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Not to be confused with: LoL.

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WebMD has stated that using lol, any variants of lol, or other faggotry causes various conditions such as AIDs.

Lol: (Acronym: laughing out loud; not to be confused with lulz) an exclamation and an excrement of the internets to express homosexuality and to indicate that one has human laughed in real life, typically as a result of listening to funny jokes. (this term developed as a response to the CNN reports of lol fraud) [syn: IROFL]

Stop using it

There are many side effects from using the acronym lol such as turning into a 16 year old girl or contracting AIDs, for your healthy and safety, we advise not to use lol unless you want to state how much of a shit you are.

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  • It is an abbreviation for "Laugh/Laughs/Laughing/Laughed out loud". As such, there is no reason add -ed or -ing at the end. That is subsumed in the context in which the term is used. You do not "laugh out louded" nor are you "laugh out louding", faggot.
  • Since lol is an abbreviation, there is absolutely no reason to use it on a forum or message board. You are not texting and are not being charged for each line you type.
  • Lol is not a greeting, a salutation, a closing statement, or punctuation. Stop putting it at the beginning and end of everything you type.
  • Thanks to the lack of original content, nothing can trigger lulz anymore. If you are truly laughing out loud at every dead meme or thing you read on the internet, then you are either mentally deficient, have no real sense of humor, or have a brain tumor. In any event, consult a doctor, or better yet, be the an hero.

Those whose intelligence has been mutilated by the internet to the point that they actually say lol in the real world should be imprisoned with Bubba as quick as possible and have goatse for something to lol about.

Modern Meaning

Being the most abused abbreviation on the internet, Lol's meaning has reached a point that can't even be parodied anymore without making you look like an autist. Among the new things it stands for include:

  • Lack of Laughter
  • Lots of love <3 (A ballsack?)
  • Lesbians on Leashes
  • "I'm finished typing my sentence now."
  • "I have a very low IQ."
  • "I have nothing worthwhile to contribute to this conversation."
  • "I'm scratching my balls and not actually smiling or making any sound but typed it anyway."

However, Lol's main new use is when you say something unfunny and everyone else types it to pity you.

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