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Every so often an Internet forum or subculture will decide that they're not satisfied with simply sharing their autism on the web and tries to form a community. Plans range from small communes to island nations, but all of them end in failure. Why is this, you ask? Because the community planners intend to use the leadership skills they gained from running their Minecraft clans to found the backbone of a nation.

Here is a list of some ongoing and abandoned community proposals, all of them dripping with smug and Mountain Dew.

Pictured: The bright future of Reddit Island.


None of them, lol.


Rivendell IRL.


Imagine a cringe worthy liberal hippie weed smoking "Paradise" (with guns for some reason) and you're pretty much there... or not as it doesn't exist yet (or ever will)


Project Agartha

4chan's /x/ attempted to found a town dedicated to advancing the arts of science and magick. Reportedly too high on mescaline and ethenogens to put together a coherent plan, the project fizzled in the winter of 2013.

Reddit Island

A group of Redditors tried to create an island micronation devoted to upholding Reddit's holy trinity. This project would probably have been the most beneficial to society if it succeeded, as it'd remove the island's inhabitants from the gene pool, as well as through genetic isolation create an entirely new species, Redditus autismus, to baffle researchers for years to come. Unfortunately, even Redditors were socially cognizant enough to see the vast amounts of autism that the project was producing, and it faded unceremoniously under bullying.

Perhaps shipping containers make perfect homes for otherkin...

Ozark Elf Society

One of the few communities that actually proceeded past the wishful circlejerking stage, Ozark Elf Society was meant to be a commune for people who believe they are Lord of the Rings elves. The land was actually purchased and settled by a man and his wife, but they eventually vanished off the face of the Internet. Friends believe that the two have finally made it to Rivendell.


A fat furry fuck decided to indulge his autistic fantasies and attempt to build an island nation in Africa. The leader claims that he has the technology to turn people into dragons, which he would use upon the island's residents. While the idea lives on, goons found out about the plan and trolled its supporters into oblivion. Activity has slowed to a crawl.


Samadhi was Something Awful's attempt at a sustainable island retreat. User Socratic Moron bought 100 acres of land in Hawaii and roped a bunch of goons into trying to develop it. The project was abandoned once the goons realized that their doughy bodies weren't fit to plow virgin rainforest.

Shadow Cavern Otherkin Pack

Once upon a time, a group of otherkin decided that they wanted to live in storage containers in the wilderness, preparing for the human vs. otherkin war of 2012. Unfortunately, they realized that this was an impossibility, as their skin had fused to their computer chairs and they were rendered immobile.

Equestria Island

While not technically a community, some bronies were trying to buy an island to erect a MLP monument upon. Their goal was to raise $600000 within the time limit, but they only succeeded in raising $130.

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