up to ten years imprisonment if anyone possesses, creates or produces, imports, exports, broadcasts, or has anything to do with it. Africans seeking child action are better off going to Zimbabwe where you can rape and kill a girl and get two years.
  • It's illegal in Poland. This is ironic, since Eastern Europe is THE capital of lolicon.
  • It'll get you v& in The Land of Milk Bags.
  • It's legal in Islam but you have to marry your preferred loli first. Then everything goes but you have to cover her up to not arouse public suspicion.
  • We all know anything goes hentai wise in Japan.
    • ...Except rape, pregnancy, non-humans, incest, torture, anything to do with slavery and bondage, coercion, group sex, train sex, adultery, student councils and loli (in hentai games at least). But a Chinese immigrant that leads UNICEF Japan tried to get the government to ban all loli after she got all the other stuff banned in hentai games. But Agnes Chan of UNICEF failed because Parliament's having an election and didn't decide on what the law should actually say. BUT all the political parties want to try again in the next session.

On imageboorus

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currently, 126,486 of their images have the tag "loli"
"rules" and "Notes" by wiiaboo
"Rules of the Booru"


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Loli resistance and other crap About missing Pics
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(See the above section for over 100,000 lolicon images.)

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A shit video explaining the obvious
Internet lolicon anthem (though not intended to be)
Loli-lovers' national anthem
It's OK if you just lick a loli.
Don't lie, you know you have a boner you pedo.
Rather have the loli, you say? Why don't you take a seat, right over there?

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