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Hoes on my dick cuz I look like Jesus.


— Lil B is rich and beautiful

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Johann Sebastian Bach. Ludwig van Beethoven. Such names have left so large an impact in the history of music as we know it but, despite their best efforts, will never be adept to measure up to one great artist whose alluring melodies have touched the hearts of thousands of people across the globe. Enter Lil B, alternatively referred to as BASEDGOD, the American rap musician from California who, with the advancements and/or atrocities of the social networking revolution, has made a name for himself in the music industry simply by reflecting talents to the likes of Soulja Boy and 50 Cent. Much like his mainstream counterparts, his lyrics typically contain commentary on delicate social issues, such as "Pussy On My Face" and "Suck My Dick Ho".

Lil B is in fact a truly prolific troll with roughly 2,000 songs floating around on the interbutts. Through the guise of rap deconstructionism he can basically spit out the most terrible ryhmes known to humanity and pass it off as ironic. People tend to dribble and rage at his offensively bad skillz, despite the fact that he is satirizing many rap artists today by using their own rhetoric to an extensive degree. Sound familiar?



"Challenging the status quo"... ~ Lupe Fiasco

Lil B burst onto the music scene in 2009 as a member of the hyphy group The Pack. They found some success with their single "Vans", which was lauded by Rolling Stone Magazine. Unfortunately, their album failed to find much popularity outside the Bay Area and the group disbanded.

Lil B then decided to use various social outlets to spread around his purposefully crap music on the soft crusty bread of the internet. Many people instantly saw him as a figurehead for the downfall of modern rap, and the over usage of swag, despite the fact that he was parodying it. His fans consist of a very small percentage that understand he is trolling whereas the rest are the true retards in this equation, people who think his music is intrinsically good. It was either these particular mouth-breathers or the people who were playing along that came up with a pretty shitty forced meme that soley revolves around thanking the based god.

His Music

Lil B tends to rap about inane subjects such as all the various celebrities that he looks like, despite bearing absolutely no resemblance to them such as Hannah Montana, Jesus Christ, Ellen Degeneres, JK Rowling, Paris Hilton, Mel Gibson and many more. He has an infamous song called "I'm Miley Cyrus" which consists of about 80% of the lyrics saying I'm Miley Cyrus I'm Miley Cyrus I'm Miley Cyrus over and over again. Even the supposed "busiest music nerd" Needledrop was sucked into Lil B's troll vortex when he reviewed it.

Lil B's video's themselves are also seemingly created to draw the lulz from any gangstas that tumble across him on JewTube, being set in places such as shopping malls, or people's boring houses creating a beautiful rage tornado within the comments due to their clear non-swagness. Merely glancing at the heavily red dislike bar will give you an idea of how much butthurt this lovable scamp has caused. He also often inexplicably refers to cooking in his videos, and he often refers to his songs as "cooking music". He has also signed his cat "Keke" to Based World records as the first animal rapper.

Lil B also created some serious albums which are pretty emotional.

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People Lil B looks like

Black Jesus praises his almighty father
Lil B's true form
"These tiny pants are amazing to me..." ~ Lil B
Few fail to be moved by the beauty of Lil B's appearance.
"we must atone for our failings towards the based god" ~ fl0ss

Based God do AVGN's Swag 273%

"We got Final Fantasy, you know what it is, you gotta play dat."

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