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Name Domain Lang Years Logo Notable Boards Commentary
1chan en 2003–present 1chanlogo.png /rail/ ru 2009–2015 1chanru.jpg /news/all/, /news/
1channel USA en 2013–present 1channelUSALogo.png there are no boards... only tags...
2ch jp 1999–present 2chicon.png Over 9000
  • The BBS textboard inspiration for Futaba. ru 2006—2009 2ch ru emblem.png /b/, /a/
22chan en 2018—present 22chan.png /r9k/, /b/
  • A site created for people who want to escape the cancer on 4chan.
3chan en 20??–2015 /r/, /www/, /pig/
  • A shit site that nobody cared about.

3chan en 2018–2018 Club.png /a/, /b/, /pol/
  • A dead board with shit code

4chan en 2003–present NTsite.png /b/, /pol/, /v/
  • A site that used to be kinda good, but is total shit now. en 2009–2014 logo.png /new/, /r9k/, /v/, /meta/
  • Dead as of 2014, rip in penis.
5chan en 2004–present 5chan logo.png URL redirect
  • You've made a mistake.
6-chan en, es 2008–2010 6-chan new.png /a/, /b/

Wayback Machine Favicon.jpg (Wayback Machine)

en 2009


63chan logo 2009.png /hack/, /i/
  • A dead site presumably for /i/nsurgency, judging from information found via the Wayback Machine.
64chan en 2016–present 64tan.png /b/
7chan en 2005–present 7chanlogo.png /b/, /a/, /g/, /i/
76chan en 2014–2017 /s/, /t/, /i/, /sp/
  • Another shit site that can't pay its bills.
  • Dddudebro sold site to milkman, and milkdud couldn't afford it
  • Made Mewch to replace it and tried to get /sp/ to rejoin, but was told to fuck off.
789chan en 2008–2012 GayBanner.gif /cwc/, /L/
  • A shit site about Chris-chan.
  • Third home of /cwc/ before moving to n0chan and becoming /cow/
8chan en 2011–present 8chan logo.png /gamergate/, /v/, /cow/, /litpat/
  • A site which used to be pretty good, but is shit now, where anyone can make their own board.
  • The current home of /cow/, since 2014.
888chan en 2008–2014 888chan logo.png /td/, /i/, /xenu/, /jb/, /cow/
370chan lt 20?? – present Vezisicon.gif /b/
  • A site used to be known as LTChan.
420chan en 2005 – present 420 icon 64.png /b/, /weed/, /jenk/
  • A shit site for stoners.
711chan en 2007 – present 711chan logo updated.png /b/, /i/, /lulz/, /nig/
  • A shit site about a shit store.
  • Is offline more often than not.

94chan en 2021?-now 94chan logo.png /b/, /pol/, /94/, /rx/, /x/, /k/
  • A chan owned by IHM.
All Chans en 2011–present All known
  • List of most known Chan Boards
Acrimonie fr, en (/int/) 20?? – present /a/, /mdt/
  • Rare case of non-nippon *chan with an active textboard
Anarchochan Anarchochan en 2013 – 2017 /b/
  • An anarchist imageboard.

arisuchan arisuchan en, ru ?–present /Δ/, /λ/, /feels/, /cyb/, /ru/
  • Splitted community from Lainchan. Originally named until they think it was stupid to have a same name to their former community.
  • Filled with Russian.

Autismchan SITE WAS ALIVE FOR WEEKS UNTIL IT GOT BALEETED LOL en 2021–2021 Autismchan.png /sperg/, /b/, /meta/, /aspie/
  • A site for Autists
BBWChan BBWChan en 2008–present BBWchan.png /bbw/, /tits/, /bbwdraw/
  • A shit site about fat women.
Bienvenido a Internet BBS/IB es 2010–present Bai logo white.png /zonavip/, /2d/, /tech/
  • Spanish textboard + imageboard inspired by 2ch and Futaba rather than 4chan. en 2008 – present Britfagsicon.png /b/ en 2011 – present
  • A shit site about Boxxy, which she also owns.
  • CAPTCHA is broken, therefore posting is impossible. Completely abandoned.
CCluster en 2012 – present
  • Previously Masterchan.
  • They say they are pro free speech, actually just pedos
Chan4Chan en 20?? – present /news/, /games/, /movies/, /shop/
  • A shit site that wished it was 4chan.
  • Has a fucking shop selling e-peenz
ChAnon ro, en (/int/) 2011 – present Chanon-logo.png
  • Romanian imageboard.
The ChanWeb en 2011 – present /celebf/, /cf/, /hc/, /fu/
  • Chan Imageboards SFW and NSFW
Dejimachan nl 2009 – present /b/, /rail/
Desuchan en 2007–present Desuscream.png /desu/, /ro/, /ot/, /rp/
Diochan it 2007–present /b/, /s/
Einskanal de 2006–2007


Ico1.png /jp/, /h/
  • A shit site for German weaboos.
  • Resurrected 11 years after its initial death by two Bernds.

de 2010–2018


/b/, /int/, /fefe/
  • A shit site for krauts ernsts.
  • After closing its doors in 2018, it was quickly revived by some Croatian dude. Still a shit site.
Footchan Wayback Machine Favicon.jpg (Wayback Machine) en 2015–2016 /b/
fsc Channel id 2017–2019 /rj/, /omni/, /pew/, /sjrh/, /wibu/, /toku/, /sass/, /med/, /gim/
  • An Indonesian-language imageboard.
  • A comfy site until it was infested by normalfags from Facebook and the Indonesian forum Kaskus. Now full of romance/attention-seeker bullshit.
  • Now it is dead because a chink e-thot got creeped out by a thread discussing her. The admin then cucked out to her and shut down the board
Futaba Channel ja 2001–present Futuba logo.png /b/, /img2/, /40/
  • A Japanese-language site, which also happens to be the first imageboard ever created.
  • All chan culture originated from Futaba, and was m00t's inspiration for creating 4chan.
  • No round-eyes.


ja 20??–present Gurologo.png /f/, /g/, /s/
  • A shit site about guro.
IL he, en (/goy/) 2011–present Boardsorgil.gif /b/, /goy/ (local /int/), /a/, /v/
Legi0n en 2009–2010 Other Legi0n logo cropped from banner.png /cwc/
  • Another shit site about Chris-chan, which was being hosted under 789chan at one stage.
  • The second home of /cwc/ before moving to 789chan proper. en 2014–present Lolcow.png.gif /pt/
  • A site about mostly female lolcows, known to be popular with the ladies.
  • Created after 4chan's /cgl/ board banned Pixyteri discussion.
InflateChan en 2010–2015 Inflatechanlogo.png /drawn/, /live/, /cg/, /oekaki/
Karachan pl 2010–present Kara logo.png /b/
  • Currently the most popular Polish chan, with about 250-300 users online at peak hour.
  • All non-Polish IPs are banned.
  • Started to become Polish 4chan in mid-2014: flooded by normies, moralfags, kids; the site has been steadily purging cancer from the boards since 2018.
Kohlchan de 2018–present /b/
  • Made after the Krautchan implosion.
  • Currently the largest German-language imageboard.
Krapple Komputer Kompany en 2008–2009 /cwc/
  • A dead site which was the first imageboard where users could create their own boards, predating 8chan.
  • The very first home for /cwc/, as originally made by KrappleGuy, before moving to Legi0n after KKK's closure.
Krautchan de, en (/int/) 2007–2018 Krautchanlogo.png /int/, /b/, /c/
  • The largest German chan up until its death, being the first imageboard to take off in Germany.
  • Made after the shutdown of Einskanal in early 2007.
Kropyvach ua, en (/int/) 2016 – present Kropyvach logo.png /a/, /b/, /c/, /f/, /g/, /i/, /k/, /l/, /m/, /p/, /t/, /u/
  • A Ukrainian-language imageboard.
Lainchan en ?–present /Δ/, /λ/, /zzz/, /drug/, /layer/, /q/
  • Serial Experiments Lain themed imageboard.
  • Have their own publication named Lainzine.

lewdchan en 2015–? /lewd/, /neko/
  • An general purpose imageboard by community.
  • Dead as fuck until it get shutted down for good.
Manelchan pt, en (/int/) Manelchan logo.png
  • Portuguese chan.
Mewch en 2017–2018 Mewchlogo.png /b/, /wai/, /fringe/
  • A comfy imageboard, hated by indy/sp/.
n0chan Wayback Machine Favicon.jpg (Wayback Machine) en 2011–???? N0chan logo.png /cow/
  • A shit site nobody cared about.
  • Fourth and sixth home of /cwc/, before moving to 888chan, and then back to n0chan.
Nanochan nanochanxv2lxnqi.onion en 2018–present /a/, /b/, /g/, /pol/, /test/, /nano/, /meta/
Newchan en 2018–present
  • Replacement for AnonIB.
Newfapchan en 2011–present
  • A reincarnated shit site for pr0n.
Nextchan en 2016–present Nextchan logo.png /polk/, /next/
OPERATORchan en 2008–present Operatorchanicon.png /k/, /t/, /v/, /n/
Pathchan en 2014–201? /pol/, /act/
  • A shit site for /pol/fags and hopeful activists.
Ponychan en 2011 – present Ponychanicon.png /chat/, /show/, /fic/
ptchan pt, en (/int/) 2010 – present /b/, /des/, /int/
  • Imageboard for portugal and portuguese speakers.

R34 en 2019 – present /meta/, /lewd/, /b/
  • A shit site.
RockstarChan Wayback Machine Favicon.jpg (Wayback Machine) Wayback Machine Favicon.jpg (Wayback Machine)

en 2007–2012 New rockstarchan logo.png /i/
  • A shit site full of dead boards.
Sosach ru, en (/int/) 2009–present Sosach new logo.png /b/, /a/
  • A shitty clone of a shit dead site for ex-Soviets.
  • Also known as Hikkach,, piratach, pratcham, tirech, dvatirech.
SushiGirl en 20??–present Sushigirl2.gif /lounge/
  • For chill people who like Japan.
TF2chan en 2009–present Teamfortress2chan.png /dis/, /offtopic/
Tinachan en 2014 – present
  • General imageboard.
txtchan en 2018–Present /board/
  • Catalogue of most at least somewhat active "2ch-style" textboards and some related imageboards.
Wakachan lang 2004 – present 1chanlogo.png /a/
Wilchan pl 2014 – present Wilno logo.png /b/, /int/
  • Third most popular Polish chan.
  • Once a nice place, now swarmed and conquered by weaboos and turned into a cesspit for Japanese cartoons.
Vichan pl 2009 – 2010, 2012 – present Vi logo.png /b/, /fem/, /sex/
  • Shitty imageboard with 9gag-alike content, friendly for white knights.
  • In its first era (2009-2010) it was probably the best Polish chan ever, but after it came back in 2012, it became a bullshit place for attentionfags that everyone outside hates.
  • Despite its decline in quality, it's the second most popular Polish chan with 80-90 online at peak.
Żywe gówno pl 2016 – present ZywegownoLogo.png /b/
  • Yet another Polish chan with shitty content, mostly comprised of immigrants from Karachan.
  • Usually peaks at 20 concurrent users online.
Uboachan en 2009 – present Uboa.jpg /yn/, /mado/, /uboa/, /fag/
Underfoule fr, en 2011 – 2013; 2016 – present; /a/, /polac/, /ps/
  • Most active french *chan.
  • Admins often forget to pay for the servers.
Uchan ua, en (/int/) 2009 – 2016 Uchan—Logo.png /b/, /int/, /ukr/, /lit/, /a/
  • An old and dead Ukrainian-language imageboard.
U-18Chan en 2009 – present /gc/
  • A shit site which serves as a large furfag hub of drama and pirated comics.
  • Came from the AuroraFurries.
Yuchan yu, en 2009 – present /b/, /yu/
  • A chan for Yugoslavs.
Wizardchan en 2012 – present Wizchan logo.png /v9k/, /wiz/, /dep/

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