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Lil Peep (Powerword: Gustav Åhr), at the ripe age of 25 was a self admitted Mama's Boy, Sweedish Americunt piece of shit that attempted a Youtube music career at what he described as an Emo Rap fusion or what most sensible people would describe as noise that drove them to stab their eardrums with knitting needles. When he wasn't feeling sorry for himself, cutting, selling himself to rich, gay business men or smoking weed until he couldn’t remember his name, Lil Peep, according to his mother, could be found working on his music because, according to her, he was going to change the world by pandering to suicidal idiots.
Unlike most worthless emo bastards that populate the internets and High School libraries, Lil Peep actually had the balls to do more than just talk about suicide and became An Hero on 15 November 2017 when he overdosed on Xanax.

The Music Of Lil Peep

Lil peep ded.jpg

Like a lot people that lack talent, never learned to play an instrument and think music lyrics schould sound like a 3rd grader trying to write Dr. Seuss Fanfictions Lil Peep decided to assault our ears by becoming a rapper. Much like every wannabe that dreamt himself important and believing themselves a somebody, Lil Peep's idea of fusing his deep, painful emo thoughts about cutting himself, drug addiction, his lose r lifestyle and thoughts about suicide with rap only achieved notice when he finally, either, worked up the courage to Kill himself or finally got depressed enough when a boyfriend dumped him to take a handful of Xanax and chase it down with a couple grams of Heroin.
A few weeks before his Self Deletion, Lil Peep was being accused of Plagiarism by the band Mineral for the popular rap music creative style of using an unlicensed sample of their 1998 song Love Letter Typewriter. Like every rapper to come before him and every rapper that will come after him, Lil Peep claimed that he wasn't stealing by illegally using the song without permission but was rather a fan of the song and never wanted to steal from anyone, especially his favorite group. Lil Peep's excuse was that he was using the song in "Tribute" to the band Mineral and wasn't aware that permission, along with crediting the creators was needed to use someone else's intellectual property.
Critics of Lil Peep's music have said that his production values, at best, are amateur, pedantic and immature with him sounding like someone who recorded themselve's in their Mom's basement using a $50 microphone and a $300 laptop. Much like what happens after someone committs suicide whether it be a High School year book or Music magazines, the same critics that were calling him shit weeks earlier are now in love with him and hailing Lil Peep as the new Messiah with some critics going so far as calling Lil Peep the Kurt Cobain of the Emo style . Others have reversed their original stance of describing Lil Peep as a "A Basement Amateur" to rename him with the positive spin of describing Lil Peep as a "Lo-Tech Wizard" in the rap genre.

The Life Of LiL Peep

He was an Emo Self Cutter that rapped about his desire to to kill himself, love of doing drugs, mutilating himself and being bullied in High School for being what can be best described as a freak off their leash so it's no real surprise that he worked up the courage to finally do it instead of being another big mouthed emo that only talks about it. To put it mildly, it was only a matter of time.
Lil Peep liked to claim that he was a "Productive Junkie" despite his close friends knowing about him having a debilitating addiction to drugs and moving to London's west end in 2017, known for the availability and ease of being able to get drugs, despite Lil Peep claiming to want to get clean, producing song lyrics and authoring posts on social media confessing his love for doing drugs that contradicted this original claim.
Predictably, Lil Peep was a High School drop out at 16, quitting because of the bullies making fun of him. Where others should receive disdain for this decission, Lil Peep did receive his GED by taking online classes, something that the majority of drop-outs find impossible unless they're women and being made to complete the High School Diploma before they can start to receive government handouts for the fatherless monstrosities they have falling out of their vaginas every 9th or 10th month. Lil Peep credits getting his GED online for fostering his love of computers and helping him find a place on Youtube which he credited as his primary market for his music.

He Wanted To Die

Some fans and arm chair psychologists are suspecting that Lil Peep had actually announced his desire to become An Hero in posts on Instagram earlier the same day before he overdosed.
In true Attention Whore, Emo grade fashion, Lil Peep posted a selfie of himself with pills on his tongue and the caption, "FUCK IT!" along with another image captioned, "When I die You'll love me."
Like a seventh grade, pseudo-intellectual Emo that wants to convince his English teacher that he's deep by contemplating the fairness of Life and roses having thorns, Lil Peep mused about his current predicament saying, "What is happiness? I've only ever had happiness, at the most for ten seconds, maybe eleven and then it was gone from me. I can't keep living like this."
The posts were found by new fan, trendy fucker faggots that can only follow basement or garage style bands and individuals when they attain some buzz worthiness, usually after the death of a member.
As it can be expected, Lil Peep's Instagram that had sat dusty and undiscovered for years - instantly gained notice along with all his posts getting tens of thousands of likes in a matter of hours as if the like button holds sort of spell that can undo an idiot's overdosing on Xanax and Heroin by awarding him with a 1 up if it gets pushed enough.
The irony of Lil Peep saying "You'll love me when I'm dead" is that for all the theatrics occurring on Instagram this minute, most people could care less about him and see liking his post as being a part of an internet moment or a shallow display of empathy to convince strangers that they are capable of empathy and compassion for a stranger so long as they have minor fame and are recently deceased

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