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נ ן ס ע פ ף צ ץ ק ר א ב ג י כ ך ל מ ם נ ן ד ה ו ז ח ט י כ ך ל מ ם נ ן ס ע פ ף צ ץ ק ר ש ת ז ח ט י כ ך ל מ ם נ

Four years before the rise of Citizendium, Wikipedia verges

on collapse. SLIM VIRGIN, the "Cantabrigian",

last research assistant of Pierre Salinger, has unleashed

a ravaging edit war upon an unsuspecting community.

Crushing all resistance, Slim's war of conquest

has left TOW scattered and vulnerable

as countless good Administrators get desysopped

and many more swear allegiance to the new Wiki Master.

In the near internets, above the ATTACK SITE

called ENCYCLOPEDIA DRAMATICA, some cool editors engage

the forces of the Dark Virgin in a desperate effort

to document the DRAMA on the encyclopedia...

א ב ג י כ ך ל מ ם נ ן ד ה ו ז ח ט י כ ך ל מ ם נ ן ס ע פ ף צ ץ ק ר ש ת ז ח ט י כ ך ל מ ם נ

She's seen better days.
Slimmy all dolled up with no place to go.
"Medium height, well proportioned but not athletic, skin so pale it was a bit eerie. Her hair was either red-dyed-black, or black-dyed-red, and was quite long except for bangs cut flat across her brow (think of "Morticia"). She wore blood-red lipstick."
Also partial to the loli.

SlimVirgin (AKA Linda Mack and Sara McEwan) is not Jewish. She lives alone nowhere near any close relatives or close friends, in a one-horse town in the middle of the Canadian prairie, just with her two pullover-wearing poodles and a cat. She dyes her hair (compare the photo to the right and the photo to the left) and knows that the rest of her life, approximately 20 or 30 years, she will have to spend alone for having alienated the people around her, including her several ex-boyfriends who she obsesses about and googles all day long. In her mini-sized living room she has five or ten books about Canadian English and British English stylistics and orthography, which she now knows by heart. She also has a cable TV Internet connection, which she will use to drown out her next 20 years of loneliness via Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit, even lonely, unsociable hags in the middle of a vast, deserted Canadian fluvial plain. So she has added—click, click—people like lib/"neocon" extremist Chip Berlet and pornography distributor Jimmy Wales and some extremist orthodox Jew somewhere in eastern North America to her "friends list". But she might as well delete them too.

But on Wikipedia she is just known as a Wikipedia administrator, sockpuppeteer[1][2], professional victim, and former spy.

Around 1990, she betrayed her workmates at ABC Nooz in London by turning over their files to MI5 in order to frame an innocent man of the Lockerbie bombing. Cambridge drop-out Linda bummed around Germany, Switzerland and France for a few years teaching English as a Second Language to unappreciative rich kids before moving home to Alberta and changing her name to Sarah in an ultimately doomed attempt to change her identity. Supposedly the SlimVirgin name is a reference to olive oil and her being a malnourished abstinence kook. She created the article for Daniel Brandt on Wikipedia and has been dominating her cohorts and minions ever since. For a supposed virgin, she is an expert attention whore, having "quit" Wikipedia after a former ABC News coworker of hers revealed that one and a half decades before she had led Scotland Yard to raid the ABC News London office in order to confiscate the videotapes of the Libyan Lockerbie bombing suspects. SlimVirgin also left Wikipedia at the mere prospect of Linuxbeak allowing banned Wikipedia user and abusive ex-boyfriend Blu Aardvark to edit again. Alex Schnickerdoodle was quickly shot down, Blu Aardvark stayed banned, and there was much lulz to be had.

SlimVirgin is an animal rights activist yet she keeps two poodles in captivity. She is also married to "animal-lover" WolfJLupus, who she lets take care of her dog most of the day. She owns several articles on the wiki, including ones on New Antisemitism, Animal Rights and PETA (People Eating Tasty Animals). Lo, the fury that will descend upon anyone who tampers with her wikipossessions! She is one of the most despised characters on Wikipedia yet is able to rule with the help of Jayjg in the absence of King Jimbo I. This is comparable to the way Frank Burns and Margaret Houlihan ruled MASH 4077 whenever Col. Blake or Col. Potter were away.

Q: Why does anyone put up with her? A: She puts out. (Well, she used to. A widespread rumor in late 2014 claims that she's slowly dying of congestive heart failure, she's only online a couple of hours a day at most, and that her Wikipedia account is being shared with "friends". But then the sharing part of the rumor has been around since 2006 at least. Whatev, she's still a bitch.)

The world according to Mack's propaganda

Holy sh-


  • The bombing of Dresden was OK.
  • Bomb Iran. Now.
  • Before you bomb Iran, take the feminists out of there. Let the others die.
  • I love Israel.
  • Palestine? What is Palestine?
  • Which Lebanese civilians? Those are terrorists.
  • I love Freud, Jung etc.
  • I love feminist intellectualist artists.
  • I love slim virgins (Loro Jonggrang). This proves that I don't hate all Indonesians, but only the Indonesian Muslim terrorists.
  • I speak for the families of the Lockerbie bombing.
  • Salinger was crazy and unfair. Good that he already died.
  • Please don't experiment with animals, because the experiments might prove the ideas of psychiatry wrong.
  • I'm a multiculturalist, even though I only learned three words of French and German while I was teaching English around Western Europe, but I expect my language students to know more English.
  • I love the data-mining Google does for North American and Western European intelligence agencies.
  • Fuck Russia. Use EU/NATO color revolutions and Israel to democratize the fuck out of the Caucasus, Middle East, Iran and Central Asia. We need more oil from there.
  • Libya/Iran did PA103.
  • Jews did not do WTC.

SlimVirgin's motivation: fetal alcohol syndrome, pro-psychiatry, and lack of a big, tumescent cock

Cup size: 30 AA

SlimVirgin edits Wikipedia because she can't get over being fired by Salinger after acting like an attention whore after her first date bombed and after she was dumped by her Virginia boyfriend. That's also why she had to make a documentary about the Woodview "Nursing Home", aka madhouse, and why, on Wikipedia, she counters every view that might contradict Jewish pharmaceutical-sponsored psychiatry's views of fetal alcohol syndrome, SlimVirgin's specialty, since she sees anti-psychiatry views as anti-"animal rights" because of animal tests that supported anti-psychiatry hypotheses and since her shrink recommends her to use her poodles to replace her dates. Her sexual frustration also explains her support of Iranians, but only as long as they're eccentric anti-Iranian feminists and why she's sometimes perceived as supposedly "anti-Semitic" or "self-hating", since she uses other Jews to repair the damage caused by her sexual frustration. Her pro-madhouse view reflects her egalitarian "everyone's created equal, but Jews are still superior" view.

Before SlimVirgin was using the name "SlimVirgin" she edited under the name Slimv. Daniel Brandt also discovered that all edits by this username were immediately oversighted. One Wikipedia Review user found a lot of really bad porn written by "Slimv" and theorized that she might have a severe sexual frustration. The fact that the characters in her stories are named "Jimmy" and "Danny", and her subsequent username on TOW, lend credence to this theory.

An example of how she manipulates and destroys her enemies

SlimVirgin, bitchin' around

SlimVirgin also was secretly behind the false rumors that Igor Alexander Bergstein, the Jewish founder of The Holocaust Review, was actually SlimVirgin's greatest fear, anti-feminist holocaust denier Alex Linder.[3] Most people still believe Igor is Alex Linder to this day, and Igor was excommunicated by his Jewish family and friends.

Another example of how she manipulates and destroys her enemies

SlimVirgin wanted to control lists of Jews, since she found out that Alex Linder has posted to Stormfront directly from the Jews list, and she didn't want them to attack anyone who wasn't actually a Jew. Because of this, she attacked the beautiful people, getting them banned, insisting that nobody can be that beautiful, and hence that they must all be the same person, then banning Runcorn as well, purely because he had sock puppets in the latest Harry Potter book, which SlimVirgin had got insider knowledge of from Malber, who is J K Rowling's nanny.

It's funny because it's true

Making enemies since '00

If SlimVirgin gives you an indef block, and then someone else unblocks saying that you'll have to provide an actual reason, then the unblocking admin gets told that they are wheel warring and is threatened with losing their sysop powers. If then 20 other admins ask SlimVirgin to unblock, and she says no I won't allow it, then it counts as a community ban. If then another 10 more admins say that they will now unblock, and arbcom says that it should be unblocked, then all that SlimVirgin needs to do is to get someone who supports her to write that that user is never to be unblocked, and then disables e-mail. Isn't that right Yamla?

And then they call that a community ban.

Spy allegations suppressed by the Web 2.0 lynch mobs and the Name Redacted advocates

A whole psyops company designs SlimVirgin's avatars and page decorations; this one from a rilly stupid Wikipedia fan site says "One eyebrow so I am not Linda and you will protect and love me."


The biggest most important faults at Camp Zeist:
- no questioning of the former BOSS-agent and principal researcher Mr. MICHAEL MORRIS, AIR INCIDENT RESEARCH, USA
- no questioning of LINDA [XXXX], named by Michael Morris as (being) an agent

Former co-worker:

I was no longer based in London when it happened, but in 1991-92, after Salinger had traveled to Tripoli and successfully interviewed the two Libyan suspects (before their move to Netherlands), Special Branch of Scotland Yard demanded all of our tapes (including those not broadcast). Salinger came to believe that Linda was working for MI-5 and had been from the beginning; assigned genuinely to investigate Panam 103, but also to infiltrate and monitor us. ABC refused to hand over the tapes and other documents the Brits wanted; Special Branch raided our office and Salinger blamed Linda for this. (At two subsequent trials, ABC lost an expensive court case and had to hand over tapes and documents, none of which contained any conclusive evidence about the Libyans). At this point Salinger fired Linda and locked her out of the office, after she had been spreading some malicious rumors about him.

Ways SlimVirgin makes Wikipedia suck

Slimv's "family" (= two-week date)

SlimVirgin runs a cabal of high-level administrators who come to her aid. The previously mentioned Jayjg runs CheckUser (in violation of WikiMedia policies) for anyone who criticizes her. She has a sockpuppet admin named Crum375, who she brings out to make controversial edits, bans and blocks, and who comes to every talk page dispute involving SlimVirgin.

Slimmy plays a control game on Wikipedia in order to maintain her power structure. Even though she runs her own sockpuppet admin, and uses an oversight delete whenever her own IP is disclosed, she has proposed [4] that new admin candidates be subject to CheckUser. She regularly sabotages new users who would like administrator rights if they disagree with her wiki-politics [5].

In the power struggle, she's always trying to create a hierarchy of users. She wholeheartedly rejects Jimbo's statement that adminship is no big deal and the meatball essay warning against vested contributors [6]. She wrote, and endorsed, a proposed policy [7] that only administrators could edit policy pages. Other times she has endorsed editcount based restrictions for even making a point on discussion pages.

Slimmy is a master at gaming the rules. All of the original core policy pages (Original Research, Neutral Point of View, Reliable sources, etc) were simple declarations of intent for the first several years of Wikipedia. They were very stable, at less than a few hundred edits between them. In early 2005 Slimmy decided to re-write the core policies to her vision. The policies have now, each of them, undergone thousands of edits. These thousands of edits are the result of daily revert wars between Slimmy and her socks, and sensible people trying to make sense of it all. They cannot be declared stable. They have been re-written to be hard rules of things you can't do, instead of the simple declarations of intent for editors to interpret with common sense. Of course in any rules lawyer dispute over "the rules" the author of the rules will triumph as she and her socks do.

Since it is difficult, even for someone as entrenched as Slimey, to make large wholesale changes to the policies at one time she has mastered some strategies to accomplish it via subterfuge. Her second strategy after bullying using her cabal consorts is to create different and conflicting rules in two or more policy pages, one of which is the version she prefers. Then a month or so later, she re-writes the other page to "reconcile" all of the policy pages to her preference.

For years, TOW was not allowed to have an article about a small hamlet in Alberta named Swalwell. Creaton of this article sent several trolls into the ranks of the permabanned. The article gets automatically marked as "trolling" (LOL) and deleted by Crum375, one of her many meatpuppets.

As Crum375

SlimVirgin with her favorite sockpuppet.

Whenever SlimVirgin knows she screwed up big that she's too embarrassed to war over herself, she calls out her puppet Crum375 (powerword Steve Beer, a heeb from New Jersey, I totally swear) to do the work. Whenever she gets in the news, she goes hiding and Crum375 does the edit warring and reverting any mention of it. When it came to light all the abuse she did to support Gary Weiss (esp. abusing Cla68), she avoided the issue entirely and let Crum375 go to work. If he's not supporting the SliMonster in some idiotico snotwar, Steve likes to talk about bicycle racing. So he's totally ghey for spandex shorts.

Main SlimVirgin quotations

Crum375 consults Slim.
  • I taught English as a foreign language (TEFL) when I was in my 20s for a few years all over Europe in private language schools. [...] Slim 17:48, Nov 29, 2004 (UTC) [8]
  • I'm a journalist [...]. I've lived and worked all over the world, including the U.S., Canada, the UK, Germany, France, Switzerland, and the Middle East. I hope I've lost any nationalist, provincial perspectives I had, and hope I can contribute to Wikipedia's multi-national culture. [Revision as of 10:03, 29 December 2004] [9]

  • [...] I had to let out a little squeal of joy, because it means you're a philosopher! There aren't many of us in the Wikipedia, it seems. I studied it as an undergraduate and postgraduate. I didn't even consider continuing with it though because I'd had enough. I loved it at undergraduate level but felt I was drowning doing my thesis, concentrating on ever-shrinking and (in my view) irrelevant pinheads, though with hindsight that was a consequence of how I chose to do it, and I could have chosen differently. [...] SlimVirgin 23:54, Jan 31, 2005 (UTC) [10]
  • [...] The other thing I noticed from your bio is that you used to teach TEFL. So did I! I did it for about four years in Europe. I experienced an intensity of boredom during those hour-long sessions, especially the one-to-one sessions, that is impossible to convey, but which taught me, more than any philosophy study could, that we are our brains, and that each brain is essentially alone in a very unfriendly universe. ;-) SlimVirgin 00:09, Feb 1, 2005 (UTC) [11]
Crum375 on a cold day.
  • [...] Yes, there were only the two, so s/he was clearly a sock. I don't really mind - I was just curious, and I did give in in the end, so dear old Bernard is now in British English. SlimVirgin 08:33, Feb 17, 2005 (UTC) [12]

  • My interests are the Middle East, terrorism, human-rights issues, philosophy, psychoanalysis, and animal liberation. [Revision as of 13:45, 26 February 2005] [13]

  • That's what's very annoying about this, and why I see it as disrupting Wikipedia to make a point. I'm trying to write an article about a long, complicated, unpleasant business, which killed 270 people directly; which was triggered by attacks on Libya or Iran, and possibly both, which killed hundreds; which indirectly led to the deaths of many hundreds, and possibly thousands, of Libyans, because of UN sanctions against Libya, which led to things like planes crashing because of the lack of spare parts; and which may have led to a miscarriage of justice which has put a man in jail for 27 years. Not to mention that it was the UK's largest and most expensive criminal inquiry ever, America's second deadliest attack against civilians, and the only UK trial that I'm aware of to have taken place on foreign soil. All big issues. [...] SlimVirgin (talk) 02:13, Jun 14, 2005 (UTC) [14]
  • You're another one in need of a good spanking; it's not for nothing that Wikipedia Review has called me the Lady of Pain. SlimVirgin (talk) 23:15, 27 June 2007 (UTC) [15]
  • And here was me fantasizing that El C welcomed unlimited abuse. When I think of all the fun I had in store for us .... SlimVirgin (talk) 22:30, 27 June 2007 (UTC) [16]

IRC drama

[Sep 22 2006 10:45:45] <jwales> SlimVirgin is generally thought of quite highly
[Sep 22 2006 10:45:49] <NotACow> jwales: no, she's not
[Sep 22 2006 10:45:55] <NotACow> jwales: she is thought of rather poorly by a LOT of people.
[Sep 22 2006 10:46:04] <SuppleUrn> always complains about SlimVirgin constantly
[Sep 22 2006 10:46:05] <NotACow> jwales: myself, james, kat, danny.
[Sep 22 2006 10:46:24] <jwales> SuppleUrn: right, Precisely my point. :)
[Sep 22 2006 10:49:02] <jwales> Karynn, I ignore what wikipediareview says about you, too. :) You are at least as complained about as slimvirgin, of course, in that venue.
Chips and diskettes: fetishes of frustration, blame deflection, resentment and obsession

Brandt 2007-06-18: "I emailed Neil Croally, who knocked on my door in Arlington, Virginina on 1989-06-05 and introduced himself. He bought some NameBase disks for his girlfriend, who he said was someone named Linda [...]."

Brandt 2006-06-08: "[Mack] was using NameBase on floppy disks back in 1989-90 (in 1989 it was called SpyBase). There is an outstanding invoice for pages I sent to her at ABC News in London for $11.90, dated 1990-01-22.


[...] She called me in Arlington, Virginia on 1989-08-11 to tell me that she had been pursuing a rumor about someone who knew all those spooks were on the flight, and who told the Iranians."

Brandt 2007-06-07: "When one analyzes the 2,500 versions of my bio that evolved over the last 20 months, you will see that NameBase, and the PIR organization that was started in 1989 to distribute NameBase, were barely mentioned in the article until a few months ago. PIR was the issue back when Chip Berlet had a political dispute with me back in 1991."

Mack 2005-01-04: "I removed Daniel Brandt. He's not a credible source [...]."

New York Times Magazine Buttsexing of Slim

On July 1, 2007, SlimeVermin took a shot of cum in the ass from the New York Times Magazine, who totally called her out as the most biased of all Wikipedians, because of her zoophilia (see page 5 of 6). The New York Times Magazine also asserts ED as an authoritative source on SlimVirgin!

He associates certain user names with certain political biases, and he recalls an online dustup with someone called Slimvirgin over whether the Animal Liberation Front was a terrorist organization. Personalities can become so pronounced in these debates that some even achieve fame of a sort on snarky Wikipedia anti-fansites like Encyclopedia Dramatica, where Slimvirgin has been thoroughly pilloried. “It’s disgusting on one level,” Rosenthal said, “but it’s also funny...


The New York Times Magazine


On July 26, 2007, twenty-five days after the New York Times Magazine article, SlimeVermin took yet another blob of ejaculate in the rectum, this time from the Seoul citizen journalism Web site OhmyNews, entitled Wikipedia and the Intelligence Services.

This was covered by Slashdot on July 27 [17], by Reddit on July 27 [18], by Digg on July 28 [19], and in the Wikipedia Signpost on July 30 [20], with an admission by Jimbo Wales that the story was true [21], yet still Wikipedia claims that it is entirely fabricated.

Penis-waving from a feministic "Position of Pseudo-Wikness"

Five days after the OhmyNews article, Slim uploaded a shoopped self-portrait for Encyclopædia Dramatica readers to contemplate. (Note: The real SV is not a 12-year-old girl, though she has a body like one, which may explain her popularity among Wikipedia's pre-teen and pedophilic editors and admins.)


More "pseudowik" penis-waving

I'm writing a paper on cyberstalking and harassment, which I hope to hand to the Foundation with a view to educating people about the extent of the problem on the Wikimedia projects, and if possible improving their responses to it.
I'd like to include some concrete examples of cyberstalking or offline stalking that have happened to users as a result of their participation in any of the Wikimedia projects, and particularly where the target was picked on because they were an administrator.
If you've been a target of this yourself, or if you know of anyone who has, I'd appreciate hearing from you at slimvirgin at gmail dot com. All replies will be received in strictest confidence. Your name would not have to be included in the final document, and if you're worried about being exposed in any way, I can change all identifying details. Nothing will be included about you without your express permission.
What I'm most interested in hearing about is how the cyberstalking or harassment made you feel, and what happened when you tried to find support. I'd like to hear about your fears; whether it made you anxious; whether it affected your sleep or appetite, or your health in any other way; and whether you considered ending your association with the project you were involved in (or did end it). Even if your fears felt completely irrational, I'd like to hear about them.
I'd also like to hear from women who feel they were subjected to additional harassment because of their sex, or from gays and members of ethnic minorities who feel they were picked on in whole or in part because of that.
Many thanks,

Most of the responses she received were complaints that she and her cronies were cyberstalking them. Which she totally was, as her psychobitch friend Durova had started a private mailing list called "wp-cyberstalking". Take a wild guess what Wikipedians were doing on that list. That was where Slim admitted being paid by the British MI5 security service. She also "outed" TOW editors there. Posted on the list, 11 October 2007:

*The first editor, BenB4, is a sockpuppet of banned editor Nrcprm2026. *Privatemusings is a self-confessed sock. *WAS 4.250 suggested when I was slashdotted that I open my bank accounts to lawyers for the Foundation (perhaps because MI5 has not yet figured out how to pay people discreetly), and who did his best to keep the issue alive on Jimbo's talk page.

The Lar Slamdown

Ever the conspiracy theorist, Slim finally met her match with Lar when she when for the public invective at him rather than the sooper-sekrit behind-the-scenes checkuser dispute resolution procedures (which is only available to the wiki-clique) and got sucked into an ArbCom case. Just a few months after that in late November 2008, she managed to get her sysop bit suspended by the ArbCom for 6 months. And there was much rejoicing.


It's all about the O.


  • Hurley, Micheal T.: "I Solemnly Swear: Conmen, DEA, the Media and Pan Am 103", iUniverse, 2004, ISBN 0595299474

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