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Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.
...and my art makes Baby Jesus cry.
Can you spot the differences between this and Cloud Strife? 'Cuz I can't...

LittleCloud (also known by a shit ton of other names that change every 10 minutes), is a shape shifter/Otherkin, and attention whore of the highest caliber (also a professional hypocrite) . She originally came to ED seeking revenge against Drago-dracini, her ex-fiancé. After creating an article filled with anti-lulz, she sat back to watch the drama. Turns out the only drama here was her, and she quickly became a blue-ribbon lolcow and was promptly milked for all she was worth. Little Cloud is a Mormon who is anti-child porn but pro shota, anti-furfag but pro anthro, hates gay people but draws yaoi and has a stamp in her journal claiming "homophobia is gay", she has a profound love for anime and gives a lot of her artwork titles in mangled Japanese but claims she isn't an otaku. Oh yeah, and she was also a gender-bending shape shifter Final Fantasy VII knockoff named Little Cloud who is 100% © her. No, seriously. We've got proof.

Welcome to the mind of the most confused individual on Earth.

She's what now?

Seriously, she thinks she's a shape shifter, and here are all of her furfag, shota, gender-bending, digimon forms

LittleCloud couldn't figure out what her online Mary Sue should be, so she decided to role play as a shape-shifting fucktard. Is she a gender-swapped Anime faggot? A purple dragon? A Pokémon? Sonic the Hedgehog as a chicken/swan/parrot/bird? Depends on her mood. One of her main 'forms' was a female Cloud. Not the cross dresser or hermaphrodite, mind you, but an honest-to-goodness female Cloud straight from HEAVEN. She is a self proclaimed "Androgynous Enigma," keep in mind that androgynous means "having both masculine and feminine characteristics" like a Final Fantasy hero, and the word is synonymous with "hermaphroditic." The "Enigma" is her holier-than-thou way of saying nobody understands her; but it's really just her way of saying she's a confused moron. Oh, and she's also 100% dragon so BACK OFF or you’ll never be able to show your face in these parts of the internets again.

LittleCloud is also known to be a Bible-thumping Mormon who believes gays can't truly love each other because “IT’S SATANZ LIE!" However, she enjoys pretending she's a man, a clear sign she's a confused fucktard, and that her ex-boyfriend drago-dracini loved having her suck his cock while they pretended she was a guy. Her religious beliefs against gays are also rather unique since she enjoys drawing yaoi (although she claims she doesn't like it).

Another source of her religious hypocrisy is her addiction to CP, proven by her DeviantArt profile stating she loves shota just as much as mudkips. She thinks that two little boys paired together is disgusting, but a man and a little boy fucking is perfectly acceptable. LittleCloud has even written a shitty Stephen King fanfic which features the rape, molestation, and murder of a little boy. Here, why don't you go read it? In the arbchat logs, LittleCloud says the homosexual-rape is perfectly fine because the little boy being molested is herself (see the arbchat log at [22:05] for evidence). She also says the she "fantasizes" about herself being a male; which goes against creationism and God's will, which LittleCloud claims to believe in. LittleCloud even says she sometimes "doesn't want to live" because she isn't a little boy [22:31].

LittleCloud is a conflicted nutjob, torn between the teachings of her religion and her brain telling her to rape little boys. She also chooses bisexual guys as her boyfriend so she can have threesomes with multiple guys. While pretending she's a guy. Strange, but somehow it seems that a girl has become the single gayest thing on the planet.

Denial of furfaggotry


To a common internet user, it’s not hard to tell if someone is a furry. On deviantART, it is incredibly easy to tell if a user is a furry by just browsing through their gallery and seeing how much they like a series involving animals. LittleCloud’s gallery is no different. The very first page of her gallery is made up of almost entirely Digimon and Spyro fanart; and that’s just one fraction of it.

However, due to the negative depictions of furries, Cloudie had no desires to be dubbed as one. So any comment regarding questions of her taking part of the furry fandom will be utterly denied by Cloudie. However, being a furfag was just not enough. Oh no, Cloudie was even lower; she was an otherkin. She claimed to be a dragon disguised as a human, even though she also stated that humans looked down at her own kind. This can either be the result of her oppression of being a stupid Mormon or that she has experimented a lot more out of drawing with her Digimon fetish.

Cloudie, living in an already fucked up wasteland, somehow thought that she was a dragon. Obviously this dragon was based off of Spyro and Digimon, proving how truly original she is when it comes to “art”. Despite the fact that she agrees with the Bible on many topics, she believed that dragons go to heaven. Perhaps this is evidence that she believes that she has a higher role and can decide who or what goes to heaven. Additional to her stance on humans, she stated that they tortured her kind for millennia. Of course, this can refer to asspies, Mormons or just stupid cunts. However, she would still help humans rather than hurting them. We know. It’s hard to comprehend what on earth she is trying to produce from her keyboard.

To make it look as if she still wasn’t a furry, she made a section of her journal say that she hates furfags but not furries. Of course, the very flaw of that sentence is that ALL furries are furfags. Although she just keeps denying her furfaggotry, she kept adding furry characters as her own “persona” when exploring new fandoms. Widget Bandicoot, which is just her “original” character, Cloudie, as furry isn’t even considered to be a fursona. In addition to that, she also has a fursuit of "her" and even gave it male genitals. Yeah...

LittleCloud and Sexuality


Note: Only weeaboos and Jews make their comics read from right to left.

One of the very things that made LittleCloud infamous was her view on homosexuality. Since she is a Mormon, her religious ways influenced her homophobia. In the past, Cloudie has said much conflicting bullshit such as being opposed to homosexuality but not being against homosexuality since it doesn’t exist as a form of love. Ironically she later stated that she enjoys drawing shonen-ai but still bears a dislike to yaoi because it portrays love between two boys. It is literally impossible to overstate her blatant hypocrisy found within her words, since she just can’t stick with one fucking viewpoint.

Because she came from a wasteland of bigotry, or in other words, a Mormon household, Cloudie was raised to have ridiculous views on gay people. According to the “Dictionary of Gawd” homosexuality is actually a mental disease. Of course, Christians, especially Mormons, tend to believe that anything written in an outdated book is absolutely correct without question. Although, she claims that she is not homophobic, she spews words such as saying that homosexuality is the “Devil’s lie” and the gay people surrendered themselves to it. Despite the fact that she hated it when people persecute her own kind, she had proudly bad-mouthed homosexuals thinking that it’s a-okay, since it’s approved by God.

However, as of now, Cloudie has broken out of her bigoted shell and embraced homosexuality. This was after she cloaked herself as a gay young boy on an everlasting journey to find cocks. That was probably the most honest action she has ever done in her web-life considering the fact that she has gone so far with mixed opinions and vague reasons. One could possibly say that she has finally stepped up the ladder of maturity.


How LittleCloud should represent herself: with a dragon that happens to be a close relative to Shotacat.
She doesn't notice the irony! Dumb bitch!
This isn't the first time she got in trouble for being a pedo.

Despite ED's documentation of LittleCloud's fanfiction Shades of Ambivalence (a story which features a fully grown man molesting a minor), her admittance and supporting evidence of being an avid shota-fangirl/boy, and, most recently, the removal of art from her deviantART page for the depiction of a grown man and an underage boy lying naked in bed with their arms around each other, LittleCloud insists that she is not a pedophile. In an attempt to enforce her hate for pedophiles, LittleCloud has a stamp claiming she wishes to stop pedophilia, and has no qualms on sending all the sick bastards to jail. Just like how OJ Simpson is looking for the real killer, LittleCloud won't rest until all of the real pedophiles are locked away in prison, because calling out and bashing people for committing the same crime that you do is the perfect cover.

[the little boy] whimpered as he felt a hot, wet feeling in his ear. It was Flagg's tongue, licking the inside, as his cold hand groped around the front, squeezing and pinching the tiny nipple buds. He then moved downward, stroking the smooth tummy.


—Excerpt from Shades of Ambivalence

Tartlet Ryven also happens to be on a quest to stop child pornography on the interbutts. However, unlike LittleCloud, Ryven isn't a hypocrite pervert using her hate for pedophilia as cover, so she called shenanigans on LittleCloud, and told some devART mods about the questionable material in her gallery. The end result was goodbye to LittleCloud's masterpiece "Tsamie x Rike". When Ryven wrote a journal about it, maturely deciding not to name anyone, LittleCloud and her mindless watchers invaded with a shitstorm. One tard, FireBlast133 demanded proof that LittleCloud was a pedophile, as if all the previously mentioned evidence wasn't enough. Using one of Fireblast133's replies to Ryven's remarks about LittleCloud sending over her minions to raid her journal, LittleCloud references that she is not, in fact "a boss from a game", but a "hero" who fights alone. Ever the beacon of sharp wit, LittleCloud wrote over and over again "I'm not a pedo; you're a pedo!" and tried to turn the tables on Ryven, forgetting to use any evidence to support her claims and accusations. Oh wait, disregard that, LittleCloud claimed she isn't a pedophile because she's a Taurus with Aquarius ascending; yes, she actually used the Zodiac to try and prove she isn't a pedo. And although LittleCloud does draw things that look like children, they're not children, because they're really just fairies and cherubim (Even though the actual biblical depiction of the latter is of a four faced, eight winged, cloven hoofed monstrosity wielding flaming swords - but hey! Who's counting?); and as we all know, if you attach wings to even the most graphic depictions of children doing the pelvic cha-cha, it makes it eh-okay!

I have never drawn a minor in a sexually explicit manner... faeries, yes, but they're always female... [and they're] not human, therefore, not a child.


—LittleCloud, angel/fairy CP is eh-okay!

Maybe [Ryven's] the one that needs to be arrested. She’s a stalker that clearly hungers for child pron. Upon reading my ED article, she listened to their lies and flocked here, ready to satisfy her lust for young boys and girls, only to be butthurt and try to take it out on me by going on a failed CP hunt.


—LittleCloud, butthurt because Ryven got CP removed from her gallery

LittleCloud also claims that her attraction to children is limited to her admiration for their innocence, which is totally not a textbook example of a pedophile's mentality. One of LittleCloud's comments mentioned that even though she enjoys being in relationships with jailbait, she isn't a pedo; which makes so little sense it should make your head explode. LittleCloud's ever growing fanbase of retarded pre-teens was quick to point out a lack of CP on LittleCloud's gallery; unless you count softcore/ecchi, which is like the Victoria's Secret catalog of pornography: even though there isn't any definite depictions of sexual activity, people can still get off on it. Besides, even though LittleCloud is extremely confused regarding just about everything, we're sure she's smart enough to keep the hardcore stuff in the back of her sock drawer, or through some untraceable source like photobucket. She has also expressed love for the trap Pico, underage star of two shota pornography videos "Boku no Pico" and "Pico and Chico". After being confronted with the subject, she mysteriously claimed she doesn't like shota anymore, and the FBI can stop investigating her. Now, every time she sees an underage boy she feels "depressed and disgusted." However, this hasn't stopped her from deleting the drawings of underage boys, because it's a lie and she likes them as much as she ever did. Like all of LittleCloud's arguments, she ended her journal with a reflective "why is everyone so ignorant?" the trump card of anyone who fails hard at arguing their point.


Clearly a man.

Although Cloudie had a rather hypocritical view on homosexuality in the past, she has developed her own obscure sexuality simultaneously. After admitting that she supported little boy porn and loved seeing them being fucked by older men, she was faced with criticism and flames. She then regretted admitting her fetish for young cocks and decided to make a clever excuse for her preference of littleboyfucking. The only excuse she created was that she fantasized that she was the young boy and that she actually prefers being banged by older men.

However, that still doesn't disprove her pedophilia. If anything, she just confirmed that she has a strong approval for pedophilia. The excuse, itself, is inane for it would have been more suitable to a picture of her engaging in a Lemon Party orgy. In order to avoid criticism, she decided to feed the fire by doing the Teruchan technique. She claimed to be a male; a young gay male, to be exact. This has proved to be dastardly hypocritical since she has criticized Teruchan for doing the exact same.

I'm going to go piss . . . standing up.


—HEY GUYS DID I MENTION I'M FTM, on making a big mess

She developed those very ideas when she grew an obsession for the ugly, middle-aged dick, Dr. Gin, from Sony's failure game, Crash Bandicoot. At first, she drew him rather well, however, things changed after she took a liking to him being an out of character and unrealistically gay little boy with- that's right, animu features. Of course, her obsession with this character didn't stop there. She loved that drawing so much that she didn't only draw him, but actually cosplayed her wet dream.

After numerous cosplays, she convinced herself that she actually was Dr. Gin. Such examples are her identifying herself as Dr. Gin by cloaking herself as him by changing her pen name and even creating an ID of her representation of him merged with her dragon character. Cloudie has yet again added another representation of herself to an endless library of forgotten characters. After that, she admitted that she was actually a gay young man interested in older men. Other characters, more notably Widget Bandicoot, also had a gender change just to make her claims more truthful. One of her reasons for her previous gender was that her character was of the evil female gender.

War against others

Drago-dracini and Gaaralover85

Drago's two cents.

Ever wondered how EDiots found LittleCloud? Well, in fairness, LittleCloud actually came to ED. It first happened after Drago-dracini, a fat, ugly, furry faggot, dumped her. It seems as if the little furry can’t deal with the otherkin and hooked up with her old friend, Gaaralover85. Gaaralover85, with the obviousness of the name, was a Narutard and furfag. The two of them made the infamous Anti-Cloud duo after LittleCloud raged over the break up. Because Cloudie felt betrayed that her boyfriend and friend hooked up, she feels incredibly uneasy when they interact.

What leads her to a point in which she and Drago-Dracini started to scream at each other was when Cloudie critiqued a fourteen year old Harry Potter fag, Clo. Note that this was on [[Fanart ]], which, more appropriately, should take out the “art” from its name, is filled with butthurt faggots who cry at the very sight of critique. After being blocked by Clo from her FA, DA and fan club, LittleCloud wrote a rant with massive Dragon Force. LittleCloud was jealous of the fact that Clo had a fan club and people praising her. But what makes LittleCloud’s ranting inane is that Clo didn’t even want the club in the first place and even thinks that she doesn’t deserve such praise at all.

This drama then attracted Drago-Dracini into the scene after Cloudie linked Clo to Drago’s article. He pointed out that Cloudie shouldn’t even be complaining about Clo and her fan base since Cloudie made a support stamp for herself. After the discovery of his comment, Cloudie raged yet again. She criticized Drago for using Jesus Christ as in terms of swearing, which in her mind, automatically makes him a bad Christian. To conclude her mature comment, she stated that she “[doesn’t] go for fags”.

Later on, her conflict with Gaaralover started off with a debate with RedPirate on September 2007. The debate was on sexual preferences, and you know what happens with Cloudie’s amazing debating skills and bigotry. RedPirate was foiling LittleCloud’s belief system of “what I believe is true, must be true”, and Cloudie then turned to digging up information by searching for RedPirates posted comments. Shit lead to more shit, and the debate turned into Cloudie’s rant on Gaaralover. Interestingly enough, Gaaralover gave a bit of information on Cloudie and Dragos sick relationship. Even more hilarious was that Cloudie corrected her; instead of “daddy” she actually called Drago “papa”.

Gaaralover then mocked Cloudie for drawing Digimon in order to lure young boys. In fairness, there are no young boys in the Digimon fan base but 16-year-old girls with a yaoi fetish. She also stated that Cloudie is befriending pre-teens and equally moronic people that already have ED articles. Ever the sharp wit, LittleCloud responded by claiming that she has "more friends than [she] could have ever dreamed for" (including the Angel of Death), that Mippa is a "twisted fake Christian" who was never a real friend, that Mormonism is a part of Christianity, that Drago-dracini is still an asshole, that GaaraLover85 has no friends and "an IQ roughly 30 points away from being borderline retarded," and that LittleCloud is way more mature than any of them. In addition to Cloud being very mature, she responded to a random comment made by Gaaralover and posted plz icons mocking Gaaralover and Drago-Dracini.

Encyclopedia Dramatica

Encyclopedia Dramatica was when EDiots first discovered her. After coming here to seek revenge on her fat lover that dumped her and his furry girlfriend, EDiots recognised the stench of her god awful attack articles.

drago-dracini is a fucktard from deviantart who exists as a user only to whine and bitch about his ex-girlfriend. He has no artist talent whatsoever, and only uploads shitty pictures and photos of his hairy, fatass self.

His girlfriend, gaaralover85, is a stupid cunt who thinks that her glorious furfag artistic "talent" is worthy of being in books as illustrations. She likes to start fights on other user's pages, because she needs someone to whine to after being blocked from other people's pages who won't put up with her trolling shit.
An anthro panthress dickgirl with no life.


—Her amazing ED skillz.

EDiots soon discovered her deviantART page to see what being tried to use ED as a wikification of /i/. That was not all they found, they found her slurs, actions, drama and overall stupidity. Of course, Cloudie is a gold mine of drama, so this very article was birthed. Needless to say, she became butthurt after the article. How butthurt was she? LittleCloud denies many things, and butthurt was one of them. She claimed that ED users were liars, whiners, lower than the balls of a snake and, ironically, butthurt. But let’s not forget, LittleCloud is synonymous to the word “hypocrite”. Although she masqueraded herself to be an entity seeking to destroy ED, she supports the actions of Anonymous. However, that was not enough; she created the infamous Anti-ED Club.

Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: The Anti-ED Club.

Even Snapesnogger knows better than Cloudie, and that's saying a lot.

By late August, LittleClouds butthurt only piled up. The only brilliant way to deal with her butthurt and attempt (keyword) to shut down Encyclopedia Dramatica was to create the Anti-ED Club. Although she denies creating it, it is just too obvious that she was the one who did so. Evidence is that she created a journal on the very day the club was birthed. Not only that, but she also claimed that the creator gave her ownership after it was even created. How Cloudie thought that was a good excuse is unbeknownst to people.

What adds more to the hilarity of her membership is that her rival, SapphyDracases and Teruchan, another pedophile of whom she rivaled later on, joined in as well. The fact that only hatred of which the club was built upon was the only thing that stitched them together is what only fed the fire later on. What makes matters even more lulzy is that the club was banhammered after one day of existence. Cloudie made another small miscalculation for not including a possible thought of the club striving to destroy Encyclopedia Dramatica being banned.

As the dictator of the club, all comments regarding ED being satirical and not being something to worry about were quickly responded by Cloudie. However, these responses were merely rants treating ED users as murderers. LittleCloud also claimed that the club was not built on hate. But where’s the proof? Even the icon, the very representation of the club itself, stated in the first frame “we hate”. Just goes to show that Cloudie has amazing debating skillz.

After the death of the club and her conflict with Teruchan, she returned to ED yet again under the name of Halcyon the Valkyrie. At first, she did a pathetic attempt of vandalism to this article; however, she began migrating to other articles. And it’s no surprise that she would choose to patrol the very page of her enemy. She then embraced ED as her own, calling her actions as an act of justice. However, she was later banhammered by the start of December 2009.


Little Cloud tries to fit in with the cool kids and mock Teru only to succeed in being painfully ironic. She just wanted an excuse to draw moar shota, amirite?

In May of 2008, LittleCloud finally went over the edge. Through some miracle, the drama came to a standstill and nothing lulz-worthy was reported for numerous months. What finally pushed LittleCloud over the edge was another tartlet by the name of Teruchan, a user whose gallery focuses entirely on underage animu perversion. You would think that Teruchan and LittleCloud would go together like two peas in a pod, but LittleCloudie is still in denial about her lust for underage ass and continues reporting questionable content to the devianTART admins. Reporting poorly drawn underage porn is a noble endeavor, indeed, and LittleCloud threw a complete shitstorm when she was unable to get Teruchan's questionable content taken down, ironically, because he used the same "they look young, but they're really legal" excuse LittleCloud uses. She also accused the admins of a conspiracy, that they don't ban Teruchan because he sells prints that makes devART rich.

Ban this sick fuck... or I'm leaving



The journal was later deleted, probably because LittleCloud realized that the anti-Japanese statements, and all the talk about "hate" went against her "I don't hate anyone" ideals, and because she's gotten into a habit of trying to erase things before ED documents the lulz. But wait, there's more! Not only is LittleCloud unable to get Teruchan's underage porn off the interwebs, but by a lulzy twist of fate, LittleCloud's Boku no Pico fanart got deleted from her gallery! Watching her own pedophile art get deleted while more popular tartlets got off scot-free unleashed the Dragonforce within, and tl;dr rants on how her art was unfairly deleted ensued. Obviously, Terucan didn't get banned just because one angry tartlet went off on a rant, and LittleCloud decided to pack her bags and leave for a website which would not persecute her art... FurAffinity.

When LittleCloud's drama on her unsuccessful fight against shota and child pornography found its way to ED, she attempted to alter the news with her ae account Halcyon the Valkyrie, including deleting a drawing of her boyfriend, Josh. Interestingly enough, her own boyfriend, is much like Cloudie, herself. A furry and pedophile, making her affair with Teruchan much more retarded. Shortly after, new ae accounts were created to vandalize this page, which were promptly reverted and the editors banned. Gee, I wonder who it was. After she abandoned DeviantART, she migrated to FurAffinity. Because, you know- that doesn't make her a furry, rite? However, she then returned to DeviantART due to fear of being treated the same in FA.

LittleCloud's Emo Period

This is worthy of winning a Link Park Award.
It's over. And so is my life


September 2007 marked LittleCloud’s emo period, kind of like Pablo Picasso’s blue period, except nobody’s going to buy her furry/sonic art when she dies. After the Arbchat Incident and the article on Mippa's poll, LittleCloud made a realization that ED would pull massive lulz out of anything she did, and did the most logical thing any otherkin would do; forsake humanity and make a bunch of animal-friends! It started out slowly, as LittleCloud began interacting more with wildlife than humans, rescuing bugs, stalking cats, and shouting at cars as they tried to run down seagulls. While this was happening, she contracted a mysterious illness, and for an unknown reason “ended up running away into the woods” crying, and wound up making herself even more sick. Luckily for her, it was nothing that a solid fourteen hours of sleep couldn’t cure-- until it decided to return in time for the next journal.

Panic attacks, feelings of severe anxiety, mood swings, dizziness, stomach cramps-- whatever this mysterious illness is, LittleCloud is “filled with terror and horrifying feelings,” and crawling into her hugbox. This disease is most likely either psychosomatic or a ruse to harvest sympathetic prayers. Pregnancy was also considered, however, it is highly unlikely since she is considered to be a penis repellent. Also, her medication has been upped, so she’ll be more loopy than usual. How loopy, you ask? Loopy enough that her new best friend is an orange slug named Rufus Slugford! In your face, Mippa! You know you’ve been a shitty friend when your replacement doesn’t have any bones and leaves a slimy trail of mucus wherever it goes.

She later self-diagnosed her anxiety attacks, “feeling like I’m gonna die, and then relief,” and mood swings on a urinary tract infection or a kidney stone. Which makes perfect sense. After a particularly unamusing week or two, LittleCloud wrote a poem about everything that was bothering her, thus proving that during these days of intense sickness, crying fits, and slug-love, she was polishing up the final drafts of her epic tome of bitter hatred.

Feeling "bitter, betrayed, ignored, harassed, and depressed," LittleCloud decided to take a stab at being an emo drama-whore and wrote a painfully fail-tastic poem about her life titled "Alpha Song: Draconian Sorrow," not to be confused with "Serenade of Sorrow" by a Sweden death-metal band named Draconian; which is about Lucifer and Astaroth calling God a butt-fucking pussy. On the contrary, this song is about LittleCloud calling the ED trolls, her ex-boyfriend, Gaaralover85, and her Mommy's new boyfriend a bunch of butt-fucking pussies-- she also calls God an asshole, questioning why she's being punished: "But why am I paying for it? / With this pain?" (stanza IV). More so, it's just a way for LittleCloud to boost her own ego, with lyrics such as "They're wrong, / they'll learn their lesson" (stanza III), and "They can't handle the truth," (stanza V); hey, whatever helps you sleep at night, LittleCloud. The song also includes some lyrics written in LittleCloud's natural dialect, her dragon language, which she previously described as not words but "squawks and growls."

Why am I the only one who can see it? / The truth is beautiful, but it makes them want to hurt me / I just want to help / Chirrup! Grooo! Nibble and Preen...


—LittleCloud, excerpt from Alpha Song: Draconian Sorrow (stanzas IX & X)

Fuck 'em all to kingdom come for being ignorant and wrong,


—LittleCloud, being a loving thing.

Since late August, LittleCloud and her whore mother were planning a vacation to Rhode Island to visit her mom's "horrid boyfriend." LittleCloud had plans to "meet someone really special from here on dA" whose identity was kept secret (presumably because s/he is completely imaginary). LittleCloud is perfectly fine telling everyone who her sister is, among various other friends, but this one person remains mysteriously unflaunted -- well, gee, I wonder why. Meanwhile, LittleCloud had reoccuring dreams about wolves; and according to LittleCloud, reoccurring dreams "mean someone on the other side wants to bless you with memories or visions that most others cannot see."[1] And claiming to have "experienced this extremely close connection to this certain animal that has never had a major impact on my life," it was painfully obvious that she was foreshadowing the coming of her wolf-boy/girlfriend in Rhode Island; while also hinting at her Mormon Dragon-Prophet Divine Powers. In the end, these lulz-cross'd lovers were never meant to be; LittleCloud's mother canceled the trip to Rhode Island, apparently because she broke up with her boyfriend. The mother went ape-shit crazy and wished she aborted LittleCloud and her sister, calling her a "horrible creature," because no Mary Sue is complete without an abusive family. Of course, the proper way to do the abusive family shtick is to do it when you're still a child, and not when you're nineteen fucking years old. This whole thing was just a month-long set up for a massive hugbox. She was recently hacked by some anon.

Also, as a Mormon, she also prayed to the Angel of Death during her emo period. However, her words of not committing suicide is just another way to say that she was too much of a pussy to do so. Of course, her committing suicide would be a favor, if not something she owes to the entire world.

I was thinking about suicide for a bit.

"I don't want to live anymore! I just want out! I WANT TO DIE!!" I remember someone telling me that suicide is one thing, and willing yourself to die is another. Personally, I think they're both giving up on life, but I'd rather choose the second option. "I am ready to let myself die. Please, come and take me away" I kept chanting over and over. But then I heard the angel of death. He was in my room with me. "If you really want to come with me, you're going to have to be totally prepared. You are not ready to die now. Your feelings betray you. Call me ... but only if you are completely ready to come with me." So, I guess, deep down, I really want to live. For now.


LittleCloud, can't make up her fucking mind about anything

I just don't want to live sometimes... Because I want to be a little boy.


—LittleCloud, discussing why she wants to die in the Arbchat Log at [22:31].

ED Forum Infiltration

Proving herself forever corrupted by ED's influence, she quietly signed up for an account on ED Forums as "Toogie" in May 2010. While initially showing promise as a regular of the deviantART portal, she proved once and for all that she's unable to surpass her retardation and started treating the site as her own LiveJournal. When simply asked to stop attention whoring, she promptly had a meltdown, outed herself, and flounced in one fell swoop:

... and self-satisfying that some of you saw me as a guy since the beginning.

Seriously, thanks a lot for that. It truly makes me happy. And yes, BearChan, I may not look androgynous, but I'm mentally gender-neutral, and I can't help it if I'm fucking short and don't have a horse face like most women.

<3 to Trevor Fitzroy for saying I'm a better trap than truthillusion.

Look, there's only so much I can do to look more masculine, but I'm not going to sweat it. I mean look at me. You can try to piss me off by calling me female, but I don't really care. Only my friends call me "he", and that's good enough for me. No, I don't think I'm a man (nor do I want to be one), but I prefer male pronouns.

But let's just get this straightened out once and for all.

Even though you know who I am (or rather, who I WAS), I hope you'll still like Toogie for Toogie.

I'm not Little Cloud. Little Cloud was a demonic entity that was exorcised from my body some time ago. That wasn't the real me. She is a failed excuse for a personality that is dead and gone.

My name is Cygnus La Croix. I'm an agnostic (the TRUE religion, amirite?) genderqueer. I can't stand Mormons because they look down on gays, transsexuals, and atheists. They also think they're so goddamn perfect but they're just narrow-minded assholes. The only Jesus I believe in is John Lennon. I'm not a dragon, I'm a human being. But I'm probably a furry since I draw them and hang out with them.

I do not answer to "Little Cloud". I do not answer to "she" or "her".

If you want me to leave EDF, then I will. All you have to do is tell me to GTFO. Just remember Toogie for the funny guy he was.

In case I get banned for this, I just want to say I had a good time here, and I don't regret donating my money to a good cause like Encyclopedia Dramatica. =3


Snippet of Toogie's tl;dr last words

The real irony of this abortive month-long stint is that she basically destroyed herself. Even if she were exposed by somebody else, the forums would have been perfectly fine letting her stay if she actually bettered herself as a human being. Once again, LittleCloud proves that her biggest troll is... LittleCloud.


Santa, classified to be a pedophile, has an honest opinion on LittleCloud.
I am opposed to homosexuality, meaning that I personally do not agree with or approve of gay couplings. However, it does not make me a homophobic, because I love people for their hearts and souls, in spite of anything else.


—LittleCloud, hates gays, but is not homophobic.

I've come to the conclusion that I don't need to be against homosexual love, because there's no such thing. I don't believe in it. It's a sickness of the mind. Confusion. Nothing but an illusion. A devil's lie. Yes, I do believe that there is love involved. But not a real attraction. Not like in a heterosexual relationship. People who say they are gay are only surrendering to the lie that they are -- they're only confusing a normal admiration of the same sex with sexual attraction. Like I heard someone say in a lifetime movie recently: God made Adam, then he made something a man would be attracted to -- a woman, Eve. Heterosexuality is natural. No one is born gay, they have to think and decide for themselves to choose to deviate from what is natural.


Little Cloud, explaining that all the chimpanzees, dolphins, seagulls, walruses, whales, dogs, ect. in nature that are gay made a conscious decision to deviate sexually and go against the will of God

I'm not a hypocrite. No, I don't like yaoi, but I do draw shonen-ai, which is a more mild and ambiguous branch off of yaoi (hence the warning). So, to all the smart-asses and Bible-thumpers: keep your mouths shut


—Little Cloud, on drawing gay love, which she doesnt believe in

My kind has been persecuted and tortured for millenia, and it's unfortunate that it will continue for all time, but I can live with it. Let's just say that there is a place for people like me in the Kingdom of God...and certainly a place for the people who make my life a living hell. Not to sound boastful or anything, but this thought comforts me and gets me through this dark, unfair world of constant pain and suffering.


Little Cloud, crawling into her hugbox

I don't care about Japan. In fact I hate weeabooland.


—LittleCloud, even people from Japan are weeaboos

When I speak as a dragon, I just squawk and growl. There aren't any words.


—LittleCloud, during her arbchat, proving to us that "dragons" can have Assburgers, too.

As much as I hate most humans, I'd rather help them than disturb them. I'd rather do my fighting business with the demons who are behind it all, anyway.


—LittleCloud, LOL WUT

Although, I'm still convinced that this is an unfair man's world, because there are some pictures of UNDERAGED characters of yuri depicted NUDE, and in EXPLICIT SEXUAL gestures that deviantART is totally fine with. (There is very little that I boils my blood more than those sick, fake, filthy lesbian fantasies that most corrupted men have, but that's just my opinion. I don't hate lesbians persay; just the fact that they ARE lesbians. Yuck).


Little Cloud, hates lesbians just as much as she hates men

Well, I don't care. I stand by what I say: I'm not a hypocrite. I don't like yaoi, and I don't like furries, but that doesn't mean I can't draw them. I'm not anti- or anything.


—Little Cloud, still can't make up her fucking mind about anything.

Favorites: ...

TV: MST3k, Frasier, Pokemon, Princess Tutu, Gravitation.


—LittleCloud, stating her favorite animes is Gravitation, GAYEST ANIMU EVAR.

So what if I use the word "yaoi" or "hentai" or "^_^". Does that mean I can't eat eggrolls or ramen noodles just because ZOMG they're Asian?? Lawlz-worthy. Ummmm .... no. Just no. There's a difference between drawing in the style of anime, and watching those idiotic tv shows, which I hate, and therefore, don't do. Except a rare few, like Tutu, which are cultured and pleasant. ... The only Shota I like is original and/or RPing (I don't read manga/doujin, or watch anime) -- with me as the uke (my unisex character -- both or neither gender) paired with a man. My God, if it's THAT hard to understand ... I don't fucking like two little boys together, that's fucking SICK. Really, who's the fucktard here? Me, or these people who criticize me with empty accusations?


—Little Cloud, trying to prove she isn't an otaku, and "^_^" is a word.

If you copied this section of my journal, claiming it's okay because it's only a "coincidence", and hide behind a dumbass thing called the "furcode", then congratulations -- you're a silly furfag. (Furries aren't even real to begin with, therefore why do you need a pretentious code to justify being an unholy fictional beast? "I'm a furfag, so I'll give myself wings, a hermaphrodite crotch, rainbow fur, eye lasers, and oh, yeah, anything I want! What, you think that's retarded? ZOMG STFU! It's in the furcode (what isn't? That's why furry originality [equals] zero), so it's all right!" Lulz.)


—Little Cloud, Rambling about furfags and imaginary codes in her journal footer with a thumbnail of her furry art right above her rant. What's funny is she's telling them off that furries don't exist, then blissfully goes back to pretending she's a dragon, BECAUSE SHE'S 100% DRAGON, NOT 50%, AND THAT'S TOTALLY DIFFERENT.

I haven't been, nor do I wish to harass anyone. I'm just mad because my journal has been copied, and I want to know the reason why, or to have credit or something. I know I'm a very jealous, possessive, and vengeful person. But is it so wrong to be upset about this? I don't care how small the paragraph is -- it's my own original thing. No one else has this. Even if they did, the words are mine. I thought of them on my own. It's not that hard, really. Anyone can do it. And I don't care how many times people say that I STOLE Cloud's name for Little Cloud's character. She/he is the SAME Cloud, but on a different 1) timeline, and 2) sex. That's totally a flame to dis my character.


—LittleCloud, complaining about gaaralover85 copying a part of her journal layout. Apparently she can copyright journal layouts now

So, I'm no fun because I haven't had a dirty penis inside me?


—LittleCloud, on dirty penises

Mm, I'm not familiar with this "Yuna" character, but I used to think Tifa was just a slut. Now, I don't really have a problem with her -- she only LOOKED like a slut. People can't really help it if they have big ones. I have man boobs, and I'm happy with them. :3


Little Cloud, explaining that girls with big tits are sluts and she loves her own moobs.

You really need some professional/spiritual help... And, FYI, Cloud didn't slaughter Sephiroth -- he killed JENOVA. Any fan of FFVII, especially of Sephy can tell you that.Cloud is a sweet character, and so is Sephiroth. They cared a lot about each other, so killing off his JENOVA-possessed body was doing him a favor And if Sephiroth would be with anyone, it's me. His Little Cloud.


LittleCloud, flamingSephirothslave, because apparently when Sephiroth impaled Cloud it was just a love hug

Dragons are people, too.


—LittleCloud, LOL WHUT

Me, gay? Totally! I got the hots for other guys! ;)


—LittleCloud, admitting that she is one of the queers

YAOI: It's a guilty pleasure, like sweets. Not "good" for you, but tasty nonetheless. I admit that I like it, but that doesn't mean I have to be proud to.


—LittleCloud, one of many disclaimers in her journal.

I hate you so much. For Everything. For cheating on me, and lying about it. For hurting me in all ways. God, how I wish you would die. But that's not satisfying enough. I curse you. I curse you and that smelly UK whore you're seeing. Both of you just rot in hell, slowly and painfully. She also lied to me. You're both filthy pigs. You for being the scum of the earth. And her for going with you. She's over 21-- what would a pedophile like her want with you, a little bastard piece of shit brat? All you do is lay in your bed, looking at porn and playing with yourself. Get a fcuking job and stop crying to mommy and daddy for video games and toys. I heard you just got surgery for your gallbladder. Well, what do you expect when you eat fast food all day, everyday? I hope you choke on a WhiteCastle burger, you piece of shit. How many more innocent girls will you lure into your trap? You will pay for what you have done. I hope you feel all the pain you ever caused me, and the others, too. I. Curse. You.


—LittleCloud, placing a Mormon curse her ex-fiance


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