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Appearance? Like he cares.
"Hey girl, I'm a sysop at Encyclopedia Dramatica! Wanna fuck?"
His family is so proud.

Even if @Likeicare quits we really don't need anymore mods, he didn't do anything anyways so there will be no noticeable difference.


—zaiger, post 683857 on EDF2

Likeicare (Powerword: Chris Jones), is a rather dim 29-year-old ED admin who lives in the land of kangaroos and dingos, and is rumored to have gained his sysop after saving ED from going offline by funding it with a meth ring. Having no life, he mostly spends all his time on ED by causing mischief on the wiki and hardchatting on the forums.

Likeicare is a known attention whore with a wild ego and a penchant for uploading pictures of his micropenis, and he takes pride in wooing the popular women of ED in Tinychat and Skype.

His original username was Niggershoes, but was changed to Likeicare due to his complete lack of creativity.

ED Addiction

Last Thursday, Likeicare's computer (powered by Windows ME) finally fell apart and was deemed irreparable. The entire internet rejoiced when this abbo was no longer able to sully the Internet with his petrol-sniffing presence. About the same time, due to the PayPal Jewry being... well, Jews, Encyclopedia Dramatica was unable to pay its hosting fees and went offline.

It was stated the site would be online within a week, but due to crippling Encyclopedia Dramatica addiction, Likeicare donated all the money he made by selling his personal drug stash and ED was up and running within 12 hours.

Unable to afford a used computer or soft drugs, he began using an old Samsung phone that he stole off a homeless guy while he was repeatedly and vigorously fellating his dirty, unwashed dick to feed his internet addiction. His mother's medicine cabinet served as a perfect temporary substitute for the methamphetamine. What followed next was an unhealthy day-to-day routine of living on the internet, even going as far as getting into online slapfights while he was supposed to be working at his job.

Wot's a shower, m8?

[12:20] <Likeicare> If ED was to need money, i would give it as much as it needs


Sucking Dick for VD

VD March 2014

Like everyone else on the internet, our good friend Likeicare just wants to fit in. But without significant contributions, he's deemed to be worthless and redundant, yet he tries so hard to fit in and be one of the cool kids. Due to the fact that he has no friends, spends all of his time on ED, and gave thousands of dollars to keep it online, everybody feels bad for him and lets him hang around.

He had to beg for the Vox Dramatica prize, unlike other people who actually worked hard and earned it. This is a recurring theme in Likeicare's life, where he buys whatever he wants and doesn't ever work for it. If you look at his silky smooth baby hands, they indicate that he's never worked a day in his life, still living off mommy and daddy's money and medication supply.


Likeicare isn't exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer, and he never knows when to quit. Being the ornery Aussie he is, he engages everyone on ED in slapfights which tend to never end until the other user quits or the battery on his phone dies.

List of people Likeicare has started e-arguments with:

Likeicare drawing first blood with Onideus.

...... and many more.


[12:17] <Likeicare> Would i accept responsibility of crimes that ED had committed..... probably


—Proof that ED is his life.


[11:55] <Likeicare> ok idk whats going on
[11:55] <Likeicare> every time i try to upload to imgur it quits irc idk



—Too stupid to use a computer.


[11:32] <Likeicare> its also why i don't have a proper facebook, when i talk to my friends i use a thing called a 'phone' and that's it


—Trying to deny the fact that he has no friends at all.


You can hang with me if you're into hard drugs and good music


—Still in the "DRUGZ R cOoL!!!!" age.


[12:06] <oliverr> why did you get demoted anyways Likeicare
[12:06] <Likeicare> because i trolled sue basko too hard



—Claiming to be a troll when in reality he doesn't even know what the word means.


[11:56] <Likeicare> my computer itself is good
[11:57] <Likeicare> i just have over 9000 viruses that i cbf getting ridd of



—A sysop with most likely a few dozen keyloggers on his computer. 10/10.


Dont edit what people say or i will have to have you removed from the wiki


—ED being the only place he has any kind of authority, he takes his job he paid for really seriously.


He's a closet furry and there's plenty of concrete evidence to support this. He owns a pink set of pajamas which looks unmistakably like a fursuit, and it's his favorite thing to wear while snorting his mother's prescription pills. His fursona would most likely be a kangaroo or a dingo, depending on if he's in a dominant or submissive mood.

Just kidding, Likeicare is always submissive, and his anus smells like fresh cum.

I like snorting pills in my pink fursuit.. I'm teh best most hardcore

Rejected by his own kind? That's gotta hurt.

Daddy Issues

As it turns out, Likeicare's father is none other than Rog, and in the recording above, Likeicare is reminded that he isn't the boss.

Examples of His Great Contributions to ED

Cooking up a batch of lulz.
Iron meth chef.

Meth Ring Funding

Encyclopedia Dramatica is a crime website of major proportions that masquerades as "parody," except that parody does not include obscenity, cyberstalking, defamation, invasions of privacy, and other crimes and torts. People known to be involved with Encyclopedia Dramatica include Brian Zaiger of Boston, Chris Jones, Jaime Cochran of Chicago, @Gwennyrah, and Tawnie Knight aka @Anoccam, of Arizona. I have been told by an ED admin that the site admins run a meth ring that they use to support their activities.


Sue Basko, outlining the main players behind Encyclopedia Dramatica in her blog.

According to batshit e-lolyer Sue Basko, Likeicare is near the top of the list of ED users who need to be v& for their criminal activities. But not for trolling and writing efficient articles, of course. The meth ring part is what applies to him.

Likey's generous contributions of meth-generated donations are a big part of what keep this fine site running, and are what earned him a place as an admin in the first place.

I'm a badass ED admin, I'll dox you!

Likeicare has been kicked off of both Twitter and Facebook for being such an unfunny tryhard failtroll, and is the most disgraceful sysop there ever is, as this screenshot proves.

Admin Dox Threats.png

Media Mouthpiece

Apparently the voice of ED speaks with an Ausfailian accent, as evidenced in this LulzTalkRadio interview with Chris.

He's a Grower!

Likeicare wooing Messy Jessie with his flacid penis in Tinychat
That accent, m8

As of 2021

As of 2021, Likeicare now has a job, an AZN wife, two big ol dogs, and is living his best life.


Faces of Meth About missing Pics
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