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They think we are Disgusting. THIS is disgusting.



Favorite Book: The Bible


— Biron's Facebook account

Lisa Biron is a sick fuck who sexually exploited her 14-year-old daughter in the winter of 2012, transporting her to a barren icy wasteland in the middle of Canada to get ræped by a deceitful man-beast. She was convicted in January 2013, and is currently serving 40+ years in the slammer.


Lisa Biron was born in 1969, and was raised in New Hampshire, where she spent over a decade snorting drugs and getting bloached on alcohol. She had been arrested for driving while intoxicated on several occasions throughout the 90s, along with driving with a suspended license.

Around the end of the 20th century, Lisa became a Christfag and graduated from college with a business degree, claiming that said graduation was credited to her via her "Christian faith" which "turned her life around", along with the birth of her daughter whom she would fork over to a some lonely bastard for sinful penetration 14 years later.

lol v&

In late 2012, some 18-year-old gangsta reported to the cops that he had seen copious amounts of CP on Biron's personal Faptop. He had originally met Brion and her daughter through a Craigslist advert, claiming that her daughter was "18". Typical of an 18-year-old, this nigga failed to realize that Biron's daughter was actually 14, and fucked her at least 100 times over the following month.

The police searched Biron's house soon after the 18-year-old moved out, and v& her ass later in the day. She was released on $35,000 bond. Biron's daughter was taken into foster care, and became one with Anonymous.

Lisa Biron's criminal charges include:

  • One count of transportation with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity.
  • Seven counts of kiddie porn.
  • Five counts of sexual exploitation.

Federal prosecutors managed to expose even moar lulz, such as how Biron had acquired 200 rounds of ammo, used marijuana, ecstasy and cocaine (sometimes around minors), sending a threatening text message to the 18-year-old who buttfucked her daughter, and lying to the investigators. She even had lesbian sex with her own daughter, and recorded it, resulting in her inevitable prosecution.

Lisa Biron is currently serving her sentence in a correctional center in the middle of Texas. She might be released on December 30th, 2047, but she'll probably die from STDs before then amirite?

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