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LiveVideo has been dead since 2013, and nobody realized it. Let this show how little people care about the site anymore.
is anything sacred?
thedramatube, mascot of the Promised Land

THE PROMISED LAND or Exodus 1:1 is the biblical reference to how stupid YouTube users truly are. In the year 2007, several YouTubeies were upset with their favorite site, so they began a mass exodus to LiveVideo to fix their drama. Their Exodus didn't change the fact that they were addicted to YouTube; nevertheless, they wrongly assumed they had found a vlog-Eden clip utopia via a "family filter." The result of their actions was the Judas YouTube blacklist during the Renetto Era. [2] Unfortunately, most Live Video users live in a constant state of paranoia whether they realize it or not. For example, stereotypical vloggers of the Promised Land believe ED is a person that wants to trace your IP.

As explained by Argent009

typical promised land whoring idle threat
ED Official Spokesperson Hoveround explains how ED censorship is nothing more than a cynical propaganda attempt.
violetkitty411's War Medal

In the beginning there was YouTube, and the community looked upon it and declared it was pretty freakin' cool. And then the adversary arrived and said "Woe to you, o YouTubers, for we send our spam with hatred. Let him who hath understanding reckon the IP Address of the hater for it is a complicated mess, its IP address is 666.666.666.666." And the community saw that it was really icky!

And then the community heard a whisper from out of the darkness and they turned an ear to it and lo, it was LiveVideo! And the community said "Hey, what's this thing?" and they spent forty hours looking at the new thing and they said "Wow, this has a lot of the stuff we've been begging YouTube for!" and the community thought it was a good thing and they did rejoice.

"But Hold!" cried some, "this may be too good to be true and besides, not everyone is going to migrate to this new land of milk and microchips," and the community knew it was true and they said unto one another "Let us wait and see". And they knew it was probably the best thing to do.

So many of the community did journey across the desert to the new land, but just to have a look, not to move in for good. They proclaimed it "a really decent site" and cried out to the others "Come! See the new Jerusalem!" and the community still said "Wait! It may have problems" and lo, the community was cautious.

And the haters did try to send their beasts to the new land, but not in great numbers and the community felt somewhat safe. But many continued to remain cautious, knowing that when something looks too good to be true it usually is. But the community remains hopeful that this new land will show YouTubia what they must do to rebuild itself.

And the YouTubers did send their bReasts unto the new land.

I believe that if I post videos onto Live Video, people will watch Live Video. If I don't. They wont.


Crossmack (SRSLY)

"My administration will be steadfast in support the Promised Land against e-terrorism and trolling, and in seeking the peace for which all LiveVideoians pray", Moshe Dayan kyhell

Did You Realize

Renetto makes his case against LiveVideo by establishing the LiveVideo-Target/YouTube-Walmart economic connection. Renneto notoriously created Renetto's Judas BlackList, which included many famous tobbers like boh3m3, DiGiTiLsOuL and Geriatric1927. He famously got owned by Geriatric1927, however, Renetto didn't notice as he was too busy watching out for the Jew.

Renetto is turning into a fucking windbag


Boh3m3 on Stickam

LiveVideo Exposed

LiveVideo uses many underhanded techniques to garner interest in a largely uninteresting website that has failed to gain any ground on YouTube since its initial launch. The site owners pay fake vloggers to post every day, all of whom are attractive women between the ages of 18 and 24. LiveVideo targets the horny young male audience by using these fake vloggers on other websites the company owns and posting them as featured users, in a weak attempt at viral marketing.

Fake vloggers paid by LiveVideo

  • Cookies
  • NattyIcee007
  • Tree
  • RachelMattie
  • IowaGirl
  • Christina
  • avelina
  • hunter
  • NotKat
  • green_eye_goddess
  • Faye006
  • lanitrock
  • StevieRyan

LiveVideo also created hundreds of fake accounts, many named after old memes, and populated them with viral videos stolen from YouTube to promote other sites on their network, to redirect traffic to LiveVideo, and to use as front-page features. Almost all of the fake accounts were created in late October, generally October 25th, 2006, which was before the launch of the site in mid-November, so they're easy to identify. If you're still not sure whether an account is fake, see if it's listed on the "most viewed channel" page, which is almost exclusively populated by fakes. Videos from these accounts are featured far more than any real user accounts, because real users generally do not upload viral videos to the website.

Promised Gallery

Fake accounts

  • trigirl
  • brideofvoldemort
  • dudewheresmycar
  • thisissparta
  • Virulent
  • letthemeatquiche
  • girloflinz

Official Lanuch in 2008

Sometime Last Thursday LiveVideo officially launched the site. Most notably they made a stickam/ clone added to it that is sure to be a success. Plz be trolling the fuck out of it.

Also See

"and they left the promised land behind because of drama"


How to fuckup the promised land

  • Blank out liveshows

add this in the liveshow comments and subject


  • How to steal accounts with flash

Make a flash movie

you can add the following text pretty much anywhere

<embed src="" width="550" height="400"></embed>

for liveshows put it in the subject not the message

for pivate messages add it to the message you can put it in blogs groups

gifts are vulnarble to flash aswell as pretty much anything in your profile blogs etc.

in your flash movie make sure to read the data and send it to one of your websites

  • How to spam Private Messages

Once u sent a message you can press back in your browser and send it again without having to update the code

Simply download a nice tool to record and playback mouse movement and you can spam it all day.

Make sure you delete your account in another browser or they will be able to block you

  • How to bypass friends only comments

To post comments on people pages who are friends only you need google chrome

once you are at the live show right click the page and select inspect element

in the new window search for postComment

right click this part and select edit as HTML then delete the text at top (next to postComment) which says display:none

click anywhere in the blank area and voila the comment box is all yours

  • How to kick ban users without beeing mod

AWWWW its server validated it will kick users and show you the kick/ban message but wont actually kick/ban the user

With a bit of luck the SetModCover function will solve this

this one is a little tricky but you will need a flash decompiler and cheatengine

once you have located the parts of banning in the source take the array of bytes and replace it with the array og bytes to PM a person

  • How to stay on LV so people cannot can you from there page

Take 2 browsers signup to one and login the other

stay login in the first and delete your account in the second

How to bypass beeing banned (this user already exists message)

It is very simple right click Flash and select Global Options

goto privacy manager and delete livevideo from the list

voila ur back in

even easier is to use private browsing it wont save anything

How to view friends only shows and be unbannable

put the following in a html file and save it to your desktop

Pastebinfavicon.png jSh3dD7C

goto someones profile and click the number (link) next to friends on the main profile

take the uid from the url and put this in the ShowID box.

Pick any userid (must be a number) and any name

your name can contain spaces weird characters anything you desire

now hit go to enter the show YES EVEN FRIENDS ONLY

you can get banned but if you click new id you will pop right back in with the same name



How to take over liveshows

This will allow you to take over any show, you will be able to ban people mod/demod them you can even take over the main camera and put yourself live, you cannot be banned! GO RAMPAGE!!!

paste the text of this link into a html file and save it.

Pastebinfavicon.png qdwAUEas

Open the file instructions can be found at the bottom

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