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The patron saint of Logic and Reason

Logic and Reason is what happens when intellectually pubescent basement-dwellers attempt to handle philosophical topics that rest beyond their limits of cognitive power. In short, they are the twin gods worshiped by the hardcore atheists that inhabit the piss containers of the Internet. Due to its popularity among some of the lesser species of the Internet, invocation of Logic and Reason is diagnostic criteria for determining whether an Internet-goer is a full-blown, self-fellating pseudo-intellectual or just a standard douchebag.

Or, "I don't know the difference between humans and robots."

'As a scholar of Logic and Reason, I see religion more profoundly than religious people.'

Sometime within the past few years, a couple of misunderstood geniuses decided that Enlightenment philosophy had gone out of vogue 250 years too early. Instead of subscribing to the overwhelmingly-held view that people perceive the world differently, they concluded that there was absolute truth to everything. Conveniently, these absolute truths matched up with the viewpoints that these brilliant minds already held. According to these individuals, the only way to see the world ~clearly~ is with the help of empirical science and, of course, Logic and Reason: emotion be damned. Never mind the fact that human emotion and intuition are necessary for effective decision-making; so much as suggesting this to a Logic and Reason devotee will cause their chins to quiver in anger. After all, they are scientists (because 'atheist' obviously means 'scientists' nowadays): who are you to challenge them?

Logical and Reasonable Activities

Enemies of LOGIC and REASON

Liking Logic and Reason on Facebook makes you part of the cognitive elite.

Logic and Reason in the Wild

If you encounter somebody (non-ironically) worshiping Logic and Reason on the Internet or elsewhere, your best option is to run away else risk receiving a fatal overdose of smug. If you do decide to point out the stupidity of following an outdated philosophy, be aware that you are fighting an uphill battle. These individuals lack the necessary self-awareness to realize that their viewpoints may be wrong and will always leave an argument feeling just as brilliant as ever.

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