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This is an alphabetical list of Camwhores not notable enough for their own article.


Azn Henry

Azn Henry 1.jpg

Azn Henry posted on /b/ Last Thursday asking some femanon, any femanon to post "I <3 Asian Henry" on her tits. Only one femanon decided she was going to, and in the ensuing conversation with the girl, she revealed her e-mail address.

/b/ took this information of a cute girl who actually delivered and found out who her boyfriend was, and subsequently e-mailed the pictures to him, probably ruining her life.

It is a well-known fact that she has amazing breasts.


Some tail.jpg

AnnaPandemonium (aka. Anna Catherine) is a fat drug-addled cam-whore on deviantArt.

AnnaPandemonium Links

Deviantart-favicon.png deviantArt



Canadachan is a Canadian Attention Whore who posted nudes on her 18th birthday. Which was apparently July 5th. She eventually delivered tits and then continued to be generally adorable. She is the cutest chubby 4chan has ever seen. Even for people who hate chubbies, they love Canadachan.

REALLY not into fat chicks.

but i'd do her. tbh this would come in handy, if i ever had to choose one fat chick to do. i'd do canadachan



Holy adorable, Batman!



Shit im starting to like her.








Everybody loves Canadachan. Including you.

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Creepy Chan


Dead deer-chan

Dead deer-chan is not a camwhore in the traditional sense, but he follows the pattern of posting embarrassing pictures for the sake of trying to get internet weirdos to like you. Dead Deer-Chan is a sick fuck who one day got bored, decided to go outside, and fuck a dead deer. Granted, he took pix and then proceeded to put his fucking hat back on, and continued with his walk.

OP here, just tellin mah story. So the road was so fucking close to the deer, and there was a country club right across from me. Some little kids were playing golf, so I jumped down into the ditch, waved away the flies, plopped the hat down, sipped the glasses on, and threw the shirt and tie on. Then, as multiple cars, passed and looked at me, I took pix. One of the kids was like Hey [David]! What's up? And I said "just dressing up a dead deer and taking pictures." He must not have believed me, laughed, and continued golfing.

Of course, he put the pictures on ebaumsworld. All of the peanut gallery commented and fapped, and generally had a good time.

One of the main reasons anon was so happy, was that dead deer-chan delivered in a sea of trolls ands fail. He had been taking suggestions for about 4 hours, and it got to the point that anon simply thought he was another troll. Granted, he delivered, and much masturbating took place before anon moved to their next faggot thread.

So I herd you leik deer




Fascist bridget

a /pol/ attention whore, who was beloved by the virgins.

Made horrible YouTube Favicon.png videos


Grocery Man


Grocery Man was a /b/ thread that first premiered on 4/15/2010... it got 404'd but was quickly revived. Grocery Man was notable for taking requests of things to do while working his pitiful behind-the-counter job at an unknown convenience store in the Miramichi area, of New Brunswick, Canada. Which can be confirmed as Clouds Connivence, in Red Bank, NB.



Lack of tits

Hotlips-Chan--or "Eb," as she prefers to be called--first appeared on 4chan's /s/ board in mid-November of 2009. She posted tits and filled requests for several hours, until her thread 404'd. The following day she posted another thread, and so on for several days to come, eventually giving into demands for the insertion of writing utensils and such into her vagoo. As of late November '09, Eb is still posting tits (and vagoo, etc.), sometimes on /b/ and sometimes on /s/. No ass yet. But you can probably visualize it pretty well by now.

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Kiwi Chan

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Milhouse Chan



Some dumb girl who sticks used sanitary pads and tampons in her mouth. Her MSN is [email protected] and can also be found here and here.





Pickle-Chan (Sindee) was an overweight blonde camwhore that was briefly popular among the 4chan virgins because of her oversized tits. Too bad about her oversized belly though.

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File:Pdg 1.jpg
Polka-Dot Chan

Polka-Dot-Chan also known as Polka-Dot Girl (PDG) is a camwhore who began creating photos of herself for anon as she stripped, on April 26, 2010. The thread started with an anon pondering the result of a girl wearing every bar she owned at once. The discussion was fierce debating wether more bras was a waste of time or something hot & sexy. Eventually PDG gave in and posted a pic of her boobs with four bras on. The anons swarmed requesting the comparison of no bras in the name of science. As a camwhore PDG was flattered and at a request removed a single bra. This continued with three more bras ending in PDG cupping her bare tits, before it was 404'ed. The thread revived its self with the last picture and continued on having PDG show her boobs uncovered. At this point anons became tired and remembered the mastery of Latex Chan. Several fought for the beloved PDG against the trolls and haters. PDG at the time was desperate and sent out a picture of her magical slit. By this point the PDG trolls were posting pics of Latex Chan as a faster rate than PDG could work it. PDG was defeated and has yet to be seen again....but some anons still hold hope.

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Rainbow Chan

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Red Stripe-chan

Red Stripe Chan

Red Stripe Chan (RSC) is a camwhore who began taking pictures of herself for anon on April 21, 2010. Although it was not an unusual start, the length of time, and her willingness to comply with /b/ quickly set her apart. She spent close to a dozen hours camming, and posting pics [1] and generally having a good time. After three shows, she gave mod privileges to a douche who proceeded to ban people at random, and make other mods to ban more people. This combined with technical issues relating to cam sites, and being banned from tinychat and ustream made for a pissed of RSC. Eventually she recovered enough to give us another show, where we fapped madly and spewed collective billions of our boys across keyboards around the world.



Syn is a camwhore who has been browsing 4chan "forever". She has made many underageb& fall for her, and several s/adv/irgins as well. However, some unlucky normal channers have fallen for her as well and created several collages of her. Thousands of pictures to come.



Apparently this two-bit whore is the "new queen of /b/". Ppppsssssccchhyyeaaah.

Triforce-chan was a camwhore that posted on /b/ on the infamous /b/ Day of Deliverance alongside Miss-chan. This bitch made quite a storm on /b/ when she started posting pics of herself with the Triforce drawn on her tits. It began as a normal thread, one unassuming female, with timestamp, willing to deliver for doubles and the like. Within mere seconds of b/tards hitting a double, she would post promised scene. Not only did she satisfy, but she duplicated this promise over and over in a very short amount of time. Before long, a thread that had only existed for 10 minutes or so had 404'ed, due to Triforce-Chan getting banned on the grounds of "double abuse," as well as the insane amount of traffic. Multiple threads were made, as they were 404ing quickly.

Seeing as /b/ could no longer support the demand for immediate Triforce-Chan supply, /b/tards quickly migrated to the room of Sacreed Groove. Although it demanded you to connect via Facebook or Twitter login, the masses pushed on, and were soon joined by their fellow bretheren, as well as Triforce-Chan herself, who certainly did not disappoint. Right away, she granted wishes of fawning anon as she fondled her soft, plush breasts and sucked penis of a nofaced newfag. All was right in the world, and before long we were given the live, non-looped buttsecks, immortalised by the Nakata quote "She came, she saw, she delivered buttsecks" in a motivational poster created by Hojo.

To yet even more immortalise the day now known as "Deliverance-Day", immediatly after Triforce-chan left the Sacreedgroove camz, another camwhore, Miss-chan appeared out of nowhere and continued the epic-ness for another several hours.

After a while, multiple /b/tards dubbed her the new "queen of /b/". Faggots.

Best pics seen below.

Gallery of Triforce-chan About missing Pics
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Typo-Chan is a "drunk stoned australian cumsumpster [sic]" who in her intoxicated state wrote in a weird form a typo-riddled Engrish, yet still managed to comply with anon's most pressing demands. She provided a "timpsnip" (read: timestamp) with a time that would indicate she is a Perthfag, and then dropped her email which led to the discovery of her dox (turns out her name is Beth and she lurrves hardcore punkz0rz). By the end of the thread her tits and vagoo were covered in random people's names, and her inner thigh with a protest against the Ausfailian government's plan to censor the interwebz. The thread peacefully 404'd with all parties involved satisfied.

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V-Chan is a short-lived camwhore from 2006 who posted on 4chan's /b/, and subsequently got pwned.

After she posted tits, /b/ wanted more. Then her friend arrived, and upon the disclosure of identifying information /b/ saw a chance to blackmail their way to free underaged pr0ns. /b/tards began unearthing multitudes of info about her. She became desperate, but she forgot that ANONYMOUS DOES NOT FORGIVE, and thus /b/ continued to ruin her life. Lulz ensued.

V-chan only existed on 10/05/2006 in grainy webcam shots, and should not be confused with EFG-chan or the second V-chan (with better pics) who also wore Guy Fawkes masks but had less dramu.

V-Chan Links



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