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This page contains an hero.

Livecorpse was an ordinary flash animator on newgrounds that churned out the typical McFlash shit that is consumed daily by the Newgrounds masses: Lots of flash animations with plenty of pointless violence, in other words - EVERY FLASH ON NEWGROUNDS. He was hailed for making at least 100 flash animations in his career, but some argue that his self-pwnage was his ultimate artistic creation.

The Man, The Legend


The sad truth is that Livecorpse was a talentless faggot named "Adam Fulton." Adam lived in poverty, sucking dick so that he could afford his daily crack fix, and being the first spammer to fill Newgrounds with his generally pathetic bullshit about his twisted deviant desires.

One day, he was drinking fire-water with an Injun friend of his, who, due to the red man's extreme weakness for alcohol, attempted to give Adam the gift of suprise buttsecks. This, combined with the fact his Pimp/Landlord had beaten his ass the night before for not having the jewgold ready to pay off rent, finally drove him over the edge. Adam "poked" the big red savage with a knife, in an attempt to "warn him to knock it off." The savage redskin fled into the night, and contacted the cops. Adam took flight, and in his escape, he shot a cop but failed to kill him.

Adam hid from the police for the next few days, basically living a Real-Life GTA game in which he stole cars, ran over hookers, and became king of the streets. Well, not really, he basically cowered in a dumpster that substituted for his now-unavailable hugbox.

Afraid that he would never escape prison without Bubba expanding his ass to easily accommodate a size 9 shoe, Adam snuck back into his apartment, wrote a suicide e-mail, sent it to his family and Tom Fulp (neither of whom really gave a fuck) and then became an hero.

The letter

This is the letter, currently unedited. Note how he actuallys says that he fears getting his ass raped.

By the time you read this, i will have ended my life. For the past 3 days, i have been a fugitive from justice, following events of nightmarish proportions. The main thing is that i injured an innocent police officer, who did nothing wrong.

Here's how it happened: my neighbor Rick and i had met up a couple of times to have a beer. i had known he was insane, as he told me he was on disability for it. Well being a Native American by one half, he gets a bit off his rocker more so when he drinks. Also, on Tuesday, the day of the events, we did partake of some marijuana. All of this seemed to change him into a mean crazy bastard. I told him i was going to go home and sleep, and he demanded 2 more beers. I told him, ok. Wait out here. He tried to push his way into my apartment. I told him as best i could, that i never have visitors, but he wasn't listening. I think we was trying to take advantage of me or something. I said if he comes in he's going to find out im the sort of guy who stands up for his property. In my blind drunken stupor i grabbed my knife, and poked him with it, never intending to cause damage, just to show i meant business. He yelped and walked off.

Next thing i know , i hear many sirens, and the neighborhood is swarming with police and ambulances. My adrenaline kicked in, and i was for some reason certain that I would end up getting screwed. And also i don't live the cleanest lifestyle anyways, so it'd be my word against his, and then some. So i snapped. I felt nothing but fear. It was either run far away or die trying. So i head out the door, turn the corner, and im face to face with a scary man in a black uniform (Officer Jode Derickson[Hendrickson?]) I acted out of pure insanity, and drunkenness.. I saw nothing as i squeezed the trigger, except the fence i jumped over. I hear yells of pain, and heard 3 or more shots whizz by me, some hitting the fence. I run as fast as i could, through yard, over fences..

I slowed down to a quick pace, and took off my outer shirt. That is how i managed to elude the 50 or more officers, including SWAT, K-9, and helicopters. I wish they had shot me dead that day. The last 3 days have been pure hell, filled with the reality that i might never see or hear from any of my friends and family. Ever. I hid in dumpsters and behind buildings and on side streets.

I am splitting this message into 2 parts, as i may die before i finish. I am able to write these final words because i managed to get in my apt early this morning. And this is where i shall rest in peace.



There are many reasons why i must kill myself, rather than face hard labor in prison, or go on the run.

I am too weak to make it in prison, and have too many mental problems. They would eat me alive in there. I would die of AIDS quickly and painfuly. Also it would be hell because of my sleeping disorders, which have ruined my life many times over (ARMY, Job Corps, Roommates) I am a loner by default and behind bars one is constantly being harassed by predators. Suicide in prison is much too painful and ineffective.

I can not go on the run, because i am a hesitant coward when it comes to crime. For the last 3 days i needed a car to leave town, but let multiple opportunities pass,. With so much fear. I could not pay my rent, though i prepared myself to do crimes. I backed out at the last moment every time. Survival of the fittest, and I am a weak person, doomed to fail.

I have tried my very hardest to make it in this life. Oh how i have tried. And now that it comes to having to prey on others to survive, i fail at that. I like to play like I don't have much empathy, but truth is i have too much. for some reason i give a damn about other people. And on that note i want to apologize to (Officer Jode Derickson[Hendrickson?]) for shooting him.

That is so f**ked up.. I don't deserve to walk the same planet as him. For the past 3 nights i could hear his agonized cries as i lay tossing and turning, sleepless in a cold dumpster, like the piece of garbage that I am.

For four years the man has served the tucson police department, and in a routine investigation, the man gets shot by a lowlife psychotic. For no reason other than he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I wish he had made his target when he returned fire Tuesday. I honestly do, because, truthfully, i'm nearly too cowardly to take my own life. That is, until today. There is nothing that can end my resolve to end this, and end it now.

"A lifetime of fucking up, fixed in the blink of an eye." - Nine Inch Nails.

All i've ever done in this life is fuck up. And recently, i was damn near about to be evicted, and i thought things couldn't get any worse. And then i trusted another human being (neighbor Rick).. And from that, one bullet fucked my whole life up. Well, one bullet is all it takes to make it right again.

I had alot of mental problems, many of which kept me indoors for days at a time, and sleepless for days at a time. I was a nervous wreck.

Anyways, it's been a good run, and i am done with this piece of shit planet. I apologize in advance fir the grief this will cause my loved ones, but would you rather have me exist only to be a large black man's sex toy in prison? Or to steal cars and do bad things to "good" people, as a fugitive?

I have/had no other choice. This is the end for me, my time to finally rest in peace. I love you all more than words can express. -Resting in Peace Adam Christopher Fulton


—that guy that killed himself


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